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  1. bare1naked1ladies69

    bare1naked1ladies695 soat oldin

    Here something that needs to be brought up,,,, Congress has showed us over the last 3 years and has made it very clear that we do NOT need them,, they have done nothing for the American citizens,,, and now they want the Senate to do the job they are to do!!!! Very clear we need them to return the money they have took from the American people!! And now they are using American tax payers money to influence 2020 election!!!!

  2. elbert dubose

    elbert dubose5 soat oldin

    When you are being cussed and lied to all will watch intently T 2020

  3. joep meloen

    joep meloen5 soat oldin

    Also a good one blondie, how come shifty may have all his witnesses and Trump none, blondie ??? and you are asking for Bolton ??? blondie ??? are you nuts ??? or just plain stupid.

  4. Paul Moore

    Paul Moore5 soat oldin

    The Clinton Foundation should be able to cover the $50 Mil. With all their quid pro quo money.

  5. K. West

    K. West5 soat oldin

    DUDE looks like the Antifa guys... They all look alike

  6. Olivia Gates

    Olivia Gates5 soat oldin

    The dems are way out of line and off track, they have abused their powers and traitors to the American people. They say they have overehelming evidence but still want more docs and witnesses? We can see what they do with witnesses and docs and its a travesty that the best Prez ever has had to endure this smear campaign!!

  7. Cindy Nash

    Cindy Nash5 soat oldin

    what lies

  8. mike schoolcraft

    mike schoolcraft5 soat oldin

    Nobody could possibly listen to that much crap for that long. Just keep repeating the same thing over and over again. How could you call it a powerful speech, seriously listen to it and see how long you can stand it.

  9. Clinton McGaw

    Clinton McGaw5 soat oldin

    They should tell them yea,u can have witnesses, as long as we approve them. And then just dont give them any witnesses they ask for. Just like they did in the house. How could they argue with that?

  10. Shawn Raynor

    Shawn Raynor5 soat oldin

    Blah blah blah blah blah stick it in your ear


    INFOSWORDS5 soat oldin

    Publicity stunt

  12. Jim Mauch

    Jim Mauch5 soat oldin

    Collins just the Ukraine facts man. A mobster doesn’t get off free just because every year he buys a gift for his dear mom.

  13. Steve Griffin

    Steve Griffin5 soat oldin

    awesome show-- best show in history against the Democrats

  14. James Richard Retta

    James Richard Retta5 soat oldin

    Excellent 2 hour opening by Schiff about a Non-existent enemy. Who is he talking about ?

  15. stevesteele11

    stevesteele115 soat oldin

    No one cares or BELIEVES what Crying Chuckie has to say!!! It's all BS, a waste of time and does NOTHING for the AMERICAN PEOPLE of whom they want to not only, void our 2016 presidential vote, but take away our vote for anything!!! As Schiffty Schiff says "this can't be decided at the ballot box"!!! We don't need a ballot box to put you in prison for TREASON and your illegal money schemes in Ukraine which is the REAL reason he's doing this!!!!

  16. Tony Walls

    Tony Walls5 soat oldin

    If it was so overwhelming, then why did the media go back to regular programming? Cause it is all BS. Guess what, you're not getting witnesses. Didn't prove your case, AT ALL

  17. Paul Guerra

    Paul Guerra5 soat oldin

    What a slime ball 🤮

  18. Bejamin w

    Bejamin w5 soat oldin

    dems are a joke

  19. Salnsd

    Salnsd5 soat oldin

    We reel muricin paytreeits doznt care iffen Tromp is gilty, we stell sapert him cos hees are leder , librals is gest jellis

  20. deliver til I die

    deliver til I die5 soat oldin

    I look at it this way. If the Dems are willing to go to these extremes to get Trump and anyone who doesn’t agree with them , think how little they would care about you and your family to put policies into place to secure their power.

  21. Cody Redding

    Cody Redding5 soat oldin

    Lol they did crosswords idiot

  22. Lovemywife

    Lovemywife5 soat oldin

    Demoncraptic logic “I say Biden isn’t guilty therefore we will not investigate. Trump claims he isn’t guilty and that is obviously obstruction of justice, impeach now”

  23. Nokmbk

    Nokmbk5 soat oldin

    OMG, the same political spin she puts on everything! I understand the complain but she needs to leave the democratic party if she wants win period but the lawsuit is just to get her name out in media. Going against Trump is the first issue and second she running as a democrat!

