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  1. Kevin

    Kevin7 soat oldin

    These officials are out of touch. Now New Yorkers are paying the price.

  2. IM NO ONE

    IM NO ONE7 soat oldin

    The same people expressing their hatred for the American people and we’re surprised?

  3. mark24o965

    mark24o9657 soat oldin

    Hillary Clinton right there proving to the American people what she thinks of them what a horrible person

  4. paradigm respawn

    paradigm respawn7 soat oldin

    She can't Stop Laughing at Poor Joe. "The Marshall McLujan Virus" "The Media is the Message!" Gone Viral. Joe can't even deliver a Blatant Lie.

  5. Joe Hall

    Joe Hall7 soat oldin

    Three kinds of people in the world. Those that can count and those that cannot.

  6. Isaiah 53

    Isaiah 537 soat oldin

    I genuinely feel sorry for him. But then I just remembered. He sure does sniff a lot of women / girls

  7. Snufalufagus Shit

    Snufalufagus Shit7 soat oldin

    Let’s release all these criminals, and close all the gun stores. Makes perfect sense LOL

  8. Ng Lian chuan

    Ng Lian chuan7 soat oldin

    国际刑警!查出来没有?kuching Sarawak Malaysia 🐷 人肉叉烧?是不是都是从中国大陆进口?做人肉叉烧、是tun m 已前恐怖分子“孩子“烧烤

  9. Airik1111

    Airik11117 soat oldin

    You can see the msm pushing Cuomo its hilarious.... These people are desperate for anything to latch on to...Cuomo is not likable at all, I don't care if he starts flying around rescuing babies from burning skyscrapers he's a lost cause.

  10. Pete Edwards

    Pete Edwards7 soat oldin


  11. Karl K

    Karl K7 soat oldin

    New York State has repeatedly suckered the rest of the nation into funding their short falls in infrastructure and emergency preparedness. When the hurricane caused flooding of their subway systems NYC needed $10 billion for flood controls and magically the US Congress awarded them about $50 billion.

  12. Richard Wolfe

    Richard Wolfe7 soat oldin

    May God bless you and our United States of America.

  13. Drew K

    Drew K7 soat oldin

    Fake Fox news is comfort food for stupid people

  14. Randy Ben

    Randy Ben7 soat oldin

    BITCHN COUMO. Lol. Thank you Trump. Best President ever!

  15. Jimmy B

    Jimmy B7 soat oldin

    This guy talks backwards better than I’ve ever seen.

  16. D Lo

    D Lo7 soat oldin

    Governor Fredo!

  17. NPC 8265399497

    NPC 82653994977 soat oldin

    Wow. Out of the two candidates, I thought Biden was the stronger of the two to beat trump. Appears I was wrong.

  18. Paul Robertson

    Paul Robertson7 soat oldin

    Cuomo 2020

  19. Thelma Parker

    Thelma Parker7 soat oldin

    So sad!

  20. Joy W

    Joy W7 soat oldin

    Hence the virus curiously pops up 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️

  21. Greg V

    Greg V7 soat oldin

    Guiliani isn't in prison yet, won't be long.

  22. koolkat

    koolkat7 soat oldin

    Trump's favourite boy, blah blah blah.

  23. noprofile

    noprofile7 soat oldin

    This guy is as smart as a door know.

  24. Quinn Robson

    Quinn Robson7 soat oldin

    Pelosi is nothing but a drunken old wh0re.

  25. Donniel Aponte'

    Donniel Aponte'7 soat oldin


  26. Joseph Kromer

    Joseph Kromer7 soat oldin

    My daughter is a RN in Texas, they {CDC or NIH} took the ventilators to redistribute, probably to NY. I don't get why they can store sensitive equipment in a warehouse?

  27. John Milton

    John Milton7 soat oldin


  28. Jamie Coats

    Jamie Coats7 soat oldin

    I’m not keen on this woman at all but get some perspective media... So dramatic, get a life media.

  29. Pete V

    Pete V7 soat oldin

    She sent,..."PIZZAS?" As in pizzag__e, wow, a giant gag gift. Wake up people.

