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  1. Rin Pett

    Rin Pett7 daqiqa oldin

    This looks like a pretty good

  2. TheFariyOddParentsYes BarneyNo // Austin

    TheFariyOddParentsYes BarneyNo // Austin9 daqiqa oldin

    Happy 3rd Anniversary To The Teaser Of Cars 3

  3. MYth hops

    MYth hops12 daqiqa oldin

    AJR I’m seeing this movie

  4. Nero Ashes

    Nero Ashes34 daqiqa oldin

    Pit bulls aren’t bad,The owners just treat them bad and teach them bad stuff so don’t hurt pit bulls they’re dogs too you know I have a pit bull she’s nice and she won’t bite so treat them just like you treat other dogs.

  5. Ironbacon

    Ironbacon40 daqiqa oldin

    am i the only person who's excited about this one?

  6. 35692Zz

    35692Zz42 daqiqa oldin

    So they accidentally added another trailer ok hmmmhmmm

  7. 35692Zz

    35692Zz43 daqiqa oldin

    What happened there?

  8. WJR

    WJRSoat oldin


  9. GameStart just a simple youtube channel

    GameStart just a simple youtube channelSoat oldin

    well,that's not the voice I was expecting to come out of this guy

  10. Marty McFly 131

    Marty McFly 131Soat oldin

    SoUl Is InSIdE OuT CoNFiRmEd!!!!!1!!!! I don't see the resemblance

  11. Gamingwithbot Bot

    Gamingwithbot BotSoat oldin


  12. Tantosd 2019 Hébert

    Tantosd 2019 Hébert2 soat oldin

    cars 2011 and 2013

  13. sonicdtc3 yt channel

    sonicdtc3 yt channel2 soat oldin

    Pixar:*swears* Everyone:*FBI OPEN UP*

  14. ♡ A y l e i  g a c h a ♡

    ♡ A y l e i g a c h a ♡2 soat oldin


  15. same same

    same same2 soat oldin

    Everbody: 0:29😀 Everbody: 0:55😒🤨😠😧🙄

  16. clown

    clown3 soat oldin

    "From the creators of: Up Coco Inside out" Me, someone who cried at the 3 movies: *haha* *I'm in danger*

  17. Bon Wattersen

    Bon Wattersen3 soat oldin

    This movie looked good untill it started having the Inside Out vibe.

  18. Kandyce Munoz

    Kandyce Munoz3 soat oldin

    Yay it has marvel charaters

  19. Mv SantanAlves

    Mv SantanAlves3 soat oldin


  20. Bray W

    Bray W4 soat oldin

    So funny

  21. GalacticHypernova

    GalacticHypernova4 soat oldin

    1:15 ...Pennywise?

  22. Salayah.     Kelly  Kelly

    Salayah. Kelly Kelly4 soat oldin

    My teacher played this not knowing that it had swear words in it and she started laughing so hard 😂😂

  23. Miguelito Mendez

    Miguelito Mendez4 soat oldin

    I love that cat

  24. Isabelle Sparks

    Isabelle Sparks4 soat oldin

    Put the video on 0.25 speed and go to 0:44, then pause it. Look at the green trash can and you'll see a pride sticker. You're welcome.

  25. Tomáš a Anička

    Tomáš a Anička5 soat oldin

    I am disgust when i see a carp

  26. Cal Snidely

    Cal Snidely5 soat oldin

    When I heard about this movie I wasn't expecting to be greeted by ajr when I watched the trailer I'm so much more excited then I was originally

  27. lena

    lena5 soat oldin

    oh my god that’s my teacher

  28. Bond-Potter-Morriarti

    Bond-Potter-Morriarti5 soat oldin

    "I hope they remember you"

  29. Bond-Potter-Morriarti

    Bond-Potter-Morriarti5 soat oldin

    Oh come on guys, live a little. The cowboy dance wasn't that bad, just ask any kid around you. Let 'er rip Pixar (no pun intended).

  30. Andrew Drobnitskiy

    Andrew Drobnitskiy5 soat oldin

    This is so cute!!! Its is sad,cute,and a little funny! i loved it

  31. A Nice Dragon

    A Nice Dragon5 soat oldin

    Tom Holland is in too many movies

  32. PugLife 21

    PugLife 215 soat oldin

    This is my childhood literately gonna cry

  33. Tomáš a Anička

    Tomáš a Anička6 soat oldin

    I am angry when i hear and see Tripledent gum commercial

  34. Cole littlelight

    Cole littlelight6 soat oldin

    when i walk into the wrong class at school 0:56

  35. Tetsui Padaloy Aoki

    Tetsui Padaloy Aoki6 soat oldin

    I hope it is good just like coco 🙏

  36. Mr. Creatinator

    Mr. Creatinator6 soat oldin

    1:15 Kid doing Fortnite dances in public. 1:20 The person right next to him.

