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  1. blackmagic1966

    blackmagic1966Kun oldin

    Don't even bring that square body out to the field if you hurt it ill unsubscribe

  2. Dustin redneck Morton

    Dustin redneck MortonKun oldin

    How stupid can someone be to destroy a perfectly good truck

  3. playerboy77 vergara

    playerboy77 vergaraKun oldin

    Porque son tan weones

  4. Margaret Tripp

    Margaret TrippKun oldin


  5. jschilling323

    jschilling323Kun oldin

    My God this is almost cringe bro you are a dumbass! 😂🤣💀

  6. Psyco Senpai

    Psyco SenpaiKun oldin

    please do all us late night viewers a favor and balance the audio for when u put in music make it the same volume as ur voice or it just turns the late night viewers away if they dont use headphones

  7. Thomas Rice

    Thomas RiceKun oldin

    Lol most epic truck channel people just dont know it yet

  8. Peter King

    Peter KingKun oldin


  9. Jake Anthony

    Jake AnthonyKun oldin

    I’m currently thinking how many times did it birds nest and did he get arc eye

  10. Garret Kight outdoors

    Garret Kight outdoorsKun oldin

    Please give me those rims on the red truck 😭😭

  11. Ingmar de Groot

    Ingmar de GrootKun oldin

    Love it 😁

  12. Vimol Persaud

    Vimol PersaudKun oldin

    Can I get the wheels off the red truck plz.....

  13. SnowTax

    SnowTaxKun oldin

    Anddd its daherka facked

  14. Brian Smith

    Brian SmithKun oldin

    Don't see if sucking on the hose will get yea hi, jus go get some weed instead...lol

  15. wot #1fan

    wot #1fanKun oldin

    Destroying good trucks ie money use to be funny to me now my dad who worked his whole life is homeless. Not so funny anymore. Use to have awesome laughs with you guys.

  16. Neumann

    NeumannKun oldin

    My back tires spun 120mph on a jack before exploding and destroying the box. What can yours do?

  17. Georgie Presley

    Georgie PresleyKun oldin

    Please do not disappoint me I want a legit go cart out this truck

  18. JustaDogTrainer

    JustaDogTrainerKun oldin

    Setup more cameras from different angles, learn how to do slow-mo destruction 😛

  19. Caleb Redmon

    Caleb RedmonKun oldin

    I will give you $50 for those wheels off that duramax.

  20. brendon knapp

    brendon knappKun oldin

    Make another gocart

  21. if i comment your sad

    if i comment your sadKun oldin

    I bet you got picked on ya whole life. Your a waste

  22. The One

    The OneKun oldin

    I'm serious about this. Could I work for you? And do work around your property? Let me know man for real.

  23. chrys allison

    chrys allisonKun oldin

    That was epic

  24. Ricky Rampage

    Ricky RampageKun oldin

    these kids are on drugs.

  25. Jose Acevedo

    Jose AcevedoKun oldin

    WhistlenDiesel I don’t want the light but I do want the rims 😂

  26. Any Chavez

    Any ChavezKun oldin

    What do you do that affords you the ability to destroy an otherwise decently running and costly looking truck so casually with little remorse? Cause thats a fuckin job i need.

  27. FS2S

    FS2SKun oldin

    Let me guess.. Is the new truck the first gen that Cole Motors owned? 🤔

  28. Matt 9

    Matt 9Kun oldin

    Take it to tittle max lol 😂

  29. BROCK LY

    BROCK LYKun oldin

    Your truck said kachoww

  30. rodrigo lemos

    rodrigo lemosKun oldin


  31. ogle475

    ogle475Kun oldin

    Now that you have rolled it cut the cab off this one fix the axle and for a new go cart have some fun put tractor tires on it

  32. The Daily Trails

    The Daily TrailsKun oldin

    What a waste

  33. Lgv Leo

    Lgv LeoKun oldin

    Aye do you sell the seats?

  34. looseparashoot

    looseparashootKun oldin

    Jackass was like 20 years ago be careful bro it doesn't end well

  35. Michael Evans

    Michael EvansKun oldin

    I can’t watch dumb ass attention whores like these guys any longer.