  30. Michael Michael

    Michael Michael7 soat oldin

    Prediction Hillary sneaks in last second runs against Trump and loses a 2nd time in a row. Hillary then blame loss on Coronavirus

  31. Eric Leslie

    Eric Leslie7 soat oldin

    C an't U nderstand N ormal T hinking

  32. Adrian Gonzalez

    Adrian Gonzalez7 soat oldin

    If we started testing earlier I might be able to work right now. That's the only thing I'm mad about.

  33. Trigger Troll

    Trigger Troll7 soat oldin

    Vote the murders out

  34. C MORE

    C MORE7 soat oldin

    What exactly DID the obama admin spend $13 TRILLION on while the country literally fell apart?

  35. Tina Sparks

    Tina Sparks7 soat oldin

    Well, THAT was a pleasure to watch!!

  36. Toro T

    Toro T7 soat oldin

    u talk to much the fox lady. let GIULIANI TALK...

  37. Scott Cantrell

    Scott Cantrell7 soat oldin

    OMG and this is what we have running for president

  38. Mark Gray

    Mark Gray7 soat oldin

    Can't wait for the debates.

  39. David Hinckley

    David Hinckley7 soat oldin

    May your tiny lungs fill with blood.

  40. nbkoitw

    nbkoitw7 soat oldin


  41. Annmarie Williams

    Annmarie Williams7 soat oldin

    Oh you Mr hannity

  42. brian dwiggins

    brian dwiggins7 soat oldin

    I would love to see everyone stop hating on Hillery, and cut her some slack ! Between landing under heavy sniper fire and that house falling on her sister, she's been under a lot of pressure.

  43. Gamecore

    Gamecore7 soat oldin

    Just call him sleepy Joe.

  44. The Positive Bear

    The Positive Bear7 soat oldin

    Diatomaceous Earth, food grade, one teaspoon in black coffee every morning for the last ten years, haven't been sick in all that time.

  45. Tuddley

    Tuddley7 soat oldin

    ACLU? Don't you know that's an evil Un-American organization?

  46. Richard Wolfe

    Richard Wolfe7 soat oldin

    Mr. President I feel in my heart you should limit your exposure..🇺🇸🇺🇸


    JVONROCK7 soat oldin

    Cough in your elbow, bump with your elbow.

  48. Imagine The Possibilities

    Imagine The Possibilities7 soat oldin

    Butt [not a typo] your insane, arsenic-Kool-Aid-AGW-denying-KKKult.

  49. T Morris

    T Morris7 soat oldin

    Thank you John! You may have time, write a whole album. Hunker Down!

  50. buster 53546

    buster 535467 soat oldin

    I think we need to shut the airports down for a few weeks that would be extremely helpful it doesn’t matter if you ban travel from specific countries if you still let unknown infected people fly around our own country 🙄

  51. Stanley Porter

    Stanley Porter7 soat oldin

    Let's be honest how many times have you heard Trump fumbling for words? Remember the Tim Apple goof? Wasn't there once when he actually mispronounced his own wife's name? There are plenty more if you look. And you can make anybody look bad if you look through all the video clips of a person and spice together at one point in the beginning of this video Biden was shown wearing one set of clothing but by the time they finished he was in a suit and tie. They asked a question about face masks oh, he said he was not involved in it or something to that effect and then the Talking Heads proceeded to talk about things that Biden was doing wrong. Okay the Obama Administration went through two minor outbreaks oh, I mean they didn't have to shut this country down. They didn't tell everybody to stay home from work. Hospitals were not pushed as some points to the breaking point. So what's the difference between then and now? Besides Obama and Trump? How about the severity of the outbreak? And we have a president who is comparing this outbreak to the common flu. This is his third year as president and I don't believe he has ever shut down the country because of the flu. That should tell him just how serious this situation truly is!

  52. Darin Valle

    Darin Valle7 soat oldin

    Unfortunately these comments speak volumes on the worst America has to offer. FOX NEWS WILL BE A BAD MEMORY IN 2YRS.

  53. Imagine The Possibilities

    Imagine The Possibilities7 soat oldin

    *Wants the world to end to bring about the Rapture!*

  54. John Milton

    John Milton7 soat oldin


  55. Michael R.

    Michael R.7 soat oldin

    She is a dark disease.

