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The Key & Peele channel is the place to watch comedy sketches from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, whose Comedy Central show took on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as far-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, Mr. Garvey the substitute teacher, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

Nooice - Key & Peele
Slap-Ass - Key & Peele
  1. Oishii Kudasai

    Oishii Kudasai6 soat oldin

    They hugg They snugg But most importantly They unplugg

  2. Tanya Dove

    Tanya Dove6 soat oldin


  3. Mamias 009

    Mamias 0096 soat oldin

    Malcolm X does not deserve applause

  4. Cryptonite999

    Cryptonite9996 soat oldin

    This is backward, rap your ass around straight up Zen Humor at the most delectable lntelligent the moment...he roasted himself... but the comedy wasn't touched. Brilliant

  5. Marcos Bahamas

    Marcos Bahamas6 soat oldin

    This is awesome

  6. CapturingCars321

    CapturingCars3216 soat oldin

    All the people that disliked googled pussy on the chain wax

  7. benedictify

    benedictify6 soat oldin

    ...with my prayers.

  8. Re No

    Re No6 soat oldin

    0:31 his dancing was amazing

  9. XIX 5 Gamers XIX

    XIX 5 Gamers XIX6 soat oldin


  10. Matthew Lucas

    Matthew Lucas6 soat oldin

    Know your audience oh, and you can manipulate them

  11. brennenderopa

    brennenderopa6 soat oldin

    So is he dead and in hell?

  12. XIX 5 Gamers XIX

    XIX 5 Gamers XIX6 soat oldin

    I feel this would be better without words

  13. bullitt773

    bullitt7736 soat oldin

    yeah, ok.

  14. Vishnu Sagar

    Vishnu Sagar6 soat oldin

    In short, it almost felt like key had to speak after MLK for real...

  15. JoEbYX

    JoEbYX6 soat oldin

    I don't know any dad who would allow his son to talk to his mother like that!

  16. julie robinson

    julie robinson6 soat oldin

    God's lessons are so beautiful 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  17. King Kong

    King Kong6 soat oldin

    *sniff* *sniff* *sniff* *sniff* *sniff* Threesome☝

  18. Chris Kiefer

    Chris Kiefer7 soat oldin


  19. AJ Balanced Breakfast

    AJ Balanced Breakfast7 soat oldin

    My actual conversations with many a tweaker when I worked in a grocery store.

  20. KD KD

    KD KD7 soat oldin

    They should do one with the sagging pants epidemic we have here.

  21. Erwin Martinez

    Erwin Martinez7 soat oldin

    It would be dope to see Peele remake nightmare on Elm Street and have Areis Spears play Freddy. Instant classic.

  22. E to the Dawg

    E to the Dawg7 soat oldin

    Summed up liberal idiocy and rage baiting quite well really.

  23. Bob

    Bob7 soat oldin

    Why is he Bubbles lmao



    Its a old one..🙄

  25. Otshepeng Ditshego

    Otshepeng Ditshego7 soat oldin

    Message received 🤣

  26. Mr Thule

    Mr Thule7 soat oldin

    Very true. If you have so much time in your hands, then you might just as well learn to grow blood in the lab.. people have such filthy eating habits.

  27. F H

    F H7 soat oldin

    1:44 That head tilt was hillarious!

  28. Erodthebod

    Erodthebod7 soat oldin

    "And just like Wesley Snipes always said, you always, bet on black!" * Proceed to do the worm dance* 😂

  29. LightBlue2222

    LightBlue22227 soat oldin


  30. Erwin Martinez

    Erwin Martinez7 soat oldin

    Damn she fine

  31. Marie 7

    Marie 77 soat oldin

    *** What a s.uck.y ending, he STABS a white guy. I come here for comedy, what a turn off. UNSUBSCRIBED.

  32. LoboPreto

    LoboPreto7 soat oldin

    I am a little disappointed that they didn't throw in a 'WUTANG' in there at the end!

