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  1. SoupPacket

    SoupPacket3 soat oldin

    Lol imagine your kid goes missing and leaves you to go date a girl in 1943

  2. blue trees

    blue trees3 soat oldin

    This movie is a piece of garbage total waste of time and money from you sit around and watch it and only see aliens makes circles with there hands to communicate nothing happened to the whole movie some ridiculous woman tries to justify how smart she is but nothing changes we don't get no technology we don't Better as a society she writes a book watches her daughter died her baby daddy leaves her at the end lame why would aliens need us when we are proven in this movie to be far more primitive and stupid when they are far more Superior and smarter? You can't ask a kangaroo to build you a spaceship I can watch District 9 again to see some aliens

  3. TheAmateurAsian

    TheAmateurAsian3 soat oldin


  4. novembertime

    novembertime3 soat oldin


  5. BerriesAndBooks

    BerriesAndBooks3 soat oldin

    Alright, I’m sure I’ve commented this before, but....: The whole movie. It’s the whole movie. Everything is wrong.

  6. Bogdan

    Bogdan3 soat oldin

    I think he didn't like the movie

  7. HazelReys

    HazelReys3 soat oldin

    The biggest sin is just learning that the story of Jack and Rose isn’t real. They’re fictional.

  8. Fury 2006

    Fury 20064 soat oldin

    Oh sweet Lordy I would be good at making these I like actually no I loveeee nitpicking

  9. Hazelwi 76

    Hazelwi 764 soat oldin

    Please do the rise of sky walker I have been waiting ages for it

  10. Abraham Jin

    Abraham Jin4 soat oldin

    Oooooooh new format I love it!

  11. Explosive FX

    Explosive FX4 soat oldin

    Go do 6 underground. It's a michael bay film. You'll love it.

  12. Mr.Man1 Hi

    Mr.Man1 Hi4 soat oldin

    Your just roasting the creators xD

  13. michael walker

    michael walker4 soat oldin

    People who think this is sexist or racist are obviously oversensitive and it's sad to see people take a good movie and manipulate it into something bad.

  14. Taco

    Taco4 soat oldin

    15:51? Thats just enough to get me started. Fucking hate Forrest Drump

  15. Bone_knapper

    Bone_knapper4 soat oldin

    4:33... Three? THREE?!?!

  16. Fury 2006

    Fury 20064 soat oldin

    16:21 I have had this movie for a long time and only NOW did I realize that the little girl was wearing a Soviet tanker hat wow I’m dumb

  17. asia

    asia4 soat oldin

    " - is he still talking? " 😂

  18. Michael Terrell II

    Michael Terrell II4 soat oldin

    The freak haven’t you done a video on Mulan this before?

  19. SB Draws

    SB Draws4 soat oldin

    “This hoarse is THICC with a capital DAMN” I actually died XD

  20. Elizabeth Charlton

    Elizabeth Charlton4 soat oldin

    I'm surprised you didn't sin for shang grabbing Mulan's shirt during the "make a man out of you" song. The entire movie would've ended had he just looked down

  21. Michael La

    Michael La4 soat oldin

    You mean literally everything

  22. uosdwiSrdewoH

    uosdwiSrdewoH4 soat oldin

    I think you've lost your way Cinemasins. Too many of these sins don't take the rest of the film into account or are just you not liking something. Every MJ sin was exactly the same thing but liking the macabre does not make somebody bad. Whatever happened to sinning overused tropes and cliches? I used to love this channel. I've watched some of your videos over and over. But you've wandered too far from your original idea. It often seems like you do what you blame the films of doing. You're padding your runtime with the sins that are more your preference for the direction the movie should go or stretching the truth of the moment being sinned. Maybe the videos should go back to a shorter runtime. Hone those sins till they're razor sharp. I don't want to stop watching but I'm finding myself less inclined when I'm notified your next video is available. I'm a huge fan. I say this because I care.

  23. ExotiCxWhiteKiD

    ExotiCxWhiteKiD4 soat oldin

    how to make the ebay auction scene better: have the arcade owner be the one bidding on it and ralph ruins it unknowingly

  24. CrazyComedyKid

    CrazyComedyKid4 soat oldin

    You forgot one: Honeylemon, Gogo, Wasabi, but Fred and Tadashi don't have nicknames.

