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  1. Ima dok tur

    Ima dok turDaqiqa oldin

    I don't trust anyone with glasses. 😒💩

  2. Tyler Matthew Harris

    Tyler Matthew HarrisDaqiqa oldin

    It’s not pronounced “photograhmetry “ gram like gram crackers

  3. Crafting Rises

    Crafting Rises3 daqiqa oldin

    This is very oddly timed because I was just thinking of a sort of telepathy that could be used below and above the human hearing range

  4. Ryan Reffert

    Ryan Reffert6 daqiqa oldin

    There’s only one gender, and we have to share.


    ROBERT TIDWELL8 daqiqa oldin

    You forgot humans... biggest parasites lol

  6. Jannik Heidemann

    Jannik Heidemann10 daqiqa oldin

    In the end genetics is a tool. If it's good or bad is determined by it's user.

  7. EvilTwinRC51

    EvilTwinRC5112 daqiqa oldin

    Now I know what the xenomorph used for blood.

  8. Ricardo Mota

    Ricardo Mota16 daqiqa oldin


  9. Ruth Peacher

    Ruth Peacher21 daqiqa oldin

    I feel like there are some wholes in this but still an interesting take This needs more biologists to look at it to make sure

  10. Regulo1d

    Regulo1d22 daqiqa oldin

    1:38 🅱️eter?

  11. Daniel Antunes

    Daniel Antunes22 daqiqa oldin

    for me, currently, I'm breathing through my right nostril and the left one is semi-blocked

  12. Emily Werner

    Emily Werner23 daqiqa oldin

    One time I was lying in bed with my six-year-old daughter trying to help her fall asleep. I was trying to teach her mindfulness so I told her to lie quietly and be mindful of how each toe felt. We practiced that silently together and I must have been pretty tired because all of a sudden I found myself hallucinating that each of my toes had money and they were going to go buy things. It was bizarre. My daughter and I still giggle about this memory 😂

  13. Perry Caulkins

    Perry Caulkins28 daqiqa oldin

    Carbon dating is bogus. Carbon decays at totally different rates depending on the medium, sun exposure, etc etc.

  14. mccfrank

    mccfrank31 daqiqa oldin

    This video is 6 years old. Maybe it's time it was updated? JMHO

  15. RedBull34thID

    RedBull34thID32 daqiqa oldin

    Sounds like fishing to support a social theory. There will be genetic aberrations that doesn't mean that they're a normal part of genetics "spectrum characteristics". Cancer is quite often due to genetic factors, but we don't consider them part of the normal "spectrum". These specific things mentioned in the video have little to do with current debates on biological sex. It seems to me that statistical genetic outliers to prop up a social argument. If you were born with a 23rd pair consisting of XY pairing in normal fallowing anatomical physical progression, you are a male, and vice versa for a female. Feelings have little to do with physical reality. I can "feeeelll" all I want that the Moon is made of cheese, fairies are real, and the Earth is flat.... However, feeling all that doesn't make it so.

  16. Dan Ryan

    Dan Ryan35 daqiqa oldin

    What do you call a cross between an elephant and a rhino? Elephino!

  17. drhoratio

    drhoratio37 daqiqa oldin

    But what are they talking about!?!?

  18. Pam Rowbottom

    Pam Rowbottom41 daqiqa oldin

    Arnold chiari malformation sucks

  19. João Giorgini

    João Giorgini41 daqiqa oldin

    Me: *swears under my breath* Elephant 3km away: you talking smack?

  20. sdfkjgh

    sdfkjgh44 daqiqa oldin

    They forgot about

  21. Willi Lee Abell

    Willi Lee Abell48 daqiqa oldin

    Feels super stupid attacked

  22. D- zombieslayer - C

    D- zombieslayer - C52 daqiqa oldin

    God damn it Bobby

  23. Sonja Johnson

    Sonja Johnson53 daqiqa oldin

    Wait, you mean that marine archaeologists don't get into the field to find sunken pirate treasure??

  24. Ryugo7 7

    Ryugo7 753 daqiqa oldin

    I thought the title said salvia. And I thought right.

  25. bmwolgas

    bmwolgas54 daqiqa oldin

    If a tree falls in the forest and nobody's there to see still happened, because a distant elephant heard it.

  26. MadamFoogie

    MadamFoogie54 daqiqa oldin

    I had no idea the direction of sounds could change based on air temperature. That's weird! But kewl.

  27. David Fortier

    David Fortier56 daqiqa oldin

    I'm one of the few Canadians who is willing to admit that Canadians and Americans are really very similar, but we aren't identical and I just cannot get used to the way Americans so often pronounce the word "hull". It always sounds like "hole"...