  37. Egor Chaboz

    Egor Chaboz6 soat oldin


  38. P. Tato

    P. Tato7 soat oldin

    Telltale games be like 0:44

  39. Cait

    Cait7 soat oldin

    It’s already making me cry

  40. Emilio Estelar

    Emilio Estelar7 soat oldin

    Soul for a soul Thanos©

  41. женя яковлева

    женя яковлева7 soat oldin

    That’s sooo interesting!!!!

  42. mj6400

    mj64008 soat oldin

    "After 33 year Pixar was faced with their biggest challenge since Toy Story 2 being deleted... rendering 4-C hair."

  43. isabelle Jackson

    isabelle Jackson8 soat oldin

    This animation is to sad and happy

  44. Reachthis2k

    Reachthis2k8 soat oldin


  45. Teuflisch

    Teuflisch8 soat oldin


  46. Dalia Rotenberg

    Dalia Rotenberg9 soat oldin

    AME esta perfecta la manera en que se comportan igual que en la vida real

  47. Hayashi-san qwq

    Hayashi-san qwq9 soat oldin

    People only talking about dogs in the comments: No one: Me: THIS IS ABOUT DOGS AND CATS-

  48. Starlight Dawn

    Starlight Dawn9 soat oldin


  49. Three Four

    Three Four9 soat oldin

    here are the chords played at the beginning, in case anyone was wondering BbM7 Am7 Dm7 2nd inversion BbM7 Am7 Dm7 1st inversion

  50. Anita

    Anita9 soat oldin

    1:25 he's Witnessing Gods arrival

  51. Antonio Berrios

    Antonio Berrios11 soat oldin


  52. Jan Erik bbkk

    Jan Erik bbkk11 soat oldin

    That was so cute

  53. Octavia Hawkins

    Octavia Hawkins11 soat oldin

    Edward Elric could only bring his brother's soul back Pixar went a step further and did half a body

  54. ester8a

    ester8a12 soat oldin

    Pixar, could you please focus a little bit less on making money and a lot more on making good movies again? Thank you

  55. Quang tan Dang

    Quang tan Dang12 soat oldin

    Con chú chó tội ngiệp nó bị chủ nó đánh nó có mấy vết thương chên người

  56. Kat Nia Dawson

    Kat Nia Dawson12 soat oldin

    I actually really like the soul designs. I think this looks great!

  57. Kara

    Kara13 soat oldin

    I just finished watching Frozen2 and I thought of Brave randomly. When will Brave's gonna have a sequel??? Hehe

  58. Ted Heemskerk

    Ted Heemskerk13 soat oldin


  59. Bad Username Creator

    Bad Username Creator13 soat oldin



    MLPRANKSTER_ GAMING14 soat oldin

    That movie is "float" like if you agree

  61. Yung Llaamma

    Yung Llaamma14 soat oldin

    It was all good till he fell in the sewer

  62. The.brown Idiot

    The.brown Idiot14 soat oldin

    I wish Pixar would listen to us like paramount. 😐

  63. justein the potato

    justein the potato14 soat oldin

    I showed this to my parents and for some reason they didn't seem to have been moved


    NEØDEATH14 soat oldin

    Bruhh... c'mon I thought that was gonna be like Ratatouille stuff. disappointed asf but still like the concept tho

  65. MrFuzzySmith

    MrFuzzySmith14 soat oldin


  66. Kenny Miller

    Kenny Miller15 soat oldin

    ITS BEEN THREE YEARS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!🎉🎊👏👏👍🏾

  67. Ryan Michael Russell

    Ryan Michael Russell15 soat oldin

    The baker looks so grumpy giving them the one kind of pizza

  68. Jonathan gt

    Jonathan gt15 soat oldin

    me cry

  69. Shahmeer Ali

    Shahmeer Ali15 soat oldin

    Watching Today 😋

  70. ReainDan

    ReainDan15 soat oldin

    Well. They changed sonic. Pixar can change this, no?

  71. Nii gacha life VN

    Nii gacha life VN16 soat oldin

    Oh my god

  72. Typhoon Lex

    Typhoon Lex17 soat oldin

    0:34 looks like Kingdom Hearts 3 level of detail.

