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Driving HALF a Duramax
  1. MxFarmer JD

    MxFarmer JD3 daqiqa oldin

    Was that real gas you poured in your mouth?

  2. 4x Santi

    4x Santi12 daqiqa oldin

    Taken it off-road once, hardly used, decent condition

  3. Melbourne Hakai

    Melbourne Hakai17 daqiqa oldin

    One tuff engine 👌👌👌👌

  4. Christopher Sandelli

    Christopher SandelliSoat oldin

    I want to see a max tow on a goose neck. Start at 30,000 lbs and keep adding 10,000 until it implodes 💥

  5. Anonim A

    Anonim ASoat oldin

    Hello from Russia

  6. Jj Kill

    Jj KillSoat oldin

    Your the fucking man we need to hang out brutha

  7. Vegas EMT

    Vegas EMTSoat oldin

    Not sure where he gets his numbers from but a SRW F-350 CC PSD with an 11,500 GVW has a payload of approximately 3500 pounds.. (11,500-8,000) The 7200 pound payload he quoted would have been for a DRW base truck. 3 yards of concrete is a about 12,000 pounds...so he had over 3x that truck's payload capacity in the bed. More than anything, I'm actually surprised those low profile tires survived.

  8. Rell2x Tv

    Rell2x TvSoat oldin

    Jus give me the truck jus like that

  9. Jake Keene

    Jake KeeneSoat oldin

    Man keep doin what you’re doin, you got the money and want to do that to your stuff and pay to fix it, more power to you. No different than that good ole tv series The Dukes of Hazzard. Just sayin. Y’all get off his butt and let him do what he wants. That’s the privilege of living in America. You have freedom to do as you please, and our vets fight hard to keep that. Keep doin you man. Everyone else, go make a positive influence instead of throwing shade.

  10. Brockyboi

    Brockyboi2 soat oldin

    This hurt to watch 😂

  11. arturoo ruiz

    arturoo ruiz2 soat oldin

    Si no la quieres regalamela

  12. Luke Brooker

    Luke Brooker2 soat oldin

    I honestly wouldn’t give a shit about this truck that he’s destroying it’s a ford fords suck ass 😂

  13. Noob Plays

    Noob Plays2 soat oldin

    Filled bed with concrete new WhistlinDiesel Stance

  14. 0 P

    0 P2 soat oldin

    The Engineers of that lift kit...were completely stoked

  15. SoCali7three

    SoCali7three2 soat oldin

    Whistlin this crap is getting old, when do we get to see the wife's tits?

  16. BERNIE 2020

    BERNIE 20202 soat oldin

    all these haters on here..GTFO

  17. Michael Glenn

    Michael Glenn3 soat oldin

    You destroy stuff for views. How can that last? Awesome though

  18. Cole Wilson

    Cole Wilson3 soat oldin

    My dad always said if I buy it , I can do what I want to with it. Ride on.

  19. Michael Glenn

    Michael Glenn3 soat oldin

    U do the same shit every video not in the same league with clettus McFarland

  20. AudibleVisible

    AudibleVisible3 soat oldin

    Hasnt touched the cab

  21. JNetwork

    JNetwork3 soat oldin

    When he flinches multiple times as it dies. What a fuckin pussy

  22. Not sure ???

    Not sure ???3 soat oldin

    I just want to know why are you wrecking the truck It is too funny

  23. Kyle Koplien

    Kyle Koplien3 soat oldin

    I hate your videos and channel so much!! Seriously this is the dumbest shite I’ve ever seen!

  24. Kyle Koplien

    Kyle Koplien3 soat oldin

    I hate this channel, it’s sickening

  25. Cobjay 171

    Cobjay 1713 soat oldin

    I actually Love your content but why do you choose to do this just wondering

  26. Jj Kill

    Jj Kill3 soat oldin

    Your the man my man

  27. Tyrell Venables

    Tyrell Venables3 soat oldin

    Holly Crap I just watched your 15 min video and totally forgot about the virus! You are awesome!!!

  28. Erick Sanchez

    Erick Sanchez3 soat oldin

    Get some better tires for the ram and do a rematch asap !

  29. Cars Gaming Random

    Cars Gaming Random4 soat oldin

    At least we know for is really built tufff

  30. Talib M

    Talib M4 soat oldin

    Are you crazy ...you will make an accident

  31. john fulgaro

    john fulgaro4 soat oldin

    I've liked all the the videos but never thought you would do this. Good test though

  32. Cody Burgess

    Cody Burgess4 soat oldin

    I would love to come up there in my truck and play in the snow lol. I’m from the south and don’t ever get to experience that.