  28. Daniel Lund

    Daniel LundSoat oldin

    Thioacetone is a thione or thioketone not a thiol, thiols are sulfur analogues of alcohols (R-SH) and thiones are sulfur analogues of Ketones (R=S)

  29. THAT Guy

    THAT GuySoat oldin

    Look up salmon cannon or fish in a tube. That but scaled up. Would make a fun ride in a theme park, but thats about it.

  30. Andrew Deck

    Andrew DeckSoat oldin

    corral REEVES?!?!?!?!

  31. Guðbjörg Gísladóttir

    Guðbjörg GísladóttirSoat oldin

    Before I watch this video: Elephants language is not secret, even thought we can neither hear it nor understand...

  32. TheSweetScientist

    TheSweetScientistSoat oldin

    Zero content on steps to do.

  33. UConnhuskyandrewnduati

    UConnhuskyandrewnduatiSoat oldin

    Nobody: Not One Soul: Elephants: Oh crap, a hurricane is coming next week. Forecasters: what? elephants: You might want to get a move on. Forecasters: How do you know this? Elephants: Can't you hear it, it's loud af man! Forecasts: I'm sorry, come again? You know I have radar and European models right? We're fine. Elephants: a'ight, suit yourself, have fun swimming loser. *_1 week later_* Forecasters: Evacuate the coast as soon as possible Category 3 Hurricane to make landfall in 12 hours. Elephants: Stupid *laughs in infrasonic*

  34. Cleeon Virlief

    Cleeon VirliefSoat oldin

    Give subtitle please

  35. Party Van!

    Party Van!Soat oldin

    Next time someone says to you, “ok boomer” say “ok Generation Tide Pod!”

  36. eeeaten

    eeeatenSoat oldin

  37. tin tent

    tin tentSoat oldin

    It would be cool studying with you

  38. Geng Chen

    Geng ChenSoat oldin

    Sometimes food goes up my nose

  39. Robert Genzman

    Robert GenzmanSoat oldin

    I was going to send this video to my mom... until I saw the nose rings

  40. Wh3atley

    Wh3atleySoat oldin

    And obviously no one at scishow thought about telling us HOW they produce those sounds...

  41. Sheltie Songs

    Sheltie SongsSoat oldin

    I've played with most of these plants as a child. I'm so glad I never attempted to eat any of these!

  42. Sam Haines

    Sam HainesSoat oldin

    Awesome animals, in so many ways, this information doesn't surprise me.

  43. Kev Wills

    Kev WillsSoat oldin

    Screw the herd .. if they are vaccinated . They are fine

  44. Myriam Philistin

    Myriam PhilistinSoat oldin

    Is this guy the same from Crashcourse UZgo channel?

  45. Sassifrass7

    Sassifrass7Soat oldin

    Awesome video!!! This is so true. Veterinarians know this already and tell you that when you go in for dog check ups. I wish human doctors didn't have so much incentive to treat things that didn't need treating. It's all about the bottom line, isn't it?

  46. Love One Another

    Love One AnotherSoat oldin

    We are getting elements from parallel realities now. Hop on the education train . If you know of alchemy you know antimony is the most valuable substance there is.

  47. XSportSeeker

    XSportSeekerSoat oldin

    Hmm yes, I can picture an elephant miles away going.... Alan! Alan! Alan! Al! Alan! Steve!

  48. XSportSeeker

    XSportSeekerSoat oldin

    Hmm yes, I can picture an elephant miles away going.... Alan! Alan! Alan! Al! Alan! Steve!

  49. Junior Mynos

    Junior MynosSoat oldin

    "Imagine being at a rock concert and not being able to hear anything" My grandma can relate.

  50. Cody Greenland

    Cody GreenlandSoat oldin

    Every time you get funky you are genetically modifying humans.

  51. Hveragerthi

    HveragerthiSoat oldin

    You cannot catch cancer. You can catch the pathogens responsible for the vast majority of cancers.

  52. Junior Mynos

    Junior MynosSoat oldin

    I clicked because I misread the title as secret elephant luggage. You can imagine my disappointment😔

  53. Catarina

    CatarinaSoat oldin

    elephants must hate our planes and all

  54. Michael Stover

    Michael StoverSoat oldin

    Why was this the most entertaining scishow episode I've ever seen? Probably because I'm sick and running on not much sleep.

