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  1. Jim McQueen

    Jim McQueen9 soat oldin

    hmm that's funny, people are reporting empty hospitals calling BULLSHIT on a lot of these stories. Sure you're not confusing your source with foreign hospitals like CBS? Also, how are we ok with them supposedly putting bodies into a trailer without the familie's consents? no autopsies done, no blood work or toxicology, therefore no actual proof they're dying of coronavirus and suddenly they wanna dispose of the bodies via cremation coughauschwitzcough cough and makes no sense...

  2. Steve Chance

    Steve Chance9 soat oldin

    They say the hospital ship is for non-Coronavirus patients but someone is going to accidentally bring it on that ship without realizing they have corona.

  3. Danielle w

    Danielle w9 soat oldin

    Its a lie

  4. Fortunato Wenceslao

    Fortunato Wenceslao9 soat oldin

    United States response is pathetic and inadequate compared to China full steam ahead construction of 1000 bed hospital in 10 days, and massive government actions.

  5. Белена чёрная

    Белена чёрная9 soat oldin


  6. Joey yeoJ

    Joey yeoJ9 soat oldin

    Lol please stay inside while I'm out recording all this shit

  7. 100% GENTILE

    100% GENTILE9 soat oldin

    Remember a couple weeks ago when the US was trying to talk shit about Iran for having a lot of coronavirus casualties. Now look who’s getting hit hard next.

  8. Bo Rerun

    Bo Rerun9 soat oldin

    They were warn and nobody wore those stupid mask 😷😷😷😷😷😷 . Don't look yourselfs wear those masks

  9. Jeffrey Erdine

    Jeffrey Erdine9 soat oldin

    I blame the chinese government why were they trying to cover it up instead of breaking the news to the whole world as soon as they found out

  10. The Flawd Law

    The Flawd Law9 soat oldin

    Wer screwd

  11. Juaco`s Game Channel

    Juaco`s Game Channel9 soat oldin

    ​cashless economy cuz cash carry virus smh wake up ppl

  12. Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus Aurelius9 soat oldin

    Young Fillistinis dying over a Jerusalem they have never lived in, just the whispers of their elders keep this hatred alive. Struggle gives meaning but it also becomes redundant and detrimental.

  13. David Lopez

    David Lopez9 soat oldin

    Bats are disgusting creatures I don't even like looking at them fuckin creepy

  14. Kevin Schmidt

    Kevin Schmidt9 soat oldin

    I thought this was a hoax according to Trump?

  15. Roda '

    Roda '9 soat oldin

    What a great daughter

  16. DauntingGecko

    DauntingGecko9 soat oldin

    China have a LOT to answer for when this goes away....

  17. Thomas Boulet

    Thomas Boulet9 soat oldin

    "The US has the best healthcare system"


    FIGHT PASS9 soat oldin

    Cigga means Chinese N***a . Hey I'm am Mexican so I can used any words

  19. Jamm Nefu

    Jamm Nefu9 soat oldin

    No gloves

  20. le goog

    le goog9 soat oldin

    Just like the coronavirus and it is mainly written by the western media.

  21. miles pennington

    miles pennington9 soat oldin

    this is starting to look like the movie contagion verbatim.


    HAIRPLAY1980 JONES9 soat oldin

    My heart hurts for the families and the hard working staff. Omg US is in a state of emergency and responding like it's a cold!!!! Can mosquitos spread it is what I want to know???? Its spreading so fast here. Something ain't right.

  23. Mark Gomez

    Mark Gomez9 soat oldin

    Seth rogan predicted this

  24. le goog

    le goog9 soat oldin

    Listen to her and then decide because every story has 2 sides

  25. Gamal A

    Gamal A9 soat oldin

    New Yorker here. We are really suffering. Today it's us, two weeks from now it's going to be you. Heed our advice and quarantine. It is real, and it is not like the flu. People we know are dying, not just random strangers, people we know. It grows exponentially: 2 then 4 then 8 then 16.... at first it seems little then it gets to the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS and more!

