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  1. lizaa

    lizaaKun oldin

    not even to be rude but i’m happy i’m not the only one who thinks connor’s voice is annoying like ik he can’t change that but it’s annoying.

  2. Kiyah Pars

    Kiyah ParsKun oldin

    Why Ryan have a Hivck

  3. Paulina Hinojosa

    Paulina HinojosaKun oldin

    Is it just me or does anyone want cortney and keton togheter and alli and joey

  4. lexi trujillo

    lexi trujilloKun oldin

    Y’all wonder what happend to rio

  5. Sir Bob iyer 31372

    Sir Bob iyer 31372Kun oldin

    1 57 Dylan 🤷‍♂️ Thomas 😅 Will 😦

  6. Jocelyn Quintanilla

    Jocelyn QuintanillaKun oldin

    I can’t be the only one that thinks van is the best he’s never in the drama and he’s cute and none of the girls want him😭but they really don’t need Bradley he’s just there to ruin first rio and Sean and now ally and joey😣🥱

  7. N. I

    N. IKun oldin

    Charli and anotony punching the air rn

  8. Zaara Banu

    Zaara BanuKun oldin

    omg Becca is jasmine from on my blockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  9. C_H_L_O_E

    C_H_L_O_EKun oldin

    Welcome to ugly mug hope you enjoy you’re mug, ugly

  10. Marisol Soto

    Marisol SotoKun oldin

    Hi twins y’all should try to find me a match 😂just saying ❤️I Fr watched season 2 and omg y’all did a great job honestly I loved it. Y’all r great friends 👏🏽❤️

  11. Sangeeta Roy

    Sangeeta RoyKun oldin

    The beginning is really mean . Talking about bullying need not be about depreciating others .

  12. Julia Nguyen

    Julia NguyenKun oldin

    i definitely think you guys should do this with sydney serena next!!! btw, love this series 💕

  13. Tania Shahid

    Tania ShahidKun oldin

    wtf happened to these bitches

  14. Lili Walkine

    Lili WalkineKun oldin

    Literally the best episode evaaaa .The real tea 🍵

  15. Kbae Lay

    Kbae LayKun oldin

    Sofia is a such a sweet girl but I’m kinda rooting for Kortney and Keaton 😬❤️

  16. Maggie03-30

    Maggie03-30Kun oldin

    Will there be more episodes? (After corona that is)

  17. Halo Sedrick

    Halo SedrickKun oldin


  18. cremxtart

    cremxtartKun oldin


  19. Arely luna

    Arely lunaKun oldin

    i havent seen the dad l ._.

  20. Elizabeth Golino

    Elizabeth GolinoKun oldin

    If ally and the girls became friends with sarah i will stop watching the show

  21. Alondra Rodriguez

    Alondra RodriguezKun oldin

    so y’all telling me ya ain’t seen tage in all american (he was an extra)

  22. Molly Freeman

    Molly FreemanKun oldin

    Is it just me or did Nikki look the same

  23. Madhu Niveditha

    Madhu NivedithaKun oldin

    Devin was my favourite.. I felt she was just chill and being herself unlike the other girls throughout the video ♥

  24. Molly Phillips

    Molly PhillipsKun oldin

    We all agree we don’t like Maddie and Courtney

  25. •Chocolate •

    •Chocolate •Kun oldin

    "alot of people think I'm Latina, but, I'm actually a lizard so..." *yes*

  26. Totally TT

    Totally TTKun oldin

    Make a season 5 we ready for it

  27. Neha Singh

    Neha SinghKun oldin

    they seem cute together but..... i m still on that joey n jacob ship.. i love u all

  28. candice ntoyya

    candice ntoyyaKun oldin

    The woman with the brown hair did not like Larray

  29. Alice Jotun

    Alice JotunKun oldin

    I hate Rachel sorry

  30. Manas Prabhu

    Manas PrabhuKun oldin

    I guess I am smart!😂



    I love roni's uotfit

  32. bad bitch

    bad bitchKun oldin

    Yall jealous that y'all could never get anyone like him

  33. Glory Selvam

    Glory SelvamKun oldin

    Christian 💙

  34. renelovescake 2

    renelovescake 2Kun oldin

    No one: Larray: I'm dating multiple people Me: I'm telling your boyfriend

  35. Maggie03-30

    Maggie03-30Kun oldin

    I clean out goat stalls weekly so it’s funny seeing them be so grossed out 🤣

  36. Moonlight Playz

    Moonlight PlayzKun oldin

    Wait? Nessa doesn’t have Snapchat

  37. Molly Phillips

    Molly PhillipsKun oldin

    I feel like Rio freaks out about everything and is causing the drama and if she would to chill out then hers and Sean’s relationship would be stronger

