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Alex Meyers

I make cartoons and sometimes video essays about movies and TV Shows mostly, but sometimes I tell stories about my weird life.
My dog Charlie is the cutest dog in the world, fyi.
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  1. VJ Phillips

    VJ PhillipsKun oldin

    Mia Smoak-Queen?

  2. Bob Bob

    Bob BobKun oldin

    Aww I’m a little disappointed because you won’t be doing some of my fav shows, but your explanation totally makes sense and I hope you continue doing stuff you enjoy and that fits your format :D

  3. Samuel Yocum

    Samuel YocumKun oldin

    Hey, have you considered doing a video on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist? I feel like it would be great as one of your videos

  4. Raghav Sheshadri

    Raghav SheshadriKun oldin

    But, didn't you make a video about them right now.... CHECKMATE

  5. Nikki Bayles

    Nikki BaylesKun oldin

    I don't think you could do this for shows like the office or brooklyn 99, but I think a fun commentary video would look at certain shows and explaining why they're not funny or why jokes arent working the way the writers might have wanted them to?

  6. Em and Em

    Em and EmKun oldin

    ok, but can u watch i am not okay with this? u da best btw

  7. Ashleigh Theresa

    Ashleigh TheresaKun oldin

    Any chance you'll do Timeless?

  8. David Flynn

    David FlynnKun oldin

    Can you do dance moms

  9. Olivia Brits

    Olivia BritsKun oldin

    Do Beauty and the beast❤️❤️🙏🏼

  10. Axel Monteiro

    Axel MonteiroKun oldin

    Oops! I got pregnant

  11. LuvZixi

    LuvZixiKun oldin

    So what I’m hearing issss...Sharpays fabulous adventure is still on the table? 😂😂

  12. The Object Times

    The Object TimesKun oldin

    But you just did.

  13. Deserie vaux

    Deserie vauxKun oldin


  14. Körmendy Mátyás

    Körmendy MátyásKun oldin

    i just hate how everyone doesn't realize they are much worse than any group of people they had to encounter up until that point

  15. Ashlynn Zibby

    Ashlynn ZibbyKun oldin

    Please don’t react to cartoons. I think you’re right- part of the humor and charm of your videos are that it goes from live action to your animations!

  16. Jessica jones

    Jessica jonesKun oldin

    We appreciate u bub!

  17. Eliza Shabiu

    Eliza ShabiuKun oldin

    Your voice isn't annoying, I like listening to it

  18. Reni Wyant

    Reni WyantKun oldin

    You should do a video on agents of shield

  19. CeCe S.

    CeCe S.Kun oldin

    Awww man I would love to see you do Elite haha. If you ever watch it for a fun show and a good laugh - the dub is more hysterical!!!

  20. Gun

    GunKun oldin

    fuckin retard

  21. u wish

    u wishKun oldin

    Uhhh you could react to 'the end of the f***ing world'

  22. Kiwi Stiles

    Kiwi StilesKun oldin

    I'm ready to hit you if you diss my fav show.

  23. Zileenah

    ZileenahKun oldin

    Okay but that doesn't explain why you haven't done Merlin (BBC)

  24. Papi Shai

    Papi ShaiKun oldin

    Do the40 year old virgin or anchorman

  25. ASCrazyCatLady

    ASCrazyCatLadyKun oldin

    The only thing I remember about this movie is that I was eating a super salty pretzel watching it.