  36. Diego Perez

    Diego PerezKun oldin

    Why not give away those trucks dude? I could for sure use it for work and you just destroy them smh

  37. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last NameKun oldin

    I've never seen anyone get so happy from destroying a truck and wasting hundreds of dollars. I did enjoy it. Thanks.

  38. Black Thunder

    Black ThunderKun oldin

    I’m confused why ruin the truck ? You’ve had it for. How long ?

  39. Tyler Hunt

    Tyler HuntKun oldin

    I love the videos, just the dude filming sucks ass, just his commentary is annoying as fuck

  40. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Federal Bureau of InvestigationKun oldin

    I feel bad for that truck this is illegal

  41. D. Earls

    D. EarlsKun oldin

    You watch one video of a Cummins dragging a Silverado around a Walmart parking lot and suddenly there's a truck with 105 hood stacks in your recommended. 😂

  42. Mr Nobody

    Mr NobodyKun oldin

    And this is why we can’t have nice things...

  43. Joseph Beckmann

    Joseph BeckmannKun oldin

    The kid's videos are cool and all but even though daddy may not buy him these things I'm sure Daddy has backed him up in many other ways that he doesn't even realize he's fortunate to have yet at his age.

  44. Rare8D

    Rare8DKun oldin

    Take it to Walmart and roll peoples cars

  45. Rare8D

    Rare8DKun oldin

    I admit I suffer in life. I wasn't born into a rich family at all. Or will ever be rich. But people could have used that truck.

  46. Nate Kastel

    Nate KastelKun oldin

    Stupid fuck

  47. LILwoody woods

    LILwoody woodsKun oldin

    ..your a scary man... I like crazy keep it up

  48. the Gonz

    the GonzKun oldin

    Great vid

  49. angel roman

    angel romanKun oldin


  50. Shane Vickstrom

    Shane VickstromKun oldin

    Stupidest looking rims ever!!

  51. Just passing through

    Just passing throughKun oldin

    Listen before the voices in your head tell you to do something crazy, Don’t!! Don’t destroy this truck!

  52. Robert Boettinger

    Robert BoettingerKun oldin

    That's just really stupied for doing all that to the truck u could sell the truck in good shape and make ur money back but now it just should just go to the scrap yard now

  53. Maxy boy

    Maxy boyKun oldin


  54. SpittinJ Smokekings

    SpittinJ SmokekingsKun oldin

    Dude like will come to my wedding and turn up in one of the truck dude like it would ligit be so amazing if u charge ppl lmk price but ur channel is my Netflix #whistlingdiesel

  55. primeum wolf

    primeum wolfKun oldin

    Hes right its his stuff

  56. Alex Plante

    Alex PlanteKun oldin


  57. Jay Stevens

    Jay StevensKun oldin

    ...couldn't have done this with an old rot box Ford?!!? Wish I had daddy's money..

  58. BrandonCroyforJesus 8

    BrandonCroyforJesus 8Kun oldin

    Can I have that truck now

  59. PNWjordan Ronald

    PNWjordan RonaldKun oldin


  60. tunchie caarl

    tunchie caarlKun oldin

    Man some people are so ungrateful

  61. Jay H.

    Jay H.Kun oldin

    His insurance company is prolly going hay wire..

  62. Hunter Bass

    Hunter BassKun oldin

    You can’t even do your job right if that’s wat u would call this u gotta get a tractor to do the work for you.You do this on the daily but your not very good at it

  63. SomeGuyWithAChannel

    SomeGuyWithAChannelKun oldin

    Do this with a rental car

  64. Kenny K'niff

    Kenny K'niffKun oldin

    That poor engine and trans. These guys are retarded. The fuel tank is smoking. No, it's the hot ass diesel returning to the tank.

  65. Patrick Watson

    Patrick WatsonKun oldin

    Mad Max?

  66. alfredo hernandez

    alfredo hernandezKun oldin

    Idiots stupids

  67. Martin Duarte

    Martin DuarteKun oldin

    Why do the my treat the red truck like that ?!

