Welcome to the official UZgo channel of ODESZA, a Seattle-based production duo consisting of Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches. 'A Moment Apart,' out September 8th, 2017.
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ODESZA - Loyal
Making: Coachella


2 yil oldin

Making: Meridian

Making: Meridian

2 yil oldin

ODESZA - La Ciudad


2 yil oldin

ODESZA - Intro

ODESZA - Intro

2 yil oldin

ODESZA - Show Me

ODESZA - Show Me

2 yil oldin

ODESZA - Meridian
ODESZA - Live in 360°
ODESZA - Bloom (Live)
  1. Diego Sancho

    Diego Sancho23 daqiqa oldin

    I wasnt dacing until I heard Clairo. Damn

  2. Lu :3

    Lu :328 daqiqa oldin

    Holly this is . Sweet

  3. TheShortestCharles

    TheShortestCharles59 daqiqa oldin

    When you find the song from ODESZA and not the iPhone commercial

  4. Quinton Washington

    Quinton WashingtonSoat oldin

    2016 was such a great year. I come here to reminisce every here and there

  5. twist Oliver

    twist OliverSoat oldin


  6. jj Mac Intire

    jj Mac Intire2 soat oldin

    one of the those groups which ever track is pretty stellar

  7. Anahata Das

    Anahata Das2 soat oldin

    who else hates apple for ruining this song?

  8. abcd efgh

    abcd efgh2 soat oldin

    I have a problem categorizing this song... Can't decide, which playlist deserves it more...

  9. vasilefs 12

    vasilefs 123 soat oldin

    Вы где застряли?

  10. Ashiqur Rahman

    Ashiqur Rahman4 soat oldin

    This is a magical feeling...my days were going in doop mood...this emerge as light💘

  11. KayNvrMind

    KayNvrMind4 soat oldin

    Here after watching Eugene Lee Yang

  12. Prohn

    Prohn6 soat oldin

    FaZe Lad Cod Ghost Montage is how I found this song and ever since I’ve been listening to it...

  13. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu6 soat oldin

    lullaby to the ears

  14. AlexBeToo

    AlexBeToo6 soat oldin

    Everyone: i'm here because of commercial Me: .....i'm here because of UZgo recommendations (-_-)

  15. Caleb Groncki

    Caleb Groncki6 soat oldin


  16. Michael Nishimura

    Michael Nishimura7 soat oldin


  17. Palm Realm

    Palm Realm7 soat oldin

    always love Odesza

  18. Dry Ramen Noodles

    Dry Ramen Noodles8 soat oldin

    6:38-6:58 nice

  19. Juan Sanchez

    Juan Sanchez8 soat oldin


  20. Rylan Threinen

    Rylan Threinen8 soat oldin

    yessssss finalllyyyyy

  21. Timothy Kelly

    Timothy Kelly9 soat oldin

    LOVE IT! Thanks for putting this together for us! MUSIC HEALS!

  22. Lil Leo

    Lil Leo9 soat oldin

    FIFA 15: Avicii - The nights FIFA 16: Kygo - id and Bastille - hanging FIFA 17: Kygo - raging FIFA 18: Odesza - La Ciudad

  23. Wagner Souza

    Wagner Souza9 soat oldin

    Cadê os brs? 🇧🇷🇧🇷❤

  24. Hell War

    Hell War10 soat oldin

    Hey Odessa can I use this for a video

  25. John G

    John G10 soat oldin

    thank you to that one facebook video with guys in the waterpark, with odesza music on the background. i discovered. ODESZA.

  26. John G

    John G11 soat oldin

    can we get this instrumental mix? this is like a remix of kusanagi right

  27. Veiskryd

    Veiskryd11 soat oldin

    What is the song listed as ??? - ??? I can't believe its the one song I went to find the name of and its not there lmao

  28. Dan Burns

    Dan Burns12 soat oldin

    moms is right on

  29. Jason Goodwin

    Jason Goodwin12 soat oldin

    Everybody else: *waits at the press A to start screen* me: *waits to get the McLaren Senna with A Moment Apart playing on Horizon Pulse so I can recreate the “press A to start” screen.*

  30. cello man

    cello man13 soat oldin

    If you are reading this, I want you to know how loved you are. We are all children of the creator, which makes you my brother or sister. Our blood is the same as is our need for love. Remember to love yourself, and remember...as God is in you, love each other. For as the divine enters you it shines out like a prism for all to see. So today, in this hurting world, be a rainbow of love energy for all to see.

