Moriah Elizabeth
Moriah Elizabeth
Moriah Elizabeth

Hey it's ME (Moriah Elizabeth).
What editing program do you use? Adobe Premiere Pro CC
What camera do you film with? Panasonic GH4
What ethnicity are you? My mom is white, my dad is peruvian/italian
How old are you? 25
Did you make Create This Book? Yes! I wrote it, illustrated it and published it myself. It is sold on

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  1. eslam eldamaty

    eslam eldamaty18 soat oldin

    moriah; this looks like a monster... me; this is the the most amazing art i have ever seen

  2. Emma Mosbrucker

    Emma Mosbrucker18 soat oldin

    My trick was to need all the same color of clay together and i didn't stick

  3. Stefan Granitzer

    Stefan Granitzer18 soat oldin


  4. Monika Wyszynska

    Monika Wyszynska18 soat oldin

    i got to the end

  5. Kamile Bor

    Kamile Bor18 soat oldin

    Does eany one join me does the second squishy ears look like a hand

  6. D I Y G A M E R

    D I Y G A M E R18 soat oldin

    2020??? Did anyone see squishy ghost at 10:50

  7. Amolika kaushik

    Amolika kaushik18 soat oldin

    She is definitely akward when she talks to her husband on camera ..... So cute 😊😊😊😊

  8. Manish Patel

    Manish Patel18 soat oldin

    So many tan colours!!!!!!!!🙂

  9. John Carden

    John Carden18 soat oldin

    I love these videos all of em

  10. laura• lava•death

    laura• lava•death18 soat oldin

    I LOVE just ameerahs videos

  11. Gacha Lover

    Gacha Lover18 soat oldin

    Moriah dont beat yourself up i really could not do better

  12. Lillian Mclean

    Lillian Mclean18 soat oldin

    did you change ur desk

  13. Pushparani Mahakrishnamoorthy

    Pushparani Mahakrishnamoorthy18 soat oldin

    You know the tools you used my dad has that

  14. Barirah Qureshi

    Barirah Qureshi18 soat oldin

    I’m probably late but PUSHEEEN

  15. Melody J

    Melody J18 soat oldin

    I can play the piano 🎹

  16. Elisha England

    Elisha England18 soat oldin

    Not even 😑

  17. Moo Moo

    Moo Moo18 soat oldin

    you wonder why you trigger people,you don't follow the damn recipes :l

  18. Moma Lora

    Moma Lora18 soat oldin

    Who thinks she should come out with her own art supplies named for what she says like puppy paint

  19. Melody J

    Melody J18 soat oldin

    Dad:get of your i pad Me:buttt I watching a amazing video Dad : your grounded What why? Dad: don’t answer back Me : what

  20. Troy Gunter

    Troy Gunter18 soat oldin

    1:58 thank you for that XD

  21. sketch animator

    sketch animator18 soat oldin

    no more coffie for you Moriah Elizabeth!!

  22. Mariela Lano

    Mariela Lano18 soat oldin

    Who is her husband? Jordan?

  23. Zaynah Aziz

    Zaynah Aziz19 soat oldin

    My squishy was the cute small mango 🥭

  24. Melody J

    Melody J19 soat oldin

    Did you see when she lifted the rainbow 🌈 squishy there was writing ✍️

  25. Rhian Williams

    Rhian Williams19 soat oldin

    Can you paint the two bunnies in the egg plz

  26. Celina Zymula

    Celina Zymula19 soat oldin

    10:37 I thought it was an add LMAO 😂😂😂



    like to make heart other coluor

  28. Traci Creamer

    Traci Creamer19 soat oldin

    I'm not great at baking either. I like to do it but why try when I could just lay down and watch you

  29. Mollie Witsman

    Mollie Witsman19 soat oldin

    I love LOLs I have about 52 of them there are amazing

  30. Monika Wyszynska

    Monika Wyszynska19 soat oldin

    hi Moriah i love rainbows

  31. dollie loves

    dollie loves19 soat oldin

    I love your videos !

  32. Ella Blunt

    Ella Blunt19 soat oldin

    Are you going to be continuing with the squishy makeover episodes? hope so!

  33. Miranda Lewellen

    Miranda Lewellen19 soat oldin

    Bless you

  34. Nasiha Imamovic

    Nasiha Imamovic19 soat oldin

    well my GAAAAAAAAAWWWWWDDDDDDD this is western

  35. Evee mack

    Evee mack19 soat oldin

    i think the eys look cute

  36. Genevieve Shenk

    Genevieve Shenk19 soat oldin

    I can't find the video for the under the sea cake

  37. fizzybabe22

    fizzybabe2219 soat oldin

    Georgie plushie!!!!!! 😍

  38. Delet Dis

    Delet Dis19 soat oldin

    my friend: I made a squishy Me: omg I love it! It’s adorable :) My friend: thanks! I used kareneatspoobums tutorial for my squishy. What tutorial did U use? Me: *its complicated*

  39. - glitch -

    - glitch -19 soat oldin

    "oh my gosh, it's so wEt down there!" i canNOT-

  40. Zaynah Aziz

    Zaynah Aziz19 soat oldin


  41. Femi Star

    Femi Star19 soat oldin

    That bottom cakes frosting is amazing though

  42. Delet Dis

    Delet Dis19 soat oldin

    WARNUNG!!!!! Jumpscare at 4:57

  43. Rainboweegee

    Rainboweegee19 soat oldin

    MY Awkward Juice Burgur

  44. Aiden smolBean

    Aiden smolBean19 soat oldin

    you should make a cocktail with that tiny orange and with more oranges so it could be a orange cocktail!