  38. Nayeli Fabian

    Nayeli FabianKun oldin

    The girls kiss with the boys like ryan and other guys so if they kiss the same girl that is discusting am i the only one that thinks that

  39. cheska Gonzaga

    cheska GonzagaKun oldin

    Who did not like Brandon if you don’t like Brandon like if u don’t like him 👇🏻

  40. Liberty Booze

    Liberty BoozeKun oldin

    i was correct

  41. zodiac slut

    zodiac slutKun oldin

    chase hudson is actually really handsome issa shame he made everyone hate him by being racistt LMFAO

  42. Justine Discutido

    Justine DiscutidoKun oldin

    Can this stop being in my ads. I’m sick of seeing the same thumbnail and EVERYTHING.

  43. Jacey Young

    Jacey YoungKun oldin

    Christian is definitely the one (YAYAYAY I SHIP IT THEY ARE SO CUTE)

  44. Janessa playz

    Janessa playzKun oldin

    I'm like "that beep"

  45. Bonnie &eden

    Bonnie &edenKun oldin

    No one: Not even spongebob: Niki: gabi own up to things Also niki: fires gabi up and makes her cry

  46. Baejin Bae

    Baejin BaeKun oldin

    Jealousy issues can be solved if you just DATE

  47. Breakstuff. Com

    Breakstuff. ComKun oldin

    Christian went for personality...Brandon said positivity

  48. Gamer Boy

    Gamer BoyKun oldin

    Lar ayyyeee

  49. Mercedes

    MercedesKun oldin

    How did Courtney make sams and Sarah’s dating experience hell if they just met🤔🤔

  50. Shaniya Lindsey

    Shaniya LindseyKun oldin

    I feel so bad for honey, none of her Court was respectful. (Except Anthony.) I don’t know how she kept her cool

  51. Luisa Huerta

    Luisa HuertaKun oldin

    Sean’s face was like (😐) the whole time lmao

  52. Diana L.

    Diana L.Kun oldin

    3:09 imagine hugging Issa and larray😭

  53. Mercedes

    MercedesKun oldin

    How is Courtney not excited to be with Sam????? Like sis..... give him to me. I’ll be excited

  54. Carlee L

    Carlee LKun oldin

    The acting is so bad lol but I can’t stop watching

  55. Logan Snow

    Logan SnowKun oldin

    I got 6 on the game!

  56. Celine Russell

    Celine RussellKun oldin

    Wow this is like keeping up with the Kardashians but times 10 like this is keeping up with the Gracias

  57. The YouTube Cousins

    The YouTube CousinsKun oldin

    Lexi’s and ben

  58. Tesza & Raia Fails

    Tesza & Raia FailsKun oldin

    Franny started to make me cry 😭😭😭😭

  59. Marycel Gonzalez

    Marycel GonzalezKun oldin

    Did she say “poor Ryan” did he win though? Unless...

  60. visala martinez

    visala martinezKun oldin

    i wonder wants gonna happen next with keten corney and sofia😯

  61. mari

    mariKun oldin

    When is season 2 of model material coming out?

  62. jonathan virola

    jonathan virolaKun oldin

    Lexi laugh is crazy

  63. Krisha Quinto

    Krisha QuintoKun oldin

    The lexis and ben

  64. Paola Chavez

    Paola ChavezKun oldin

    C'mon! Courtney broke up with Keaton!! How can she still have feelings for him? I think she just doesn't like to see Keaton is over her

  65. Candace Holt

    Candace HoltKun oldin

    Wut did he just say about kj aka the star in Riverdale. 😡


    AIKA AIKAKun oldin

    Lexi lexi and ben 😍

  67. jocelyn Chavez

    jocelyn ChavezKun oldin

    Stupid Franny actually got me so annoyed. If he admitted to not having feelings why in tf would he lie about the other things. Lie detector tests don’t actually work. They don’t actually measure correctly, so for her to do that was so inappropriate. There is literally no point in what she did.

