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  1. Megan Wilkinson

    Megan WilkinsonKun oldin

    you didn't ask what you needed to improve bout them🙃

  2. Daniel Hakimi

    Daniel HakimiKun oldin

    You probably shouldn't eat matzo ball soup on Yom Kippur. At least, not if you're religious.

  3. Tuddle

    TuddleKun oldin

    This is my favorite episode ever I’m a freak for BBQ no other episode has ever made me as hungry as this one ☝️

  4. Andrew Beveridge

    Andrew BeveridgeKun oldin

    That building has a real wealth of elevator options.

  5. Andaman1979999

    Andaman1979999Kun oldin

    And to think this farm as since closed.

  6. Ariel Carson

    Ariel CarsonKun oldin

    Bring Keith to the test kitchen 😀

  7. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiuKun oldin

    I think Delany deserves the friendship and encouragement badge...he's a really nice, supportive friend.

  8. Karina Salamanca

    Karina SalamancaKun oldin

    Pairing Brad and Alex was the right move for this episode

  9. sacura605

    sacura605Kun oldin

    Thank you adam for asking the questions for the commoners

  10. フガクネット

    フガクネットKun oldin

    chris has the energy of a middle school obscure humanities topic teacher. like a... sewing and knitting class. i cannot explain it he just does.

  11. Ok Ok

    Ok OkKun oldin

    You just ate a raw egg You now have salmonella

  12. 김성룡

    김성룡Kun oldin


  13. Rain full

    Rain fullKun oldin

    Can I just say, everyone in the kitchen are good looking!?

  14. Communist Trash

    Communist TrashKun oldin


  15. Kevin Lay

    Kevin LayKun oldin

    I swear I read it somewhere that burger patty shouldn't be cooked any less than well done.. Unlike steaks.. Because you are grinding up the meat and the pathogens that are usually on the surface of the meat are grinded and mixed together...

  16. berit kooter

    berit kooterKun oldin

    I don‘t know were you got these cheeses but gouda is not supposed to be made form goat‘s milk...

  17. Cute Kurama

    Cute KuramaKun oldin

    I'm excited to see Adam's Character growth over the course of this series.

  18. natalia perilla

    natalia perillaKun oldin

    Okay but who else thought Jon was cutee??

  19. Ariel Carson

    Ariel CarsonKun oldin

    Keith is awesome ☺️

  20. Liu484

    Liu484Kun oldin

    Sorry what's mazzo?

  21. Gaesorn Tansukchai

    Gaesorn TansukchaiKun oldin

    She has a few days to figure products that cause million dollars of R&D and team of people to test it out. For me, she nails every single video.

  22. SpockMcSchmoke

    SpockMcSchmokeKun oldin

    dude i love you but please take the microphone out of your mouth

  23. フガクネット

    フガクネットKun oldin

    misspelled beurre but it’s brad so all is forgiven

  24. abhijith ku

    abhijith kuKun oldin

    So many "Italian masterchefs" in the comments. Please stfu.

  25. Amy McGilvary

    Amy McGilvaryKun oldin

    You can be a taco professor???? Um, sign me up!!

  26. John William

    John WilliamKun oldin


  27. Rafael Morales

    Rafael MoralesKun oldin

    Clair was in a mood this episode LMFAOOOO love you tho!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. camilla di gravina

    camilla di gravinaKun oldin

    I love how every time the intro montage gets increasingly ridiculous ahah

  29. dee ja

    dee jaKun oldin

    The longer i watched this... the weirder it gets... what quarantine does to all of us😂

  30. Elias Alvarado

    Elias AlvaradoKun oldin

    Thank you BA for still putting out videos during this pandemic! Hoping all the staff, chefs, and workers are all staying safe during this time!

  31. Niño Rafael

    Niño RafaelKun oldin

    It's 12AM and I'm watching this. I wanna go to to the grocery but we're on a quarantine.. I'm fcking hungry!!!!!😂 Edit: OK I'm fine. Not hungry.. coz it seems that the patty is still mooing🐄

  32. Nokenify

    NokenifyKun oldin

    Love these!

  33. Virginia Boskie

    Virginia BoskieKun oldin

    Guess me loving little Caesar’s pizza would be frowned upon in the BA test kitchen 🥴


    RICKYakaZEPHYRKun oldin

    Adam is the male version of Martha Stuart. And no, it’s not a good thing.

  35. typingbacon

    typingbaconKun oldin

    Adam looks like Christian Slater

  36. M. Perez Barrios

    M. Perez BarriosKun oldin

    Army where you at?!!

