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This is a channel where we do nothing but competitions and challenges and act like idiots while doing it! We love Jesus and live to make his name known. UZgo has given us a great opportunity to do that! All are welcome and loved so we hope you'll stay awhile, but don't spend your whole life on UZgo! Go smell a leaf or something!
Philippians 3:20- "But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ"

The Edge Games!!
Baby Sports Battle!!
Slippery Tag Challenge!!
  1. Just Caleb

    Just Caleb12 soat oldin

    Kevin at Hi5: So business stuff Kevin at Teamedge: WHOOOOOOO!! 🤪🤣🥳🥳🥳🥳

  2. DCE

    DCE12 soat oldin

    4:37 Bro I replay this so many times and I am dying of laughter.

  3. KnOxIOUS

    KnOxIOUS13 soat oldin

    i didnt flich this was to ez

  4. Tia Shannon

    Tia Shannon13 soat oldin

    Bryan is really good at soccer

  5. Shadow `

    Shadow `13 soat oldin

    When you're so mad you kill yourself 5:03

  6. The ititoc S

    The ititoc S13 soat oldin


  7. Dr. Bright

    Dr. Bright13 soat oldin

    Also about the pinned comment, everybody is all like “ ow wow they actually commented” when they sent even about the comment

  8. Dr. Bright

    Dr. Bright13 soat oldin

    I no I have whipped cream on me KAMEAHAMEAHA

  9. dandancheung

    dandancheung13 soat oldin


  10. Kyle Labajo

    Kyle Labajo13 soat oldin

    OG roi

  11. Fredrick Mohring

    Fredrick Mohring13 soat oldin

    I hate j Fred

  12. Peracality

    Peracality13 soat oldin

    Has anyone else noticed bryan in the thumbnail? I wonder why they did that hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  13. Gwydkid

    Gwydkid13 soat oldin

    Jordan reminds me of Tanner / off brand Matthias

  14. Joy Ina ina

    Joy Ina ina13 soat oldin

    There is actually 2songs in the lion king

  15. Laura Rayner

    Laura Rayner13 soat oldin

    Markiepoo Me : is it markiemoo

  16. Mustafa Alkinani

    Mustafa Alkinani13 soat oldin

    حرام هذا نعمة الله يطيح خضكم

  17. Syed Hassany

    Syed Hassany14 soat oldin

    My name is Bryan

  18. Syed Hassany

    Syed Hassany14 soat oldin

    And bobby

  19. Syed Hassany

    Syed Hassany14 soat oldin

    My is bryan

  20. Max Collins

    Max Collins14 soat oldin

    Can I get a list of every time joey gets that question? Including the time he finally got it right?

  21. Sebastian Ryś

    Sebastian Ryś14 soat oldin

    Boby is hacker

  22. infernoimpreza

    infernoimpreza14 soat oldin

    3:05 4:15

  23. Калоян Трендафилов

    Калоян Трендафилов14 soat oldin

    Its very eazy with the scooter

  24. jaxlove 1234

    jaxlove 123414 soat oldin

    3:57 matt: AAAHHHH oh hahaha Me: well that's bipolar for ya

  25. Mark Staton

    Mark Staton14 soat oldin

    What shirt ? On me because I'm not wearing one

  26. CMDT Vlogs

    CMDT Vlogs14 soat oldin

    4:45 💀😂 her face tho

  27. Gacha Gamer

    Gacha Gamer14 soat oldin

    3:00 trying to FIT in with Team Edge

  28. gastonykg 1

    gastonykg 114 soat oldin

    They deserve more subscribers like if u agree

  29. Gacha Gamer

    Gacha Gamer14 soat oldin

    Who else thought Megan was tall 😂

  30. CMDT Vlogs

    CMDT Vlogs14 soat oldin

    4:48 😂💀 Bobby tho and his hair💀

  31. Kazi Asma Akhter

    Kazi Asma Akhter14 soat oldin

    BRING MATT back or else I am unsubscribing if you agree pls like. bobby bryan and j-fred are good but the old and originial matt bryan and joey are better,pls!