  33. Hammad Wasti

    Hammad Wasti7 soat oldin

    Loud and Hot, sounds like my old lady

  34. benedictify

    benedictify7 soat oldin

    License plate number

  35. Mint Berry Crunch

    Mint Berry Crunch7 soat oldin

    Lol.. My man said Fort Worth.


    ΣDM LӨVΣЯ7 soat oldin

    I would smack that dog ass for peeing on my sofa right the minute he just got there

  37. Gin

    Gin7 soat oldin

    I would punch his burnt face

  38. Vishwadeep Rajput

    Vishwadeep Rajput7 soat oldin

    Citizen kane anyone?

  39. Studio Rise Tv

    Studio Rise Tv7 soat oldin

    Ok I got chills, that scared tf out of me not gonna lie 😂😭

  40. metro zone

    metro zone7 soat oldin

    Don't look at them

  41. Tirivashe Shamhu

    Tirivashe Shamhu7 soat oldin

    Face it, Peele has turned us all gay

  42. アッテルソンジェイス

    アッテルソンジェイス7 soat oldin

    Somehow I lost it at “shabloinpss”

  43. john david

    john david7 soat oldin

    Literally you are still trying. Wait till 10-15 days wtf

  44. Marie 7

    Marie 77 soat oldin


  45. john david

    john david7 soat oldin

    Please just whatever you thought do it yourself already

  46. Lolly Jones

    Lolly Jones7 soat oldin

    The same ppl who hate athletes are probably the ones who buy season tickets. These comments are priceless. SMH.

  47. santino vaughn

    santino vaughn7 soat oldin

    Dusty didn't say no 🤣

  48. Der Dannyline

    Der Dannyline7 soat oldin

    Damn....They both looked like they had a cocaine and crystal meth party....Maybe i should hear to more dubstep.

  49. Cory Shepherd

    Cory Shepherd7 soat oldin

    Lawnmower Man song had my dying, omg

  50. efreeze2006

    efreeze20068 soat oldin


  51. Mr. Panda

    Mr. Panda8 soat oldin


  52. ahkie trader

    ahkie trader8 soat oldin

    I would love this, just add molly and cocaine

  53. syazwan

    syazwan8 soat oldin

    I thought key will came in any minutes and become peele nemesis or something and turns out he already did.. I thought the fat lady is actually a woman

  54. Joshua Henderson

    Joshua Henderson8 soat oldin

    It just occurred to me that Key Peele sketches are like a comedic version of Twighight Zone.

  55. Sabakryou

    Sabakryou8 soat oldin

    I like how Peele reprised his role from ERB

  56. the king does what the king wants

    the king does what the king wants8 soat oldin

    I didn't want him to kill me In my dreams 😂 LOL LOL

  57. Alheddadi Inspiration

    Alheddadi Inspiration8 soat oldin

    How is he gonna Raise children if he is Gay hhhhh



    Man why are you googling 😂

  59. RelentLess Enterprises

    RelentLess Enterprises8 soat oldin

    Scariest part of the movie must've been worrying about the run time going past the free 2 hour parking

  60. Stephon Manny

    Stephon Manny8 soat oldin

    What if this clown is in hell and this is his punishment 🤣😂🤣

  61. RoyMcAvoy

    RoyMcAvoy8 soat oldin

    But she's a girl

  62. mohamed basil

    mohamed basil8 soat oldin

    What bottle, you still on that 😂

  63. happyscrub

    happyscrub8 soat oldin

    This was actually depressing to watch once you get what they trying to say

  64. D-m'n

    D-m'n8 soat oldin

    This would be funny to me... If these people were either rare or fictional. However this is an everyday interaction for me

  65. RR Extra

    RR Extra8 soat oldin

    They were both agents of the state

  66. music man

    music man8 soat oldin

    so good at acting!

  67. David G.

    David G.8 soat oldin


  68. Aliche Brown

    Aliche Brown8 soat oldin

    I love all ur videos but I don't like this one bc this can actually be happening to alot of animals and I love all animals

  69. Talent Page

    Talent Page8 soat oldin

    Didnt like this.