  68. Jeffy Mario

    Jeffy MarioKun oldin

    6:10 sounds like a ww2 plane in drive and in reverse souns like a plane turret😂😂😂

  69. SomeGuyWithAChannel

    SomeGuyWithAChannelKun oldin

    This hurts but hey it's his truck he can do what he wants with it, no judgement

  70. David Hamilton

    David HamiltonKun oldin

    I want the motor and transmission, rearend for my 2000 Silverado 1500 swb to do a swap

  71. primeum wolf

    primeum wolfKun oldin

    The truck look beautiful now

  72. Bronc Reser

    Bronc ReserKun oldin

    Dear Wistlindesiel I understand there is a slim chance they you see this comment but if you do I’d like to tell you how much a appropriate your channel. My 16th birthday is coming up and I would gladly except a signed light-bar and or exhaust tip as a physical reminder that every thing I have us temporary and that all possessions can be replaced while friendship and memories are priceless. I love what your doing keep up the good work- Bronc Reser

  73. tyler regis

    tyler regisKun oldin

    This guy should b shot in the face for doing that to a truck like this y not just give it away before doing something so fuckin stupid

  74. Jeffy Mario

    Jeffy MarioKun oldin

    We never got stuck until we got stuck😂😂😂

  75. Edward Morgan

    Edward MorganKun oldin

    Dumb and Dumbers

  76. Chevymusic5922

    Chevymusic5922Kun oldin


  77. Aidan J

    Aidan JKun oldin

    I want them tail lights✋🏼😂

  78. Robb Cohoon

    Robb CohoonKun oldin

    I love your channel. However it makes me feel I should offer you my pos truck to destroy instead of the nice trucks you destroy. I've had so many issues with it I want to pack it full of tannerite and explode it in the biggest tannerite explosion on youtube. 😃

  79. daniel martushev

    daniel martushevKun oldin

    Put slots under the bottom of the truck skis, that way you will have better control when you turn

  80. mike Taylor

    mike TaylorKun oldin

    I can't say anything I was a stupid kid once also but now I work to hard for the things I own hey I have a good idea of a next good video burn your house down I promise it will get some likes

  81. Adventures With Seth

    Adventures With SethKun oldin

    "Oh that?...thats just, well we had some tire chains come loose one day...yah thats what those dents are from. this was my dads truck, just used it as a grocery getter. No hard miles"

  82. DatBoi sxe

    DatBoi sxeKun oldin

    9:43 oh look, the headers match the intake XD

  83. wayland stephens

    wayland stephensKun oldin

    Put the jack in the window and lift the roof

  84. Michael Stewart

    Michael StewartKun oldin

    People who write hate comments to him they are just jealous they can’t be him

  85. Wilson Gilley

    Wilson GilleyKun oldin

    gosh damn hes totaled another truck... i sure hope hes getting a lot of money from the videos though because i love all his madness! #GreatContentGang

  86. Abra Cadabra

    Abra CadabraKun oldin

    Nice job not dying!

  87. Alonso Gonez

    Alonso GonezKun oldin


  88. Patrick .James

    Patrick .JamesKun oldin

    That exhaust jack is a suicide kit. Or you can use the hose to hook up to your exhaust and get rid of a wasps nest really quick

  89. Cole Moseley

    Cole MoseleyKun oldin

    I will take your destroyed shit off your hands

  90. Jake Reinhofer

    Jake ReinhoferKun oldin

    That intro had me dead 😂

  91. Adam P

    Adam PKun oldin

    love all the chaos >:-)

  92. Bryan Soto

    Bryan SotoKun oldin

    I want the rims and tires !!

  93. Nova Haxor

    Nova HaxorKun oldin

    U rly like spacers

  94. Ray Freeman

    Ray FreemanKun oldin

    I think that you should publicly state that it's ok to show your death video.

  95. Carter Williams

    Carter WilliamsKun oldin

    U wanna buy a direbike it a 2009 yz250f

  96. Joel Barlow

    Joel BarlowKun oldin

    Do a giveaway

  97. 630 Filmz

    630 FilmzKun oldin

    Damn my heart is broken just seeing that truck get messed up 😏💔 .....

  98. AudibleVisible

    AudibleVisibleKun oldin

    When the post-nut clarity hits 12:04

  99. Charles Banks

    Charles BanksKun oldin

    My heart😭 love ur content bro tho😂 u crazy

  100. Luke Skywalker

    Luke SkywalkerKun oldin

    My IQ just dropped watching this