  37. Tenryu GamingZX

    Tenryu GamingZXKun oldin

    ohh he can cook? never thought of it

  38. Spri

    SpriKun oldin

    Bam Appetit

  39. Grant Fletcher

    Grant FletcherKun oldin

    Anyone know the name of the music?

  40. Mae Jee Desendario

    Mae Jee DesendarioKun oldin

    So i have watch so many videos of how to make an Carbonara (authentic). And each of them does a different approach. By far this is my fave recipe or the one Binging with Babish did.

  41. Olly VanNess

    Olly VanNessKun oldin

    Oh god the eggs NO

  42. Dillasmo

    DillasmoKun oldin

    anyone else hoping brad would take off his shirt!

  43. Jimmy Jam’s Outdoors & Bar-B-Q

    Jimmy Jam’s Outdoors & Bar-B-QKun oldin

    I just dropped a Brisket episode on my channel yesterday. Check it out, subscribe and tell me what you think.

  44. Amari_ Lombardi

    Amari_ LombardiKun oldin

    Get trixie mattel back! Please

  45. bening s.k

    bening s.kKun oldin

    aw adam read the comments didnt he.....

  46. ihatefckn gnomes

    ihatefckn gnomesKun oldin

    Adam we need u more in the field !

  47. J 23

    J 23Kun oldin


  48. Simple Shades

    Simple ShadesKun oldin

    RIP to all the chickens in this video that were killed just to be cooked without seasoning

  49. TheSarcasmKing

    TheSarcasmKingKun oldin

    Can you make gourmet funyuns for the next episode please

  50. WiredDragon7429

    WiredDragon7429Kun oldin

    Molly is a lot more dirty-minded than I thought. Quite surprising

  51. Ahmad Rahimi Sudin

    Ahmad Rahimi SudinKun oldin

    Now i understand why certain pastas are much expensive than the others. But are these complex shapes necessary? I mean we could just eat those simple noodle shaped pastas.

  52. D4rKF1rE

    D4rKF1rEKun oldin

    Fake. The pan was a paid actor. So was Mr. Egg Cooker

  53. lauren Timko

    lauren TimkoKun oldin

    Wow this looks so good

  54. stormbolt007x

    stormbolt007xKun oldin

    it looks like blood, I don't care what is it. I'm out

  55. Matthew Rubin

    Matthew RubinKun oldin

    Rappo showing knowledge with the butter sautéed matzo balls made me want to punch his face a little less. 👏👏👏

  56. wildcard83

    wildcard83Kun oldin

    in Adam's defense, the package itself says cookie bar

  57. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno GiovannaKun oldin

    I am Filipino and so as those children when i was there age i ate spicier and more amount then them

  58. neos9898

    neos9898Kun oldin

    cant stand tomaotes

  59. Lindsey Pruett

    Lindsey PruettKun oldin

    I hope you guys are staying safe out there in NYC! ♥️

  60. misterblobby

    misterblobbyKun oldin

    All that good wing meat went to waste. I'd put it in the soup

  61. Bianca H

    Bianca HKun oldin

    If they didnt consult a jewish grandmother who is fluent in Yiddish it is not matzah ball soup.

  62. Jackie Fixicate

    Jackie FixicateKun oldin

    its depressing to think i cant be able to do and eat all these all at the same time

  63. WiredDragon7429

    WiredDragon7429Kun oldin

    "You can power a clock with a potato" Molly: I swear he said "You can pound my **** with it"

  64. mkamagate38

    mkamagate38Kun oldin

    Demonized for lazer tomato 😂

  65. billy-joe wilson

    billy-joe wilsonKun oldin

    "I'm trying it as a new strategy; Radical confidence. Lets see what happens".- MOOD

  66. Aash AFC

    Aash AFCKun oldin

    OK am in love with her already 😍😂

  67. Jose Fuego

    Jose FuegoKun oldin

    "just drag it across the grill a few times"

  68. Satya Vadlamani

    Satya VadlamaniKun oldin

    @2:16 All the science peeps are like "No he means inoculate, it is technically right text box in the right hand corner" ;)

  69. Necromancer Sloth

    Necromancer SlothKun oldin

    Please listen y'all, we have to talk about Adam. Adam Rapoport has got to be the most negative and self important business goon I am regularly exposed to on UZgo. Sitting through his cringy, endless negging is truly painful. His personality clashes with the chefs and other employees immensely, and he honestly gives the vibe of an unfriendly boomer who desperately wants to be on camera despite everyone advising against it. I feel really bad for the producers, editors, and cooks on this channel, as I'm sure they cannot act on the opinion of the fanbase - that is to say, wanting him to be edited out entirely. We came here to watch a chef make delicious food, not to watch some CEO-type make incessant, negative remarks about a trained chef's technique. I sincerely hope you take this into consideration. Much love, and stay safe <3

  70. Im HistoriK

    Im HistoriKKun oldin

    Nobody : Producer: Tick tock tick tock, where's the Wellington you MUPPET

  71. Paul Ulanday

    Paul UlandayKun oldin

    I was wondering if you cook it in dry ice

  72. kingikiller

    kingikillerKun oldin

    Gabby speaking Spanish and Brad replying as if he knows.

