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  1. yolesya001

    yolesya0017 soat oldin

    Americans love to get offended, about everything and anything. Here in europe we just chill, mostly appreciate each others cultures, celebrate them and dont overthink it. All subjects cant be so sensitive, its getting ridiculous.

  2. Coffee please

    Coffee please7 soat oldin

    I was having a first miscarriage 6 weeks along....I was scared to death and because I was in a new state the obgyn refused to see me. I went to the emergency room and sat for 2 hours in the waiting room..crying my eyes out..watching people with colds and pink eye go first. They had me pee in a cup which is when I passed a clot which I think was my baby..I told the nurse that..and they just said ok and continuedto make me wait....I bawled and bawled and finally was taken back. Got an ultrasound which during I was actually asked why I was even crying...the doctor said after the ultrasound showed the baby was already gone and I bawled because I had told them I was clotting bad in the waiting room. I would have rather miscarried in the privacy and comfort of my own home than in a room full of strangers staring at me. No one cared. I was not a priority. And I still remember sitting there crying and not being taken and looking at my husband thinking..THIS isn't an emergency?? Losing a child really...there definitely needs to be a change. Thank you for being a voice for us.

  3. Aries 0412

    Aries 04127 soat oldin

    Lol i just dnt get it are hispanic, women treated..dnt get me wrong i looove shakira but jlo. Need to stop it...

  4. Malissa Janaeé

    Malissa Janaeé7 soat oldin

    Wow when I went to the hospital they rushed me back as soon as possible they even called back like we have a priority coming back they wasted no time

  5. Maniac50AE

    Maniac50AE7 soat oldin

    this is a problem for someone versed in trademark, copyright and I.P. law, NOT "jamal"

  6. Brown Eyes

    Brown Eyes7 soat oldin

    Is Amanda now a permanent host and no longer a guest?😁

  7. Rochelle Lastrape

    Rochelle Lastrape7 soat oldin

    I don’t see anything wrong with what Jillian said. I’m glad she didn’t apologize. It is unhealthy to be over weight and she was asked about Lizzo. Leave race out of it this time.

  8. Sam S

    Sam S7 soat oldin

    Why does everything Amanda says have to do with race.. 😭 I’m trying to like her but EVERY chance she gets she takes and twist and turns it to that...

  9. roberto bravo

    roberto bravo7 soat oldin

    Fat is wack

  10. rose Alvarez

    rose Alvarez7 soat oldin


  11. Kerry Larry

    Kerry Larry7 soat oldin

    I have to say this talking about lizzo and singling her out like that was mad rude. This has nothing to do with race and I'm a blk dude. No offense to the new chick I'm sorry but your not educated enough to speak on something that's not true. If she felt like lizzo weight was an issue, she should have contacted her personally and spoken on it but yet she refuses to do so. My thing is this idc what race people are in this world some that are overweight are healthy and some not. Just as in the people who are the trainers for those to loose weight, eating healthy will get you sick at some point you have to mix your foods up that's what my skinny self do and I love gaining the weight. Some people always want to clarify things but not knowing how to do so. That race card out the door with it please because it's nothing to do with that at all. So what lizzo big she loving herself and having a time. I would never forget this dude posted on Facebook a few years ago if your fat loose weight, and someone asked why you so disrespectful he said he wasn't being rude he said it like it should be said. The person said to him wrong. What you should have said if you were so concerned, can I help you please because I understand your pain. Not throw in you fat loose weight stop breathing hard. People always going after the overweight people for no reason. I respect her for wanting lizzo to come down off the weight but she did it wrong.

  12. k khan

    k khan7 soat oldin

    What she said wasn't wrong, but what Tamera said is right ---it wasn't solicited. Either way, Lizzo's music sucks so ...

  13. istanbul

    istanbul7 soat oldin


  14. Fide Hernández

    Fide Hernández7 soat oldin

    Amanda loves white nails. Change it up sis

  15. Kazi Maps

    Kazi Maps7 soat oldin

    Race has nothing to do with it, Amanda is speaking with such ignorance clearly she has a problem with Jillian having a black daughter. And Jillian did single out Lizzo she was asked about Lizzo by the interviewer that is why she was talking about her specifically. The ladies of real completely missed the mark on this.