  24. ihatecrackhead

    ihatecrackhead5 soat oldin

    seems one party welcomes foreign influence so they can blame it on trump even though they are the ones trying to launder russia's lies and take them to a court of law HERE

  25. Wanda Roderick

    Wanda Roderick5 soat oldin

    Wait want Joe Biden Hunter Biden and wait want pencil neck and we want the Whistleblower to testify Bring It Forward why you not calling them as Witnesses you're letting them walk by this is wrong

  26. Michael Domansky

    Michael Domansky5 soat oldin

    They shoveled “facts” all day! All smelled the same ...

  27. KiddNemes1s KiddNemes1s

    KiddNemes1s KiddNemes1s5 soat oldin


  28. Earl Hooker

    Earl Hooker5 soat oldin

    This is all about the destruction of the constitution in order to replace the constitution with a modern version of it which gives more power to a new group of people and replacing the government with a new government!

  29. Kwaylu Entertainment

    Kwaylu Entertainment5 soat oldin

    " Democratic Continues the Brainwash to the Uneducated Americans. 🤔 Fool me Once..... NEVER Again. Get behind me Satan. "

  30. Thomas Jackson

    Thomas Jackson5 soat oldin

    hey chuck, guess what? we have the emails about the baurisma scandal, and your name is attached to it.

  31. Greg Sproles

    Greg Sproles5 soat oldin

    Revolution! Come on! Give the left Cali Oregon and Washington Wall starts in nevada

  32. Roger Hicks

    Roger Hicks5 soat oldin

    republicans can end this whole process by showing proof that PRESIDENT TRUMP did nothing wrong

  33. Norbit Rice

    Norbit Rice5 soat oldin

    “Saudi money rerouted into female veterans pocket”

  34. Cousin If

    Cousin If5 soat oldin

    Dems don't want their crimes exposed.

  35. Maureen Suggitt

    Maureen Suggitt5 soat oldin

    H Biden will just take the Fifth so he will not add anything but time to this scam of a trial. Bring Hunter before a Grand Jury separately for his crimes with his dad brought before Military Tribunals.(he will exercise Presidential Privilege)

  36. Mac Welch

    Mac Welch5 soat oldin

    Trump 2020

  37. Dilruk Fernando

    Dilruk Fernando5 soat oldin

    next life you will be deft and blind

  38. Bobby Dazzler

    Bobby Dazzler5 soat oldin

    A mockery of the whole system.

  39. guns first

    guns first5 soat oldin

    TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  40. FullRiver

    FullRiver5 soat oldin

    Not left behind because it sounds like is something new but just good old meat grinding machine recycling American system and these people are being used to be made an example of by the psychopathic leftist academics to bring their multiculturalists crap. These people think they it is an accident that they don’t find a job when in reality it is a deliberate attack from the superior moral beings.

  41. Chasing The Fish

    Chasing The Fish5 soat oldin

    The reason she sued is because she need 1.5 million dollars to continue her campaign. She joined the national guard to put her life at risk for the country!? Wow shes less then a pog.

  42. Tracy Spose

    Tracy Spose5 soat oldin

    We do not want be invaded like other countries have been.

  43. John Williamson

    John Williamson5 soat oldin

    So true Mr Meadows. Lies and corruption from the house democrates. May they all be investigated and put in jail for obstruction of justice

  44. David Clark

    David Clark5 soat oldin

    Trump should testify but he lies too much and his attorneys admit that. Oh my.

  45. Cody Redding

    Cody Redding5 soat oldin

    What a puss. Shame dems shame. My God

  46. Rock Climber

    Rock Climber5 soat oldin

    Adam Schiff will go down a a traitor! I am sure of it.

  47. Jima Alex

    Jima Alex5 soat oldin

    $50m lawsuit? Get outta here Tulsi two faced traitor! As much as I don't like Hillary, she certainly dint mention your name and so, for that reason you are out! This is why you can't be a president and you don't belong to the Democratic party! You behave like Republicans who will sue anything including internet cows! If you don't believe me, check Congress man Nunes lawsuits😂🤣

  48. MADandCracked

    MADandCracked5 soat oldin

    They're warning us that Democrats will be cheating in 2020.