  56. Jim F.

    Jim F.7 soat oldin

    Simple Joe. Can't wait for the debates. It will be brutal. KAG 2020 🇺🇸

  57. Mark Rogers

    Mark Rogers7 soat oldin

    america has been waiting to here the truth.what are the democrates scared of.PLENTY thats what.

  58. James

    James7 soat oldin

    I’m not a republican but he’s spitting facts 🤷🏻‍♂️

  59. Imagine The Possibilities

    Imagine The Possibilities7 soat oldin

    Your Satanic-anti-abortion-psycho-disease;


    BLOODYMONKEY7 soat oldin

    Should we not know who voted for it and against it... And why should they not have to do a in person vote ? ...they need to do there job

  61. Alvin Marcus

    Alvin Marcus7 soat oldin

    Juan need to go to CNN. The sooner the better.

  62. Tom Cahill

    Tom Cahill7 soat oldin

    I was once a Democrat, and I'm feeling pretty bad about who they've put forward. Democrats, you've got some soul searching to do.....God help us all.....

  63. Allostasis

    Allostasis7 soat oldin

    This guy belongs in nursing home, not the oval office!

  64. Imagine The Possibilities

    Imagine The Possibilities7 soat oldin

    *elected the most ignorant, incompetent president.*

  65. William T

    William T7 soat oldin

    Wouldn't be necessary if our "representatives" didn't export our pharma production industry to China and India over the past few decades!!

  66. JEEP AZ

    JEEP AZ7 soat oldin

    This is a time when everyone should be united and they still talking smack about each other. The Left and right. Shame!!

  67. Louwtjie Taljaard

    Louwtjie Taljaard7 soat oldin

    Ok, I'm confused... my question is this: If you take the total number of people that are considered to be in a serious condition in the entire world, which at time of writing is around 22k (based on the information I can find). They are estimating that New York will need around twice the amount currently required for the entire world... for New York?

  68. Epifanio Esmero

    Epifanio Esmero7 soat oldin

    Really, Joe?? Go to sleep.

  69. Gary Biggs

    Gary Biggs7 soat oldin

    China: If they died, but we didn't test them, did they have COVID-19? Probably not.

  70. Oswald Righuta

    Oswald Righuta7 soat oldin

    I didn’t actually wish ill upon him when first watching this because I though, ya know.. “he might be innocent”, but it turns out two kids, brothers, witnessed him killing someone-so he killed them as well !! Definitely deserves sending to the gallows!

  71. Gloria L

    Gloria L7 soat oldin

    What the heck???? Are they crazy. So besides trying to battle disease we have to worry about criminals being out???

  72. Imagine The Possibilities

    Imagine The Possibilities7 soat oldin

    In all of Americaca's soaked in innocent blood history.

  73. Jeffery Scardust

    Jeffery Scardust7 soat oldin

    Fraud in the first degree.

  74. Amos Hall

    Amos Hall7 soat oldin

    U or some of the dumb people in the world keep listening to fox a hoax remember

  75. rob sinclaire

    rob sinclaire7 soat oldin

    these are two of my favorite Ladies!

  76. sonny 117

    sonny 1177 soat oldin

    Get Him!!!

  77. ana gabriel

    ana gabriel7 soat oldin

    What a f*cking idiot of a president we have. Jesus please help us getting this moron out of office. I’m a lifetime republican that voted for this idiot in 2016.

  78. Veejay Mexico

    Veejay Mexico7 soat oldin

    This dude looks and acts high. Does Mr Biden use cannabis?

  79. Victor Castillo

    Victor Castillo7 soat oldin

    Perino have a studering problem? Or a problem gathering her thoughts?

  80. Lawrence Veinotte

    Lawrence Veinotte7 soat oldin

    i wonder how many people flew from China to Canada and then on to the US, Canada was an open door.