  16. phunke0305

    phunke03057 soat oldin

    Girls bye...

  17. Maribeliz Rivera Legrand

    Maribeliz Rivera Legrand7 soat oldin

    25 really? That’s so young people! I understand if he’s 36-40 but 25? I’m 25 and I’m not moving out any time soon! Lol

  18. Catarina Mangel

    Catarina Mangel7 soat oldin

    Why is everything about race now? She was talking about WEIGHT, not race. I agree with Tamera, that comment was something I want to hear from a doctor, it was unsolicited and she shouldn't have said it. But Amanda was also very wrong mentioning her daughter. She has nothing to do with it, don't bring other people, specially other people's kids into the mix. Don't, there's no need for that.

  19. RealTakerslady

    RealTakerslady7 soat oldin

    Some stuff should be automatic admittance, like chest pain, heavy bleeding, numbness etc

  20. Tammy Dang

    Tammy Dang7 soat oldin

    I don’t like Amanda at all whatsoever

  21. brittany etchison

    brittany etchison7 soat oldin

    I’m a type 1 diabetic and I’ve had a doctor send me home from the ER saying I just needed to improve my diet. I came back two days later in DKA. I told them that was the problem but nobody believed me. A different doctor told me I very well could have died if I hadn’t come in when I did. Doctors are knowledgeable but I live in my body everyday. 50% is the doctor but the other 50% is listening to their patient.

  22. Meagan Bianca

    Meagan Bianca7 soat oldin

    14:11 has me dead

  23. Chituga Khalifa

    Chituga Khalifa7 soat oldin

    If Tamara meant sexually arouse, maybe the researcher took Ritalin or Provegil at 2:01PM everyday and felt arouse in 45 minutes

  24. Larissa Reyes

    Larissa Reyes7 soat oldin

    i miss when the real was like this. now it’s too politically correct and about race all the time.

  25. Lizzeth Niaa

    Lizzeth Niaa7 soat oldin

    Cases like this make me sad and are reasons why I want to become an RN. I have had my fair share of visits to the emergency room of different hospitals and the at times the staff is so rude and dismissive.

  26. Dennis Tokay

    Dennis Tokay7 soat oldin

    Why are there no white people on this show

  27. Jay O’Dowd

    Jay O’Dowd7 soat oldin

    What a fuc-ing stupid show...people actually watch this BS????

  28. Denise Wynn

    Denise Wynn7 soat oldin

    Loni has gained weight.

  29. Alejandra Tolentino

    Alejandra Tolentino7 soat oldin


  30. T. Lucalake

    T. Lucalake7 soat oldin

    Eatpainluv, You just said a whole lot of NOTHING!! I repeat, a law CANNOT change peoples hearts and minds. It definitely will not hold people accountable. The solution is obvious, HIRE BETTER STAFF, PERIOD!!

  31. Gabrielle Ivie

    Gabrielle Ivie7 soat oldin

    Food is so good and pleasurable losing weight is not always easy but God gave us the Spirit of self control and that’s when we have to say that’s enough for today 💜

  32. Josselyn Mendoza

    Josselyn Mendoza7 soat oldin

    Jillian didn’t have to apologize. She said nothing wrong. The Real is not being Real about this.

  33. Dennis Tokay

    Dennis Tokay7 soat oldin

    So sick of these women it happens to poor white people too

  34. Daniel Shields

    Daniel Shields7 soat oldin

    She was ASKED about Lizzo! She did not attack her or even bring her up... Loni is starting to irk me....

  35. John Smith

    John Smith7 soat oldin

    Is this the watch she is wearing?

  36. istanbul

    istanbul7 soat oldin

    Mannn throw Amanda out of Real!!!!

  37. SaneJaane _

    SaneJaane _7 soat oldin

    If y’all have time to be offended over this comment, you’re not ready for the real World.. get over it

  38. Bree

    Bree7 soat oldin

    Working in the medical field they were NOT suppose to have her go sit back down with her complaining of chest pain. She was supposed to be taken back immediately followed by a EKG test. I don’t care what race she was. Smh. That’s really sad to hear.

  39. Ann Jel

    Ann Jel7 soat oldin

    The illuminati is working hard

  40. Isabelle Romero

    Isabelle Romero7 soat oldin

    “She has a black daughter” y’all make everything about race when this issue isn’t about race and loni is such a hypocrite. She’s talking about attack the issue not the person but went on to personally attack Shannon Boodram.

