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Snow's Vlog ?

Snow's Vlog ?

4 yil oldin

Woke TV

Woke TV

4 yil oldin

  1. 1sick Cat4u

    1sick Cat4u6 daqiqa oldin

    I see you snow On that Netflix show, “Queen of the South “ Dope🤘🏾

  2. Sheri Hooper

    Sheri Hooper45 daqiqa oldin

    - ARE you NUTS? - (dancing in chair) - MARVELOUS TUNE! -

  3. Gabriella Gaytan

    Gabriella Gaytan58 daqiqa oldin


  4. John Doee

    John DoeeSoat oldin

    I really need the name of that ass. I think we all know which one.

  5. Victor Koyama

    Victor KoyamaSoat oldin

    This song is "Petty". No content or point whatsoever. Forgettable

  6. Adam Clements

    Adam Clements2 soat oldin

    She is soooo underrated it bugs the hell out of me. The chick at 1:53 and 2:00 is unreal

  7. Nancy Cisneros

    Nancy Cisneros2 soat oldin

    One million & counting 🤪🔥

  8. cdovi1990

    cdovi19903 soat oldin

    Man, she got some bars. I just discovered her today from a tech nine song. Good lookin too

  9. Queen Rose

    Queen Rose4 soat oldin

    I so love you!!! Always killin it!!!!

  10. Vibration Nation T.V.

    Vibration Nation T.V.5 soat oldin

    My Girl!!!

  11. Smoked Liz

    Smoked Liz5 soat oldin

    1mill already💜

  12. BirdieHouse

    BirdieHouse5 soat oldin

    2:13 best part no cap


    DJKEN DEE5 soat oldin


  14. Arusham

    Arusham5 soat oldin

    8.8k mumbles disliked.

  15. Leland Gaunt

    Leland Gaunt5 soat oldin

    When “juju” got saved she became “Jew Jew”

  16. Katherine Hobal

    Katherine Hobal6 soat oldin

    🧨💥🔥💥🔥🧨 became a fan after seeing you live in Brooklyn (squeezed in an extra performance) for the October dates. Blew me away. Wild

  17. Woke Aleacia

    Woke Aleacia7 soat oldin

    Still watching over and over lol

  18. Gabby Garcia

    Gabby Garcia7 soat oldin

    Yeasssssss! ❤ Snow the Queen

  19. lili Fernandez

    lili Fernandez8 soat oldin


  20. lili Fernandez

    lili Fernandez8 soat oldin


  21. lili Fernandez

    lili Fernandez8 soat oldin

    Damnn Juju🔥 snatchin wigs off in the mud and shit lol fuckiin Love it 🖤

  22. Dest Lefebre

    Dest Lefebre8 soat oldin


  23. Dest Lefebre

    Dest Lefebre10 soat oldin

    1 mil. We did it

  24. Gabriel Avila

    Gabriel Avila10 soat oldin

    Shes Bad!!!! in a good way

  25. Desert Eagle

    Desert Eagle10 soat oldin

    god i consider changing my gender everytime i hear a new snow song, love this girl so much

  26. Asi Lou Mailau

    Asi Lou Mailau10 soat oldin

    Here after what they tried to do at "Ace of Spades", fuck thay shit!

  27. Patrice Shupla

    Patrice Shupla14 soat oldin

    1 milli!!!❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥 love you snow!! Keep on doing ya thang!! We gotchu.

  28. Sandy Nickell

    Sandy Nickell14 soat oldin

    20K over a million now!!! Now what Snow?! 💁🏻‍♀️😂

  29. Alvaro Vivar

    Alvaro Vivar16 soat oldin

    Shout out from The O.C. !! Haven't heard bars like yours since Lady Of Rage yo... madd respect and madd luv !! Viva La Raza!!

  30. Betty G

    Betty G17 soat oldin


  31. Tiff Purcell

    Tiff Purcell17 soat oldin

    Made it past a million. Fudging Awesome. Go PROUD of you and the whole crew.

