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  1. sandramorrison99

    sandramorrison993 soat oldin

    I am NOT A SPAM A FAN. BUT, jalapeno SPAM? Let's talk!!! I can't handle jalapeno poppers, I pull out the jalapeno, cuz it is TOO bloody HOT! However, I am an EXPERIMENTAL CHEF, and I can TWEAK THIS RECIPE!!!

  2. CptKirk FPV

    CptKirk FPV3 soat oldin

    You confused my Echo. Lmfao

  3. Creations

    Creations3 soat oldin

    I started my youtube adventure researching keyboards... somehow i have ended up here.

  4. Markie Ross

    Markie Ross3 soat oldin

    Josh, you are gorgeous 😍😍😍

  5. Don

    Don3 soat oldin

    You had me at "stretch your meat"!

  6. Dizzy D

    Dizzy D3 soat oldin

    meatball pro tip, protein extraction. I cook for a pretty big family all the time so I know about stretchin out the food supply. (I'm not gonna say it) The protein extraction gives the meat a smooth emulsified or creamy texture while maintaining the meat flavor and bite texture. I use 2-3 eggs for 1lb of meat, season generously with whatever combo of flavors you want (add nooch for umami without soy sauce) mix the hell out of it til you have good stretchy meat paste, that's the protein extraction, THEN add breadcrumbs (4C gluten free taste AMAZING and don't add unnecessary goop.) and mix well, form into meatballs or meatloaf or meat sheets and freeze to store or cook and serve.

  7. bronyferien minuet

    bronyferien minuet3 soat oldin

    As a lover of the baconater. I need this... like now.. how do I get my hands on this burger.

  8. Eric Rener

    Eric Rener3 soat oldin

    At 15:33 the ground meat looks like human liver, cannibalism?

  9. Casandra Anne

    Casandra Anne3 soat oldin

    "Keep in mind that I value Rhett's opinion more than yours." We all do, Josh. We all do.

  10. Michele Newbold

    Michele Newbold3 soat oldin

    Thanks Josh

  11. Adam Beecher

    Adam Beecher3 soat oldin

    Their energy is beautiful

  12. ginger danish

    ginger danish3 soat oldin

    Did anyone else notice it said a table spoon of chilli powder to go into Ike half a cup of chicken

  13. Jr Madden

    Jr Madden3 soat oldin

    Pink is the best flavor tho

  14. Douggy C

    Douggy C3 soat oldin

    I’m a barber, first thing I noticed is that your hair is growing out. I actually like it, maybe don’t go so tight on your fade. I think just a nice bald taper would look great on you!

  15. Melissa Michelle Mckinney

    Melissa Michelle Mckinney3 soat oldin

    Can you make dishes for vegans? I don’t buy the ramen packs, I make the noodles homemade.

  16. schwift

    schwift4 soat oldin

    She was also the supreme being. Perfect. So to translate, the embodiment of love, is a perfect woman.

  17. Color_Theory

    Color_Theory4 soat oldin

    Not sure how I feel about the reality TV format, but good job anyways!

  18. JOE Quezada

    JOE Quezada4 soat oldin

    This is the whitest enchilada recipe ever.

  19. Makana Hinsman

    Makana Hinsman4 soat oldin

    Please keep Trevor forever

  20. Sophie

    Sophie4 soat oldin

    I’m sorry I love lemon starbursts!

  21. hayden varga

    hayden varga4 soat oldin

    Someone must help josh’s troubled soul.

  22. Jennifer Murray

    Jennifer Murray4 soat oldin

    I love these quarantine recipes 💕💕, thank you so much!!!!

  23. savv_smith

    savv_smith4 soat oldin

    Sloppy joe? More like sloppy josh am I right


    ITSRHYMESBABY4 soat oldin


  25. MF Ninja

    MF Ninja4 soat oldin

    I wanna stretch josh’s meat...for fun..

  26. DatPiano Dude

    DatPiano Dude4 soat oldin

    Josh is absolutely hilarious.

  27. stndrds79

    stndrds794 soat oldin

    Mmmmmmmm he’s cute 😍

  28. Jay Xu

    Jay Xu4 soat oldin

    He really sounds like the guy from crash course

  29. Parker Clare

    Parker Clare4 soat oldin

    There is so much sexual tension here omg

  30. kotor1505

    kotor15054 soat oldin

    Oven meatballs is absolutely the way to go. So much easier and fun to not have to worry about trying to individually turn a bunch of meatballs in a hot pan.

  31. Toby Creates

    Toby Creates4 soat oldin

    Spam: Something Posing As Meat

  32. Young_ Brzy

    Young_ Brzy4 soat oldin


  33. Kyle Condra

    Kyle Condra4 soat oldin

    sloppy joe in the south is completely different

  34. Zack Nantz

    Zack Nantz4 soat oldin

    This channel could be so much better if they had a guy that wasn't dumb af fr tho

  35. Cotton Hiker

    Cotton Hiker5 soat oldin

    I thought I was SO CLEVER catching the “chili powder in the fridge” thing!?!?😂🤦‍♂️

  36. Superman04p

    Superman04p5 soat oldin

    Yo Josh, you'll prob never see this but... just fyi for anyone... that 20sec of hand washing is not 20sec under water... it's 20sec of lathering soap.... then hit the water.