  41. agathe safi

    agathe safi7 soat oldin

    Amanda obesity is not right... and you not right for bringing a child into this. WTF everything with you is about black this black that.

  42. Mychael Alexander

    Mychael Alexander7 soat oldin

    But the interviewer asked her about Lizzo she could have said it better of course but she wasn’t wrong. It’s an opinion everyone has them.

  43. Dennis Tokay

    Dennis Tokay7 soat oldin

    Black had nothing to do with it

  44. Angélica Alvarez

    Angélica Alvarez7 soat oldin

    This is a sensitive topic, but I'm fed up with Loni making EVERYTHING about race! "We have to protect women, specially women of color", Jesus we have to protect the people, that's it! Man I can't take this show serious anymore.

  45. Treasure Clemons

    Treasure Clemons7 soat oldin

    Seeking medical attention without (TRULY) knowing Jesus (based on the Bible) is risky -- if God be for you, NO ONE can be against you!

  46. Rabia Hussen

    Rabia Hussen7 soat oldin


  47. Yacine Vamp

    Yacine Vamp7 soat oldin

    Not a colour thing , sorry.

  48. Latasha Rhodes

    Latasha Rhodes7 soat oldin

    Who alerts the media

  49. Natalia P

    Natalia P7 soat oldin

    I like Adrienne... the only one with some wisdom

  50. Alexis Alvarez

    Alexis Alvarez7 soat oldin

    I’ve been to the ER numerous times and have waited over 5 hours to be treated. Im sure your insurance also plays a factor. ERS suck and need reform. But to say that they gave her less care or didn’t put her needs ahead of others because she was black is ridiculous and insulting. I’m absolutely sure there were white, black, Asian and Mexicans there that waited just as long just didn’t have such an unfortunate circumstance. RIP! Hopefully Bernie Sanders will get elected as POTUS and helps reform US health care!

  51. princess mutsawashe

    princess mutsawashe7 soat oldin

    May she rest in peace and power ❤🙏🏾

  52. Marielena M.

    Marielena M.7 soat oldin

    I feel like Jillian's comments were completely taken out of context. Like I understood what she meant and people took it as if that was a diss to Lizzo. People were missing the point.

  53. Kristen Herrera

    Kristen Herrera7 soat oldin

    Cant the mute Jeenni's mic sometimes ?

  54. taiwan childs

    taiwan childs7 soat oldin

    These broads are something if a guy MULTI DATES he is a womanizer WOW

  55. J A

    J A7 soat oldin

    It’s been proven that women of color are not believed when it comes to their level of pain. Who knows how many of us have died because we are seen as less than. It’s not just black women it’s brown women too.

  56. Mariah and Jamelah YouTube

    Mariah and Jamelah YouTube7 soat oldin

    Let them live !

  57. Divine Favour .C. Obi

    Divine Favour .C. Obi7 soat oldin

    I'm sorry but I really don't enjoy Amanda... ☹️

  58. Sugey Gallardo

    Sugey Gallardo7 soat oldin

    I used to love this show, I’m so over it now.

  59. Mrs. Nashae Allen

    Mrs. Nashae Allen7 soat oldin

    So happy Loni got a new make-up artist. Do that to me D girl 😑 you don't know what it's gonna look like on camera until you on camera!!!

  60. Elena Land

    Elena Land7 soat oldin

    Amanda needs to get lost She doesn’t even match up slightly to the other ladies in terms of success ,intellect or charisma Honey people aren’t jealous of you they just don’t like you ! Easier to say someone is jealous than to Spend some Time wondering what you perhaps are doing that makes you unlikeable

  61. Sam Comparone

    Sam Comparone7 soat oldin

    I don’t think race has to do with this. It’s an issue of body image and self love so I 100%. I’m with Tamera too. But I just don’t think Amanda is right and I don’t think it’s right to imply someone is racist. And Loni is spot on too we need to be able to not attack people and accept one another’s point of view instead of attacking and judging.

  62. kori819

    kori8197 soat oldin

    Okay Amanda. I need you to stop making everything a black issue.