  32. Sam Samma

    Sam Samma18 soat oldin

    Juju is so beautiful

  33. Antonio soliz

    Antonio soliz18 soat oldin

    Grampa should went in too 💪🏻secret weapon chancla 🔪Realest G ever💯

  34. Marisa Smith

    Marisa Smith18 soat oldin

    Aside from the uh every other word I love this song. Snow is bad as fuck. 😍😍

  35. onewheelnation the Bell show

    onewheelnation the Bell show18 soat oldin

    I thought you were awesome in damage bars are on fire

  36. onewheelnation the Bell show

    onewheelnation the Bell show18 soat oldin

    I thought you were awesome in damage bars are on fire

  37. Ashley Batchelder

    Ashley Batchelder18 soat oldin

    A million views 🔥🔥

  38. apocalipcy1987able

    apocalipcy1987able20 soat oldin

    Drop the song you made with "Peso Peso"

  39. Fran Foley

    Fran Foley21 soat oldin

    Snow: just want to hang out with the boys and rap and have dirt bikes etc. JuJu: but can we have some mud wrestling with some bitches?

  40. Christy ••

    Christy ••21 soat oldin

    ""Broke bitches Always in some shit sept for businesses"

  41. brielle soesbe

    brielle soesbe22 soat oldin

    Over 1 million views!!!! 🔥❄️

  42. Mira Noire

    Mira Noire22 soat oldin


  43. Guilito Torres

    Guilito Torres22 soat oldin

    Love this. I've always done bilingual rhymes

  44. Dennisee Guzman

    Dennisee Guzman23 soat oldin

    Yasssssss 1 million views !! 😘😝

  45. The801musik

    The801musik23 soat oldin

    Still listening in 2045 😎

  46. Ej Hood

    Ej Hood23 soat oldin


  47. diamond jka

    diamond jka23 soat oldin

    My favorite girl!

  48. Aims2Be

    Aims2BeKun oldin

    We hit 1 MILLION!!!!

  49. taylor kratsas

    taylor kratsasKun oldin

    YES WE HIT THE MILLION VIEWS BITCHES! Bring on the behind the scenes ! Lol 🔥

  50. Karim Otic

    Karim OticKun oldin

    Flow is so fkn great! just Luv for Snow!

  51. Ochoa2616

    Ochoa2616Kun oldin

    Almost to a million 🇲🇽❤️🔥

  52. LindsayCreepinz

    LindsayCreepinzKun oldin

    Tell me this is about Tana & film Juju beating her ass lol jkkkkkkk (?)

  53. Renslow c'estdéfinitivementpasmonnom

    Renslow c'estdéfinitivementpasmonnomKun oldin

    I love how you stay letting Juju around these girls man 😂😂😂 She is a menace. Tell me 2:26 was not Juju snatching a girl's hair.

  54. Cassie

    CassieKun oldin

    Somebody PLZ translate the Spanish part for me plz?? Dying to know what shes sayin there bc the rest is FIRE! 🔥🔥🔥

  55. Whimsical Nessa

    Whimsical NessaKun oldin

    This hits!

  56. Teresa M

    Teresa MKun oldin

    So what instigated the fight in the first place? 🧐💣

  57. christina jaramillo

    christina jaramilloKun oldin

    Almost to 1 million! 😶😶❤

  58. Kim Gow

    Kim GowKun oldin

    This hook has always been 1 of my favorites, love you Snow

  59. Alex Lodico

    Alex LodicoKun oldin

    I love that chorus, idgaf how many times it runs. Love the ryhmes and you!! 🖤💥💣

  60. r 830

    r 830Kun oldin

    Why isn't she out there Grammy winner here

  61. r 830

    r 830Kun oldin

    Where has this rapper been I got it on my suggestion and I can't stop listening

  62. Elizabeth's Travel tv

    Elizabeth's Travel tvKun oldin

    Love it... reminds me of someone.

  63. Edin Yildirim

    Edin YildirimKun oldin

    Here since 20k 😀

  64. Trabelssi Oussema

    Trabelssi OussemaKun oldin

    I need this paroles !

  65. Alejandra Provincia

    Alejandra ProvinciaKun oldin

    Eres la mera verga

  66. Tevia Childs

    Tevia ChildsKun oldin

    I fuckin love this song!!

