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When Two Species Mix
These Fish Eat Scales
  1. Patrick McCurry

    Patrick McCurry10 soat oldin

    I only get the opposite problem. When on my walks, I will not notice my phone buzzing or ringing no matter how high I turn everything up. It's really odd as I have a severe anxiety disorder.

  2. digital nme

    digital nme10 soat oldin

    The truth is nobody knows how to effectively make use of a qbit. Which is good for me.

  3. James 4theDoctor

    James 4theDoctor10 soat oldin

    Doctor Who explained it as the Silence

  4. Aliensinnoh

    Aliensinnoh10 soat oldin

    2:18 is this a korea joke?

  5. Daniel Vondruska_2230302

    Daniel Vondruska_223030210 soat oldin

    Poopie head

  6. John Batchler

    John Batchler10 soat oldin

    God has the final say in game theory

  7. Christophe

    Christophe10 soat oldin

    So lemme get this right, we only ever drilled 12 kms into the earth but somehow we know what is at the centre?? Yeah that sounds like science fiction.

  8. mandana ebiram90

    mandana ebiram9010 soat oldin

    You are an idiot dude 🖕

  9. Billy William

    Billy William10 soat oldin

    The greater wax moths are like Xenomorphs, game over man, *GAME OVER!*

  10. Semdo Nempiedade

    Semdo Nempiedade10 soat oldin

    You start really well with lots of plausible ideas, does anyone really believe that our insigificance can be stronger than sun power, magnetic fields, orbit etc ... come one

  11. PleaseDontSubscribe

    PleaseDontSubscribe10 soat oldin

    Outdated and fatphobic information, unfortunately. No like for you.

  12. Billy William

    Billy William10 soat oldin

    Put these bivalves into the sewers.

  13. Rafli Jahja

    Rafli Jahja10 soat oldin

    vaccinate your computer guys

  14. Billy William

    Billy William10 soat oldin

    Looks like Sheldon's girlfriend.

  15. Royce York

    Royce York10 soat oldin

    What are some ways to increase your IQ of 20 points? I read plenty of good reviews on the net about how exactly Rotogenflux Methods can help you increase your IQ score over 15 points. Has anyone tried this intelligence boost system?

  16. Rick Harold

    Rick Harold10 soat oldin


  17. PvtNewb

    PvtNewb11 soat oldin

    We need quantum RNG for sh8s and giggles.

  18. Stanislas Kowalski

    Stanislas Kowalski11 soat oldin

    So, basically, Google can read our little secrets. Nothing new.

  19. Commander Sus Gunner

    Commander Sus Gunner11 soat oldin

    Evelution: *yoink*

  20. Geno G

    Geno G11 soat oldin

    Funny cause in one of my psychology classes on uni, our professor told us "pregnant women feel so awful during pregnancy because babies are basically parasites." Lol

  21. Praise The Sun

    Praise The Sun11 soat oldin

    Quantum Computer + A.I(singularity) *u cant take that back*

  22. IcantSeeReplies

    IcantSeeReplies11 soat oldin

    Quantum computers oppress classical computers. It's computer racism!

  23. Faustin Gashakamba

    Faustin Gashakamba11 soat oldin

    That Q-computer would look awesome on the ceiling in my living room. It doesn't need to be SUPREME to draw my admiration!

  24. nosuchthing8

    nosuchthing811 soat oldin

    Someone needs to upgrade their encryption before we all become potential victims

  25. Salsa Dude

    Salsa Dude11 soat oldin

    " this is nothing that we should be worrying about" yeah...I've heard that before...

  26. Pavel Markevits

    Pavel Markevits11 soat oldin

    Wake me up, when I'll be able to install Linux on this quantum thing.

  27. twocvbloke

    twocvbloke11 soat oldin

    So a Quantum computer will have Windows crash so fast that it's crashed before you finish pressing the power button? :P

  28. Philip Cesar

    Philip Cesar11 soat oldin

    Ebola:*Am i a joke to you*

  29. tdognschooch

    tdognschooch12 soat oldin

    I had no idea that fans were so dangerous!!!!!!!