  37. David Griffith

    David Griffith5 soat oldin

    I can't accept your argument until you do a recipe that really blurs the line. Until you taste it and then judge it you're just too off base of reality.

  38. Jobani Yumul

    Jobani Yumul5 soat oldin

    Hennessy makes hennything better.

  39. Ross McKenna

    Ross McKenna5 soat oldin

    Can I downvote this twice for the horrific Scottish accents

  40. Guido Punchkiller

    Guido Punchkiller5 soat oldin

    Using the Items in Your Pantry. Should be a regular series after the crisis. It is like unadulterated Josh. Or unadulted...

  41. danial lagrowsy

    danial lagrowsy5 soat oldin

    Chili powder in the fridge hm

  42. Avalorne

    Avalorne5 soat oldin

    Omg that hand washing is not right. 20 seconds before the water. Before!

  43. Stop Stealing Comments

    Stop Stealing Comments5 soat oldin

    "Ryan why isn't your house bigger?" That's hilarious to say ironically but terrifying because I'm sure some people don't see the problem in saying that.

  44. Uriah Garcia

    Uriah Garcia5 soat oldin

    This is the most real and human cooking show. Like, just hanging out making crazy food in your best friends kitchen vibe.

  45. D. Mat.Zero6

    D. Mat.Zero65 soat oldin

    stupid Lamas

  46. William Choochootrain

    William Choochootrain5 soat oldin

    U look like a buff Austin Evans and sound like a regular Austin Evans lol wtf

  47. xarris37

    xarris375 soat oldin

    When this is over Josh is gonna be beyond ready for chopped

  48. Kevin Capellan

    Kevin Capellan5 soat oldin

    Sloppy jose 😂😂

  49. Discordia Dingle

    Discordia Dingle5 soat oldin

    Why are Spam screams Italian??

  50. Jo Greer

    Jo Greer5 soat oldin

    You really gotta stop stretching your meat on camera Josh. People might talk... (In other notes: isn’t Trader Joe’s soy sauce the best?)

  51. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui5 soat oldin

    This looks so good, it really does, but I keep thinking of that French breast milk-dipped meat baby from their "Food Court" episode, and it's making me gag.

  52. Doc Kaos815 Beats

    Doc Kaos815 Beats5 soat oldin

    I subscribed

  53. Sandra Sears

    Sandra Sears5 soat oldin

    Mythical Chef Josh doesn’t need a “multipass” to my kitchen, he’s welcome to cook for me anytime. Well, when the Corona war is over of course. Stay safe.

  54. DJ Torrence Mack TMACK

    DJ Torrence Mack TMACK5 soat oldin

    Chef Josh is as hot as the flames cooking his food!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  55. Maia Nerby

    Maia Nerby5 soat oldin

    but....I like lemon starburts....I'll just shut up and leave

  56. Apples

    Apples5 soat oldin

    You put water based food coloring in candy melts. That's why it seized.

  57. Anthony Giannattasio

    Anthony Giannattasio5 soat oldin

    Cereal doesn’t include milk therefore cereal is not a soup. Notice that cereal boxes have the nutritional facts with and without the addition of milk.

  58. Elizabeth Shaw

    Elizabeth Shaw5 soat oldin

    Sloppy joes has a barbecue undertone and I use smoked paprika along with the other things you're using. You can make a sloppy joe or a taco tater tot casserole with either of these mixtures. Okay I'll shut up now I just get excited when I see a good cooking show worth watching.

  59. Elizabeth Shaw

    Elizabeth Shaw5 soat oldin

    Just don't pull on your meat because it will break.

  60. Elizabeth Shaw

    Elizabeth Shaw5 soat oldin

    This recipe could also be turned into a soup or a Crock-Pot casserole or even chilaquiles.

  61. Riven55555

    Riven555555 soat oldin

    Josh: "Now we're gonna eat these meatballs" Meatballs: "Ight I'mma head out"

  62. Kipprick Moore

    Kipprick Moore5 soat oldin


  63. Bethan Davis

    Bethan Davis5 soat oldin

    This is awesome! Definitely gonna make enchiladas for me and all my quarantined roommates!

  64. 물건

    물건5 soat oldin

    Thanks Josh!! These enchiladas literally saved me lol Keep the quarantine recipes coming!

  65. Zj-Cole

    Zj-Cole5 soat oldin

    Now I know how to make a sloppy Jose!

  66. Elizabeth Shaw

    Elizabeth Shaw5 soat oldin

    I love your attitude towards food and the way that you encourage people to think outside the box. Anything I have ever made Tex-Mex has usually had an ingredient or two missing or a couple of extra ingredients and like you said it's all going to be covered with cheese and sauce nobody will know!

