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My Struggles With OCD
Hickey Horror Story
My Dad Was A War Hero
Worst Prom Date Ever
Living with ADHD
  1. Depression Devil

    Depression Devil2 daqiqa oldin

    everyone hates me, so probably I would cut myself anyway. 😢😭

  2. Fried Peyton

    Fried Peyton4 daqiqa oldin

    Teacher : I have hiv 🥺 The Girl With an A in that class : 😦

  3. Janair Chester

    Janair Chester6 daqiqa oldin

    7 written Gelb dials hi

  4. comics fan

    comics fan7 daqiqa oldin

    Hi, My daughter is 5 years old and is in Kindergarten. She was in early intervention from age 1-3 for speech delays. She is showing signs of stuttering. We had her school evaluate her expressive and receptive language skills. We got the report back today which showed she is moderately disfluent (1%) in several key areas on multiple assessments. My wife and I are overwhelmed because we have a team meeting Monday. Were anticipating the school will recommend a 504 plan not an IEP (with speech and language services) because shes doing so well academically. We dont want to wait for her to fail academically before she gets the speech and language services she needs. Can you please give me some guidance around what my wife and i could advocate for on Mondays meeting? Im also curious if my dyslexic diagnosis could be impacting my daughter's speech issues. Are the two connected?

  5. Zoey Ray Dela Cruz

    Zoey Ray Dela Cruz12 daqiqa oldin

    I feel you gurl.

  6. sunil mishra

    sunil mishra15 daqiqa oldin

    I am very happy that your better now 🙂

  7. Meiyi Zhong

    Meiyi Zhong20 daqiqa oldin

    Me too! 😠😠😡😡😤😤😣😣🙎🙍🙎🙍👹👹👹👎👎👎 but I'm only 10!! I can't

  8. Shadow Ninja

    Shadow Ninja21 daqiqa oldin

    How come the brother had to move how come the sister couldn't have left the house and lived somewhere else?

  9. Lucianna Fiess

    Lucianna Fiess23 daqiqa oldin

    Poor girl😥bless her soul😇💞🤗

  10. Plushbrothers2516

    Plushbrothers251624 daqiqa oldin

    The same thing happened to my dad and me

  11. Sunflower Studios

    Sunflower Studios25 daqiqa oldin


  12. the salty Alcoholic

    the salty Alcoholic25 daqiqa oldin

    Her crying has me bursting into tears

  13. DontshipBendyCuphead

    DontshipBendyCuphead26 daqiqa oldin

    “I’m really glad I pulled it off” Yeah, but now your parents can see his video.

  14. Lucy Rodriguez

    Lucy Rodriguez27 daqiqa oldin

    One kid at my school told me I was to Mexican to be smart. And then I got honor roll🤣

  15. Yguerrero :3

    Yguerrero :329 daqiqa oldin

    I have a goth friend bye her name is alisa

  16. クリスマスの時期!Christmas_chan

    クリスマスの時期!Christmas_chan30 daqiqa oldin

    This should be class fight-melanie Martinez (just saying)

  17. Piper Johnson

    Piper Johnson30 daqiqa oldin


  18. Android 278

    Android 27831 daqiqa oldin

    ola :v

  19. haleigh trejo

    haleigh trejo32 daqiqa oldin

    I have ADHD too and I feel ur pain btw I'm 11 and I have take pills as well I'm girl I feel ur pain sister

  20. Dhruv PlayeZ

    Dhruv PlayeZ32 daqiqa oldin

    she sounded soooo young

  21. Lucy Rodriguez

    Lucy Rodriguez32 daqiqa oldin

    I saw a Muslim girl at my school and she was really nice and I thought her scarf was cool

  22. Kaitlyn Penrod

    Kaitlyn Penrod32 daqiqa oldin

    well i’m sneaking out tonight anyways

  23. Lxrii uwu

    Lxrii uwu32 daqiqa oldin

    90%: she reminds me of violet from the Incredibles 9%: about the actual video 1%: me

  24. Obdulia Hernandez

    Obdulia Hernandez34 daqiqa oldin

    Dimes are in my house but more Money for me i guess

  25. Juliet Rose

    Juliet Rose39 daqiqa oldin


  26. Eun Ae channel

    Eun Ae channel40 daqiqa oldin

    I was really crying watching this video😢😢

  27. Aiko Hikari

    Aiko Hikari41 daqiqa oldin

    Why the heck does she go to the movies??