  30. Hellblazer

    Hellblazer12 soat oldin

    Fan: (randomly turned on in a confined space) Cat: (dead) Is this a reference to South Korean myth?

  31. Neekon :3

    Neekon :312 soat oldin


  32. Evi1M4chine

    Evi1M4chine12 soat oldin

    10:20 So… how much do you like pink-haired girl, Hank? 😇😁

  33. Jamie Oglethorpe

    Jamie Oglethorpe12 soat oldin

    I feel for you, Hank. They pick a few examples and suggest that everything changes. In fact, almost nothing changes. Turing complete devices (e.g. smartphones) can do the same as all other similar devices. Quantum computers will only ever do a microscopic fraction of those computations albeit super fast. There is no need for your web developer to worry.

  34. KootFloris

    KootFloris12 soat oldin

    I've already seen a clip on audio, that was so far beyond what you seem to think. (forgot where).

  35. Nelson Baietti

    Nelson Baietti12 soat oldin

    So can a quantum computer crack classical computers encryptions more easily? May be useful for weather and particle simulations as well as procedural generation for CGI and games, I guess

  36. KootFloris

    KootFloris12 soat oldin

    You'll know too late, when Bernie Sanders says racist stuff, loses the vote and then, yeah, it was deep fake made by scum who don't care about democracy and fair elections.

  37. Lyn Aqui

    Lyn Aqui12 soat oldin

    Its the dark continent

  38. Nathaniel Rohde

    Nathaniel Rohde12 soat oldin

    Rogerly Flourite, I do not believe its pleochroic however it has an amazing fluorescent quality in UV light and can shift colors as well as glow

  39. Ninad Zanje

    Ninad Zanje12 soat oldin

    In India we have been using copper glass and pots for long

  40. Watermelon Warriors

    Watermelon Warriors12 soat oldin

    Dung beetle: oh, dis is not so hard. Me: dats a weird looking poop ya got der

  41. MrWombatty

    MrWombatty12 soat oldin

    Why no mention of werewolves?

  42. Monu Maithreyan

    Monu Maithreyan12 soat oldin

    White people have neanderthal genes in them

  43. Watermelon Warriors

    Watermelon Warriors12 soat oldin

    It would be cool and scary to be a werewolf

  44. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith12 soat oldin

    long time = System.currentTimeMillis(); for(int i = 0; i < 1000000; i++){ Math.random(); } long elapsed = System.currentTimeMillis() - time; System.out.println("Time taken: " + (elapsed / 1000.0) + " seconds"); Output: Time taken: 0.018 seconds

  45. Itwilsonboiii

    Itwilsonboiii12 soat oldin

    After create 119, just leave it in coldest environment to slow down decay

  46. Daniel E

    Daniel E13 soat oldin

    “Delay in language development” that sentence is more accurately “regression in language development” But you have probably never witnessed that before so how would you know? “Parents who research don’t vaccinate” scientific conclusion by you: they’re confused. I wish doctors would discuss the difference between humoral mediated immune response vs cell mediated immune response, and then try tell us vaccines work. The vaccine program is designed to suppress cell-mediated immunity. We all have the God given right to get viruses naturally and not artificially with chemicals.


    EL NOODLE13 soat oldin

    After all those years doing this. Ffs start wearing human shirts and under shirts

  48. Ashton Heng

    Ashton Heng13 soat oldin

    when i see HERVs H then HERVs K then i actually guess there will be HERVs W and i literally lol when i heard it 😂🤣😆

  49. ye

    ye13 soat oldin

    The only parasite I know is the one that lives under a shrimps blub flap. (Idk what it’s called. Breathing? Oh nvm gill flap thing.)

  50. Thugzilla

    Thugzilla13 soat oldin

    Are you saying.. Those buzzes were all in my head?..

  51. The Sapien

    The Sapien13 soat oldin

    Probably never.