  67. Jordan Martin

    Jordan Martin5 soat oldin

    Did you get it? Uhh..yeah. Hahahahahaa

  68. Elizabeth Shaw

    Elizabeth Shaw5 soat oldin

    I have more than 350 spices herbs and rubs. If anybody needs a nutmeg hit me up! Hahaha ;-)

  69. Joshua Horn

    Joshua Horn5 soat oldin

    out of this entire video, i don't know how you peeled that onion so easily.

  70. Wendy Lane

    Wendy Lane5 soat oldin

    Thank you for doing these! These are great recipes (gonna make the meaty beany enchiladas for dinner tonight). I hope you keep making these and stay well.

  71. Connor Rigney

    Connor Rigney5 soat oldin

    this is genuine entertainment.

  72. gunnerlala

    gunnerlala5 soat oldin

    i add bok choy to my ramen :)

  73. HedgerHodg

    HedgerHodg6 soat oldin

    We have VERY different definitions of “a lot of pepper”...... 1/2 tsp!?? 1 tbsp or GTFO

  74. The Last Nugget

    The Last Nugget6 soat oldin

    ? all I have to say

  75. charlotte ramsey

    charlotte ramsey6 soat oldin

    18:45 That thud of meatball hitting the ground XD

  76. The New Era!

    The New Era!6 soat oldin

    Are Rhett and link virgins?

  77. Robert Cotrell

    Robert Cotrell6 soat oldin

    You didn't wash your fingertips, thumbs, or under your fingernails...

  78. Elaine Elaine

    Elaine Elaine6 soat oldin

    My greatest fear is the water wastage while getting soap and lathering soap.

  79. 5Lives Gaming

    5Lives Gaming6 soat oldin

    "Just grab some *insert random food here*, you'll probably have some laying around." Josh, 2020

  80. Redwan ToadBane

    Redwan ToadBane6 soat oldin

    Without context this seems like a man getting plastered with a tinder date and making coffee.

  81. Hey1tsLarry

    Hey1tsLarry6 soat oldin

    Hello I've been looking for a Pizza Put Pizza recipe any suggestions?

  82. Melissa Lazio

    Melissa Lazio6 soat oldin

    Bro I haven't seen you use garlic once this episode.. killing me.

  83. 오스칼오스칼

    오스칼오스칼6 soat oldin

    14:05. Le lanza una chancla

  84. James Steele

    James Steele6 soat oldin

    Leeloo, "everything you create you use to destroy," Korben, "yeah, we call it human nature."

  85. Benjy Tom

    Benjy Tom6 soat oldin

    I think soup is both a food and a category of food, in which solids are mixed into liquids, with a specific set of restrictions. I then also believe that cereal belongs in the soup category but not the soup food, kind of how a county is part of a state, and they can have the same name, let's say their name is "x", but then another county belongs to that "x" state, but not to the "x" county

  86. Satch Boogie Man

    Satch Boogie Man6 soat oldin

    Back in the 90s, there was actually a French Onion flavor.

  87. Melissa Lazio

    Melissa Lazio6 soat oldin

    I like to top them with sour cream, lechuga, and black olives

  88. Jacob Carr

    Jacob Carr6 soat oldin

    "Actually it is a knife, this is MY knife!" I don't know why, but that line brought a tear to my eye. Probably the wholesomeness of it, combined with being a cook myself and I know how important one's own knife can be to them. My knife has helped me cook so much and that's very emotional. I'm rambling but idk had to share that.

  89. peacerose96/jennsatwood

    peacerose96/jennsatwood6 soat oldin

    josh i'd love to make these recipes during self isolation but the meat is sold out in the grocery stores!!!!

  90. IhtsMi’ckey Bihhh

    IhtsMi’ckey Bihhh6 soat oldin

    Am I the only one who noticed the sexual tension?! 😳

  91. Insobrietive Magic

    Insobrietive Magic6 soat oldin

    This dude is so ugly and annoying.

  92. Insobrietive Magic

    Insobrietive Magic6 soat oldin

    This dude is so ugly and annoying.

  93. Melissa Lazio

    Melissa Lazio6 soat oldin

    Dude ranch style beans. I'm 100% for that.

  94. Erin Gauthier

    Erin Gauthier6 soat oldin


  95. VaperRST

    VaperRST6 soat oldin

    can we have like a monthly super compilation of everything that DOESNT make the edit??? PLEASE?!?!?! id pay money to hear all the nuggets of inspirational gold this absolute unit has to offer

  96. Mad Hatman

    Mad Hatman6 soat oldin

    You have to lube up before touching your balls.

  97. Melissa Lazio

    Melissa Lazio6 soat oldin

    No shame, I'd still eat that meat ball

  98. Taco1011

    Taco10116 soat oldin

    These recipes, unlike a lot I've seen on UZgo, are actually accessible lol and not weirdly and needlessly complex.

  99. RustyKoi

    RustyKoi6 soat oldin

    Love ya Josh.

  100. Adrian

    Adrian6 soat oldin

    can you make some meals with canned fish and canned meats :)