  26. crekiq

    crekiq9 soat oldin


  27. matt 101

    matt 1019 soat oldin

    i believe the answer to the problem at 3:22 is n=10 if my calculations are correct

  28. James Wingfield

    James Wingfield9 soat oldin

    By the way 0nly 3000 deaths in the U. S so far . That is all of the U. S . You should get your news somewhere else this channel is all bullshit to get views and $$$$$$$$

  29. brianna reeder

    brianna reeder9 soat oldin

    doctor: “you have 1 minute and 16 seconds left to live” me:



    A boat and hospitals can’t stop this !


    SRR BIKER9 soat oldin

    So sad 😔

  32. hm p

    hm p9 soat oldin

    anyone one want to blame china like pls!

  33. Van Khoth

    Van Khoth9 soat oldin

    Very sad time in deed!

  34. Dark Side

    Dark Side9 soat oldin

    Since when is USA worried about Muslims USA and UK had killed millions of innocent Muslims all our the world.

  35. Cameron Jordan

    Cameron Jordan9 soat oldin

    As a nineteen year old guy i really want to fight people my age i am so sick of my goddamn generation.

  36. Chester Loh

    Chester Loh9 soat oldin

    Welcome back virus..VAGA

  37. J H

    J H9 soat oldin

    America spends 3.5 trillion dollars on health care every year and I'm not seeing a healthcare system worth 3.5 trillion dollars. South Korea is handling this so well and yet their entire gdp is slightly less than half of what the US spends in health care.

  38. Nante Ne

    Nante Ne9 soat oldin

    Isis not islam

  39. Trey Dolphin

    Trey Dolphin9 soat oldin

    “but wait the flu is still worse?”

  40. Keli K.

    Keli K.9 soat oldin

    You can watch the full video here:

  41. Sony Thomas

    Sony Thomas9 soat oldin

    The NEWS guy was mocking him and he never knew.. Probably he never will.. Lol

  42. Keith Whitty

    Keith Whitty9 soat oldin

    What about your FEMA camps?? Oh yeah they are federal and only there to put citizens in who are alive and fighting this corporatocracy. UN Agenda 2030 Educate yourselves people

  43. Jose Ramos

    Jose Ramos9 soat oldin

    While all the other countries in world are helping each other thru this epidemic, our states are bidding for medical equipment. Because american corporations care more about profits than saving lives. "Are you tired of winning yet"

  44. Isaac Gonzales

    Isaac Gonzales9 soat oldin

    8:40 that’s a lie

  45. Ruthless 12 street

    Ruthless 12 street9 soat oldin

    We need this program in San Francisco

  46. Adrian Roncea

    Adrian Roncea9 soat oldin

    Insurat degeaba

  47. ΛutistiЄ

    ΛutistiЄ9 soat oldin

    I mean, NYC is the most crowded city in the US. The entire city is literally just one big crowd of people. Everything they do just has to be in a crowd. This may sound heartless, but they kinda had it coming. In fact, crowds were literally watching the Comfort pull up to the coastline to provide aid for the virus. :/

  48. Samy Khiari

    Samy Khiari9 soat oldin

    Why does I want to play Fallout after watching this video.. 🤔🤔

  49. Noiseless Sounds

    Noiseless Sounds9 soat oldin

    Conservatives be like FAKE NEWS Liberals are like maybe we should be careful. yeah im on the right side of history :)

  50. chocolatewheelchair

    chocolatewheelchair9 soat oldin

    The tents in the park are being erected by Christians. NEVER FORGET!

  51. Rolando Quezada

    Rolando Quezada9 soat oldin

    why was the first episode removed from youtube?

  52. Drifta Beatz

    Drifta Beatz9 soat oldin

    The hole country of Lebanon should just switch to bitcoin.

  53. Ryan Shane

    Ryan Shane9 soat oldin

    And the Governor of New York just tried to reduce Medicare and still refuses to shut down the state

  54. Wil Morales

    Wil Morales9 soat oldin

    where's the bodies?