  25. Zeus__108

    Zeus__1084 soat oldin

    This did not have enough sins removed. Should have resulted in 0 like the trolls movie. My childhood feels attacked and I acuse you of doing this for the shock value and that's a sin *ding*.

  26. Randolph Vance

    Randolph Vance4 soat oldin

    I officially stopped at 29 sins. Once it's made apparent that she doesn't remember being on the phone with the guy who blew up. Unless the writer was trying to sneak in some reference to amnesia? But wouldn't the movie have tried to have her recall tha-- AH WHO THE FUCK CARES!

  27. RapidRefire

    RapidRefire4 soat oldin

    Fury fires a missile at an America to stop him from firing a missile at an American 😂

  28. HintofPink

    HintofPink4 soat oldin

    Has a cinemasin review actually gotten this many dislikes in a video before?

  29. DigiDestined13

    DigiDestined134 soat oldin

    Refrain from political jokes unless they directly refer to the plot of a movie. Otherwise, you're just gonna piss off half your audience. You know, more than this channel already does because Jeremy already admits he's an asshole.

  30. Chase Wages

    Chase Wages4 soat oldin

    You missed the biggest fucking sin. The Go they played was TERRIBLE.

  31. Lauren Harrell

    Lauren Harrell4 soat oldin

    I would've added a sin for the fact that General Shang comes to ask for Mulan's hand in marriage after knowing her true identity for less than an hour.

  32. Shaded Way

    Shaded Way4 soat oldin


  33. fr_ostyyy

    fr_ostyyy4 soat oldin

    You don’t need a spell to dry clothes, Can’t you just create a flame and put the clothes away from the flame to prevent them from burning

  34. Golden Silva

    Golden Silva4 soat oldin

    I'm upset he didnt mention that the first gay guy in the mcu was in this movie

  35. Adam Kerridge

    Adam Kerridge4 soat oldin

    This movie will always be crap because it is but many of the nonsensical bits do make sense to all the super fans of assassins creed but doesnt explain a single thing to the people who doesn't play the games.

  36. Fury 2006

    Fury 20064 soat oldin

    6:41 what has this world come to can’t we just go extinct already?

  37. TCamiloN64

    TCamiloN644 soat oldin

    3:06 are you Jesus

  38. Ellie wolf

    Ellie wolf4 soat oldin

    2:40 Yeah u right Chicago did ruin pizza I know cuz I live in Chicago

  39. Quinn Marlett

    Quinn Marlett4 soat oldin

    How are you gonna call anything in this movie sexist, it's based of pirates who didnt care about anyone but themselves

  40. CrazyComedyKid

    CrazyComedyKid4 soat oldin

    "24 seconds of Lego logos. 24 seconds of Legos?" If you're gonna sin 24 seconds of Legos, feel free to sin 6060 seconds of Legos, approximately.

  41. Mini crzysweetness

    Mini crzysweetness4 soat oldin

    I think I just found out how the girl with the red hair died. I watched this a while ago, and didn't know how, but this time I saw how. There was a bottle of bleach next to her and the cap was off, hmmmm..

  42. Mia Fraser

    Mia Fraser4 soat oldin

    I can list many better ways to spend detention and I've never been in a f***ing detention!!!!!!

  43. autumn evans

    autumn evans4 soat oldin

    am i the only one who wants him to review Jojo rabbit

  44. Joshua Young

    Joshua Young4 soat oldin


  45. Janeen Stalnaker

    Janeen Stalnaker4 soat oldin

    **SNIFFFS VERY HARD** I smell...some Good Smelling Flowers Actually not Evil and Bad ones.

  46. First Last

    First Last4 soat oldin

    6:43 ...brakes. Planes have both parking brakes and regular brakes that you apply using your feet

  47. Joel Louzy

    Joel Louzy4 soat oldin

    I love licking frogs with poison skin and trip’n my balls off.

  48. Sarfnic Productions

    Sarfnic Productions4 soat oldin

    3:26 you dun fucked with "ted"

  49. I'm THAT Gay

    I'm THAT Gay4 soat oldin

    This movie could havd been so much better if Nani actually could parent well and was just unemployed

  50. Stary Man

    Stary Man4 soat oldin

    Go on Netflix and watch the platform horror film that movie will make you just sit till and think about wtf you just saw

  51. 28 StAB woUnDS???