  67. CL Vieira

    CL VieiraKun oldin

    Ahhhhhhh fireeeeee 😍🔥

  68. Cadillac Rose

    Cadillac RoseKun oldin

    My new fav

  69. Tayler Weekley

    Tayler WeekleyKun oldin

    Reno show Friday 🤩🤩🤩🤩😘✌️❤️


    MC M JACKSONKun oldin

    Quero sua língua na minha boca haha

  71. Holly Burke

    Holly BurkeKun oldin

    Fuck Boys- I know you like D*** quit playin!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. Cassidy-Alexis Martin-Condo

    Cassidy-Alexis Martin-CondoKun oldin

    Love this song, and I love your music videos! <3 Keep making bomb ass music content!

  73. olivia dubay

    olivia dubayKun oldin


  74. _Vocal Respect_

    _Vocal Respect_Kun oldin

    this is my fav snow song so far, well, all her songs are my favourite tbh. love yaaa!!!

  75. zx10 Rider

    zx10 RiderKun oldin

    I have literally farted better lyrics than this song contains!

  76. Mommy, Wifey Life

    Mommy, Wifey LifeKun oldin

    I’ve watched this video sooooo many times! And I do not get tired of it! I watch it like it’s the first time I’ve ever watched it every single time...does that make sense lmao?

  77. Brendon Johnson

    Brendon Johnson2 kun oldin

    I want that 3:32 seconds of my life back.

  78. Girlfriend3949 Osvaldo

    Girlfriend3949 Osvaldo2 kun oldin

    nice to know you..thanks anywayzz here.

  79. dream dream

    dream dream2 kun oldin


  80. Taha Taha

    Taha Taha2 kun oldin

    Maroco rabat 🇲🇦🇲🇦

  81. Power Line

    Power Line2 kun oldin

    Madden 17

  82. Sergio Gonzales

    Sergio Gonzales2 kun oldin

    I'm told to party like that lol but them bars are Star Trek on on turbo in 50 swanggin it.

  83. r 830

    r 8302 kun oldin

    First time seeing this.... NICE

  84. tmorel_music

    tmorel_music2 kun oldin

    Des français ? Moi perso je l'est connue un mois après la sortie et elle est dans mes coup de cœurs deezer

  85. Acel Maquinaria

    Acel Maquinaria2 kun oldin

    Amazin snow!! Nice spanish lenguage

  86. nugsdageek

    nugsdageek2 kun oldin

    Okay that chick in the white bikini top looks so much like malaynah 😂

  87. Ochoa2616

    Ochoa26162 kun oldin

    Nothing but love for you Snow ❤️👏🏼🇲🇽😍🔥❄️

  88. Ed King

    Ed King2 kun oldin

    Massive teenage brain damage. This is what happens to your kids on rap

  89. Christopher Golyar

    Christopher Golyar2 kun oldin


  90. Brianna Mundo

    Brianna Mundo2 kun oldin

    Ready for this to hit one mill. Share away. 😊🔥😊🔥😊🔥😊🔥

  91. Ochoa2616

    Ochoa26162 kun oldin

    We can get Petty tell me if you ready I was playing nice we change the setting

  92. Ochoa2616

    Ochoa26162 kun oldin

    By far my favorite video love it so much

  93. Ochoa2616

    Ochoa26162 kun oldin

    Let’s get this video to a million so we can get the behind the scenes vlog

  94. Ochoa2616

    Ochoa26162 kun oldin

    I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this video. I love it so much

  95. Kutlwano Mere

    Kutlwano Mere2 kun oldin

    "Running your mouth is easy, use that energy to chase the bag" I felt that!!


    OMM BAU INC2 kun oldin

    Snow U know u a badass keep it up!

  97. Gabby Gomez

    Gabby Gomez2 kun oldin


  98. Fatima_Rivera

    Fatima_Rivera2 kun oldin

    Bars. Flow. Snow that’s what’s good!

  99. Felicia Culp

    Felicia Culp2 kun oldin

    Hey! I would love to meet with you tonight??? For a interview, live videos and whatever else may this full moon bring!!! In here at in Bakersfield txt me if ur interested!! 4804550735