  32. Shanice Gordon

    Shanice Gordon14 soat oldin

    bobby look hella tiny next to kevin

  33. Dani M

    Dani M15 soat oldin

    “Is this how normal spelling bees work?” “Yes, absolutely”

  34. Mik Les

    Mik Les15 soat oldin

    Unless i'm going unsane there's more than one american states that begin with the letter P? (Philadelphia, if I will-))

  35. Samara Rondaris

    Samara Rondaris15 soat oldin

    Bobby can find f-fred

  36. Greysan Mareux

    Greysan Mareux15 soat oldin

    “You got it wrong but you cut a rope that benefits your team so you get a point” ???? Okay. The points should have just gone by who cut a good rope for the teammate or something along those lines.

  37. matthew wijaya

    matthew wijaya15 soat oldin

    I want puppy😭😭😭

  38. Lachlan Degan

    Lachlan Degan15 soat oldin

    7:07 is

  39. Ish _ DIYs

    Ish _ DIYs15 soat oldin

    It’s should have been 1:1:1 after the first round

  40. シックちゃん

    シックちゃん16 soat oldin

    this is by far the funniest challenge in team edge. and thats saying a lot

  41. Oryx Gaming

    Oryx Gaming16 soat oldin


  42. Mayali Ramharakh

    Mayali Ramharakh16 soat oldin


  43. Z Petrina

    Z Petrina16 soat oldin

    5:53 Joey make Bobby waddle. Me: make Bobby bobble

  44. J. kolio

    J. kolio16 soat oldin

    Bryan flinched on that first one.... come on mom!!!

  45. Sarojana Mahavadhi

    Sarojana Mahavadhi16 soat oldin


  46. Lilly Pookie

    Lilly Pookie16 soat oldin

    Geez Matt cursed :O lol

  47. Dominick Gosine

    Dominick Gosine16 soat oldin

    For part two or three what ever BYRAYITO J-FRED BOB I GOT A PUNISH OF FORTUNE IT IS :get shot with a nerf gen:

  48. Ants

    Ants16 soat oldin

    10:12 marby's point were already twenty and when they scored its still twenty

  49. Gacha love Team

    Gacha love Team16 soat oldin


  50. GetSomeMoney21 Gonzalez

    GetSomeMoney21 Gonzalez16 soat oldin

    I have no soul so I feel like I wouldn’t have flinched.😶

  51. Jedd Repchuk

    Jedd Repchuk17 soat oldin

    4:26 i laughed so hard again

  52. Jedd Repchuk

    Jedd Repchuk17 soat oldin

    2:14 dragon fury from knock your head off

  53. Lilibeth Condino

    Lilibeth Condino17 soat oldin

    Do badminton

  54. DarkShadow Redicordbloxigrambook

    DarkShadow Redicordbloxigrambook17 soat oldin

    Good Edgy Morning

  55. Chase Thurlo

    Chase Thurlo17 soat oldin

    Poor bobby

  56. Aman Qureshi

    Aman Qureshi17 soat oldin

    Noone:..... Jfred: BOBBY SAN!!!!!

  57. Shaila Alcala

    Shaila Alcala17 soat oldin

    A pool table

  58. Gian Yu

    Gian Yu17 soat oldin

    Did anyone realize that Bryan’s hair is purple

  59. Sk00t

    Sk00t17 soat oldin

    ugh to all the comments saying “*2019 anyone*” or “*2020 anyone*” STOP JUST STOP NOBODY CARES ITS SO ANNOYING U ONLY WANT LIKES


    HGAAANDY17 soat oldin

    They remind of the cops from monster house😂😂

  61. Triggz50Gaming

    Triggz50Gaming17 soat oldin

    I seriously, legitimately, KNOW, I wouldn’t flinch for ANY of this. Like if I could be a guest for Team Edge, try all of these. I’m offering a challenge. I flinch ONCE, then I will allow the entire team to shoot paintballs at me. BUT if I don’t flinch AT ALL, then I can shoot paintball at them. 🤷🏻‍♂️ that’s my offer, that’s my challenge

  62. Gabe diehr

    Gabe diehr17 soat oldin

    its salem dhuu

  63. Colton Craft

    Colton Craft17 soat oldin

    I can’t stand Matt, honestly.

