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Dancing On Duty!

Dancing On Duty!

2 kun oldin

Kuzma Pours In 36 PTS!
LBJ Dazzles In Dallas!
  1. James A.

    James A.9 soat oldin

    We never seen this man talk about his performance after the game because LA didn't invest in him enough, but I never expected him to sound like Terrance Howard lol

  2. BKnudsen5

    BKnudsen59 soat oldin

    These bars are giving me chills 🥶

  3. Mike B

    Mike B9 soat oldin

    9:23 Tatum Fires an air ball. I didn’t know we have a new definition of an air ball?

  4. im2hastyle

    im2hastyle9 soat oldin

    Man I miss watching this guy play!! The most flamboyant and exciting player to watch play. I stopped watching basketball after the 50 list came out. He should have been top 15 imo.

  5. C. B.

    C. B.9 soat oldin

    Slow night those plays are garbage.

  6. Alvarado68

    Alvarado689 soat oldin

    Here is the opening day video from the Amway Center

  7. Eric Madsen

    Eric Madsen9 soat oldin

    Go nuggets! Even our bench is solid

  8. Alvarado68

    Alvarado689 soat oldin

    Here is the opening day video from Amway Center for the Orlando Magic in HD

  9. Brandon Hassler

    Brandon Hassler9 soat oldin

    Jazz got robbed

  10. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name9 soat oldin

    Lebron choked that last 3

  11. Taylor Allen

    Taylor Allen9 soat oldin


  12. m

    m9 soat oldin

    derozan baptized dat NlGGAahh

  13. Jachin Langley

    Jachin Langley9 soat oldin

    that guy has some awesome moves.

  14. WO0 yEAHHH

    WO0 yEAHHH9 soat oldin

    99 percent of those people in the crowd are bandwagoners 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. nicolas soriano

    nicolas soriano9 soat oldin

    road to 9-73 just kidding

  16. Ricardo Netzahual

    Ricardo Netzahual9 soat oldin

    Nuggets cheated

  17. WO0 yEAHHH

    WO0 yEAHHH9 soat oldin

    Mavs are overrated

  18. Airtight Imprint

    Airtight Imprint9 soat oldin

    pussy ass refs. fuck these assholes.

  19. Azad Rasul

    Azad Rasul9 soat oldin

    So is Zion still the best player on the team?

  20. Randy Thong

    Randy Thong9 soat oldin

    Javale has a lot of highlights XD

  21. John dela cruz

    John dela cruz9 soat oldin

    Orlando magic seems so exhausted here..lose their energy from 1 point win over the lakers..

  22. riyan azhar

    riyan azhar9 soat oldin

    Any player less than Jordan would have been called for pushing off.

  23. BigGriff_42

    BigGriff_429 soat oldin

    Where tf did steven go

  24. Ivette Colon

    Ivette Colon9 soat oldin

    He going to fight pacquiao

  25. Lewis Oscar Fotografía

    Lewis Oscar Fotografía9 soat oldin

    Any Spanish speakers here ?? . . . Suscríbete a mi canal entonces 😇

  26. joTHOman 1hun

    joTHOman 1hun9 soat oldin

    Curry,Curry,Curry! That's all folks

  27. Samuel Sosa

    Samuel Sosa9 soat oldin

    Lebron loses to the magic Kawhi smoked the magic.... GETTEM SKIIIIIIIP

  28. SpazTheGamer

    SpazTheGamer9 soat oldin

    the first dunk is the best dunk.....

  29. Trevor Stump

    Trevor Stump9 soat oldin

    Malik Monk yams the ball like he's punishing the rim for making him play for the hornets

  30. Marc Zornosa

    Marc Zornosa9 soat oldin

    Ingram keeps on proving that he should be the #1 overall pick. Lol

  31. Phil Leotardo's Ghost

    Phil Leotardo's Ghost9 soat oldin

    F THE KNICKS!!!! Great Job, Suns!!!!

  32. Muhammad Ramadhan

    Muhammad Ramadhan9 soat oldin

    So this is "luka donakitch"??😁😁😁

  33. Ajay Simpson

    Ajay Simpson9 soat oldin


  34. YouTube ZIVOTINJE

    YouTube ZIVOTINJE9 soat oldin

    Go Grizzlies!!!