  52. Dre Leen

    Dre Leen13 soat oldin

    my best cure for hangovers seems to be to never get sober. i dont drink anymore.

  53. Some Vegan Guy

    Some Vegan Guy13 soat oldin

    We don’t even know what nothing is lmao (a perfect vacuum)

  54. Timi Sterr

    Timi Sterr13 soat oldin

    I felt so smart when I knew the things you were talking about. Guess that 1 semester of quantum informatics didn't go to waste after all.

  55. Michael McGlashan

    Michael McGlashan13 soat oldin

    Crap magpies don’t grab you and peck your eyes! Wankers

  56. no pe

    no pe13 soat oldin

    do not trust anything a corporate scumbag like google says, AI for example will be the end of humanity

  57. Mart j

    Mart j13 soat oldin

    Shows how clever god is to put all that stuff there

  58. Storytime Kellan

    Storytime Kellan13 soat oldin

    1 and 2 people thought it was y2k I GAURUNTEE IT

  59. Darkhorseman82

    Darkhorseman8213 soat oldin

    Mitochondria and Arc Protein are both thanks to infections.

  60. good 'un

    good 'un13 soat oldin

    Primates are full of retroviruses. HIV probably jumped into the human population because people were exposed to it while butchering primates for the "bush meat" trade in Africa. And the filavirus that causes Ebola likely came from bats.

  61. root42

    root4213 soat oldin

    Hank: "Erwin Schrow-Dinger" -- Me: "who now? Oh... Schrödinger... German really is hard..."

  62. Joko Mandiri

    Joko Mandiri13 soat oldin

    *Finally i could open 2 tabs of google chrome at the same time*

  63. George Indestructible

    George Indestructible13 soat oldin

    Why does it sound like bragging to me?

  64. Andy Aim

    Andy Aim13 soat oldin

    I can foresee a time where Dna will be manipulated to re create Dinosaurs for research and entertainment.

  65. Sean Vinsick

    Sean Vinsick13 soat oldin

    You really butchered this one. Turning machines were purely theoretical, and they cant solve any mathematical problem, ie ther halting problem. Second, schrodinger's cat was a thought experiment to demonstrate the absurdity of quantum mechanic interpretations.

  66. TothBrush

    TothBrush13 soat oldin

    are atoms just tiny people? one study suggests so.

  67. K D

    K D13 soat oldin

    Climate science is looking more and more like a climate seance with all the prophecy that's going on....

  68. K D

    K D13 soat oldin

    There is an optimum amount of co2, just like there is a level where it's too high and a level where it's too low. Too low starts at 200 ppm , the point at which plants start deteriorating The point at which the earth was on its greenest with the highest biodiversity ever must be the optimum level, this was around 2000 ppm. The explosion of life happened with a co2 level between 7 and 8000 ppm, mostly in sea, with corals and shellfishes all around without having any problem with acidification, this is still OK to support human life otherwise co2 alarms wouldn't be set at 8000 ppm in sub marines and 12000 ppm in the international space station. Let's say that however it's still OK to support human life it is not really ideal anymore so too much starts between 8 and 12000 ppm. We are currently at approximately 400 ppm, this is clearly in the lower zone, it's fine for human life, but not longer to support a full green world with a large biodiversity like I once was.

  69. Samara Peixoto

    Samara Peixoto14 soat oldin

    I'm a vegan myself, and as I think on all these "must be like this/must look like that", I think that all this obligations are for meat eaters who eat meat for all their lifes. I don't miss any of those, but I understand if you don't have a will, a philosophy behind a diet change, you will not be so willing on stick to it. You will complain and miss everything. That said, as we tend to eat less meat, maybe the future generations don't mind. After all, if it tastes so good, and I am not addicted to meat, and this was not on cost of animal suffering, I'm in heaven of happiness. At least it is how I feel since I became vegan. 😊

  70. Visarly

    Visarly14 soat oldin

    I made it into 2020 how bout y’all? I remember December 21st 2012 so clearly lol y’all people were scared for nothing

  71. Tiberian Fiend

    Tiberian Fiend14 soat oldin


  72. TimmMix

    TimmMix14 soat oldin

    Mal wieder ein richtig gelungenes Video. Wie viel Arbeit und Zeit dahinter steckt, kann ich mir fast gar nicht vorstellen.

