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12 kun oldin

THIS is a power supply??
How bad is this $20 SSD??
We tried Android 11.
The ALL-METAL Keyboard
"Artificial Humans"
  1. Rob The Picture Guy

    Rob The Picture Guy7 soat oldin

    Converted to Canadian at $398. Um. Wow. I can happily bodge together a more sturdy handheld device for less, without the bs. I think we are all enough familiar with the pi to understand how much markup bs this product has undergone. Boutique iterations of pi based devices is so much for the wannabe retro sock-headed hipsters, it's just mock-worthy.

  2. daniel johnson

    daniel johnson7 soat oldin

    "warn you theres no audio" there is and RIP headphone users

  3. ok good

    ok good7 soat oldin

    If it was small it would be perfect for hackers

  4. Anuhlog

    Anuhlog7 soat oldin

    Good, thank you UZgo. Ur community deserves it they are very unthankful

  5. Brett Cook

    Brett Cook7 soat oldin

    I have a $17 gpu

  6. Playingwith3D

    Playingwith3D7 soat oldin

    I'm in Canada I noticed the default quality drop about 3-4 days ago

  7. Tristen Hood

    Tristen Hood7 soat oldin

    "console gamers, welcome to 2010, it's awesome, you're gonna love it" LMAO

  8. Michael Lefebvre

    Michael Lefebvre7 soat oldin


  9. A V

    A V7 soat oldin


  10. Luiz Gustavo Diniz

    Luiz Gustavo Diniz7 soat oldin

    what brand of this pump ?

  11. Isaac Hazelbush

    Isaac Hazelbush7 soat oldin

    Does shroud look like completely different in this vid to anyone else?

  12. Mergatroid

    Mergatroid7 soat oldin

    UZgo defaulted to 360p on this stream on my gigabit internet. It's showing the 720p option but not letting me go above 480p. Normally I have no problem streaming 4K content on here.

  13. Grant Preece

    Grant Preece7 soat oldin

    Luke is keeping safe with all that ultraviolet light!!!

  14. The Daily Routine

    The Daily Routine7 soat oldin

    I love your podcast !

  15. OBK

    OBK7 soat oldin

    It’s not doing it on UZgo it’s self but on UZgo TV it is for me

  16. Obi Wan Cannabi

    Obi Wan Cannabi7 soat oldin

    can you make a wireless stun gun with it? point and click lol

  17. Hamad Almogbl

    Hamad Almogbl7 soat oldin

    why 1.1k dislike ? this so great to watch thank you

  18. Michael Lefebvre

    Michael Lefebvre7 soat oldin


  19. UnityTrap

    UnityTrap7 soat oldin

    been using it for 3 weeks now

  20. Rafael Romagnoli

    Rafael Romagnoli7 soat oldin

    Linus don't know how to play the basics of Samurai Showdown... Disappointment.

  21. rlb986

    rlb9867 soat oldin

    Press "F" for doctor and nurses that are dying trying saving people from corona.

  22. aloprax

    aloprax7 soat oldin

    I feel like modding a new 2DS XL or new 3DS XL to run emulators would be a better idea, especially considering the new models have 4 shoulder buttons, better specs than the original and 2 analogue sticks

  23. Ran Wolf

    Ran Wolf7 soat oldin

    Linus: Is this like a casting couch situation? James: Even better. Linus(less than a minute later): My ass feels glorious right now...

  24. ITS EBAY

    ITS EBAY7 soat oldin

    Hey Linus I really enjoy ur channel but I always wanted a good running computer and love your channel 🤩

  25. hideNxd

    hideNxd7 soat oldin

    So basically if you have a lower viewer rate then say goodbye to the quality of all your videos, because they will all be double encoded with avc instead of vp9

  26. TrueBarlowed

    TrueBarlowed7 soat oldin

    I think it is actually 480p OR 720p30FPS as a default for youtube

  27. Gab

    Gab7 soat oldin


  28. Finnli Herrmann

    Finnli Herrmann7 soat oldin

    Season 2 ???

  29. Jonathan Beardy

    Jonathan Beardy7 soat oldin

    Man you have alot of nice computers, I've never owned a computer and probably never will😪 due to all my Bill's of keeping a family but hey I made that choice I guess but hey, if you ever sell one dirt cheap let me know plz😀

  30. Silva

    Silva7 soat oldin

    The collab I never thought I needed

  31. Blaine Trahan

    Blaine Trahan7 soat oldin

  32. Electric Sway

    Electric Sway7 soat oldin

    480p is not bad when most people watch UZgo on their phones.

