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  1. A w31rd 0dd p3r50n.

    A w31rd 0dd p3r50n.2 daqiqa oldin

    I have a cracked, used s8 rn, pretty good NGL, got it for free from my sister. I'm still using it as my daily driver, pretty good NGL.


    SHOT BY MANNE5 daqiqa oldin

    What if you open the door and shoot from the inside out ?

  3. org4ngrinder

    org4ngrinder9 daqiqa oldin

    Maybe the green screws have a tamperproof coating?

  4. It’s Matt

    It’s Matt9 daqiqa oldin

    Bro why :(

  5. Glen Joseph

    Glen Joseph17 daqiqa oldin

    In my opinion, frankly, the grey part of the battery looks like a chocolate bar in grey colour

  6. AZRubs

    AZRubs17 daqiqa oldin

    Jerry: shooting guns at expensive car Me: that’s a nice Tacoma back there...

  7. Fararii King

    Fararii King18 daqiqa oldin

    Death by chocolate

  8. Progz

    Progz21 daqiqa oldin

    How about a drop test?

  9. Red Hawthorns

    Red Hawthorns24 daqiqa oldin

    Perfect, now ill never get out if i was in a flood, locked in my car!

  10. Michael Danquah

    Michael Danquah25 daqiqa oldin

    this is what they do before they sell stuff on eBay

  11. Honda Land

    Honda Land28 daqiqa oldin

    Great video! I do feel like the audio is a bit low as I had to cup my Galaxy Note 8 to be able to hear it better on full volume.

  12. F5yl1ne

    F5yl1ne30 daqiqa oldin

    Is he his catch phrase “glass is glass and glass breaks.”?

  13. Sheik K

    Sheik K31 daqiqa oldin

    I ❤️ mi

  14. Tre

    Tre32 daqiqa oldin

    Try a 50 Cal.. It’ll go right through

  15. Jacob Seder

    Jacob Seder33 daqiqa oldin

    If any is reading this I need help. I cracked my back glass on my Google pixel 3 and I live in Georgia I have been doing research and no one will replace it for me so if anyone know a place please tell me👌👍

  16. Deleter0011

    Deleter001137 daqiqa oldin

    WTF did i judt listened to?!! Jerry, you are awesome!

  17. Rebecca Johnston

    Rebecca Johnston37 daqiqa oldin

    In the long run it’s not durable enough for like daily use in my opinion- and would break quite easily- like what good is a crunchy hinge that works but the screen doesn’t? Then you would just be stuck with the back screen

  18. PeaceTV Sylhet

    PeaceTV Sylhet44 daqiqa oldin

    My dream to drive a tesla but its not possible for me coz I'm poor enough for fulfill my dream

  19. Reeen Freer

    Reeen Freer45 daqiqa oldin

    Nobody: P Le 4: I X

  20. Typical R & GD

    Typical R & GD47 daqiqa oldin

    2:26 😂


    TITAN TECH51 daqiqa oldin

    4:54 top kek I laughed to hard at that

  22. Emily Sousa Gonçalves

    Emily Sousa Gonçalves51 daqiqa oldin

    “This phone lasted longer than the IPad Pro” drop dead lol🤣🤣🤣

  23. Kyrim YT

    Kyrim YT53 daqiqa oldin

    I’m a huge Nintendo switch fan, and this made me cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  24. Cade Rutz

    Cade Rutz56 daqiqa oldin

    atleast we can all agree he did not indeed kill himself

  25. sadé v

    sadé vSoat oldin

    It’s like a reverse “How it’s Made”

  26. Stinky Chsman

    Stinky ChsmanSoat oldin

    Get outta here with yo nazi ass 9mm

  27. Jameson McMullen

    Jameson McMullenSoat oldin

    I don’t get this guy he breaks everything expensive.

  28. Joy King

    Joy KingSoat oldin

    Самый акуратный способ вскрытия телефона 😂

  29. ryan bunce

    ryan bunceSoat oldin

    Yes I can see the car in the thumbnail, Thanks

  30. lilchrissy08976

    lilchrissy08976Soat oldin

    Am I the only one who is watching this as if it were a horror movie?