    28 StAB woUnDS???4 soat oldin

    How df does a nascar car even have the chance to keep up with an f1 car in this movie like its pure bullshit

  52. The Green Bastard

    The Green Bastard4 soat oldin

    Im giving you a sin for thinking Sweet Home Alabama is by Kid Rock!!!!

  53. Deviant

    Deviant4 soat oldin

    "Let me tell you about my day" "no!" Me everyday in response to any human interaction.

  54. DeMonDog68

    DeMonDog684 soat oldin

    I feel like the only time they wouldn't sin an intro is if there just was none... Also, pretty weak sin when you point out something that was intentionally Mushu saying "my elbow" when the dragon head fell on obviously his whole body should hurt...thats the point of the line

  55. Isaac Arroyo

    Isaac Arroyo4 soat oldin

    Forest gump was 🔥 this man is crazy

  56. Steven Lenz

    Steven Lenz5 soat oldin

    Shrek is love... Shrek is life...

  57. Viúvo da SEGA

    Viúvo da SEGA5 soat oldin

    Don't you brush your teeth before breakfast? Ewww

  58. The Final Gamer

    The Final Gamer5 soat oldin

    Add 1 Sin to CinemaSins for this video existance


    MISTER PADILLA5 soat oldin

    Unlimited resources; uses google.

  60. Katherine Boudreaux

    Katherine Boudreaux5 soat oldin

    Actually, in reference to how she hid her cycle: TL,DR: High-stress environments cause a woman's menstrual cycle to stop or reduce to occasional spotting throughout the month rather than actual flow. Being under sudden, physical stress (such as going through military training for the first time) has a drastic effect on a woman's menstrual cycle. As a healthy woman going through Army basic training in 2012, my cycle became so light that I actually didn't really have one for two months and barely had one for a few after. Mulan could very logically not have had one during her training because she went from an average, sedentary lifestyle expected of a "lady" in a middle class household to the life of a male soldier in feudal times. With a much more meager diet in feudal China than we enjoy here in the modern States, I think Mulan probably went without a period throughout her time training in the Chinese army.

  61. Kusa

    Kusa5 soat oldin

    im so mad he didnt take a sin off for the ending scene where mulan's father threw the sword aside, hugged her and said the single best line in the movie

  62. The Lone Power Ranger

    The Lone Power Ranger5 soat oldin

    I don’t think you know what racist means what you think it means you completely over use it

  63. Lexie Gleason

    Lexie Gleason5 soat oldin

    Hate the intro. Sin for that intro 🗣

  64. Jordan Mayhew

    Jordan Mayhew5 soat oldin

    10:55 he shot a zombie leaping at him in the beginning of the movie so that's a false claim

  65. Pokemon Master

    Pokemon Master5 soat oldin

    The man powered carts were actually not there to be funny. That was that eras taxi in many eastern cultures.

  66. Patriotic Justice

    Patriotic Justice5 soat oldin

    "That's sexist. That's sexist." It's China, what did you expect? Wait until they move forward into the Pol Pot or Mao Zedong era.

  67. Jacob Wolff

    Jacob Wolff5 soat oldin

    How fucking dare you say the doors sucked

  68. Mini crzysweetness

    Mini crzysweetness5 soat oldin

    1:42 ...I didn't know what to say 🤣

  69. realannoying toxickid

    realannoying toxickid5 soat oldin

    Forest sounds like he died to a boss to many times and his brain melted

  70. Sao Sword Art Online

    Sao Sword Art Online5 soat oldin

    Scar got his scar when a snake attacked him and Mufasa nicknamed him Scar

  71. Emily An

    Emily An5 soat oldin

    Hopefully the actress who plays Marta in this movie, Ana de Armas watches this CinemaSins because they are absolutely right she does deserve an Oscar Nomination.

  72. K-onna

    K-onna5 soat oldin

    MISSED: Opening scene where the bus driver falls dead when the Joker shoots him, but then when the Joker grabs the money and hops into the back of the bus, the body is missing...

  73. Alvin Liew

    Alvin Liew5 soat oldin

    I really liked this movie though. Well I guess you made the video just for fun.

  74. SuperWilliam64

    SuperWilliam645 soat oldin

    I like the new intro.