  63. crissy sweet

    crissy sweet7 soat oldin

    Genocide!!! Just google how many African American women die during childbirth the statistics would shock you. Then think which men are being targeted by the police officers out there. It's going on every day and NOTHING IS BEING DONE TO CHANGE THESE SITUATIONS!!

  64. Auxytie

    Auxytie7 soat oldin

    People calling me skinny is an insult😔 so mean and rude

  65. Luz Hair & Makeup

    Luz Hair & Makeup7 soat oldin

    It’s so sad that this even happens. Sadly it also happens in the Latin community and more in some parts of the country. I have literally been told I had too much time on my hands or that I was crazy for bringing up certain concerns. I agree with Amanda, you know your body if you don’t feel well, don’t give up on getting the treatment you have the right to get!

  66. Zamansky Moore

    Zamansky Moore7 soat oldin

    I love the chemistry with Amanda on this show. They all bring their own component and each is very valid. Love this show perpetually!!

  67. Alice Luta

    Alice Luta7 soat oldin

    CANCEL " THE REAL" Sould be called "THE ASSLICKING/ FAKE "

  68. Dolores Markoš

    Dolores Markoš7 soat oldin

    Sometimes I really feel like they need an indian,native American or even a damn white woman ,because damn,this is getting ridiculous not everything a white person says is racism its called fucking criticism

  69. Abigail Jones

    Abigail Jones7 soat oldin

    GUYS, She did not single her out. The INTERVIEWER was being messy first of all. She was asked. Therefore she has the right to speak.

  70. Arielle Koffi

    Arielle Koffi7 soat oldin

    This show has become too “PC”’s getting boring now

  71. Money Talk

    Money Talk7 soat oldin

    Loni inspires me to be myself without giving a f*** about what anyone wants to say .... Love u Loni

  72. shaibunni80

    shaibunni807 soat oldin

    I think the issue of race was brought up to show how differently overweight black people are talked about differently. Jillian is talking about Lizzo but has anyone heard her talk about mama June & that whole fat family she has? Black women are criticized harsher than white women are. I didn't like Jillian when she was still on the biggest loser because she was always meaner & harder on the black contestants. Also black women tend to gain weight in different places than white women do.

  73. da afshar

    da afshar7 soat oldin

    This has nothing to do with black women , public hospitals won’t take anyone seriously

  74. Jazmin Valtierra

    Jazmin Valtierra7 soat oldin

    Amanda dropping a black comment once again. I literally watched 5 shows this morning. Amanada is always about "racism" girl bye your annoying this show has died with amandas ghetto ass

  75. Aydet Mendoza

    Aydet Mendoza7 soat oldin

    This is why we need more minorities in the medical field

  76. Chantal patricia dufeal

    Chantal patricia dufeal7 soat oldin

    My sister was bleeding in her head during labour and the staff never picked up on it... During labour while pushing she kept passing out, which normal woman does that? Few hours later she was brain dead. Thank god my niece was okay😇🙏👼 R. I. P sissy, still miss you every day

  77. Carl Briggs

    Carl Briggs7 soat oldin

    For the LAST TIME, they ASKED her about Lizzo, she didn't just bring it up.

  78. Saved ll

    Saved ll7 soat oldin

    Some white folks is just soooo childish and embarrassing. Like you do know that’s a reflection of yourself when you say and do racist things. That’s a reflection of how ungracious, and nasty you are, not me baby! My black is beautiful, HELLO!

  79. Black Excellence

    Black Excellence7 soat oldin

    This is exactly why we made this short doc about black women dying from pregnancy.

  80. Samara Winter

    Samara Winter7 soat oldin

    These hoes dumb.

  81. Absa Koroma

    Absa Koroma7 soat oldin

    DAMN TAM🤣🤣🤣🤣

  82. princess6683

    princess66837 soat oldin

    I agree with Tamera

  83. RaRa Rodrigo

    RaRa Rodrigo7 soat oldin

    The medical needs in this country is a joke, down to prices, Insurence and carelessness. Don’t fall for the lies seen on tv series, that’s only how it should be but not here in the US. The UK is more advanced and liable and affordable.