  81. MG1932 Romero

    MG1932 Romero7 soat oldin

    We can’t trust China to tell us the truth. Hillary is a sick person

  82. Zabel Sports

    Zabel Sports7 soat oldin

    She’s on her way to HeLL

  83. Alejandro Delgado

    Alejandro Delgado7 soat oldin

    I used to wonder why Bill cheated on her??? Now I know why

  84. Paul Orzel

    Paul Orzel7 soat oldin

    The future of vaccines is here, just in time for the coming forced digital ID. This isn’t some sci-fi movie based on some conspiracy theorists’ idea of Revelation where every living being is required to be tagged. Biometric vaccines are real, are in use and have been deployed in the United States. Biometric vaccines are immunizations laced with digital biometrics, created from merging the tech industry with big pharma. This new form of vaccine injects microchips into the body creating a global ID matrix to track and control every person. Not only has this satanic system already been rolled out, billions may already have been injected unaware.

  85. Will

    Will7 soat oldin


  86. stan bailly

    stan bailly7 soat oldin

    This administration disbanded pandemic administrstion in 2018. Idiots,

  87. Erik Wade

    Erik Wade7 soat oldin

    Anyone who trusts China to tell the truth about the source of this virus and their actual numbers is making a mistake. However, democrat taters gonna tate.

  88. jason minton

    jason minton7 soat oldin

    My question if anyone on hear knows how does a virus jump two animal species to humans . if it’s is made in a laboratory after it mutates like it did into two different kinds could you tell if it was man made if they had it over there for 8 months and there’s been close to no travel restrictions in place from China or any other Country for the until the last three months there had been tension in between America Russia China over the lab in Georgia Ukraine just want to know if that’s a possibility it scares me

  89. Kelly Murdock

    Kelly Murdock7 soat oldin

    Hillary is a deplorable little beaver ! She's already been infected by the zombie virus like so many of her kind. Apocalypse to follow !

  90. florence flores

    florence flores7 soat oldin

    Thank you for Level Headed People... Yay !

  91. Imagine The Possibilities

    Imagine The Possibilities7 soat oldin

    At the worst possible time.

  92. Tim Henry

    Tim Henry7 soat oldin

    Amazing. Thank you Obama.

  93. Martin G

    Martin G7 soat oldin

    I am out of beens & tortillas.....hurry up send the checks !!!

  94. andycunningham63

    andycunningham637 soat oldin

    Those aren’t insults, they’re just facts. I’m in Scotland, I don’t know who these people are, Fox isn’t available on mainstream TV in the UK because of the extreme bias, but these people are hilarious l love watching it now.

  95. Gahan2Vox

    Gahan2Vox7 soat oldin

    Down with the Treasonous Liberal-Fascist Democrat Party! The liberal "Fake-Stream Media"; *Fake News* outlets, and tech giants biasedly manipulating major "social media platforms" to shadow-ban and severely restrict Conservative personalities and outright censor President Trump supporters displaying their own logical rationale as their reasons for particular political stances. The aforementioned anti-American, far-left corrupt propagandist Democrat Party only hope for our Republic to suffer tragedies so that these "parasites" (not unlike the China Virus Pandemic aka CVP) fulfill their certifiably insane "Trump Derangement Syndrome" and unjustifiably blame our Commander in Chief for the growing count of CVP cases - which is due to the fact that the United States of America is the most desired nation in the world to visit; from general tourism to our deeply layered population of ethnicity, culture, and familial connections. America has many more reasons to be visited than China (especially), or nations in Europe with their limited although big appeal of historical landmarks and artistically brilliant sculptures created by renowned artists throughout the centuries. Ultimately, America is the epicenter of visitation and travelling in general due to our nation being truly the greatest country in the world. Keep it great by deservedly rendering President Trump a second term victory!

  96. Jamye Alexandra

    Jamye Alexandra7 soat oldin

    There are no words for Trump ignoring the specific, repeated intelligence community warnings about a coronavirus outbreak for two months and completely failing to vigorously pursue the nationwide response initiatives needed for the predicted threat. We wouldn’t be in this situation if his administration had.

  97. The Flying Brompton

    The Flying Brompton7 soat oldin

    BE ALERT: DNC’s plan is to have Hillary as Biden’s VP. IF Joe wins, months into his Presidency he will be deemed incompetent. Folks, that’s how Hilary becomes POTUS. God Help Us All.