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  1. Danni Motionless

    Danni Motionless20 soat oldin

    Please tell me they're married now 😂

  2. nyla elise

    nyla elise20 soat oldin


  3. Caillean Schmoll

    Caillean Schmoll20 soat oldin

    bruh the beer and shot combo is soooo asian how could they not know. like all i ever drank in asia was shit beer and hard alcohol. no inbetween bruv.

  4. Eira Dennice

    Eira Dennice20 soat oldin

    wait i love them so much

  5. Claire Raub

    Claire Raub20 soat oldin

    my grandparents in ohio have accents

  6. Pam Bastian

    Pam Bastian20 soat oldin

    I have self harm scars. It kinda sucks but it’s also like yo I lived

  7. ᴍɪɴ-ᴜᴛᴇ

    ᴍɪɴ-ᴜᴛᴇ20 soat oldin

    ‘and mommy and daddy have a special dance’ this guy is gonna be so upset when he grows up- ;(

  8. Micah Godoy

    Micah Godoy20 soat oldin


  9. mint the folf

    mint the folf20 soat oldin

    That Georgian guy sounds nothing like anyone I know (I'm from Georgia)

  10. Linnea Reck

    Linnea Reck20 soat oldin

    The Asian guy at 3:50 saying “ching chong ling long” is fucking hot

  11. Jim Roger

    Jim Roger20 soat oldin


  12. J0shy

    J0shy20 soat oldin

    All these people making 20k a year while I’m vibing at 230$ a year

  13. melissa

    melissa20 soat oldin

    anna kendrick needa stfu

  14. Cole Planamento

    Cole Planamento20 soat oldin

    0:03 when I try school lunch..

  15. LipsiBick

    LipsiBick20 soat oldin

    Me watching while eating durian / But every people:/ *Coughing*

  16. Manateelover 177

    Manateelover 17720 soat oldin

    criminal minds is the best and nobody can tell me otherwise

  17. ronianne z

    ronianne z20 soat oldin


  18. Mechiel schoeman

    Mechiel schoeman20 soat oldin

    Where’s the “strait men decide who is the most strait”

  19. Pancake Squid

    Pancake Squid20 soat oldin

    FBI OPEN UP!!!!!! (ง'̀-'́)ง

  20. Jessica

    Jessica20 soat oldin

    Is nobody gonna talk about how the blonde Republican said she was prolife but took a plan B?

  21. Katie Keller

    Katie Keller20 soat oldin

    I remember watching these videos as a way to remind myself why I was cutting and another reason to do it. As of now I am over a year and a half clean due to the support I have built around me through friends and family. At this moment my life is reaching another low and I contemplated doing it again but I refused to go back to that life style and want to continue moving forward. I promised to take care of this body of mine and while it is no longer clean it is still beautiful

  22. Vando F.

    Vando F.20 soat oldin

    Its Not weird masculinity thing, it's preference.

  23. Grandma Karen

    Grandma Karen20 soat oldin

    I’m 16 and I have only had sex with 1 girl 😂😬

  24. Erin Sheehan

    Erin Sheehan20 soat oldin

    The middle one is so my favorite

  25. Kelaiya Garland

    Kelaiya Garland20 soat oldin

    did she just say that shes pro-life but she took a plan b... im confused

  26. Vlone ꜚ

    Vlone ꜚ20 soat oldin

    she one of dem real ass friends 💯

  27. Rehena Mae

    Rehena Mae20 soat oldin

    Sis really said stop white people as white and said she’s Celtic 💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂 omg wow

  28. Andrew 3000

    Andrew 300020 soat oldin

    I love dogz

  29. Mason Koski

    Mason Koski20 soat oldin

    I'm 77.4% sure Sebastian the Tennessee guy went out for drinks, did drunk karaoke, and kissed after filming this

  30. Haley Sparg

    Haley Sparg20 soat oldin

    Us Americans have accents that are all different, yet we all pronounce water - wader

  31. Fluffy Penguin

    Fluffy Penguin20 soat oldin

    That poor girl had to vomit 3 times 😂

  32. DropEmRounds

    DropEmRounds20 soat oldin

    4:12 are twin sisters

  33. soma s

    soma s20 soat oldin

    mississippi guy is fineeee

  34. Bee Corbin

    Bee Corbin20 soat oldin

    Hi! I did some research because some people have been saying that Muslim isn’t an ethnicity in the comments. Even though Muslim is classified as an ethnic group. They are called Muslim or Muslimani, which is also the name of their south-slavic language. This ethnic group is one of the six constituent peoples of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. This term was adopted in 1971 as an official designation of ethnicity for Yugoslav Slavic Muslims, thus grouping together a large group of south slavic islamic ethnocultural tradition; such as Bosniaks, Gorani, and Torbeši. After the breakup of Yugoslavia, most of the Slavic Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted ‘Bosniak’ as their ethnic distinction. Yet there are still around 100,000 people across the former Yugoslavia that consider themselves Muslim in an ethnic sense. Ethnic Muslims also exist mainly in Serbia, but also in Macedonia and numerous other places. :)

  35. william mah

    william mah20 soat oldin

    This man is an embarrassment to society


    GENG MENGUTUK20 soat oldin

    for the person who is the hairiest , i can't stop looking at him😭😭

  37. The Sibling Show

    The Sibling Show21 soat oldin

    Who is here after watching a TikTok?