  55. Junior Mynos

    Junior MynosSoat oldin

    Start hiring elephants to do daily weather reports

  56. PewdieNye The minecraft guy

    PewdieNye The minecraft guySoat oldin

    My sleep jerk was weird i was playing some game in my basement i looked over to the staircase and saw someone then got the falling affect

  57. Don Fields

    Don FieldsSoat oldin

    Its seems logical to me that elephants would forage farther if storms were coming. It would be much easier physically to travel longer distances during cooler wet conditions than hot and dry ones. Plus the elephant may also reason its not as dangerous to stray farther from known reliable water sources when wet conditions are coming. Seems self evident but thats just me so...???

  58. Knovis

    KnovisSoat oldin

    More and more each day I'm further convinced that elephants are more intelligent than humans.

  59. Gareth Powell

    Gareth PowellSoat oldin

    i recorded my singing voice on a voice recorder it sounded really good so people weren't lieing in the choir about my really good singing voice in a choir of 8 from October to july singing 3 hymns a night every night amen

  60. mary w

    mary wSoat oldin

    Makes sense and explains why elephants broke loose from their chains and ran up a mountain before their humans knew a sunami was coming which killed thousands of people..

  61. adam zarbon

    adam zarbonSoat oldin

    I dunno, I hear women say to their husbands: "Let's have another", but you never hear a man ask to get kicked in the nuts.

  62. Domyras

    DomyrasSoat oldin

    Reacting *weeks* before a storm?! *300* km away?!? Jeeeez that is mindblowing!

  63. Noah Venzon

    Noah VenzonSoat oldin

    Gender refers to genitalia

  64. Tim Sullivan

    Tim SullivanSoat oldin

    Q - What do elephants use for long distance communication? (This joke rated PA - millennials may require parental assistance with punchline) A- Trunk calls.

  65. keriezy

    keriezy2 soat oldin

    A zoo in Oregon? That would be the Washington Park Zoo. It has one of the best elephant exhibits in the country. Their exhibit is over 6 Acres. There are 5 elephants at last count I believe. And the only Borneo elephant in the United States lives there too.

  66. Cee be

    Cee be2 soat oldin

    All I'm hearing right now is "Science is *NEVER* settled"

  67. Erez Seyger

    Erez Seyger2 soat oldin

    I think that this could be a huge issue that will make health problems that must be addressed many years before an illness will or will not occur. Imagine being a child that is told to take medical treatment for that future illness. Let me guess that it will take some mental toll on the normal development that is expected. This will result in huge impact for the rest of this child. This is just one aspect of many that must be considered before. It's not all good and I expect your channel to be realistic and present the benefits and the dangers of implementing such a radical change in health care.

  68. KYoss68

    KYoss682 soat oldin

    So you're saying the elephants like to Drop The Bass...

  69. Tim Mentzer

    Tim Mentzer2 soat oldin

    the elephant is a symbol of god they represent god !!

  70. Daryl S

    Daryl S2 soat oldin

    Declass everything. That includes Tesla patents still not public. Energy is in the air around us. It’s been suppressed. New technology will reduce demand for rare metals. Organic tech meld will change the future. Quantum energy is another...

  71. Clay More

    Clay More2 soat oldin

    Seen a documentary about this like 20 years ago.

  72. Ege Ayvala

    Ege Ayvala2 soat oldin

    wo hooo greetings from bulgaria

  73. Radu Cristescu

    Radu Cristescu2 soat oldin

    1. Wear ear defenders around elephants, as they may be performing a silent rock concert 2. Elephants got parabolic antennas long before they were cool 3. Imagine actually decoding the language of these elephants and creating computer software to converse with them, plus all the Nobel prize-worthy papers that go with it. And then extend this to pretty much every other animal out there.

  74. Brooklyn Style ☑️

    Brooklyn Style ☑️2 soat oldin

    All about that bass bout that bass

  75. Don Duncan

    Don Duncan2 soat oldin

    Conventional growing is not farming, but mining. Growers are slowly mining out the soil fertility, with diminishing returns. Chemical corps started selling them on quick fixes in the 1920s. The more they used, the more they needed, and when they were hooked, the prices stared to slowly go up. Small farms started to go broke and larger ones formed, turned into corps, heavily financed by banks who controlled operations with lending conditions, e.g., use of chemicals, machinery. Govt. regs helped increase the control. The propaganda claims this to be "modern farming" that is feeding the world. It isn't. It is a catastrophic failure. Meanwhile, some farmers are opting out, using no chemicals, growing more produce with less overhead, e.g., no-till, crop rotation, companion growing, based on a philosophy of working with nature, not against it as if it were the enemy, as the corps had taught. This was named "organic" at first, but as it developed it is calling itself "natural".