  35. Alex

    Alex9 soat oldin

    Love what I'm seeing out of my warriors!!! The bench gon be crazy next year 🔥🔥

  36. Oneil Ranes

    Oneil Ranes9 soat oldin

    WTF !! THAT...!!


    CRAIG DURHAM9 soat oldin

    So everyone does the same dunk now...🤔

  38. Anna Margarita Maglasang

    Anna Margarita Maglasang9 soat oldin

    Cry giannis hahaha your so arogant fuck you giannis..

  39. Diommel Dinglasan

    Diommel Dinglasan9 soat oldin

    One of the best scoring machine, D Book 🏀🔥🔥🔥🔥

  40. Martavious Paul

    Martavious Paul9 soat oldin

    That guy had no chance on the Raptors🤦🏽‍♂️

  41. Crillznhc Hkoodsta

    Crillznhc Hkoodsta9 soat oldin


  42. Wyatt Blake

    Wyatt Blake9 soat oldin

    yes sir

  43. MA Madhi

    MA Madhi9 soat oldin

    That's why he is the Goat

  44. Bit Ray

    Bit Ray9 soat oldin


  45. Escobar

    Escobar9 soat oldin

    Who tf growled at 2:47

  46. Bas pisit

    Bas pisit9 soat oldin


  47. Battle Junkie

    Battle Junkie9 soat oldin

    Imagine a Lakers-Pels and Rockets-Thunder 1st rd series. Can't count out the grizz, spurs or blazers tho

  48. SoCal Golf

    SoCal Golf9 soat oldin

    Lonzo should be on the bench jacking up bricks 42 minutes and 5 points.

  49. Mememias dude

    Mememias dude9 soat oldin


  50. OTDA

    OTDA9 soat oldin

    Ja Morant is gonna be an MVP one day, I’m not even a grizz fan dude damn dude, he’s goin off this season

  51. Javaris Smith

    Javaris Smith9 soat oldin

    Lonzo Jrue Ingram Zion Favors

  52. sw11sh

    sw11sh9 soat oldin


  53. 李古夏

    李古夏9 soat oldin


  54. sw11sh

    sw11sh9 soat oldin


  55. Viktor Chuyko

    Viktor Chuyko9 soat oldin

    Nuggets will not pass 1st round of playoffs, even though they make that one. You are not going anywhere anyway.

  56. kita nyu yun??

    kita nyu yun??9 soat oldin

    No trashtalk B.I.👏👏👏👏 keep being humble praying for your career i wish you make the all star voting for this guy everyday solid fan!!!! From L.A. TO NOP

  57. Bill Mason

    Bill Mason9 soat oldin

    All this exaggeration for a kid who didn’t even have the balls to play for 2 years, who lied about an injury, and whined his way out of Philly. Don’t blame the 76ers, this kid had zero value.

  58. Bit Ray

    Bit Ray9 soat oldin


  59. Gee Mello

    Gee Mello9 soat oldin

    Back when draymond was actually an allstar🤣

  60. Eduardo Rincon

    Eduardo Rincon9 soat oldin

    From MLB to NBA? holy shit....! This guy rocks!

  61. Ioannis Damalas

    Ioannis Damalas9 soat oldin

    Really now? Kawhi's dunk is bread and butter every night for Giannis. And no2 easilly better than no1

  62. Jeremiah Bonner

    Jeremiah Bonner9 soat oldin

    I'm crying

  63. DialeKt

    DialeKt9 soat oldin

    So no one is talking about him twerking to a female song? Y'all niggas gay

  64. no future at all

    no future at all9 soat oldin

    The accuracy of Rubio's pass, man! He should throw his shots like passes so he can shoot better.

  65. Judson Carlos

    Judson Carlos9 soat oldin

    N. Q1 is n. 2

  66. Jared

    Jared9 soat oldin

    Best announcer, high energy, love it every time.