  45. ananya

    ananya19 soat oldin

    I love Georgie tooooooo

  46. Jalenn Williams

    Jalenn Williams19 soat oldin

    ive beem broke unable to buy one plz open it for one more time

  47. Slimervibes_ 1313

    Slimervibes_ 131319 soat oldin

    2020 anyone no?

  48. NoRainNoFlowers

    NoRainNoFlowers19 soat oldin

    Me 30 seconds into the video: “heh same I’m sick too.” *spots pickle* •.• when will she mention pickle because she bought a pickle kit. I need to see pickle. Me at 3:54 : WAIT A MINUTE ..... AM I WATCHING PICKLE’S BIRTHDAY VIDEOOOOO?!?!?!?!

  49. Miku-Chan

    Miku-Chan19 soat oldin

    im watching this in 2020 anyone with me? and when moriah said opie *i thought of her cat* but its also her rainbow bear

  50. BaileeAnn Bumpus

    BaileeAnn Bumpus19 soat oldin

    what is your po box

  51. Kawii Family

    Kawii Family19 soat oldin


  52. Tiffany Smith

    Tiffany Smith19 soat oldin

    4:21 is beautiful, but it's giving me vibes of the fires in Australia ☹️ Pray for the animals! 💗

  53. itz_ night- chan

    itz_ night- chan19 soat oldin

    What... and i thought you were doing theese in the morning but you were just using lamps 😩

  54. 1920 P6G1 24 WONG HIU YING

    1920 P6G1 24 WONG HIU YING20 soat oldin

    I don’t know why, but I feel like she is flexing with her nails 😂

  55. Cadenza Lune

    Cadenza Lune20 soat oldin

    Just saying for next time the chocolate layer was supposed to be chocolate ganache

  56. Evelyn Hart

    Evelyn Hart20 soat oldin

    You should have just glued the cake together

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    Glitchey グリッチ20 soat oldin

    *Puts in the mikrowave* I Almost burned down the house! :D it set on fire. I'll use an oven next time.

  58. itz_ night- chan

    itz_ night- chan20 soat oldin


  59. Evelyn Hart

    Evelyn Hart20 soat oldin

    Why don’t you just get a sifter?

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    Andrew Lovell20 soat oldin

    I have seen lily pads in the ocean so... Your good

  61. emmi_yall

    emmi_yall20 soat oldin

    Judging the people-squishies: Number 1: Judges: Beautiful! Me: ?????

  62. Günçe Yeni

    Günçe Yeni20 soat oldin

    Is it 2020 yet? ;)

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    stari studio20 soat oldin

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    sweet& sour_gacha20 soat oldin

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    Günçe Yeni20 soat oldin

    Please make milk cartttons next! sHoKolEd

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    Amy Wright20 soat oldin

    Why did I like the rainbow cace the most when it was what Moriah called busy

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    Reem’s World20 soat oldin

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    Emily Miller20 soat oldin

    Do the cats, the seal sushi & the dragon please!

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    Hay_ Jiminnamon roll20 soat oldin

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  71. Prishika Chopra

    Prishika Chopra20 soat oldin

    2020 anyone?

  72. Ashley Gunn

    Ashley Gunn20 soat oldin

    lol 2 many numbers. I love how you edit your videos .You are so funny. Its like break ups.Its what is on the inside that counts. lol it said in the inside um Moriah Elizabeth . When can u get posca ur cover looks fantastic. self-adhesive paper would work better to cover your book . If u use a ruler their are less bubbles . Travailing rainbow btw please can i have a shout out .melt the crayons to create drips or paint it might take a very long time to dry .oh wait u said it.I hate crayons btw im 12. Turning 13 July 11. crowns lol i say seefty belt instead of safety belt You should do a replying to comments vid and btw pls try melt crayons again.The yellow is very similar btw ur so amazing . No rainbow neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol. I want ur merch and crate this book do u record all ur art?

  73. Gabriela Ortiz

    Gabriela Ortiz20 soat oldin

    You can use carbon paper, less messy than charcoal foe transfers... I love your videos and personality. Keep making them.

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    Waffles Gaming20 soat oldin

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    Marva Williams20 soat oldin

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    •Lunar Charm•20 soat oldin

    1:48 Starting of Opening and Starting of Painting xd

  80. Shreeya Kulshreshtha

    Shreeya Kulshreshtha20 soat oldin

    Hey you, yes, i'm talking to you, UZgo comments reader. I know that sometimes (or often) our days don't go well, we feel sad, lonely, angry, whatever makes you feel bad... have a cup of your favorite beverage, sit in yor favorite place, feel that smooth beat for all the time you want. Maybe it won't fix something (or maybe it will), but I hope you'll enjoy it. Keep chasing your dreams, you're not alone, we're in the same world, and if we don't have the same problems, we feel the same. I'll recommend you a bucket list that you should do: -Say something good to a friend. -Call that guy/girl you like, -Go buy something pretty nice for you, you deserve it -Go outside and meet new people, make new friends. -Do something new, learn it, makes time slower. (kind of strange, makes time go faster but years slower) AND Write something nice to someone in the comments, make them feel better too, they need it. One last thing I want to say: I love you dude, no matters who you are, where you are, what you did. I hope this comment made you feel better. I wish you a good day! and I'll see you in the next comments of the next music video.

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    Ora Von Sirena20 soat oldin

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    Nyxiia20 soat oldin

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    Aisha Productionsss20 soat oldin

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    RiTheJammyBrit21 soat oldin

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    Clara Leah Toy Reviews21 soat oldin

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