  73. Johnny rowland

    Johnny rowland14 soat oldin

    Evolution?? You may have come from a monkey, But I was created by GOD!!!

  74. Andrae Cabanero

    Andrae Cabanero14 soat oldin

    Imagine a couple getting married and yellow stone erupted at the kiss and a big rock killed them 😭😩

  75. Nathan M.

    Nathan M.14 soat oldin

    Quantum computers are just normal computers plus magic.

  76. Federico Jimbo Smithson

    Federico Jimbo Smithson14 soat oldin

    till the day the real practical computers arrive, enjoy privacy

  77. Eugene KOLARIC

    Eugene KOLARIC14 soat oldin

    Should we? I mean ultimately isn't it all part of the evolutionary process? If we were truly honest about the pursuit of this , we would get rid of the prime culprit - us.

  78. a b

    a b14 soat oldin

    Americans are eating GMO food for years now, Europeans don't. Look at the consequences it had on your food products, one example being that almost everything having corn syrup because of the overproduction and how fat you have all become. Europe will never allow the widespread use of GMOs because we care about what we eat and our traditional food with traditional ingredients. And in response to some other comments here, in Europe watermelons usually do have seeds.

  79. ECN

    ECN14 soat oldin

    Scishow , please check your audio recording. There's something annoyingly wrong with the microphone, noise gate or compression (in both meanings). The S'es are weird.

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  82. Emmanuel Abay

    Emmanuel Abay14 soat oldin

    First White Supremacy, Now Quantum Supremacy? This Is Next Level Racist

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    Rachel Coleman14 soat oldin

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  84. Rosalia Rodriquez

    Rosalia Rodriquez14 soat oldin

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  88. Wheels Lifts

    Wheels Lifts14 soat oldin

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  89. Alexander Zarris

    Alexander Zarris14 soat oldin

    I thought this said "perfect beefcake"

  90. Matías P

    Matías P15 soat oldin

    the CAT ONE

  91. BlackTigerAce

    BlackTigerAce15 soat oldin

    if viruses is not a living thing, then we humans also not a living thing?

  92. Un-Peteable

    Un-Peteable15 soat oldin

    Plot Twist: Donald Trump is actually a great guy and a good president. But he was deepfaked this whole time.

  93. lsynno

    lsynno15 soat oldin

    Some of these viral remnants are like season 1 anime villains that end up helping the heroes later on.

  94. joshmbrown42

    joshmbrown4215 soat oldin

    "...Fully grown fetus." "...Fully grown baby." Uhh... Hank? I think we need to have a talk, man.

  95. onafixedincome

    onafixedincome15 soat oldin

    Never really MET a cute, fluffy, bunny, have you, Hank? (37 years of scars here)......

  96. Aii iiA

    Aii iiA15 soat oldin

    I think I kinda get it now. This is super epic and cool! Good for the folks that got the glasses! 👏👏👏👏

  97. OverkillRabbit

    OverkillRabbit15 soat oldin

    ...supremacy? Really? You could've read some of the discourse that went around on STEM twitter, specifically by PoC, before using that term. Really misstepped with that one.

  98. Slappy

    Slappy15 soat oldin

    One thing we can be sure of is that Google will use it for evil.

  99. Paris Tsantis

    Paris Tsantis15 soat oldin

    So all of us have more virus ancestry than Warren has Native ancestry.

  100. Guilherme Hoffmann

    Guilherme Hoffmann15 soat oldin

    Wait. If Turing machines are capable of solving ANY mathematical problem doesn't that make any mathematical problem solvable, therefore contradicting the second incompletude theorem and making P=NP?