  68. Mary Tauadros

    Mary TauadrosKun oldin

    Song at 11:20 ?

  69. Martha Deng

    Martha DengKun oldin


  70. Carly Guerrero

    Carly GuerreroKun oldin

    Hubiera estado más genial, si lo hacias un poquito más lento

  71. Mario's Plush Adventures & More

    Mario's Plush Adventures & MoreKun oldin

    Collins key was actually a really cool dude until he started his channel. Like if you agree

  72. •Gacha Ella Oaker•

    •Gacha Ella Oaker•Kun oldin

    To be honest Brandon's a little spoiled.. tbh!

  73. Gachaleah22

    Gachaleah22Kun oldin

    2020 anyone 🦠🦠

  74. Mercedes

    MercedesKun oldin

    Bruhhhh Sam is sooo FOINNNN. and Courtney is so ugly

  75. Julia Schwartz

    Julia SchwartzKun oldin

    Why are they on “are you smarter than a 5th grader?”

  76. ist mir relativ egal

    ist mir relativ egalKun oldin

    the story sounds a little bit like the story of the movie offline .

  77. Sapana Shrestha

    Sapana ShresthaKun oldin

    I don't like the way gabi do with her hands to colin 😤

  78. Julia Schwartz

    Julia SchwartzKun oldin

    I feel so smart rn ☺️

  79. Mercedes

    MercedesKun oldin

    “The best parties are the ones you aren’t invited to” ......👀👀 first of all bish, you prolly are never invited to any so how would you know the difference ya freakin psycho. Also where are all of the girl’s upper lips🤔🤔🤔🔍🔍 and does anyone think Courtney looks like the lock ness monster thing off of monsters vs. aliens??

  80. Jasleen Sandhu

    Jasleen SandhuKun oldin

    My crush is Nick Jonas and I google him all the time😂😂😂

  81. Lily Stanton Triffett

    Lily Stanton TriffettKun oldin


  82. Bri Llanza

    Bri LlanzaKun oldin

    Bruh when he said lar RAT bro I was dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  83. Tinyrhino _X 13

    Tinyrhino _X 13Kun oldin

    Am I the only one thinking that during elimination roni’s dress is really cute on her. And that she looks kinda hot

  84. Evelyn Delgado

    Evelyn DelgadoKun oldin

    ngl ally acts pretty good

  85. Dancing Diva

    Dancing DivaKun oldin

    Hey roni and Aaron should take part for season three if they are not dating

  86. Huzain Muhammad Zakir Mamad

    Huzain Muhammad Zakir MamadKun oldin

    The 2026 FIFA World Cup host nation's performing girl group Fifth Harmony are the Legends

  87. Liberty Booze

    Liberty BoozeKun oldin

    i think conner is getting elimanated

  88. Adrienne Yee

    Adrienne YeeKun oldin

    Season 3 should be find love for Roni 😉😉😉

  89. Nataly Lemus

    Nataly LemusKun oldin

    No one: Absolutely no one: Dani: THUG N BUG

  90. Adrienne Yee

    Adrienne YeeKun oldin

    You guys should totally have a Merrill twin podcast!! I love listening to podcasts!!! 💕💕💕

  91. Grace Clark

    Grace ClarkKun oldin

    Awww but ya'll look look so good together how are ya'll just friends.

  92. Mercedes

    MercedesKun oldin

    Baileys lips are so fake it’s disgusting

  93. Malena Prak

    Malena PrakKun oldin

    Someone needs to slap some sense into Sean😂😂😂

  94. Stephanie Whiteside

    Stephanie WhitesideKun oldin


  95. nyleese castro

    nyleese castroKun oldin

    this needs to be a netflix series

  96. Huzain Muhammad Zakir Mamad

    Huzain Muhammad Zakir MamadKun oldin

    Fifth Harmony Legends

  97. Summer Baxman

    Summer BaxmanKun oldin

    A team

  98. Lil_ Knightfire

    Lil_ KnightfireKun oldin

    When I saw Ben playing the Guitar UZgo mp3:😂😂😂😂😂😂