  33. graybandit

    graybandit7 soat oldin

    "if i don't have my dongle, my life is over"

  34. Theo Higgins

    Theo Higgins7 soat oldin

    God I love the passage of time, I've just bought an equivalent GTX 1080 for £260, somewhere between half and a third the cost of that "ELSA" one. Thank god the mining crisis actually ended.

  35. thereason1010

    thereason10107 soat oldin

    This was such a fun video!

  36. faIRmODs

    faIRmODs7 soat oldin

    could you kiss his arse literally? Itd make most of us happy.

  37. Janik0000 Pilz

    Janik0000 Pilz7 soat oldin

    Why is this Video on ltt and not on csf

  38. Matt Freeman

    Matt Freeman7 soat oldin

    Dont lose the "dongle"!!!! Lmfao

  39. Wise Guy

    Wise Guy7 soat oldin

    They nerf all their UHD content by using their proprietary VP9 codec

  40. naomi3410

    naomi34107 soat oldin

    I would spend $0

  41. Brad Bradson

    Brad Bradson7 soat oldin

    I used discord for uni. It was awful. Discord has such a crappy user experience

  42. The Demon Lord

    The Demon Lord7 soat oldin

    5 ducking hundred! single core i just tested my i9 9900KF OCed to 5ghz, and it just barely got 509. like what the fuck... what demonic sacrifices did AMD pull out for this thing...

  43. Gbcue

    Gbcue7 soat oldin

    Luke looks so pale.

  44. Spl1ntMan

    Spl1ntMan7 soat oldin

    shouldnt be sitting for a small welding project?

  45. Ken Richner

    Ken Richner7 soat oldin

    Linus's setup reminds me of my trips to Lowe's and Home Depot when trying to solve a small project issue and they try to build a Frankenstein contraption that cost more than the entire project and the solution is a $5 item on the other side of the store!!!

  46. TheDrakenZ

    TheDrakenZ7 soat oldin

    youtube gargles loads since it was sold to google. they're an enterprise and nothing more. fuck them. they're the exact opposite of the people who established youtube to begin with.

  47. Joshua Cheng

    Joshua Cheng7 soat oldin

    How many more studio vids will we be seeing from LTT before the local government suspends “non-essential business”? Will Linus and crew be uploading unboxing, reviews, projects, & TechLinked from their homes?

  48. Tangent

    Tangent7 soat oldin

    Right... I bought my Switch Lite for $200. Even if I didn't have ANY games for it, just the free stuff and demos from the eShop, still better than this.

  49. Daniel Walsh

    Daniel Walsh7 soat oldin Nintendo world opening this summer at Universal Studios Japan.

  50. B4D-W0LF

    B4D-W0LF7 soat oldin

    holy crap that's funny

  51. Lennart Mangels

    Lennart Mangels7 soat oldin

    Me: clicks on quality Me: sees "(automatic) 240p" Me: Ironic

  52. Mark Fenin

    Mark Fenin7 soat oldin

    Linus looks like a man now with a little scruff.

  53. Joseph Farkas

    Joseph Farkas7 soat oldin

    What about the Samsung Odyssey Plus?

  54. Kaszz

    Kaszz7 soat oldin

    Last time I was this early, I didnt exist

  55. JXGaming

    JXGaming7 soat oldin

    why not just use a laptop to stream ?

  56. Mr Chumps

    Mr Chumps7 soat oldin

    Is it just me or is the stream/vod really quiet? I had to crank my cheapo FX-Audio DAC X6 on my AKG 702 on max gain. Windows and UZgo volume is already maxed out.

  57. Kishanth Koushik

    Kishanth Koushik7 soat oldin

    This is analogous to the the contribution of genetics or environment to height, so yes a better "environment" (in this case) more fps does make you a better gamer but individual skill is also accountable to that fact as well :P


    JETCRAZYCANADA7 soat oldin

    You know you can get straps for the oculus/rift controllers that mimick the hands free experience from the Index...makes a significant difference

  59. []ASHES[] ßö¡

    []ASHES[] ßö¡7 soat oldin

    hi im early

  60. Douman Seiman

    Douman Seiman7 soat oldin

    dunno about playing fighting games on playstation now latency...