  33. MadVtec YO

    MadVtec YO4 soat oldin

    Do fat horse next 😂

  34. Landon Hurt

    Landon Hurt4 soat oldin

    Chevys been real quiet since he posted this.





    DA PO LEASE4 soat oldin

    You can’t beat a SuperDuty and here’s the proof. I hope Ford sends him a brand new 2020 Platinum. Builder of this truck deserves a lot of credit also, she’s a durable ole girl.

  37. No one

    No one4 soat oldin

    Why are you building it in the middle of a field?

  38. Edward Nutter

    Edward Nutter4 soat oldin

    I can’t believe you didn’t do this on 4wd up front.

  39. teXas N8

    teXas N84 soat oldin

    2:50 I'm a Ford man and I've loved all my Ford pickups.... but damn remember that movie Ford v Ferrari and Ken Miles cant keep the door closed at Le Mans. They need to step their game up hahahaha

  40. Robby Rob

    Robby Rob4 soat oldin

    This reminds me when Stone Cold Steve Austin filled Vince McMahon's car with concrete lol

  41. Cooter Gunsmith

    Cooter Gunsmith4 soat oldin

    How much you want for the truck

  42. Robby Rob

    Robby Rob4 soat oldin

    She's a bad mamma jamma lol

  43. Hunter Mooneyhan

    Hunter Mooneyhan4 soat oldin

    That was an expensive mistake

  44. Antonio Armenta

    Antonio Armenta4 soat oldin

    Very good video and you proof the ford is the best but that truck is not. For that kind off work for the rims .suspension if that truck is my a dont make that kind off things

  45. solo dolo

    solo dolo5 soat oldin

    his gonna look back at this when he matures and realize this was stupid and not funny smh

  46. Dusti Armstrong

    Dusti Armstrong5 soat oldin

    You guys are fucking stupid #spoiledrichboys fucking around on daddies money

  47. Sin Gas Truckin

    Sin Gas Truckin5 soat oldin

    Can you roll it 😂

  48. Love em Trucks

    Love em Trucks5 soat oldin

    Man you don’t know how much I enjoy watching these vids

  49. solo dolo

    solo dolo5 soat oldin

    whats the point of this , not funny at all doh but its promotion for the company i guess

  50. Heath Smith

    Heath Smith5 soat oldin

    This dude is seriously fucking stupid!

  51. wayward faunus

    wayward faunus5 soat oldin

    I'm late, but i understand the mindset. My only issue is the other people in the comments telling you to just "Give it away." They just wanting free shit. If you can afford it and not be homeless, it's fine by me

  52. Joshua Coleman

    Joshua Coleman5 soat oldin

    Nothing. You do is cool. I tried to like it. I cant

  53. Schaubs s

    Schaubs s5 soat oldin

    Destroy a Cyber Truck

  54. An Roid

    An Roid5 soat oldin

    Ford should be sponsoring you as well

  55. Terrellgamez

    Terrellgamez6 soat oldin

    This low-key pissed me off but oh well it's his truck

  56. Jay D.

    Jay D.6 soat oldin

    This is a great ford commercial

  57. Black beast

    Black beast6 soat oldin

    That would be cool if at sema any level lift has his truck

  58. sveti wap

    sveti wap6 soat oldin

    i actually love this guy, does the shit nobody else would, keep up the content

  59. Phinos And frob

    Phinos And frob6 soat oldin

    The wheels are old roblox wheels

  60. carlos aguilar

    carlos aguilar6 soat oldin

    Dam dint expect that the engine would Last that long Sick video tho

  61. Paul Collins

    Paul Collins6 soat oldin

    One fuck up hey

  62. Murphy Slavin

    Murphy Slavin6 soat oldin

    i dare you whistlin diesel to give one of your trucks to a fan

  63. Wizard Wrecks

    Wizard Wrecks6 soat oldin

    Gonna go broke doing dumb shit like this kid makes zero fucking sense for a YT channel that only has 700k subs why destroy a 100k truck u wont make that off YT in 2 years.

  64. CalledMe Cali

    CalledMe Cali6 soat oldin

    Man how come more people dont sub #sub2whistlin This stuff is great to watch


    STIHL TROTTER6 soat oldin

    If he got paid for fucking trucks up he'd be a millionaire

  66. Victor Beltran

    Victor Beltran6 soat oldin

    You got issues buddy. You should make videos on destroying your home lol.

  67. Les Paul

    Les Paul6 soat oldin

    I saw a GTA 5 youtuber "Elanip" with these on a truck in game, never thought I'd see them irl lmao

  68. Piscinas Mérida

    Piscinas Mérida6 soat oldin

    Lo que hace un pendejo con dinero..