  73. AyeItsMike

    AyeItsMike18 soat oldin

    Movie speaks to me

  74. АМИН Хафизов

    АМИН Хафизов18 soat oldin

    троготельно пипец

  75. Wasim

    Wasim18 soat oldin

    What happened to the comments? When this was release, everyone seem open mind to this, now everyone is just like opinion to Spies in Disguise that I'd coming up soon. Glad AJR get to put Overture in the teaser tho

  76. Diego Aleman

    Diego Aleman19 soat oldin

    I'll be there one day. Pixar has made me love life and share amazing moments with people. Thank you!

  77. WisnuBae

    WisnuBae19 soat oldin

    The part before the man fell into a hole : yeah this is great movie The part after that : are u serious?

  78. Nahasat Hossain Nibir

    Nahasat Hossain Nibir19 soat oldin

    Why only the cafeteria and outside ? Can we see the PC's , the people working in there, how they collaborate and inside the working rooms ? Not necessary to show what they are making but the inside maybe


    IVORY ARMSTRONG20 soat oldin

    Y'all are complaining about this movie, but we all know you gonna watch it! Don't lie😂😂

  80. Matt Stevens

    Matt Stevens20 soat oldin

    Can we boycott this like we did Sonic until we get a black man the entire movie?

  81. Abby

    Abby20 soat oldin

    i cant wait to watch this

  82. kidunot

    kidunot21 soat oldin

    If it was a dark story, they should add a Nascar theme to Cars and make it a serious tragedy of crashes. Unfortunately, it wasn’t

  83. marxl

    marxl21 soat oldin

    This person just turned into a sour patch kid

  84. Dante AC

    Dante AC21 soat oldin

    IIn the last Steve Jobs film, directed by Danny Boyle. There is a scene were Steve's daughter were listening "both sides now". Steve jobs funded Pixar, so is a real nice easter egg.

  85. AlexGaming Kid

    AlexGaming Kid21 soat oldin

    Pixar:*swears* Me:why pixar just why

  86. BattleHungery Indominus

    BattleHungery Indominus21 soat oldin

    this reminds me how I met my first dog and my first cat P.I.P. Gray and Coal

  87. patrick kelly

    patrick kelly21 soat oldin

    I cant wait to see this, this looks great!

  88. Ker Light

    Ker Light21 soat oldin

    So good to know a lot of people agreed that this movie was looking good until that blue thing appear

  89. Rhianna poopfart

    Rhianna poopfart22 soat oldin

    They used ajrs music and I feel so proud of them. Yes!!!!! Where my ajr fans at?

  90. Fighter Bros

    Fighter Bros22 soat oldin

    Mom reaction leader: Sadness Dad reaction leader: Anger Rileys reaction leader: Joy

  91. Nickster Studios

    Nickster Studios22 soat oldin

    secret life of toys secret life of bugs secret life of cars secret life of rats secret life of monsters secret life of robots secret life of dinosaurs secret life of emotions *secret life of pants* welcome to pixar

  92. T-Bad Still Sucks

    T-Bad Still Sucks23 soat oldin

    Me: *honestly enjoys the first half* Black guy: *falls in hole. Becomes a blob* Me: 1:20

  93. super 1545

    super 154523 soat oldin

    Still waiting on episode 2

  94. ThePhoenixion

    ThePhoenixion23 soat oldin

    Quill is still trying to imitate Thor's voice. 😂

  95. Irøn-Avenger

    Irøn-Avenger23 soat oldin

    0:03 thanks TikTok for ruining this...

  96. Unlucky Llama

    Unlucky Llama23 soat oldin

    I was intrigued up to the blue doofy blob part. We already had this with Dory. One dory is enough.

  97. Myzell Patty

    Myzell Patty23 soat oldin

    GOOD BYE , PARTNER 👨🏻‍🚀: TO INFINITY. .. 🤠 : AND BEYOND 😭 goodbye woody 💔

  98. Nathan L

    Nathan L23 soat oldin

    Remember that one part in Ratatouille when they were trying food and they did unique animation and visualization with colors? I really hope they do something like that here if they go all in with this weird aesthetic.

  99. Alexis The hybrid

    Alexis The hybrid23 soat oldin

    So cute 😭😭😭😭

  100. Mewing Manda

    Mewing Manda23 soat oldin

    why is everyone getting so worked up about this? first you complain about onward not feeling like pixar, and next you complain about soul and how it is “too formulaic” and “basically InSidE oUt 2” like, this trailer barely only shows 1 minute and 30 seconds of the film and you already don’t give it a chance. i understand if you are upset about the whole thing about how disney yet again has a black main character that doesn’t stay human (ahem princess and the frog), but complaining about this movie for being terrible already when you have barely seen ANY of it is ridiculous.