  84. T. Lucalake

    T. Lucalake7 soat oldin

    People, the police are supposed to serve and protect, but countless black men/women are beaten and killed by white racist cops. How many are found guilty of MURDER?, VERY FEW. Doctors take a hippocratic oath. They are supposed to treat the ill to the best of their ability. Similarly, nurses take the Nightingale Pledge, but only if it's offered at their nursing school. It's not that easy to prove murder. Like the police, physicians and nurses can often times cover their tracks.

  85. Samantha Marie

    Samantha Marie7 soat oldin

    I’m reading the comments and I agree with everyone that this wasn’t a race thing in the first place. I’m black myself and not every damn thing is about race. Amanda bringing Jillian’s daughter into the convo- why? where’s the correlation?? If this is how the show is going to be, they need bring in someone else bcuz this is not IT

  86. tarawrr20

    tarawrr207 soat oldin

    I don’t have an issue with Harry and Meghan stepping back. He has earned that right and Meghan was never going to comply with royal tradition to the fullest any way (cultural differences and nothing wrong with that) for the rest of her life. I have an issue with how they went about it. Something is fishy here.

  87. Bad Bee

    Bad Bee7 soat oldin

    Loni not everything is a race or gender attack .... Obesity might be a norm now but it’s still not right .. it’s not healthy.... SHE SAID WHAT SHE SAID

  88. Debbie

    Debbie7 soat oldin

    Joy behar is not A Comedian

  89. Sick Pens Vlogs

    Sick Pens Vlogs7 soat oldin

    I don’t even know what to say. I’m fed up with how the world treats us.

  90. Inventing Queen 27

    Inventing Queen 277 soat oldin

    When I was pregnant with my son last year and in the hospital getting ready to have him, it was a nightmare at first. I had an epidural which ended up "falling out" and had to be put back in. Then the epidural machine went dead and they had no idea until I started to feel pain. Then the fluids were empty and the machine did not let them know. After this, the nurses switched shifts and the new nurse told me that the baby's heart rate is going down. So she told me to lay all the way down and she tilted my bed with my feet higher than my head so it would slow up the dilation. While I was tilted, my baby's heart rate was getting slower, and she said i would have to get a c-section. My boyfriend was getting upset because if the heart rate is was fine why would you do the opposite from what was working. But fast forward, the morning nurse clocked back in, we told her everything that happened (her face was in disbelief as to why would the night nurse do such a thing), and had me sit up, with me legs crossed so gravity could do it's work. In about 30 minutes after that, I had a healthy baby boy.

  91. Maribel & Altie Jenkins

    Maribel & Altie Jenkins7 soat oldin

    But yet we vote for a political party that wants the government to control your healthcare. makes no damn sense.

  92. Priscilla Sampayo

    Priscilla Sampayo7 soat oldin

    When I was pregnant, I was having these pains that had me on the floor in agony. I went to the hospital, in tears, and they told me it was just gas. Gave me 2 regular Tylenol and sent me home. I kept on having these pains throughout my pregnancy, but would just pop some Tylenol and power through it. After I gave birth, I got fed up and went to the ER again. Turns out my gallbladder was full of sludge and stones. Had surgery the next day. People always wanna downplay other people’s suffering.

  93. Cheyenne Malone

    Cheyenne Malone7 soat oldin

    When my mom had to stay in the hospital for days I was by her side. Demanding things for her bc they do brush poc off.

  94. Kesandra Williamson

    Kesandra Williamson7 soat oldin

    The ladies look beautiful especially tamera and Adrienne. Donnavella 24 carete Caviar face lift. Lol loni keep it yes and jeannie shoes are fabulous. Lol jeannie walking across to the room

  95. krystal voss

    krystal voss7 soat oldin

    That’s why this generation controls the parents 🙄

  96. Bad Bee

    Bad Bee7 soat oldin

    She said what she said .... we all know it ... we can’t be attacked for not hopping onto the “Obesity is okay” train

  97. NYANBA

    NYANBA7 soat oldin

    The way the drink that cocktail, like they drinking gold 😂

  98. Yuma N

    Yuma N7 soat oldin

    People on the comment column are the fighters for checking the facts. I love it.

  99. MarissaDanielle

    MarissaDanielle7 soat oldin

    I just don’t like how loni brings everything back to race.

  100. Kesandra Williamson

    Kesandra Williamson7 soat oldin

    Smh that's so sad