  69. santiago armijo

    santiago armijo6 soat oldin

    That poor truck 😔😔😔

  70. Kinley Madison

    Kinley Madison6 soat oldin

    But y'all just leave him alone it's his money who sang He's a rich spoiled brat okay so what if he is bringing you just spending his money it's spending his life how he just wants to get to go it he's trying to make vuse brand it don't even matter just leave him alone I think he's the one of the best UZgors

  71. Jackson Reagan

    Jackson Reagan6 soat oldin

    His money, his shit, his business, far as I’m concerned he can do whatever he wants to his stuff I mean I didn’t buy it and besides it makes funny content. Oh and by the way Ryan Upchurch mentioned you in one of his recent videos you should go check it out

  72. Jeovanny Meza

    Jeovanny Meza6 soat oldin

    Pinches Ford valen para pura verga ☹️

  73. Feirce KYLEREA

    Feirce KYLEREA7 soat oldin

    He’s really funny I like what he’s doing keep destroying fords I hate them

  74. Jacob Crim

    Jacob Crim7 soat oldin

    You Rich Bitch

  75. Russell Fredrick

    Russell Fredrick7 soat oldin

    I gotta be honest bro, just kinda bored with the same old thing.

  76. poor pizza246

    poor pizza2467 soat oldin

    This is the only video of yours that make me mad because you guys destroyed this truck is like my dream truck that I wont ever own because I don't got the money like some people do

  77. Issy Flores

    Issy Flores7 soat oldin

    if i see this wood id beat his ass!!!!!!

  78. Jeff skelton

    Jeff skelton7 soat oldin

    Haters always gonna hate brother

  79. Nickleback Five

    Nickleback Five7 soat oldin

    Why do people get mad about shit that’s not theirs😂😂

  80. Will Stanford

    Will Stanford7 soat oldin

    You,r so stupid destroying that truck

  81. Cole Mccarthy

    Cole Mccarthy7 soat oldin

    Children in less fortunate places of the world dont have food, and we are doing this. :(


    THEGROMFATHERR7 soat oldin

    Love your videos man !! No one would dare destroy a nice truck like that lol but the here you come wammmmmmmm lol

  83. Joseph Browne

    Joseph Browne7 soat oldin

    I don’t care cause it’s a Ford

  84. Shortt Tv

    Shortt Tv7 soat oldin

    Destroy the rims next

  85. Grant Jeansonne

    Grant Jeansonne7 soat oldin

    Yall all just mad that yall dont have the opportunity to do this to yalls trucks

  86. Breanna Smith

    Breanna Smith7 soat oldin

    When you run out of content ideas lol

  87. Ronnie Pitts

    Ronnie Pitts7 soat oldin

    What an Idiot !!!!! I drove 79 and loved it !!!!

  88. Henry Kenuam

    Henry Kenuam7 soat oldin

    Douche bags

  89. Brad Taft

    Brad Taft7 soat oldin

    love the content always getting more wild everytime you should really turn one of these trucks into a demo drag vehicle for cleetus and cars itd be funny af


    FERNO FINITY7 soat oldin

    If you changes the tires it prob won’t float

  91. Truth Or consequences

    Truth Or consequences7 soat oldin

    You’re gonna have a rough year ahead of you boy Someday you’ll be a man and realize the stupidity of your actions… That is if the Covid virus lets you

  92. Aben Kassing

    Aben Kassing7 soat oldin

    2:50 When it comes to safety, no one does it better!

  93. Glove Save

    Glove Save7 soat oldin

    Imagine getting ran over by them

  94. Hamilton Hamilton

    Hamilton Hamilton8 soat oldin

    I admire your work ethic your right it's you truck you do you and anyone who thinks otherwise clearly hasn't enjoyed destroying something.

  95. Ace Salvage

    Ace Salvage8 soat oldin

    As a small business owner running my ford truck with proper maintenance, makes me sick seeing some spoiled brat ruin a truck like this.

  96. Next Adventure

    Next Adventure8 soat oldin

    Pressure wash the interior pls

  97. JD _HYPE

    JD _HYPE8 soat oldin

    You payed for it do what ya what with it🤘🏼

  98. Chris and Vanessa Yates

    Chris and Vanessa Yates8 soat oldin

    Dang I wish I had the money to bought that truck heak any truck really

  99. Pineapple 69

    Pineapple 698 soat oldin

    I got a Ford ad while watching this.

  100. Nut Twg

    Nut Twg8 soat oldin

    You should buy a set of 10 lug adapters and put super singles on the truck