  38. soma s

    soma s21 soat oldin

    the one cut video where nobody was rude i loved this video

  39. SuperK Boy

    SuperK Boy21 soat oldin

    ugly old man: Im A tWeLvE me: im -69420 and counting

  40. Cole Gaudreau

    Cole Gaudreau21 soat oldin

    I'm straight but I'd marry the son of laughing white woman to get to spend some time with my new mother-in-law

  41. Al B

    Al B21 soat oldin

    Lol I think he heard cat lady and immediately said no

  42. Peaceful Human

    Peaceful Human21 soat oldin

    00:06 when was Israel ever a country?

  43. xjohnxpunkx

    xjohnxpunkx21 soat oldin

    my guy asked a old black lady "did you experience racism" wow 🤭🤭

  44. ιnvιdιoυѕ тнrυѕт

    ιnvιdιoυѕ тнrυѕт21 soat oldin

    Bianca didn't smile once. She's cute. I'd knock them goth boots.

  45. Daniel Fernandez

    Daniel Fernandez21 soat oldin


  46. Kamisato Saki

    Kamisato Saki21 soat oldin

    That one Chinese kid... XD And from what I saw in the comments. Apparently none of this is true But i'm craving roasted frog legs XD

  47. nigerianjawn

    nigerianjawn21 soat oldin

    this man is fine 🥺 and a sweetheart … i want him

  48. Knowledge Is Key

    Knowledge Is Key21 soat oldin

    lol ill have 8 shots and _maybe_ be slightly tipsy (e: thats if I havent had alcohol for AgEs) *And Im a 5'6" skinny girl.*

  49. Orgizo08

    Orgizo0821 soat oldin

    She’s cute. I like her. Very chill personality

  50. Emma

    Emma21 soat oldin

    Omg I guessed that guy would be from the Ivory Coast when he started singing the national anthem, I’ve never heard it before but I just felt it in my gut for some reason

  51. Ella Mae

    Ella Mae21 soat oldin

    The fact that this is 7:59 and not 8:00 is bugging me

  52. MadHatterx

    MadHatterx21 soat oldin

    3:38 i feel like i'm watching it but i'm not playing it. if that means anything yeah you're lonely just shut up and hold the camera

  53. Shan Cooley

    Shan Cooley21 soat oldin

    Oh, yeah. We were in Kindergarten. Shaun. Red hair and freckles. I had blond hair and freckles. We would hold hands and smile at each other. He moved away before Gr 1. So ended the crush.

  54. andrew skillin

    andrew skillin21 soat oldin

    After watching this if this is what the right sees us as I’m independent cause this ain’t it.. especially the short hair girl like she’s friendly but she definitely doesn’t make her own decisions, and the tall black guy was chill but also didn’t even try to hear to others they republicans were so calm and seemed like they might actually listen to others opinions.

  55. soma s

    soma s21 soat oldin

    that black guy tho props, but shit that girl in the blazer....bella thorn boo sit downnn

  56. Sydney

    Sydney21 soat oldin

    “I don’t want her to call the police,” lmao i-

  57. Veon Ray

    Veon Ray21 soat oldin

    He's *only* 53yrs old...whoa I liked how Davion and Ty were prepared with great questions and a lot of information.

  58. Mason Koski

    Mason Koski21 soat oldin

    It's kind of like a breakfast drink that says I'm and ALCOHOLIC but It's FINE...My mom is drinking a Bloody Mary at breakfast right now LMAO

  59. Mo Jordan

    Mo Jordan21 soat oldin

    “as a gay man i don’t like breaststststs”

  60. Re Te

    Re Te21 soat oldin

    She is so beautiful and seems like a nice person

  61. Fleet Wood

    Fleet Wood21 soat oldin

    Guys at my job are all straight. I'm the only gay dude. We work for a moving company, and they always ask me about my sex life. They're always amazed that I've had multiple 3somes and also that I've had two 4somes & one 5some. 🤷‍♂️

  62. Claudia Elizabeth

    Claudia Elizabeth21 soat oldin

    @CUT i’m fairly new to your channel and I would love if you guys branched out in LA #spicy 🔥

  63. effy semoerefoerte

    effy semoerefoerte21 soat oldin

    1:11 bruh, he so cute

  64. jose753675

    jose75367521 soat oldin

    I don’t like that half Asian dude, he should really think before he speaks dumb ass

  65. LucidIG

    LucidIG21 soat oldin

    the pain of when someone says indian is a language, it hurts

  66. ZombieSlayer22

    ZombieSlayer2221 soat oldin

    I identify as a helicopter.