  26. James plays games

    James plays gamesKun oldin

    can you do a video about creeped out

  27. G-Rated

    G-RatedKun oldin

    Very well said and easy to follow

  28. TheTardisDreamer

    TheTardisDreamerKun oldin

    You put Australia in with UK culture 😖 I'll forgive you though if you review more Australian shows! Blue Water High (surf school teen drama, Australian classic) Silversun (really corny kids space soap opera. Also features a beach but it's a fake beach and they just hold a surfboard doing nothing. Also features hilariously horrendous acting and haircuts) Round the Twist (okay, so this is cheating because it's a comedy, but it's very different to American stuff... I mean one of the guys literally gets pregnant from a tree and gives birth to a troll doll. I am not making it up) Kath and Kim (okay now I'm just trolling... but if you think Australian culture is UK culture you ain't seen nothing) Jeopardy (so this is a BBC/ABC (Australian channel) joint show... A bunch of Scottish kids go to Australia to see UFOs and get lost in the bush and all this absolutely crazy stuff sci-fi stuff goes down. It won awards. It is like the Blaire Witch Project for kids. It has some insanely creepy dark themes for a kids show.) Other shows: the 100!!!!!!!! Why?!?!?!? Why did you stop?! It is the perfect show for your segment! And you only watched the first few episodes which are just bad. Not even good bad. THE POTENTIAL. It has a wild plot (which is admittedly really great at times). Enough annoying teen drama to stop it being a real drama. It hurts you stopped before it even gets to it's prime

  29. Carl Rood

    Carl RoodKun oldin

    You reminded me of another internet reviewer who long ago put out a list of things he'd never review. He's since pretty much done everything on the list since. The main reason is Patreon. He has levels where people can get something they want reviewed. On the whole, I agree with your take. A lot of times the reviews don't really fit the style and theme of the channel and he often has to admit he doesn't know enough about the culture to comment. There's also the problem when the subject matter is actually quite good and there isn't much to make fun of. It just becomes a standard review.

  30. burdenedwithgloriouspurpose

    burdenedwithgloriouspurposeKun oldin

    What about Hannah Montana? Will you ever do that?

  31. Camila Isabel Oviedo M.

    Camila Isabel Oviedo M.Kun oldin

    Do zombies 2

  32. Ashley Guzman

    Ashley GuzmanKun oldin

    Alex I love you ❤️❤️

  33. Eduardo G.Baptista

    Eduardo G.BaptistaKun oldin

    Please do more house of Anubis, it was so funny to watch your video

  34. Ashtar Sheran

    Ashtar SheranKun oldin

    You're absurd on purpose.

  35. Wyatt Enge

    Wyatt EngeKun oldin

    Do the show legacies

  36. Hannah Pare

    Hannah PareKun oldin

    you should do "On My Block"

  37. Lachium Goldenberg

    Lachium GoldenbergKun oldin


  38. Sanaa Vee

    Sanaa VeeKun oldin

    And another reason you don't do B99 is because if you say something bad about it.... *we won't spare you* Honestly, love your videos though.

  39. Leola 4 Life

    Leola 4 LifeKun oldin

    Could you do Dynasty or is the show too dramatic to were reacting to it would be ya know...dumb ???

  40. Eduardo G.Baptista

    Eduardo G.BaptistaKun oldin

    Please continua watching, it will blow your mind, it only gets better from here

  41. Brayden Jackson

    Brayden JacksonKun oldin

    Why does everyone like you use it's the dumb UZgor who makes fun of shows

  42. Olive Montgomery

    Olive MontgomeryKun oldin

    Can you do things like full or fuller house thanks

  43. Jessica Witt

    Jessica WittKun oldin

    Alex should do cartoons but instead of his animated commentary he should do it live action. Him dressed up as the characters in cheap cosplay 😂

  44. plutolou

    plutolouKun oldin

    so you’re saying we don’t get to experience anne and gilbert’s happily ever after? unacceptable

  45. D C

    D CKun oldin

    I’d just be happy if you did more grown up shows. Love the videos though! I just can’t stand the shows you highlight.

  46. O w O

    O w OKun oldin

    Plz react to 5 feet apart plzz!!!!!

  47. Nano Monkey 5

    Nano Monkey 5Kun oldin

    you wouldn't expect him to have a good singing voice but then he makes this video

  48. Justine Mercado

    Justine MercadoKun oldin

    I cracked up when he said "steals pewdiepie away"

  49. Marissa Bones

    Marissa BonesKun oldin

    I agree

  50. HALAM899 Live

    HALAM899 LiveKun oldin

    Can you do a video about a show called Cobra Kai as it's a fantastic show.