  31. TigerD

    TigerDSoat oldin

    Ya already know what imma get....that’s right a bullet proof Tesla

  32. Clive Lobo

    Clive LoboSoat oldin

    "Epstein didn't killed himself" did a whole lot of digging

  33. UnitaryTag

    UnitaryTagSoat oldin

    8:50 who’s gonna shoot a phone

  34. Jerry

    JerrySoat oldin

    Surprise! It's not a Samsung so he doesn't like it.

  35. Kim TaeHyung

    Kim TaeHyungSoat oldin

    When you realize that if you fold it to many times it will get weak and break seems like a waste of money

  36. Osbaldo Portillo

    Osbaldo PortilloSoat oldin

    Watching on my personal OnePlus 7 pro 😅

  37. Nigboi Jimmy

    Nigboi JimmySoat oldin

    Android ZTE Nintendo HD-Dsi XL S+ MAX PRO

  38. Carolina Daniela Lemus Vidal

    Carolina Daniela Lemus VidalSoat oldin


  39. Wesley Kropf

    Wesley KropfSoat oldin

    If you think it is to expensive than get AppleCare

  40. Jazper Ruedas

    Jazper RuedasSoat oldin

    Pls wear gloves next tiem

  41. jesse kasy

    jesse kasySoat oldin

    dont ever drive a truck that is manual hella gay

  42. Srt8SaltyBoi

    Srt8SaltyBoiSoat oldin

    Hey Zach! You should do a dirt test on these mechanical camera devices. Pour some dirt all over it like you did the Galaxy fold and see how it functions

  43. Walt McGill

    Walt McGillSoat oldin

    I am genuinely going to buy that case now lol he did a good job of promoting it

  44. Lotus

    Lotus2 soat oldin

    I came here to find out how to replace the charging port to be told im out of luck, what part do I have to replace to put in a new charging port?

  45. Zach Durocher

    Zach Durocher2 soat oldin

    I edited this comment even though it had no replies

  46. Zach Durocher

    Zach Durocher2 soat oldin

    Are you sure this is the new one? I had an iPod and this looks exactly the same

  47. Zach Durocher

    Zach Durocher2 soat oldin

    Uh oh new apple product Except they already had an iPod

  48. Master Punisher-12

    Master Punisher-122 soat oldin

    What happened to your wife's legs? I ask politely if I offended you sorry and if you already mentioned it and you don't want to do it again I understand you friend

  49. MacGamerX

    MacGamerX2 soat oldin

    You should make the pull tab sound for 10 hours

  50. Joshua Shelton

    Joshua Shelton2 soat oldin

    Are you going to do a break down of the new razr? Looks interesting

  51. Gamerguy666

    Gamerguy6662 soat oldin

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I’ll like my own comment cuz no one else will.

  52. ElSirSikarius

    ElSirSikarius2 soat oldin

    i just destroyed my Xiaomi redmi note 7 pro.... :"(

  53. Louko GD

    Louko GD2 soat oldin

    Nem pra ter dado pra mim :(

  54. kaiizzz the goat

    kaiizzz the goat2 soat oldin

    I had oatmeal 😂😂😂

  55. Vinh Ha

    Vinh Ha2 soat oldin

    I love that Taco...

  56. IM SCAR

    IM SCAR2 soat oldin

    Zelda? Is that the symbol

  57. Sabrina Ahmad

    Sabrina Ahmad2 soat oldin

    fail not worth any money

  58. sp .2x

    sp .2x2 soat oldin

    Bald face Bald guy destroys stuff, I LOVE IT ‼️

  59. Ink Spinel

    Ink Spinel2 soat oldin

    This is painful-

  60. A Guy Stuck In The US

    A Guy Stuck In The US2 soat oldin

    Damn right he didn't.

  61. Alex Bartlett

    Alex Bartlett2 soat oldin

    Mmm yes political views 4:54

  62. M4RC3L0 , FR4NC1SC0

    M4RC3L0 , FR4NC1SC02 soat oldin

    Destructor of phones

  63. That Hurt

    That Hurt2 soat oldin

    $300 USD? IM SOLD

  64. Martin

    Martin2 soat oldin

    What if your pet is underneath and refuses to leave the spot. She gets stuck in the elevator lol

  65. Christine Chiappetta

    Christine Chiappetta2 soat oldin


  66. Dan Cipos

    Dan Cipos2 soat oldin

    Funny that i got a 1plus ad before the video

  67. jonyb4

    jonyb42 soat oldin

    "I've added some weights" 9mm fmj rounds... lmao

  68. ф Pineapple ф

    ф Pineapple ф2 soat oldin

    Never trust Jerry with a gun.........