  55. James Wingfield

    James Wingfield9 soat oldin

    It's sad that your journalist skills are so fucking horrible that the only way you can get views is by reporting these deaths instead of the recovery numbers .

  56. chocolatewheelchair

    chocolatewheelchair9 soat oldin

    “ Stay inside” as he’s driving by in a car with the window down.

  57. Gold rush

    Gold rush9 soat oldin Corona lies

  58. Dilip Kumar

    Dilip Kumar9 soat oldin

    Effect of China Virus.

  59. Sebastian

    Sebastian9 soat oldin

    Trumps ignorance from the onset has taken the lives of so many Americans; and the worst is yet to come. This is what happens when you elect a narcissist business "man" with the intellect of a 3rd grader. The only difference is that a 3rd grader can be forgiven... ~~~God Help Us All~~~

  60. s 400

    s 4009 soat oldin


  61. Mint cookies

    Mint cookies9 soat oldin

    Slowly starting to look like the “division” game

  62. Sheldon Curtiss

    Sheldon Curtiss9 soat oldin

    People keeping saying "oh well it's only 3% death rate" Well it's only 3% recovery rate as well. (This is using recovered/total detected in the US) (In Italy Spain and the US the death rate is around 30-40% when doing deaths/deaths+recovered)

  63. Virtual Rooster

    Virtual Rooster9 soat oldin

    Covid-19 is just regular flu re-branded. NWO is here. Stop falling for their fear based mind control. You don't see them shutting down the world every year for the 55.000 that die from regular flu. Not to mention 2.3 million dying from smoking every year. This is as real as Santa Claus. Do your research or willingly walk yourself to slaughter.

  64. Alec nolastname

    Alec nolastname9 soat oldin

    Its fine, april is just a day away and when it comes it will bring warm weather that will kill the virus

  65. Thomas Fennelly

    Thomas Fennelly9 soat oldin

    this looks like something out of the division

  66. Devin Crum

    Devin Crum9 soat oldin

    What does going to the hospital if you have the virus do? I thought there isn't really anything they can do to treat it

  67. Leonaza7

    Leonaza79 soat oldin

    Yes very real. Tulane hosp. Has a refrigerator truck. Morgues are filling up. Look at Italy churches lined with caskets waiting for cremation. Families can't even have closure. Coming to a state, city, town near all of us.

  68. Katwoman

    Katwoman9 soat oldin

    Throw the book at em all. Isolation=abuse.

  69. Have you Been Tongued by an Imam?

    Have you Been Tongued by an Imam?9 soat oldin

    If Only we had coffee Shops Which sold weed in the UK, I Might Not be Getting so stressed Out. While, I Never Knew That cannabis Was illegal to prevent spiritual enlightenment or That spiritual enlightenment Was illegal either? Only, I'm Sure That I have Become spirituality enlightened, but it Seems as Though No One Cares? Although, My Right ear is burning Again, so Some Muppet Cares.

  70. Keeves

    Keeves9 soat oldin

    This looks like the start of the crysis 2 campaign🤣

  71. Korgoth

    Korgoth9 soat oldin

    This is EXACTLY what happened with Eric and Dylan, it starts out with idolizing criminals and fictional characters. The Oklahoma bombing, the movie Natural Born Killers, and their absolute fixation for fantasy violence like Doom and Duke Nukem. Coupled with mental health problems, you have a literal ticking time bomb of a human being.

  72. Leonaza7

    Leonaza79 soat oldin

    Just remember everyone. Trump just a month and a half ago said USA had 15 cases and it would be down to one or two before being washed away.. He is responsible for what is going on to the severity it is. People of New York are lucky to have Cuomo !!

  73. Zedek

    Zedek9 soat oldin

    But no, they don't _really_ need all those ventilators they requested from Trump.

