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How to Buy a Drift Car
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    Nestor BarretpoKun oldin

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    Laki SakiKun oldin

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    Mukia KuljiaKun oldin

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  5. Tom Karlsborn

    Tom KarlsbornKun oldin

    I found this video now a long time after it was published. It is good but I think you should mention that some engines have a drain plug low on the engine block that needs to be removed for a proper flush. Even with the radiator hoses removed there is still lots of water inside the block. Cheers

  6. Thomas Bennett

    Thomas BennettKun oldin

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    Adam MaldonadoKun oldin

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    Barzan AlaraboKun oldin

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    Adam SK/ENKun oldin

    We bought a new car, and it has faded paint, faulty outside temperature sensor, and a bad radio, it's dirty, the exhaust is rusted and the interior needs a few fixes. (Opel Corsa CDTI)

  33. Anton Bornรธ

    Anton BornรธKun oldin

    *cleans car* then brushes rust off a screw into the car instead of just removing it and then cleaning it....

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    Will BurkhartKun oldin

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    RIKLASVEGASKun oldin

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  45. Unknown Alias

    Unknown AliasKun oldin

    How did you end up getting the rust off? I have a 45 year old truck Iโ€™m detailing and the engine bay is very dirty. A lot of it has surface rust that needs to come off but Iโ€™m worried about damaging paint and other parts. I might have just missed it in the video but any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Moroni FueKun oldin

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