  64. Rip juice WRLD Samuel is wrong

    Rip juice WRLD Samuel is wrong17 soat oldin

    1:28 stranger things poster

  65. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget17 soat oldin

    *that intro tho*

  66. Ceaton Larry

    Ceaton Larry17 soat oldin

    Joey spoke first on the 7 second challenge

  67. naz playz

    naz playz17 soat oldin

    naz playz

  68. Melia Harris

    Melia Harris17 soat oldin

    in conclusion, Bryan is stronger than all of the other guys!!! :)))

  69. Gabe diehr

    Gabe diehr17 soat oldin

    a tuurd

  70. Pavel Blas

    Pavel Blas17 soat oldin

    Me too

  71. more tim

    more tim17 soat oldin

    He blinked cause dust went in his eyes 4:27 and you counted that as a flinch a flinch is moving your whole body

  72. Pietro Games

    Pietro Games17 soat oldin


  73. Gabe diehr

    Gabe diehr18 soat oldin

    tapitao is hot yet goood

  74. MrNoobgames roblox adventures

    MrNoobgames roblox adventures18 soat oldin

    This is how many times I laughed 😂😂😂😂😂 ↓

  75. Footballmasterblake 75

    Footballmasterblake 7518 soat oldin

    When she said kobe I felt that

  76. Tyler Niepokoj

    Tyler Niepokoj18 soat oldin

    I saw this video when Kobe did :(😣😢

  77. Memes Board

    Memes Board18 soat oldin

    Who else knew how to crack their knee before J-fred did it?

  78. BBB Balll brothers j and A cool bask in the glory

    BBB Balll brothers j and A cool bask in the glory18 soat oldin

    That's a good catch by Matthias

  79. Jaden Nicole

    Jaden Nicole18 soat oldin

    7:53 *j-fred cheats*

  80. Destiny Bell

    Destiny Bell18 soat oldin

    And 18:26 I could never re-watch enough Lol🤣😂🤣

  81. Destiny Bell

    Destiny Bell18 soat oldin

    17:20 When you stub your toe and youre trying not to wake up everyone. This video had me dieng🤣😂🤣😆😝

  82. Andrei Gonzaga

    Andrei Gonzaga18 soat oldin

    Is smith lord

  83. Andrei Gonzaga

    Andrei Gonzaga18 soat oldin


  84. Regal Rocker

    Regal Rocker18 soat oldin

    Brayaaaan!!!!!! You rock

  85. Asian Sensation

    Asian Sensation18 soat oldin

    Really wished one of them said “you have failed this city”

  86. Jaden Nicole

    Jaden Nicole18 soat oldin

    story else think j-freds lowkey hot. like his smile gets me

  87. Layne Vaske

    Layne Vaske18 soat oldin

    no they all flinched at the last one but for some reason i didn't like i was used to it ? not kidding i didn't flinch and now i think im going insane

  88. Crazy Dog

    Crazy Dog18 soat oldin

    J fred is a cheater

  89. Tim tim playz G

    Tim tim playz G18 soat oldin

    Did I ask? 4:36

  90. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget18 soat oldin

    wats ur guys' favorite flavor of water

  91. lany borges

    lany borges18 soat oldin

    Bryan should’ve definitely won. U gonna say he didn’t win because it was messy I couldn’t even tell that was pizza!!!! (I love you Bobby) but that pizza considered messy too

  92. Snowybtw

    Snowybtw18 soat oldin

    Next one, invite me, I love hot wings

  93. Prince ivan De Guzman

    Prince ivan De Guzman18 soat oldin

    All peeps stay alive this is how many people survived corona virus.👎🏿

  94. Jayme Butcher

    Jayme Butcher18 soat oldin

    I am a Logan paul fan not a team edge fan my brother said to watch this

  95. Andrei Gonzaga

    Andrei Gonzaga18 soat oldin

    Comments are now below

  96. Emily Boeira Emy

    Emily Boeira Emy18 soat oldin


  97. Killer Beast

    Killer Beast18 soat oldin

    1:43 , it’s been so long since I had laughed so hard like that