  49. Tom Tenny

    Tom Tenny5 soat oldin

    I am convinced that these demon rats could never win an election without voter suppression and/or manipulation

  50. Jim Kubitza

    Jim Kubitza5 soat oldin

    I don't agree with Cruz. The only way they will get Hunter Biden is to also go after Bolten ... and due to national security issues Trump will invoke Presidential privilege and we will be sitting here clear until after the election waiting for that to be resolved by the Supreme court, exactly what the conniving Dems WANT so they can go into the election claiming Trump has been impeached and Trump not being able to say he was acquitted. Cruz, you are falling right into their little snare. Dumb.

  51. I'm your REAL dad.

    I'm your REAL dad.5 soat oldin

    President Trump won the first time.......Why would he have to cheat to win the second time?....Especially since the Democrat candidates for 2020 are so weak.

  52. CML

    CML5 soat oldin

    GET AWAY FROM YOUR PARTY TULSI!!!! THEY ARE ALL LIKE HILLARY CLINTON..... and stop acting like a leftist when I don't think you are deep down.

  53. Ronin579

    Ronin5795 soat oldin

    If the founding fathers had a crystal ball and could see the likes of schiff and Pelosi in the future they wouldn't have given congress impeachment powers.

  54. TheCrazyPichuGirl

    TheCrazyPichuGirl5 soat oldin

    4 more years asholes and then Don jr/Candace Owens for 2024 the legacy begins we will not forget and by we I mean the tax payers. I’m in the 28% tax bracket with my two kids this is my money and I want my money’s worth

  55. Cindie Jackson

    Cindie Jackson5 soat oldin

    I'm proud of these Attorneys General and Senators for standing up for the Rules of Law. So grateful that some Americans still have the wisdom and courage to do what is fair and right.

  56. roselyn rajoo

    roselyn rajoo5 soat oldin

    Judicial Chairman Lindsey Graham must subpoena Hunter Biden, Frank Biden & Joe Biden for HIGHEST CORRUPTION. Because of Biden's crime, Trump get impeached.

  57. Daniel Creech

    Daniel Creech5 soat oldin

    Google gets involved. It's begun. Put "Fox News" in a youtube search and you no longer get the Fox News page, you get a page plastered with CNN. Easy test, try it. Ever since Shiff said publicly that the American people can not be trusted to sort this with an election, i've been looking for something like this. This is it. Phase one of the lefts plan to usurp the election in 2020.

  58. noapology88

    noapology885 soat oldin

    The Left will always accuse the Right of doing that which they are guilty of.

  59. frank Bikewrench

    frank Bikewrench5 soat oldin

    Its sad that they give so much of a crap about the video quality that the lighting in the room is making these two men have to literally squint at each other during this 40 minute interview...

  60. California Sunshine

    California Sunshine5 soat oldin

    Adam Schiff needs a mental assessment. He has serious mental issues. A pathological liar.

  61. CCC Flavors Custom Clean and Clear Flavors

    CCC Flavors Custom Clean and Clear Flavors5 soat oldin

    why didn't they supena the whistleblower? were they on their knees somewhere else for the Clintons?

  62. Karen Reed

    Karen Reed5 soat oldin

    I live in Florida and hope we can get rid of her! She is so insulting and a hater.

  63. Think4YourSelf

    Think4YourSelf5 soat oldin

    The people running the democrat party are a cabal who have lied, stolen, murdered and deceived the American public long enough. This is their last stand. I mean even you lefties any be that much of a bunch of sheep to see their deception.

  64. Steven Xiong

    Steven Xiong5 soat oldin

    This lady is just as bad as killery.

  65. Joe skretkowicz

    Joe skretkowicz5 soat oldin

    lets see if their words will be heard trump 2020

  66. allan fike

    allan fike5 soat oldin

    Who are these two commentators? More liberals in fox's continuing slide into fake news?

  67. Tim B

    Tim B5 soat oldin

    Hahahaha, Dems just repeated there totally fabricated story in there scheme to try and take President Trump off the 2020 ballot. Schiff is on video lieing about the call, my god, can't believe a word he says. And this clown show.