  67. kendrick santiago

    kendrick santiago9 soat oldin

    Wait untill Zion is back 😯😯😯

  68. Cool Kid

    Cool Kid9 soat oldin

    If you block Giannis, you should be higher. also Ingram should be higher


    GURU DA GR8EST OVERALL9 soat oldin


  70. LA Victa

    LA Victa9 soat oldin

    Klay: I'm back! Jokic: so what?

  71. Ethan Enochs

    Ethan Enochs9 soat oldin

    They should’ve had zo on Mitchell to be honest he would of been able to slow him down and at least put some pressure on him

  72. Moncler Supreme

    Moncler Supreme9 soat oldin


  73. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview9 soat oldin

    @0:12 My man breaking it down!

  74. Jay

    Jay9 soat oldin

    whats the music for the first speech???? someone pleaseee tell mee

  75. Jayvee Cruz

    Jayvee Cruz9 soat oldin

    ball,moore,ingram,zion,favors solid lineup

  76. dos versace

    dos versace9 soat oldin

    Had to show those other clowns in LA how you’re SUPPOSED to deal with Orlando.

  77. kendrick santiago

    kendrick santiago9 soat oldin

    Pelicans man will be scary!!

  78. Scott Curtis

    Scott Curtis9 soat oldin

    Well shit. You ruined our streak. No Mitchell. Holy crap can that guy keep that team alive.

  79. TG

    TG9 soat oldin

    Should have kept BI and Zo smh

  80. Grandma with 10k subscribers

    Grandma with 10k subscribers9 soat oldin

    I love me some Los Angles Magic

  81. Lachlan Munro

    Lachlan Munro10 soat oldin

    They did him dirty with the song 😭

  82. Александр Ковалев

    Александр Ковалев10 soat oldin


  83. CONRACE rfyd

    CONRACE rfyd10 soat oldin

    Shemett missed that dunk!!!! It would be awesome!!!

  84. Richard Agadjanian

    Richard Agadjanian10 soat oldin

    Mitchell > Ingram tho. The Jazz weren’t playing their usual good defense. That’s what cost them the game.

  85. Mr. Hanz

    Mr. Hanz10 soat oldin

    Lonzo what now?

  86. F. Heights & The High Flyers Society Official Page

    F. Heights & The High Flyers Society Official Page10 soat oldin

    How they go to OT down 1 wit .2 seconds on the clock?? Lol that's weird

  87. Raj Ramos

    Raj Ramos10 soat oldin

    Hahaha lebron and dwight

  88. ATLtru

    ATLtru10 soat oldin

    imagine if anthony davis played tonight. 💪

  89. KOTJ412

    KOTJ41210 soat oldin

    1996 definitely was the best draft class ever behind 1984 draft class imo.

  90. Ja and Poy

    Ja and Poy10 soat oldin

    Celtics fans: Kyrie cant beat this club is a loser Walker cant best this club,well its just a game . 🤦🏻‍♂️

  91. DDazzle

    DDazzle10 soat oldin

    Get Zion outta NOLA lol. BI a star!!!

  92. BLACK Kennedy

    BLACK Kennedy10 soat oldin


  93. Hawaiian Made

    Hawaiian Made10 soat oldin

    I can’t believe the Nuggets almost lost to the worst team in the NBA! That would’ve been embarrassing! 😰

  94. カッティーパッティー

    カッティーパッティー10 soat oldin

    it's cool

  95. Potato Zack

    Potato Zack10 soat oldin

    Pause for an awkward KB face 7:34

  96. Rata Paga

    Rata Paga10 soat oldin

    Hayward needs go and Brad

  97. Monkey Boss

    Monkey Boss10 soat oldin

    sup guys I made a earrape version of jingle hoops and it sounds beautiful

  98. Infinity 1

    Infinity 110 soat oldin

    And the media says ben simmons is better than BI lmfao

  99. Eric John Licuanan

    Eric John Licuanan10 soat oldin

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  100. Elizabeth Narcise

    Elizabeth Narcise10 soat oldin

    Kyle:we are not losing tonight Terence Davis:I AGREE Everyone else in the raptors Ok I will just score like 80 three pointers