  28. Random Gurl

    Random Gurl42 daqiqa oldin

    Wow she can speak 11 languages 😂😂😂

  29. Thiago Barrera

    Thiago Barrera44 daqiqa oldin

    I'm a left hander

  30. Ranz Dav

    Ranz Dav46 daqiqa oldin

    They should śue them

  31. Sydney Haner

    Sydney Haner53 daqiqa oldin

    I have OCD and I struggle with it to. I have the same thing to like the even things but mine is with my feet mouth ears and eyes. And shoulders. So like I make bubbles in my mouth. And you know like in side walks? I tell my self only 2 steps per side walk square and in my parents room there are shadows and some are darker and I need to step in each one. I used to have to jump up with both my feet touching each other and then landing perfectly with out making a mistake or I would have to start over. At 1 point it was really bad but now I can control it better. I see what you mean by if you don’t do it you will be punished bc I feel like that bc if u don’t do it, I feel tingly on the inside. I also hate it so much when ppl who don’t have OCD think they have it and are like,” OMG I AM SO OCD!” It just makes me mad bc they don’t rlly know how hard it could be.

  32. Johnnycool Fan101

    Johnnycool Fan10157 daqiqa oldin

    Damn,when she cried I felt that. Like,that happened when my dad was in the hospital for the 9th f-fricking time(he a sick boi I know)and this time we(my fam and I,mostly mom)were

  33. Callieb123

    Callieb12357 daqiqa oldin

    Storybooth: Real stories that actually make sense My Story Animated: *I REALIZED THAT MY DOG WAS MY DAD AND HE GAVE BIRTH TO A PYTHON!*

  34. Diane Agnello

    Diane Agnello57 daqiqa oldin

    No joke !!

  35. Awesome Owen

    Awesome Owen58 daqiqa oldin

    Kid: im getting bullied School: k Kid: has hood up School: ahahahaha dieieie


    ARIANNA DJAN58 daqiqa oldin

    But she's cute I used to be scared of my skin color but now I'm now in 5th grade and I'm proud of myself

  37. no.mp4 シ

    no.mp4 シ59 daqiqa oldin

    this story sounds racist

  38. no mercy

    no mercy59 daqiqa oldin

    Does she know that hamsters have to live together or else they're gonna die sooner? Her mom should have known that too.

  39. SplosionAnimations

    SplosionAnimationsSoat oldin

    Storybooth: real stories Other Stories: my cousin gave birth to my mom

  40. Paul Kavanaugh

    Paul KavanaughSoat oldin

    I can really relate because I also have IBS and I know how hard it can be to Have it . So let's all so some support Like if you support this poor girl❤️

  41. the salty Alcoholic

    the salty AlcoholicSoat oldin

    13 in 5th grade

  42. Holiday Cookie

    Holiday CookieSoat oldin

    My baby brother had long hair and he he had it in a bun and everyone called him a girl and thought he was a girl people outside but now he got a new hair cut

  43. the salty Alcoholic

    the salty AlcoholicSoat oldin


  44. Sock Listic

    Sock ListicSoat oldin

    That’s a women

  45. Arturo Medellin

    Arturo MedellinSoat oldin

    how many times she said like

  46. child of cheesus

    child of cheesusSoat oldin

    I like how storybooth has actual people instead of other channels where it’s a creation of a team of artists.