  76. Spoonclankencuppen999

    Spoonclankencuppen9992 soat oldin

    Genetic defects... are defects.

  77. Tim Sullivan

    Tim Sullivan2 soat oldin

    When I was a kid, my older brother managed to convince me of a remarkably similar explanation of elephant communication over great dices, his version attracting additional credibility by accounting for an elephant's unusually large ears and nose (trunk). Translated from 7 yr old to Adult, he said, "When too far apart to hear trumpeting calls, elephants use infrasonic flatulence to communicate." Worked for me.

  78. Hugh Jones

    Hugh Jones2 soat oldin

    EVERY season is a mating season for randy, randy humans.

  79. 스테파니 Stephanie 조셉

    스테파니 Stephanie 조셉2 soat oldin

    My far sight is getting blurry so I'll go outside tomorrow and even more now that I know this information.

  80. Mr. Wolfe

    Mr. Wolfe2 soat oldin

    We are fine and will be fine. We are not stupid you are stupid if you think we won't adapt. We will die if it's a catastrophic change. There will be a new heaven and a new earth.

  81. Ludwig Schmidt

    Ludwig Schmidt2 soat oldin

    I don't feel like I learned much here. - What's the regions temperature range? - How does that compare to others? - How deep is the depression? - Volcanoes? No video shown :( Less face-time more vidoe time

  82. Darren Green

    Darren Green2 soat oldin

    Hmm chimps are adware species!. Full of HIV or the begging of it. But although the species chimp are less than humans and it is a sexual pass on then why are chimps OK and humans are still ding of it? And chimps are3 times stronger than a human male ? A human cannot havecsex with a female chimp. She would rip his arms off!!!!

  83. LazyLife IFreak

    LazyLife IFreak2 soat oldin

    All I can hear is the sound of silence.

  84. Peter Gray

    Peter Gray2 soat oldin

  85. Nicki nurse

    Nicki nurse2 soat oldin

    I bet 52 blue is a hybrid whale. He is half blue whale & half grey whale.

  86. Nicki nurse

    Nicki nurse2 soat oldin

    I wonder if the methane mussels would survive on Titan?Lets drop some off there when we send the next exploring robot.

  87. Gothtecdotcom

    Gothtecdotcom2 soat oldin

    So they found the Argo?

  88. John Young

    John Young2 soat oldin

    thank you, you are allsom

  89. T E R M I N A L 7

    T E R M I N A L 72 soat oldin

    Poo dealer: its not the hero we needed, but the hero we deserved

  90. Zes

    Zes2 soat oldin

    wrg, any s ok, happyx

  91. An Verndari

    An Verndari2 soat oldin

    I can't remember where I have seen was some kind of documentary, where they tested a device which sends out this mating call and the elephants came quickly after the message was sent out. The interesting part was that this communication happened via the ground, so the sound was channeled into the ground, travelled there and was picked up by another elephant through its legs from the ground.

  92. Gabbin with Gavin

    Gabbin with Gavin2 soat oldin

    I thought it had to do with their memory. Turns out that was irrelephant

  93. Sean Brennan

    Sean Brennan3 soat oldin

    My ex girlfriend had the deepest hole in the world.

  94. rmsgrey

    rmsgrey3 soat oldin

    So, apparently "acoustics" isn't on the approved vocabulary list. I'm sure "the physics of sound" works just as well...

  95. Vince85

    Vince853 soat oldin

    Yes, l can drink and eat all milk and cheese. Suck to be you! Haha!

  96. Jason Blanton

    Jason Blanton3 soat oldin

    Your a jack ass and why would anyone want to support your channel.. you didnt tell the whole story about the hole lmao no pun intended ,they actually lowered a microphone down into the hole and the sounds that they recorded will send chills down your spine ,if you have one that is . It's crazy you should re edit your video and include this recording ...

  97. Vince85

    Vince853 soat oldin

    Funny, vast majority of Asian l know have no Lactose problem.

  98. Jase M outdoors

    Jase M outdoors3 soat oldin

    What did the horny elephants said to the horny female elephant can you stroke my trunk the one that close to my balls

  99. Vickychickenpow

    Vickychickenpow3 soat oldin

    Yes I remember that day, i was in 6th grade our whole city was basically on lock down and no was allowed out (if you had asthma) but the thing was I didn’t have asthma but my fiends that didn’t have asthma and I was struggling to breath and it hurt my chest and it was happening to many around the school and city. It was so crazy that we were not allowed out at all

  100. Carson Wells

    Carson Wells3 soat oldin

    Did Tarzan yodel in Infrasound?