  31. Zosia Mała

    Zosia Mała15 soat oldin

    I came here for Odesza only, the music is so great even running time to 2020

  32. Aysha Amira

    Aysha Amira15 soat oldin


  33. Ronny Koman

    Ronny Koman15 soat oldin

    I love this playlist. The first song I downloaded on iTunes after hearing this because I’ve never heard it before. I love that not only did they choose that song they also cropped the best part of it. I don’t know why but it really vibes with me and calms me during this time of crisis. Stay safe everyone. ❤️❤️❤️

  34. DREAMality Weighted Blankets

    DREAMality Weighted Blankets16 soat oldin


  35. Crunchy N0S

    Crunchy N0S17 soat oldin

    rocking this in 2020😣 damn I'm old

  36. Leanne Blance

    Leanne Blance19 soat oldin

    Me: playing music

  37. Maria R.

    Maria R.19 soat oldin

    Eugene Lee Yang

  38. afutla qian

    afutla qian19 soat oldin

    Who else loves odesza?

  39. Cathia GARBE

    Cathia GARBE21 soat oldin

    Sublime ❤❤❤

  40. Fragile As Glass

    Fragile As Glass22 soat oldin

    I hope one day you guys release the full version of your song HANDS ON ME ft BANKS <3 Many fans would ADORE it.

  41. Kevin Sterling

    Kevin Sterling23 soat oldin

    A new Odesza album hits different when you’re in quarantine 🧡

  42. Mubarak Yahaya

    Mubarak Yahaya23 soat oldin


  43. Slobo P

    Slobo PKun oldin


  44. IG michaelrmcf

    IG michaelrmcfKun oldin


  45. WB 3

    WB 3Kun oldin


  46. A Bred Crum

    A Bred CrumKun oldin

    Played this in my Prius... Became a Senna

  47. Bobby Flowers

    Bobby FlowersKun oldin

    How are these guys not popular?

  48. Arctic Night

    Arctic NightKun oldin

    Some people press "F" But we press "A"

  49. mohammed Almarakby

    mohammed AlmarakbyKun oldin

    I am in love with the intro <3

  50. Ultimate Prankster productions

    Ultimate Prankster productionsKun oldin

    This song makes me feel like I have the best iPhone in the world

  51. Daniel Mínguez

    Daniel MínguezKun oldin

    this is so inspiring and extremetely beautiful, it is art in its most pure expression, I fell in love and can't help it

  52. J COFF

    J COFFKun oldin


  53. happygoth100

    happygoth100Kun oldin

    *Forza Horizon 4 cinematics pop up* Press A to begin.

  54. Myra Kaster

    Myra KasterKun oldin

    I love Odesza and the community of the people who listen to them. We're so kind and uplifting. The music really gets rid of our concerns and puts us in such a peaceful state of mind where we don't have to worry about being anyone. Love you guys!

  55. jj Mac Intire

    jj Mac IntireKun oldin

    alone is much better A lone

  56. Renz Luyao

    Renz LuyaoKun oldin

    deym creativity


    IHNSTSIKun oldin

    Нашел в миксе музыку, и так запала, что узнал название трека, лайк за творчество способное вдохновлять , жить

  58. Rula mah

    Rula mahKun oldin


  59. Somebody

    SomebodyKun oldin

    I used to listen to this song a lot in 2018 but then I forgot about it and I finally found it again🥺 I am so happy💞💞💞 it will always have a special place in my heart, such a beautiful song

  60. Giada Canale

    Giada CanaleKun oldin


  61. Iron J

    Iron JKun oldin

    I wish it were my job To make everyone happy I’d walk out on that bitch In a minute like “I quit”

  62. N Tatu

    N TatuKun oldin

    I'm looking for a song called 'Estes' Heard it last year 2019. Anyone heard about it?

  63. Blake Grice

    Blake GriceKun oldin

    I don't know why but this intro hits deep.

  64. Rio Roche

    Rio RocheKun oldin

    Too good

  65. Pablo Freshcobar

    Pablo FreshcobarKun oldin

    Anyone 2020?