  68. Jonny Carroll Sr.

    Jonny Carroll Sr.5 soat oldin

    All of you idiots who gave this a thumbs down are just STUPID and you know it. It’s hard to believe that you don’t call the sky blue when it’s blue you FOOLS!!!!

  69. liberal slayer

    liberal slayer5 soat oldin

    why doesn't take too much to impress those CNN news hacks if they get a thrill up going up their leg like Chris Matthews over Adam Schiff to compulsive liar.all this doesn't matter Trump's going to win anyways and we're going to keep America great again forever and ever so demon rats you're wasting your time. Trump 20/20

  70. David Clark

    David Clark5 soat oldin

    Russian republicans minds were made up before the impeachment trial. No amount of evidence will result in a vote to impeach. Russia spent decades and hundreds of millions of dollars to get their comrade in the White house and will pay republ.ican senators what ever money they want to keep him there working for Russia. The Lev Parnas case of Russia caught funneling money to republicans is just the tip of the ice-berg. Even Looney bin Cruz who claims to be a patriot is siding with Russia to retain Trump.

  71. searcher1110

    searcher11105 soat oldin

    it is more than ok that men r dying before woman, its less for us to live in women's world. and this is a women's world. and that ok because as a man my aim is 2b part of the inanimate universe

  72. g bridgman

    g bridgman5 soat oldin

    A lot of shitheads in CA trust Schiff. What does that say for them?

  73. Harry Hay Hole

    Harry Hay Hole5 soat oldin

    tired of the lies of the left.TRUMP will be voted back in by the people for the people....

  74. Donald Thomas

    Donald Thomas5 soat oldin

    I wish Tulsi would leave the Democrat party.

  75. R. Odell

    R. Odell5 soat oldin

    Judge Nap doesn't tell you Nixon's lawyers were allowed until the drafting of impeachment. Judge Nap doesn't tell you Clinton's lawyers were allowed until the drafting of impeachment. Judge Nap doesn't tell you Trump's lawyers were NOT ALLOWED until the drafting of impeachment. All this blather about procedures yet Leftists PURPOSELY don't tell you Trump's lawyers were NOT ALLOWED until the drafting of impeachment.

  76. Libtarded

    Libtarded5 soat oldin

    Chuck Schumer eats children.

  77. Tracy Spose

    Tracy Spose5 soat oldin

    Hello! We do not want these people here. These people are not grateful immigrants looking for freedom of the past. They want to impose their beliefs in this country. We do not want to end up over run by them like the people of Europe. Wake up and get with current information people.

  78. Stephen Hyde

    Stephen Hyde5 soat oldin

    A " whitelash" as opposed to a "blacklash" 😅😅😅😅😅😅 For the ignorant. Backlash

  79. Tipsy Gypsy

    Tipsy Gypsy5 soat oldin

    I got a feeling she’s the only thing that’s been “ train “ wrecked. Pretty sure also, tucker did put more than words in her mouth

  80. Daniel Creech

    Daniel Creech5 soat oldin

    Google gets involved. It's begun. Put "Fox News" in a youtube search and you no longer get the Fox News page, you get a page plastered with CNN. Easy test, try it. Ever since Shiff said publicly that the American people can not be trusted to sort this with an election, i've been looking for something like this. This is it. Phase one of the lefts plan to usurp the election in 2020.

  81. Sovereign Rex

    Sovereign Rex5 soat oldin

    leftism = religion

  82. ZIGZAG Ground ZERO War Department

    ZIGZAG Ground ZERO War Department5 soat oldin

    NO [ A$$ahola Bureaucrat ] is ABOVE The LAW or OUR / POTUS Constitutional Rights

  83. Joseph Yanni

    Joseph Yanni5 soat oldin

    Hannity is becoming more like the Gutfeld Show.. so much material to work with.. I love it!

  84. Lisa Saunders

    Lisa Saunders5 soat oldin

    This impeachment has shown the American people just how corrupt our government has become and that they have been so for quite a while now. Now we can clearly see how our congressmen have been using the law not to defend the truth, but to defend their party. When we see old video footage of these same congressmen using the exact opposite defense when it was their candidate on trial, it becomes obvious to us that this has never been about the rule of law, due process, the constitution or anything else. All this has been about all is their own greedy fight for power and money! They want more and more power and they will do anything to keep it! I do mean anything!