  47. april lillian

    april lillianSoat oldin

    I'm exactly like this and it stresses me out so much. This began in kindergarten. I also have ADHD so things aren't that easy. I truly believe I have this but I don't know how to tell someone.

  48. wolfy 2609

    wolfy 2609Soat oldin

    Gay is retarded

  49. Logic Defined and Stuff

    Logic Defined and StuffSoat oldin

    I have OCD about bad audio quality... *DIE*

  50. cherry cola

    cherry colaSoat oldin

    I have ODC. It started 1 year ago and I hate it.

  51. Mr Jungkookiestolemyhearteu

    Mr JungkookiestolemyhearteuSoat oldin

    I got rejected yesterday and that asshole told everyone in the damn skl and I go to a British skl so here comes hate and roasts and bullying and harassing...😩😩😩😩

  52. hewji kaijo

    hewji kaijoSoat oldin

    "i'm listening to her saying "don't freak out", i freak out anyway" _same_

  53. Mzimazisi Connie Ndlovu

    Mzimazisi Connie NdlovuSoat oldin

    If u learn about holocaust or WWII u will understand this sad story 😔

  54. Jazz And Liz

    Jazz And LizSoat oldin

    My both siblings went to alternative school. Do not judge me 😤

  55. Grayson Plays Games

    Grayson Plays GamesSoat oldin

    This happens to me but im a boy with long hair lol!

  56. Yanping Wu

    Yanping WuSoat oldin

    0:15 USA=Germany

  57. Francisco Ramos

    Francisco RamosSoat oldin

    Don't worry about that cause I have anger issues

  58. julia potato

    julia potatoSoat oldin

    I tried to attempt suicide and my parrents think I'm ok and it's normal

  59. Roblox Represents: Final Noobs

    Roblox Represents: Final NoobsSoat oldin

    How is it that storybooth actually has real stories and other story channels are fake stories with ridicolously fake titles?

  60. peachyotter

    peachyotterSoat oldin

    but literally, i have to even things out with my left and rights!

  61. Sophia Burruel

    Sophia BurruelSoat oldin

    Song: ARE YOU READY?!? Daphne: NOPE Me: bruhhh

  62. Ab Buonocore

    Ab BuonocoreSoat oldin


  63. Peachy Toons

    Peachy ToonsSoat oldin

    *Something call video tape*

  64. Bandit

    BanditSoat oldin

    I may have mild OCD then hmmm

  65. Omz Crisp

    Omz CrispSoat oldin

    This is horrible, absolutley horrible. What has life come to? Where anyone can just feel free to do what they want? This is absolutely unacceptable and I hope that the girl has received the help and support that she needs. That man is going to rot forever in hell for what he's done! If you have ever had any experience like this and not told anyone, there are people out there who can help you and make you feel safe.

  66. Dat OG Boi

    Dat OG BoiSoat oldin

    The guy with the beard: USA 🇺🇸 The narrator: Japan 🇯🇵

  67. Peachy Toons

    Peachy ToonsSoat oldin

    I love Jessie vee

  68. C0oldoggie Boi

    C0oldoggie BoiSoat oldin

    Don’t worry I’m German and people are racist to me but I just basted up them

  69. may jailer

    may jailerSoat oldin

    the scariest thing about the story was the weird background noise

  70. popcorn hehe

    popcorn heheSoat oldin


  71. Sophia Burruel

    Sophia BurruelSoat oldin

    Hi my name is Sophia and I’m short to! So whatever people tell you don’t believe it!

  72. Random User

    Random UserSoat oldin

    I have OCD, it isn't as bad as things but when I see things crooked or out of place in a store and just walk past it I will have a mental breakdown and I will go back and hour later to fix it. Everything has to be perfect for me. It's very annoying.