  75. Fanny Blade dancer

    Fanny Blade dancer5 soat oldin

    Everything wrong with coronavirus

  76. Sarah love yourself

    Sarah love yourself5 soat oldin

    Wait it always saids or less so basically what if none of them are wrong Edit: this is every badly explained

  77. Xavier Rodriguez

    Xavier Rodriguez5 soat oldin

    you should do Avatar, but with a full length vide

  78. 100 Subs with no videos?

    100 Subs with no videos?5 soat oldin

    The only sins I can think of is when Stich was in that glass container in the beginning when he slammed into the glass it almost fell over so if he charged into it hard enough he could break free. And they thought Stich was dead but put him in the cage with the other dogs

  79. DorkPrincess987

    DorkPrincess9875 soat oldin

    Horses represent water because they are the sacred animal of the Greek god Poseidon, god of the sea.

  80. Joonie

    Joonie5 soat oldin

    “BUT DID YOU HEAR WHAT SHE SAID?!” *adds 10 sins*

  81. Mcnerd 213

    Mcnerd 2135 soat oldin

    Do you have a grudge against myst? Myst is a great game

  82. Tripp Clarke

    Tripp Clarke5 soat oldin

    This is my favorite X-men movie just because of the Wolverine scene.

  83. Chase Brostek

    Chase Brostek5 soat oldin

    Everything Wrong With *PULP FICTION* SPOILERS! (Duh) *video ends*

  84. Jbrad25

    Jbrad255 soat oldin

    I always wondered why they didn’t do cats three. Then I realized it’s because it would be thirty seconds long where all he says is “it’s taledega nights” then the video ends

  85. beto aguilar

    beto aguilar5 soat oldin

    14:00 isnt batman's mind trained for brainwashing ?? Sure I'll work but for awhile he will come to his senses and help out the teen titans but on this one he's weak the real batman would of helped and take them to the bat cave to figure out how to stop death stroke

  86. Rocco Hicks

    Rocco Hicks5 soat oldin

    FINALLY! Favorite movie of all time

  87. Roblox Ragee

    Roblox Ragee5 soat oldin

    Everytime your movie sin timer hits numbers like 10 or 20 its a tiny bit delayed

  88. Rich A

    Rich A5 soat oldin

    That's graysist. 😂

  89. Rts

    Rts5 soat oldin

    Well I thought I was prepared fir the inevitable “this is sexist!” And “that is sexist!” But I wasn’ know, the word ceases to mean anything if you just apply it to anything, or is that the subversive point?

  90. Cotton• Bear

    Cotton• Bear5 soat oldin

    Trolls are drugs!

  91. Snappy

    Snappy5 soat oldin

    the cassette tape thing is a running gag

  92. Jared Gullage

    Jared Gullage5 soat oldin

    Whew. The Birdman cometh on this one. Virtue signaling, random sinning things that have nothing to do with a flaw in the movie, virtue signaling. This is one of the few of your videos that really deserves whatever the Birdman does with it. Normally I do like your stuff, but he's gonna rip it.

  93. Matthew Burkhardt

    Matthew Burkhardt5 soat oldin

    Or if you like a fake Mary Jane who was ripped off to a black girl instead of a hot red head

  94. Renae

    Renae5 soat oldin

    0:39 The horse represents water because Poseidon, the god of water, is also the god of horses

  95. Kenneth Stoddard

    Kenneth Stoddard5 soat oldin

    Sin 53 removal this laugh

  96. izzyGO52

    izzyGO525 soat oldin

    Man this is such a good film, will always be one of my fave disney films 😊 alongside Hercules and (more recently) Tangled (really good even though it's from the newer generation)

  97. who up

    who up5 soat oldin

    at around 3:00 you sin the movie for Annie letting Charlie go to the high school party, but Peter lies and says it's a school bbq, which makes sense for Annie to want Charlie to go to

  98. Kenya Mills

    Kenya Mills5 soat oldin

    you always complain about logoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos

  99. Mohd Nazri

    Mohd Nazri5 soat oldin

    7 years already????

  100. I'm THAT Gay

    I'm THAT Gay5 soat oldin

    The scene with a girl worth fighting for is a great message though. The men are originally singing about finding a romantic partner, but soon discover another girl worth fighting for. A young child, killed by the Huns.