  70. Miscellaneous Mind

    Miscellaneous Mind8 soat oldin

    3:15 lmao best part

  71. Delva junior 123

    Delva junior 1238 soat oldin

    Add me jjuniory9

  72. Delva junior 123

    Delva junior 1238 soat oldin

    Need some france friend 🥺

  73. James Wiltfang

    James Wiltfang8 soat oldin

    i was watching jeff ross bring people up on stage to roast them, and this exact situation played in my head before I saw this

  74. Lazy Rabbit

    Lazy Rabbit8 soat oldin

    *Parnabus Jackson*

  75. Sims Olivia

    Sims Olivia8 soat oldin

    To stupid 😂

  76. Julian Chapman

    Julian Chapman8 soat oldin

    Who is he talking to at the end of the last one

  77. Douglas Goldstein

    Douglas Goldstein8 soat oldin

    Straight brim? What kind of archaic neanderthal shit is that?

  78. jabrak1

    jabrak18 soat oldin

    "To tell you the truth I was a little nervous. Not because they were black, but because you never really know what those kind of people are going to do" lmao 😂😂😂

  79. Negaless 1

    Negaless 18 soat oldin

    noice : where you going? noice: I know when I'm not wanted. noice: but I need you plz stay. noice: I don't know. noice: got some bud back at crib. noice.)

  80. oldschoolruler

    oldschoolruler8 soat oldin

    While I appreciate their work, this one DOESN'T work for all. Both MX AND MLK are NOT to be toyed with... Black folk have NOT advanced to the point that these 2 martyrs can be fodder for comedy...c'mon, wake up.

  81. Ty Uzumaki

    Ty Uzumaki9 soat oldin

    Nobody: Tom & jerry:

  82. DopeDon Juan

    DopeDon Juan9 soat oldin

    theyre not funny

  83. daviebaggins

    daviebaggins9 soat oldin

    Id like to see more videos of this appreciative fellow.

  84. Mika Ross

    Mika Ross9 soat oldin

    This is fucking genius

  85. Gilded Goddess

    Gilded Goddess9 soat oldin

    Hmm I see the meaning behind this sketch went over a lot of ppl's heads. Sad.

  86. Metro Mmdk

    Metro Mmdk9 soat oldin


  87. JR Reed

    JR Reed9 soat oldin

    When you have those friends who just won’t let that shit DROP. Me: “you are correct. I am so excited to be eating your superior cooking!

  88. asgloki

    asgloki9 soat oldin


  89. martovu

    martovu9 soat oldin

    i ddnt see the last part coming😂😂😂



    Stupid nigga shit.....

  91. Phil Loynes

    Phil Loynes9 soat oldin

    And this guy is less crazy than Antonio Brown....

  92. Muthu kannan

    Muthu kannan9 soat oldin

    I feel kind of sad after watching this. Most of the sketches will bring a hint of smile not this one. Feeling sad for uncle Benjamin.

  93. tunmbi

    tunmbi9 soat oldin

    Jordan my dude what’s going on with your hairline can we address this. Shit look like the bat symbol 🦇

  94. That Man

    That Man9 soat oldin

    If you play Dr kings speaches in 2020 he sounds like a republican presidential candidate. If you play Malcolm x speaches he sounds like a racist terrorist

  95. julie robinson

    julie robinson9 soat oldin

    What's with his obsession with dicks??!!😂😂😂😂

  96. HyperGain

    HyperGain9 soat oldin

    my boss needs this script hahaha

  97. Eddie Garcia

    Eddie Garcia9 soat oldin

    Big ol

  98. Noble Six 0520

    Noble Six 05209 soat oldin

    It gives me fight club vibes

  99. Christian Osborne

    Christian Osborne9 soat oldin

    "Do not look at them"!😂😂 "Awkward"!😂😂

  100. Bob

    Bob9 soat oldin

    That testarossa though...