  73. Monsicorn

    MonsicornSoat oldin

    Hah-Vi-Ee. Adorable

  74. Peachy Toons

    Peachy ToonsSoat oldin

    I Head if you say a name 3 times you can get pinned DAPHNE DAPHNE DAPHNE

  75. Brandon Crader

    Brandon CraderSoat oldin


  76. Rain Rain

    Rain RainSoat oldin

    I think i might have ocd, theres something in my head that constantly tells me to check behind me, and do it over and over again, its hard; for example im sitting on a sofa, and I need to check behind me more than 10 times even if i dont want to. Also check every room, open and close the wardrobe doors and check inside to see if theres something new in there, when I know there isnt. It's tiring, but i can't stop it. I also feel like if somebody heard my thoughts, its really weird. I also have to scroll the comments down and up and Like everything, or ill feel wrong.

  77. Alani Davidson

    Alani DavidsonSoat oldin

    My dad was never in my life and he recently got a dui and got arrested and is now asking ME to give HIM the money

  78. Saro Swra

    Saro SwraSoat oldin

    Omg ya I’m like that

  79. Jose Cruz

    Jose CruzSoat oldin

    Shes such a crybaby

  80. coolcube artic

    coolcube articSoat oldin

    This girl sounds like eileen

  81. KookieLoverIsQuaking

    KookieLoverIsQuakingSoat oldin


  82. Gacha Roko

    Gacha RokoSoat oldin

    I have a bit of a ocd not counting blinks but the thoughts and not the hands but only the thoughts

  83. ItsNino

    ItsNinoSoat oldin

    I have OCD too! I count my steps and always say This has to be perfect!

  84. Shxne

    ShxneSoat oldin

    Israel isint a country Palestine is

  85. Adomas Vainila

    Adomas Vainila2 soat oldin

    if shes bling how can she WATCH A DAMN MOVIE?! 2:20

  86. RobloxGirl

    RobloxGirl2 soat oldin

    OCD isn't just about this too. OCD is thinking of bad thoughts like 'what if my family member dies'? And you have to suffer that thought all day in school whilst your sibling(s) call you stupid..

  87. [Cookïes and Potato]

    [Cookïes and Potato]2 soat oldin

    How many did they say sexist.

  88. DemonicX

    DemonicX2 soat oldin

    Storybooth: sweet real story’s that I can relate to Other story channels: my barf is actually my brother! Me to storybooth: omg this story is beautiful Me to other story channels: AAAK KILL IT!

  89. wolf 99

    wolf 992 soat oldin

    🧢 😀 🧥 👖 👟👟

  90. Harmofria

    Harmofria2 soat oldin

    I’m sad now.

  91. science about everything

    science about everything2 soat oldin

    Well i feel emberresh with i dont think the rigt thing Or think something wrong But what ever that why i dont think thinks i want to think


    NXL GAMER2 soat oldin

    I thought she said she didn't have a brother

  93. Boris Bilic

    Boris Bilic2 soat oldin

    Ok veri nice👌🇷🇺👌🇷🇺👌🇷🇺👌🇷🇺👌🇷🇺👌🇷🇺👌🇷🇺👌🇷🇺👌🇷🇺👌🇷🇺👌🇷🇺👌🇷🇺

  94. Bryan Kuriger

    Bryan Kuriger2 soat oldin

    f**k you

  95. Miri Hughes

    Miri Hughes2 soat oldin

    I used to do that never new it was OCD 😂

  96. AlphaDragon

    AlphaDragon2 soat oldin

    Pulling Someone's Hijab's off is basically like pulling down their pants and underwear. Don't ever do it. It's violating.

  97. Nugget

    Nugget2 soat oldin

    0:58 I have a great feeling that was gta V

  98. XxSolar LaurenXx

    XxSolar LaurenXx2 soat oldin


  99. Debora V

    Debora V2 soat oldin

    This is how many times she said the word “Like” | | \/

  100. Shrek is my fav anime Lol

    Shrek is my fav anime Lol2 soat oldin

    I shaved my eyebrows -why did you do that- I don’t know