  73. 09mkmkmk

    09mkmkmkKun oldin

    s/o this channel for giving me my sole entertainment and will to live this quarantine

  74. S Soh

    S SohKun oldin

    Do you throw away chicken wings after making stock? What a waste of good ingredients!

  75. Maiah Alice

    Maiah AliceKun oldin

    Alright we liked cakes. WE NEED MORE BAKED GOODS EXPERTISE!!!!!!!!!

  76. Felix Yates

    Felix YatesKun oldin

    shoddy editing btw 1:02

  77. Elijah Mandeville

    Elijah MandevilleKun oldin

    Brad looks so bomb with that hat and Claire’s outfit is so fire

  78. Beatriz Roman

    Beatriz RomanKun oldin

    ok mas acho que doce de leite não é caramelo?

  79. MisterNinetySeven

    MisterNinetySevenKun oldin

    Microwaved, boiled, steamed, blended.... how dare you waste a perfect steak

  80. Beth Rivera

    Beth RiveraKun oldin

    But who cleaned up all the salt afterward?

  81. Agent Ham

    Agent HamKun oldin

    Some people didn't take too kindly to this prank. I guess you could say they're a bit _salty_ .

  82. Rebecca Nielsen

    Rebecca NielsenKun oldin


  83. jhonny rojas

    jhonny rojasKun oldin

    I dislike crispy bacon

  84. ralph ibrahim

    ralph ibrahimKun oldin

    Claire should try microwave tempering. It would save her life.

  85. Cassidy La Rue

    Cassidy La RueKun oldin

    Microwaved egg isn't bad. But you have to use a bowl so it doesn't dry out. Add a little milk to the egg before scrambling so it stays fluffy. One minute in the microwave and it should be ready. I like to have it on top of a piece of buttered toast with melted cheese. My grandmother calls it "an egg thing" ❤❤❤

  86. daniel gigs

    daniel gigsKun oldin

    Heads up to those who try this with a nut allergy. Pink peppercorns are a type of cashew

  87. gamekrazy11

    gamekrazy11Kun oldin


  88. Lexi Zgud

    Lexi ZgudKun oldin

    I made this a couple of weeks ago. It was *so* good despite that I used a gochujang sauce, rather than paste. Now I am stocked up on the real gochujang paste and can't wait to make it again. Thank you for this easy, comforting and exciting recipe. <3

  89. neos9898

    neos9898Kun oldin

    i wonder how much human meat would cost

  90. dj tt

    dj ttKun oldin

    I sure hope the throwing away of food in this video is for dramatic effect only and someone is actually eating all of it because if not I can't watch any more of these videos.

  91. A Hussain

    A HussainKun oldin


  92. Isabel Lee-Rosson

    Isabel Lee-RossonKun oldin

    This is the most chill Adam has ever been. So impressed and so glad I gave the video a chance.

  93. Shy Guy The Great

    Shy Guy The GreatKun oldin

    Why tomato ice cream

  94. Emma N.

    Emma N.Kun oldin

    you should do uncrustables!

  95. kingikiller

    kingikillerKun oldin

    I for some reason always die when carla mentions Vortex

  96. Svenulf Skjaldbjörn

    Svenulf SkjaldbjörnKun oldin

    When I was a kid my grandma would make sandwiches of toasted sourdough bread, fried bologna, a fried egg, and cheese. Then she would give each of us kids a sandwich and a couple for Grandpa, and send us out to find Grandpa working in the fields and we would eat lunch with him! Good times!!

  97. Stephen tan

    Stephen tanKun oldin

    You forgot deviled eggs

  98. peanutz23

    peanutz23Kun oldin


  99. Ava Kiai

    Ava KiaiKun oldin

    Is there a way of making this without the dehydrator/vacuum sealer? E.g. can you put it in a fermentation jar and in a warm place?

  100. Google User

    Google UserKun oldin

    319 down votes so far ! I'm assuming its because of the black clothing !