  74. s 400

    s 4009 soat oldin


  75. James FromAZ

    James FromAZ9 soat oldin

    I need mooonnneeeyyyyyy

  76. ung427

    ung4279 soat oldin

    Really? That's not what the doctors or the National guardsmen say is happening.. and why the music if this is true? Are you trying to make us feel a certain way? I mean if this is really true, we don't need the scary sad music to react emotionally.

  77. Sci Now

    Sci Now9 soat oldin

    Please everyone be inside your houses please this is a very very serious situation it's not a joke please stay safe and stay inside eat home made food don't order food from outside as you will touching the boxes please stay safe and be inside #usastaysafeandstayinside

  78. Noisykiller12

    Noisykiller129 soat oldin

    Do Anti-Vaxxers believe this stuff?

  79. Amanda Fevrier

    Amanda Fevrier9 soat oldin


  80. dj Psyche-D

    dj Psyche-D9 soat oldin

    elect a clown, expect a circus! Hope you will all be well across the pond. Help each other out, the government sure doesn't.....

  81. AdamandEve

    AdamandEve9 soat oldin

    And still there are hundreds of morons in the youtube comments sections saying this is just the Flu and nothing to worry about. Best wishes from the UK.

  82. iukeay

    iukeay9 soat oldin

    This is beyond fucked. The US needs to go on full lock down....

  83. Josie B.

    Josie B.9 soat oldin

    Face mask should be mandatory. Cover your nose and mouth coming and going!

  84. TheEthanJKuhl

    TheEthanJKuhl9 soat oldin

    PRO LIFE! People just take a min and think. Especially pregnant women. What if you were aborted. You wouldn’t be here. You’re life, you’re family, kids. Etc. wouldn’t Exist. These babies have heartbeats! You’re essentially a murder.

  85. S P

    S P9 soat oldin


  86. Grace Morgan speaks Youtube Channel

    Grace Morgan speaks Youtube Channel9 soat oldin

    You are going to come out stronger, wiser and more prepared in these evil days. Fear not

  87. Ryan B

    Ryan B9 soat oldin

    What’s the song at the end of this episode?

  88. hurtig heinz

    hurtig heinz9 soat oldin

    That's so disgusting. Now I understand why so many groups of peolpe don't eat pigs.

  89. Giovanni Piazza

    Giovanni Piazza9 soat oldin

    As far as I know, the parade was not authorised, so it was against the law. What did they expect from the police?

  90. Booska B

    Booska B9 soat oldin

    The l'ouvre at abu Dhabi trying to get anything to bring touriste and with 450ml$ you can save humanity in the whol Syria and Palestine and Iraq in same time

  91. juulcy

    juulcy9 soat oldin

    I live in the Netherlands. The plan is twofold. Slow down the spread by limiting contact (all the rules that apply in other countries but just a little less strict) so that there remain enough places in hospital and ICU But also build up immunity. Children are allowed to play outdoors with each other for example. How long can you remain in total lockdown, waiting for a vaccin?? That won’t work.

  92. RḗNz

    RḗNz9 soat oldin

    Soon to be tent city with all the evictions...

  93. Blueeyeddevil

    Blueeyeddevil9 soat oldin


  94. Thad Dunkin

    Thad Dunkin9 soat oldin

    Yeah, but they have cases against trump so good luck getting help. #draghimtodeath

  95. payamace

    payamace9 soat oldin

    Time for mother Earth to breathe for a while!

  96. Jimmy Morales

    Jimmy Morales9 soat oldin

    Stay Strong NYC

  97. Luis Rodrigues

    Luis Rodrigues9 soat oldin

    Anarcocapitalism is the solution

  98. LettuceOnToast

    LettuceOnToast9 soat oldin

    This is so sad

  99. J D

    J D9 soat oldin

    I live in NYC. The minority of people who died from C0r0navirus in NYC were the elderly and those with pre existing medical conditions. That vast majority people who get infected quickly heal from it.

  100. Simon Biba

    Simon Biba9 soat oldin

    To think that this whole thing could have been avoided in America, if your clown in charge wouldn’t call this a Democratic Hoax. Best of luck to you, America. You’re gonna need it.