  66. misolou fout

    misolou foutKun oldin

    Elixir by Tourist was one of faves of 2019. Good shit ODESZA!

  67. aa77killa

    aa77killaKun oldin

    Odesza + Flume would be something to behold.

  68. Hazardousxd

    HazardousxdKun oldin

    Это просто шедевр.

  69. Haroon Captures

    Haroon CapturesKun oldin

    Best parts are 9:00 and 36:30. Best songs!!!

  70. Rizky Maulana

    Rizky MaulanaKun oldin

    I'm here because of Daniel Ricciardo..

  71. xavrb20

    xavrb20Kun oldin

    What a selection

  72. Gang Cheng

    Gang ChengKun oldin

    This reminds me of Eugene lee Yang's coming out video that had me in tears.

  73. Andry Lisi

    Andry Lisi2 kun oldin

    <3 <3 <3

  74. Zidlee Seager

    Zidlee Seager2 kun oldin

    This song is on Forza Horizon four on pules


    PLAYERONE2 kun oldin

    Perfection as usual

  76. Bobbywaterboy Boucher

    Bobbywaterboy Boucher2 kun oldin

    Peace and love to the world as were going through this dark time as covid-19 spreads across the world but remember. Everybody falls down, all the way down You just gotta hold on tight You gotta get up, gotta get up Gonna make it through this time Everybody falls down, all the way down You just gotta hold on tight You gotta get up, gotta get up Gonna make it through this time. Stay safe everybody.

  77. Jbasilio5

    Jbasilio52 kun oldin

    2020 anyone?

  78. Hussling

    Hussling2 kun oldin

    This song makes me want to go buy roses and drive for 4 hours to a very special girls house and see what happens

  79. Yuki Gersaniba

    Yuki Gersaniba2 kun oldin

    1:56 the Forza Horizon 4 theme begins and it ends when the video ends (ends at 3:54).

  80. Lukas Karsulis

    Lukas Karsulis2 kun oldin

    HOW could you make so many good sounds in just 2017, you are genius!

  81. Gabriel Mireles

    Gabriel Mireles2 kun oldin

    ¿Hay algo que no hagan bien? 🙌🏻

  82. Chrafty Bridges

    Chrafty Bridges2 kun oldin

    Just hit all the right notes for this moment in time... thanks fellas

  83. Warren Louw

    Warren Louw2 kun oldin

    OMG, I have been waiting for this day! You are tapping into the sound gods here.

  84. Colored Castle FR

    Colored Castle FR2 kun oldin

    really amazzzzzzzzzzzzinnnnng

  85. Vrushali Khadilkar

    Vrushali Khadilkar2 kun oldin

    Came from Instagram

  86. Sophia Vijay

    Sophia Vijay2 kun oldin

    Even though the best line for me "I love you,I love you most,More now"

  87. Sophia Vijay

    Sophia Vijay2 kun oldin


  88. Haven Jenkins

    Haven Jenkins2 kun oldin

    0:33 and 1:34

  89. ObzTicle

    ObzTicle2 kun oldin

    This sounds so much another song, but I cant put my finger on it. The vocals. Sound so similar

  90. Vanessa Vanessa

    Vanessa Vanessa2 kun oldin

    Eventually! I've waited so much! I thought you would record nothing. My day has become better! Your music will never get boring. <3

  91. ObzTicle

    ObzTicle2 kun oldin

    0:40 The mirror isnt edited in the correct time

  92. Spiros Mousouris

    Spiros Mousouris2 kun oldin

    truly amazing

  93. Force

    Force2 kun oldin

    3:33 ❤

  94. Mohan Jangid

    Mohan Jangid2 kun oldin

    @1:45 jai wolf

  95. Cho Yuen Feng

    Cho Yuen Feng2 kun oldin

    Admit it Your here from forza 4

  96. Moxa Hu

    Moxa Hu2 kun oldin


  97. zhanna alseitova

    zhanna alseitova2 kun oldin

    hello apple)))))))))))

  98. Mitch Lally

    Mitch Lally2 kun oldin

    Thank you for sharing RJD2 to the world. Such an underrated artist..

  99. Lisa Ru

    Lisa Ru2 kun oldin

    I love it

  100. James Ballard

    James Ballard2 kun oldin