  61. Brad Bradson

    Brad Bradson7 soat oldin

    This was the perfect opportunity to dump that intro

  62. Numb3r4

    Numb3r47 soat oldin

    So Luke and Linus are back on a couch like the old times. Yes Make Linus Great Again. Reminds me of the old house, and that grey sofa...(I think...memory ain't what it used to be)

  63. ThatOneNoob h

    ThatOneNoob h7 soat oldin

    can you do a video like this but on peripherals?

  64. Daniel Kaufman

    Daniel Kaufman7 soat oldin

    @ltt hey I have 1gigabit at home and would love to help with the folding at home but don’t have super crazy computer capability MacBook pros any ideas

  65. Elliott L

    Elliott L7 soat oldin

    Dude his laugh cracks me the hell up

  66. KrypTanko

    KrypTanko7 soat oldin

    well plus 1 for that case in the picture actually being in the video and not just clickbait lol

  67. Isaac

    Isaac7 soat oldin

    Lol this has been kek

  68. David Pulliam

    David Pulliam7 soat oldin

    I say "K" irl to mean Ok, so why wouldn't type it also?

  69. Bruce Pulver

    Bruce Pulver7 soat oldin

    Janky level 3000, New high for Linus.........................................

  70. chad smith

    chad smith7 soat oldin


  71. James M

    James M7 soat oldin


  72. Trying to hit 10k without content

    Trying to hit 10k without content7 soat oldin

    no funny comments.... Yet.

  73. Sameh Bahubishi

    Sameh Bahubishi7 soat oldin

    Linus can you please review ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset (HC102) please

  74. Trying to hit 10k without content

    Trying to hit 10k without content7 soat oldin

    I'm so early

  75. Jarno Roeder

    Jarno Roeder7 soat oldin


  76. Tony Oshlick

    Tony Oshlick7 soat oldin

    Dude, for the hair gel comment, try D-fi pliable molding cream. Changed. My. Effing. Life! 😜

  77. byteframe

    byteframe7 soat oldin

    Who gives a shit about UZgo VIDEO QUALITY all CAPS OMG. Clicks! Clicks. The world is ending.

  78. Afinnity Prime

    Afinnity Prime7 soat oldin

    cries in 2mb

  79. Anthony Goodley

    Anthony Goodley7 soat oldin

    I'm so early there are no funny comments.... Yet.

  80. AMPx gaming

    AMPx gaming7 soat oldin


  81. Sean Guo

    Sean Guo7 soat oldin

    but can it run crysis

  82. Wandy Wexler Weslon

    Wandy Wexler Weslon7 soat oldin

    Dude it rendered so fucking fast. You could do some insane shit with it

  83. Ziv Zulander

    Ziv Zulander7 soat oldin

    You are now running Linus @ Home

  84. Joey Blakely

    Joey Blakely7 soat oldin

    I have a 1060😔

  85. plasmathunderdx

    plasmathunderdx7 soat oldin

    How does one get a Valve index in Canada??

  86. serresseque john

    serresseque john7 soat oldin

    WoW, even though im 10 months late watching this video clip! Linus "DUDE" Never let them see you sweat. HaHa :)

  87. Mohebullah Jawan

    Mohebullah Jawan7 soat oldin

    Guys, can someone please tell if i can use it in Afghanistan, because i looked some places on internet it said this phone don'support cdma or 3g or 4g or gsm

  88. Émile Paquette

    Émile Paquette7 soat oldin

    Removing a 0 to every numbers could kinda make sense

  89. Isidro M

    Isidro M7 soat oldin

    You could have just said it was a cyber truck and used it as click bait but no you sir say it's a replica, now that's class

  90. Ishwak Rahman

    Ishwak Rahman7 soat oldin

    Tf is this so awkward?😂

  91. Moos MW

    Moos MW7 soat oldin


  92. Azriel Strife

    Azriel Strife7 soat oldin

    So rough with those screen hinges..

  93. Max Himes

    Max Himes7 soat oldin

    I know you can disable The Watermark by making a bat command

  94. AGMaZa

    AGMaZa7 soat oldin

    There is cherryMX that costs $50

  95. Brian Deihl

    Brian Deihl7 soat oldin

    Ha ok. Console players are waiting like 5 minutes to load maps on monster Hunter but me on PC nvme like 15 seconds.

  96. Rick Lee

    Rick Lee7 soat oldin

    This channel is like the computer version of lock picking lawyer