  69. Bryan Flores

    Bryan Flores2 soat oldin

    It’s a cocoon he says

  70. alprazolam1mgs

    alprazolam1mgs2 soat oldin

    This video puts a huge smile on my face!

  71. Katelin Alpaca

    Katelin Alpaca3 soat oldin

    But what’s the freaking point of having a folding phone.

  72. Jason

    Jason3 soat oldin

    Rip in the chat boys

  73. David Yam

    David Yam3 soat oldin

    Its 12 lbs the bar is 12 lbs there should be a label warning on it.

  74. Tommy Becker

    Tommy Becker3 soat oldin

    I've got 2 phones. One with a thin spigen case and the other with a dbrand skin

  75. Victor Alfonso Zazueta

    Victor Alfonso Zazueta3 soat oldin

    Does opening the phone ruin the ip68 protection?

  76. Soccer Skillz YT

    Soccer Skillz YT3 soat oldin

    Imagine having enough money to shoot a Tesla

  77. holyhelo5speak

    holyhelo5speak3 soat oldin

    Thanks Jerr Bear, went out and bought the new airpod pro's thanks to your glowing review!

  78. Sumeet Dube

    Sumeet Dube3 soat oldin

    Thanos will snap half of the ipad

  79. Donald Burton Jr

    Donald Burton Jr3 soat oldin

    You. Are. The. Man.

  80. Obsolence

    Obsolence3 soat oldin

    4:52 that is all

  81. TheSauceDeity

    TheSauceDeity3 soat oldin

    Pretty sure no one is gonna think "Yo let me light my switch on fire and torture it with a box cutter"

  82. The Cooler Kids

    The Cooler Kids3 soat oldin

    I ate an  for breakfast

  83. LAURENW30

    LAURENW303 soat oldin

    You probably have so many earbuds and chargers just sitting around your house lol

  84. daguyofrandom

    daguyofrandom3 soat oldin

    normal humans interacting with new phones: *uses hand and carefully uses it* Jerry interacting with new phones: *pulls out razer*

  85. [MLP]Trainbrony23CH

    [MLP]Trainbrony23CH3 soat oldin

    7:29 I'm watching this Video with the Nokia 2.2 in Switzerland.

  86. Lucio Ieger

    Lucio Ieger3 soat oldin

    Don't destroy more of that please because you are troing money to the trash

  87. Junaid Alam

    Junaid Alam3 soat oldin

    can you please stop saying 'like a little lego' in every video? very annoying!

  88. Roller Gamer

    Roller Gamer3 soat oldin

    6:35 *_A tablet the size of a piece of paper folds like a piece of paper_* -Jerry

  89. Boon Shane

    Boon Shane3 soat oldin

    Thank you, did this in 15min. Probably will start repairing others for some side cash lol

  90. Bobby G.

    Bobby G.4 soat oldin

    You’d think that a guy who has taken apart hundreds of phones would know how to use battery release pull tabs correctly.

  91. Simone u

    Simone u4 soat oldin

    Completely unrelated... He's fine!!! I wanna rub that bald head! 😏😏

  92. alprazolam1mgs

    alprazolam1mgs4 soat oldin

    I've been told govt officials are protected by a glass specially made for them under secret. Secret formula I guess you could say since it's easier than ever to reverse engineer things now a days. Please if I'm wrong someone correct me..non rudely though lol

  93. Cierha rasasane 83

    Cierha rasasane 834 soat oldin

    They tried to be like apple with the box and everything

  94. Otavio Vieira

    Otavio Vieira4 soat oldin

    Zelda s symbol

  95. xd Riott

    xd Riott4 soat oldin

    One of my long screws ain’t coming iut

  96. alprazolam1mgs

    alprazolam1mgs4 soat oldin

    I'd wanna touch the glass too. But only if I got a super cute green band aid too!

  97. Irish Dancer Katie

    Irish Dancer Katie4 soat oldin

    Im getting the s8 for Christmas 🎄

  98. Avery Playz

    Avery Playz4 soat oldin

    I have a red one oof

  99. Avery Playz

    Avery Playz4 soat oldin

    Lol I had it before it cam out lol


    GH_SQUAD ALPHA4 soat oldin

    Nah I’m sure somebody sent bullets to a Tesla before lol good video famo