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True Facts: Stinkhorns
Dogs In Therapy

Dogs In Therapy

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Cats In Therapy
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Sad Dog Diary

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Dealing with Rejection
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Songs About Us

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Thank You

Thank You

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228 Bees

228 Bees

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Hack To Power, Brian


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The Tongue Show

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On Leaving

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  1. Omar Martinez

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    *Tryphobia enters the chat*

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    This makes me wonder why people study biology. It also makes me want to study biology! Ugh disgusting, yet interesting, what are these aliens on Earth!

  3. Mila Mila

    Mila MilaDaqiqa oldin

    I like his voice but ew

  4. Bad Company

    Bad Company4 daqiqa oldin

    So that is how Adam Schiff came to be, hmmmmm.

  5. 💚Tweek Tweak💚

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    Remember when this used to be in everyone's reccomend years ago XD?

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    Love you to pieces!!!! Thank the gods the rumor is false that you passed away

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    That's disgusting. Also why would you cut those open? That's cruel.

  10. Jed Rivera

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    Elsa can fuck off tbh

  11. RJ Mooose

    RJ Mooose10 daqiqa oldin

    If one of these got a little freaky with a shrimp, bam. Now you got a clown boxer of the sea.

  12. MrAudienceMember

    MrAudienceMember13 daqiqa oldin

    Came for the dog therapy, stayed for the ad.

  13. Al Thomas

    Al Thomas15 daqiqa oldin

    "A pen is useful" I see what you did there.

  14. Billie Eilish

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    The thumbnail literally gave me Trypophobia😔😂

  15. Cash Browning

    Cash Browning16 daqiqa oldin

    like a hung over nurse i love it


    SARITA BROWN16 daqiqa oldin

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    Uncontrollable vomitting ensues.


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    Amazing, thank you

  21. machinegun

    machinegun21 daqiqa oldin

    I will like to point out to everyone here that those fungi with white body (stem) and green head (cap), and that obviously look like a penis... well, biologist decided to give it the appropriate name of _Phallus impudicuts._ Yes, it is what you think it means, "unchaste penis."

  22. Outathis World

    Outathis World23 daqiqa oldin

    Looks like a God damn penis 1:36

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    3:00 So Stunohrons are fungus knockoff Flowers?

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    Never heard of a stink horn Ironically there are no horns here

  29. encchick2

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    In that way that the best science is often a long, slow, passive aggressive argument. Bwahahahahaha

  30. License to Chill

    License to Chill42 daqiqa oldin

    If Alien Isolation taught me anything. Don't fuck with fungi

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    Why does Teddy's story make me feel so sad!...

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    encchick244 daqiqa oldin

    Oh! Also, Gleba was Emma's first word on Friends.

  33. encchick2

    encchick246 daqiqa oldin

    A person with a sinus infection put an M80 in his nostril. Oh. My. God.

  34. Gina Chen

    Gina Chen47 daqiqa oldin

    Yes, Jerry. A pen is useful... This is amazing and horrifying at the same time. Still not as scarring as the Ducks though.

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    Ditidinyena DAHT Lyric for defealrt dance

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    I'm so glad that after years of growing up with zefrank that he continues to make my life better with his videos. long live our youtube God!!!!

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    Great giveaway for IPHONE 11! You can win many awards too easily! More in the video miniurl.pw/UEvh

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    Video: I’m a video for little kids. Doctor: “now teddy is on drugs” me: man this video is super appropriate for kids

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    In China,Bamboo fungus are traditional and precious food,which wear the beautiful white dress.

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  70. AdrenAline

    AdrenAlineSoat oldin

    Phallus impudicus (shameless penis) At the egg stage, pieces of the inner layer (the receptaculum) can be cut out with a knife and eaten raw. They are crisp and crunchy with an attractive radishy taste. The fungus is enjoyed and eaten in France and parts of Germany, where it may be sold fresh or pickled and used in sausages. Similar species are consumed in China. (Wikipedia) ...delectable

  71. FluorescentLightBeauty

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    Ew so gross and mushrooms are fungus. XP

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    We have some of these in our yard. I thought they were some form of bizarre amanita muscaria. They have purple-brown caps which don't last long, and mauve-pinkish shafts. Its nice to finally know what they are. We also have squat little puffballs, death angels, and - morels! In West Texas!

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    Not a Fan2 soat oldin

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