  67. Shawked

    Shawked21 soat oldin

    Absolutely the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen in my entire life.

  68. honey lovex

    honey lovex21 soat oldin

    they would have a cute ass baby

  69. C Random

    C Random21 soat oldin

    0:20 this is how you dress when your not in your period

  70. Tea Baggins

    Tea Baggins21 soat oldin

    Kurdistan is not a country. It’s a state in northern Iraq and there’s no Russians there.

  71. Sosana Samy

    Sosana Samy21 soat oldin

    Can someone plzzzzzz find me Carlo’s insta or any type of social media so I can go hate on him thank u

  72. Madux Johnson

    Madux Johnson21 soat oldin

    i want to be that snake lady

  73. sundararajan v

    sundararajan v21 soat oldin

    Hey are super cute daddy...can I follow your Instagram or Facebook. Your ID please

  74. soma s

    soma s21 soat oldin

    indian superhero geek guy needs to chill...and the girl in pink. being real snobby for no reason.

  75. Celasticity

    Celasticity21 soat oldin

    i’m a democratic socialist and am very left-wing, but the treatment of republicans wasn’t fair in this vid, you may be inclined to believe someone is nicer bc they share the same beliefs as u but u can’t assume the republicans are just mean

  76. Eve Elkort

    Eve Elkort21 soat oldin

    My biggest turn on: when a guy plays the upright bass

  77. Jane Wood

    Jane Wood21 soat oldin

    But y r they both so 💖cute💖

  78. Bearbear And muddy

    Bearbear And muddy21 soat oldin

    I know how they feel about all the questions I was born with only two fingers on my right hands but not like how you imagined like no it doesn’t look like a peach sign at all but it makes that hand tiny so it around the size of a six year olds hand or a five year old and I get asked soooooooo many questions it’s so annoying because also lots of little kids who don’t understand call me a flipping alien but just saying but don’t feel bad for me or sad for me cause it nothing bad...I’m not even rare I’m very common tbh

  79. Clash Hole

    Clash Hole21 soat oldin

    Ether male or female Fucking pick one

  80. soma s

    soma s21 soat oldin

    the asian girl with the short cut looked good in alll of them but i knew she had the black fit 😩😩

  81. Brianna Quépasa?

    Brianna Quépasa?21 soat oldin

    At the end they were saying they were anxious and hot and the music was Vivaldi's Winter

  82. G C

    G C21 soat oldin

    Y’all too nice....I woulda been much more mean😂

  83. Maximum805

    Maximum80521 soat oldin

    Grandma big chiefinf

  84. Alejandro Moreno

    Alejandro Moreno21 soat oldin

    He said, "pss yep" 🤣

  85. Braden Raines

    Braden Raines21 soat oldin

    3:59 “Ugh. Yeah, we’re straight. Later man. *high five*”

  86. Александр Лобанов

    Александр Лобанов21 soat oldin

    До 80 чёткие прически

  87. saandra manoj

    saandra manoj21 soat oldin


  88. katabella

    katabella21 soat oldin

    That kids scream🤣🤣🤣🤣

  89. Haley Phipps

    Haley Phipps21 soat oldin

    Bandana is my fav

  90. Allison Scanlan

    Allison Scanlan21 soat oldin

    they should never eliminate someone in the first 7-10 seconds, just wait a little so that they won't cry

  91. samadul amin

    samadul amin21 soat oldin

    Stuoid brainless

  92. yes no

    yes no21 soat oldin

    “queerness does not make you a minority” ma’am no

  93. laffy reacts

    laffy reacts21 soat oldin

    Have you ever looked at a person and wondered what's going on in their head. Wait stop. What the fuck am I doing

  94. Lucille Kohtz

    Lucille Kohtz21 soat oldin

    the two guys in the blue shirts did not pass the vibe check

  95. Melanie Johnson

    Melanie Johnson21 soat oldin

    Bring would you rather back. I’ll volunteer to do it lmao...

  96. Alejandro Moreno

    Alejandro Moreno21 soat oldin

    He's so scared 🤣 poor guy

  97. soma s

    soma s21 soat oldin

    i feel like the guy in the great shirt would be a great therapist

  98. pasha.

    pasha.21 soat oldin

    fr for some reason im more happy because then i can play more games once my assignments are finished (im addicted help)

  99. Fleet Wood

    Fleet Wood21 soat oldin

    3:50 The girl "like an 11 I think" She has served me coffee before in Seattle. I'm a gay dude, but I thought she was cute.

  100. Brianna

    Brianna21 soat oldin

    the democrat guessers were so rude, you guys are f*cking up our party, now a days republicans are the nice ones