  85. Mike Porten

    Mike Porten5 soat oldin

    Why are they such dicks to the only tolerable Democrat?

  86. Carolyn Dennis

    Carolyn Dennis5 soat oldin

    Shiffty Schiff the lying liar 🤥 in Chief Ask Schiff About the Standard Hotel

  87. Tom Vera

    Tom Vera5 soat oldin

    Enough bullschift !! Bring in the MARINES! End this coup.

  88. Tony Orr

    Tony Orr5 soat oldin

    Mazy Hirono and the other misguided loonies on the stage smiled when it came to the "somber" topic of impeachment. Nuff seen and Nuff said...

  89. Christine Morin

    Christine Morin5 soat oldin

    You McCarthy, He is a GIFT FROM GOD AMEN thank YOU

  90. Glenn Borden

    Glenn Borden5 soat oldin

    The Dems are trying to get up in front of the people,and talk without reading of notes like Trump.They have brain damange from drugs,and drinking is the way.

  91. Jennifer Williams

    Jennifer Williams5 soat oldin

    Hmmm...prefix of the word impeachment is mi correct backwards?.. does Trump look like a mi? Nope...Depopulate

  92. R Z

    R Z5 soat oldin

    All of those Managers should have been arrested yesterday for one simple fact...They key point being Mr. Rudi's text messages is not in reference to Zelensky!!! Mr. Z...was referring to the owner of Burisma..Schiff has the unredacted versions of these texts and knows this to be true. Perjury Perjury all of them pushed the same story about Mr. is that not grounds for immediate dismissal of the case and immediate arrest for Lying to Congress..

  93. David Clark

    David Clark5 soat oldin

    How can Meadows say there are no first hand witnesses when Trump prevented 1st hand witnesses from testifying. The house made a strong case with others who listened in on calls. Why is Fox doing Russias job of retaining the president they installed in 2016.

  94. MrVeggie247

    MrVeggie2475 soat oldin

    The black folks were very forgiving. They called them ignorant and left it at that. I'm not even black and i'm pissed...

  95. Efstratios Diakoniarakis

    Efstratios Diakoniarakis5 soat oldin

    Why you keep repeating the ...........BS.....DISHONESTY BIAS LIES ....of NADLER and PSYCHO ADAM SCHIFF ???? We know from the REPUBLICANS questioning after all all those TRAITORS INVOLVING IN THE ...COUP...THAT ARE NOT TRUE what they said !!! So, please you don't have to keep repeating them !!!

  96. David & Sandy

    David & Sandy5 soat oldin

    To all you TRUMP supporters... as a republican, I have been watching this trial and what a crazy mess! An then yesterday 1-22-20...Trump expressed that he wants to take away social security from all Americans after he is reelected. I'll bet you won't see this on FOX news! I didn't. So all of you with grey hair like me, look in the mirror and watch your grey hair turn white while you go back to work. Those of you that have earned what you are getting, will end if he is reelected. FACT! Lets find a better candidate for our party. If not, than you choose to go back to work! Shame on you! For those who don't read and just watch these TRUMP videos or FOX news, your future work schedule will be long and miserable based on your lack of education and being brain washed by news channels. Those of you that are in the stock market, save your dividend because if you are old enough to remember, This market will crash again when these types of things happen with a president like this. Our Republican Party has let us down again! God didn't bless us with this guy! Another FACT....Trump and family bankrupted 2 contractors that I worked with years ago and didn't care a bit.They both were god fearing people that wanted to make a better living and TRUMP took that away from him.......Wake up people! I'm not a robot....only you that believe in a criminal like TRUMP and FOX news.

  97. E. F.

    E. F.5 soat oldin

    Dude that campaign ad is incredible its phenomenal

  98. John

    John5 soat oldin


  99. Kevin Hayes

    Kevin Hayes5 soat oldin

    Peat and repeat.... Democrats are on the Titanic!

  100. The Mind of Louis

    The Mind of Louis5 soat oldin

    A trial with no witnesses isn’t. If the president is truly Innocent why won’t he let ppl speak hmmmm..