  51. ayy Heloo

    ayy HelooKun oldin

    Dooo big mouth it's so cringe

  52. noa gal

    noa galKun oldin

    like that is my favorite show Rn and every single video of yours says about every fucking series (except Jane the virgin) that is fucked up / dumb every video you said that every series is dumb i never see a video that you don"t say something good sorry for you but gossip girl is still my favorite show no matter what...

  53. MPDoughnut sl

    MPDoughnut slKun oldin


  54. MPDoughnut sl

    MPDoughnut slKun oldin

    On my block season 3

  55. Pon Obsiana

    Pon ObsianaKun oldin

    You are not my 12 favorite UZgor. You're my 14th favorite UZgor. ✌️

  56. Lisa Bateman

    Lisa BatemanKun oldin

    KJ Apa is too good for Riverdale :(

  57. deborah morrissey

    deborah morrisseyKun oldin

    Alex, can you plz do greenhouse academy (it's on Netflix)

  58. Marshall Howard

    Marshall HowardKun oldin

    Can you do greenhouse academy

  59. Pon Obsiana

    Pon ObsianaKun oldin

    Do Percy Jackson please!!!!

  60. Nefluf V

    Nefluf VKun oldin

    When he first said rantsona I read it at ratsona and I was like wow that’s pretty harsh

  61. Miraculous Lolirock

    Miraculous LolirockKun oldin

    I know and I UNDERSTAND you're taking a break. You really deserve that! But I might have a few english Show that might be something for you after your break. "Reign" "Scandal" "How to get away with murder." Hope you're fine Alex!

  62. DayDreamOwl

    DayDreamOwlKun oldin

    Totally understand your reasoning, looking forward to the next ones!

  63. Elias Lionheart

    Elias LionheartKun oldin

    video starts at 1:45

  64. Nixie

    NixieKun oldin

    when you are upset that you wont see him react the the ladybug one hahaha jkjk....unless.

  65. CJ

    CJKun oldin

    Lmao random seasons of Degrassi would be great. I say random because some are pretty dark lmao.

  66. Kelly Smith

    Kelly SmithKun oldin

    I love that you put this much thought into maintaining the quality of your content instead of just caving to all the requests like a lot of other creators probably would. All of your points make perfect sense and are things I wouldn’t have thought of. Probably why you’re so successful!

  67. Bella Ciabattoni

    Bella CiabattoniKun oldin

    it’s a good show but i think it’s overrated tbh

  68. Olympia Seawolf

    Olympia SeawolfKun oldin

    The series is very dumb but the books are so great, the film from shadow hunters is thousand times better than the series. But in the series Alec is hooter than in the film.

  69. KatarinaKočevar

    KatarinaKočevarKun oldin

    In one word: BORING

  70. ivana gabrić

    ivana gabrićKun oldin

    Do friends

  71. Just Chopsticks

    Just ChopsticksKun oldin

    can you do on my block s3 plzzzzzz

  72. Oliver's Voice

    Oliver's VoiceKun oldin

    I remember seeing trailers for this back in 2011 and, seeing clips of it here, the show comes off more like a Drama from CBBC rather than a Nickelodeon show. Maybe it's because I grew up more on the Nick-Sitcoms than their Dramas but that's just my observation. Plus, having actors that was in The Sarah Jane Adventures only adds to the CBBC vibe.

  73. Alissia Graham

    Alissia GrahamKun oldin

    We are poor...

  74. Ja 123

    Ja 123Kun oldin

    Make a BEING EVE video (its a teen tv show about geeky girl from New Zealand )

  75. Cove Adventures

    Cove AdventuresKun oldin

    Do All American it’s right up ur ally

  76. Kate Boyd

    Kate BoydKun oldin

    I love glee, it’s my favorite show. I have watched it like 5 times.

  77. Barracuda

    BarracudaKun oldin

    I seriously don't understand why no one is talking about Reginald? God that guy was a fucking piece of garbage. Hated him more than anyone!!!

  78. MysteryBounty

    MysteryBountyKun oldin

    Not to sound like a bot but I already own Raycons and he isnt lying they are great earbuds. I work with them all the time they never fall out and I can ignore my coworkers