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The official home for Kitchen Nightmares on UZgo. Weekly clips from the show in which struggling restaurants receives the Gordon Ramsay treatment.
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  1. Desmond Etika Amofah

    Desmond Etika Amofah20 soat oldin

    I have a PIzza oven

  2. Wutzmyname Mike

    Wutzmyname Mike20 soat oldin

    I love this episode. Just so pleased he loved her food!!! I'm actually crying!!! LOL

  3. Daniel Jones

    Daniel Jones20 soat oldin

    Pat AKA Moral Support Manager lol

  4. Haru oops

    Haru oops20 soat oldin

    Gordon: can I have food? Waitress: no, sorry we don’t have food.

  5. Goon10ajz

    Goon10ajz20 soat oldin

    Loooooool that Sara girl is a bitch!! 😂

  6. dan r

    dan r20 soat oldin

    Carpet looks like 1000 buffalo's walked on it hahahahahaha

  7. matt oliver

    matt oliver20 soat oldin

    When your boss tells you to make apple pie with no apples and no oven.

  8. Dimitrov505 Z

    Dimitrov505 Z20 soat oldin

    Scotts fucking scary bro

  9. Massimo O’Neill

    Massimo O’Neill20 soat oldin

    That ‘Australian Meat Pie’ is fake news. They do not look like that.

  10. Kevin Worley

    Kevin Worley20 soat oldin

    2:01 haha

  11. Karl Limon

    Karl Limon20 soat oldin

    I love the waitress. ✌️😅

  12. Buff Karen

    Buff Karen20 soat oldin

    Gordon: Walks to bathroom Owner: *man I just love him hahah*

  13. Devon Shirley

    Devon Shirley20 soat oldin

    oh lord I hate the people that pander to Gordon, they’ll stick with something for years and as soon as Gordon shows up, people are all over him agreeing with him and telling him they’ve been saying the same stuff

  14. netweed09

    netweed0920 soat oldin

    2:10 ahahaha the symphonic changes of the new dawn as Mr Krabs finds his new groove looool

  15. [GD]S h a d o w

    [GD]S h a d o w20 soat oldin

    0:07 I'm sorry but stop being a peeper

  16. Matt Urbaniak

    Matt Urbaniak20 soat oldin

    I hope he fucks his wife

  17. Matt Urbaniak

    Matt Urbaniak20 soat oldin

    I love how all these women serve Ramsey, nothing like a powerful man with hens

  18. Aadi J

    Aadi J20 soat oldin

    gordon is pathetic . seen his own burger tutorial . and it was the same size as this may be bigger and he is complaining about it. never seen an arrogant cry baby in my life like this old fart.

  19. maria a

    maria a20 soat oldin

    These people are not capable of operating a successful establishment. Rita, herein, even threatens to "kill" the waitress for suggesting Chef order Ravioli.

  20. Cuck Lord

    Cuck Lord20 soat oldin

    These chefs are delusional

  21. James Bond 007

    James Bond 00720 soat oldin

    Gordon to the Husband. You did good . Say what ?. Wait til she opens her mouth 🤪😵

  22. DeadRex Gaming

    DeadRex Gaming20 soat oldin

    “Full turn around, 360” well, no

  23. James Bond 007

    James Bond 00720 soat oldin


  24. Xyno on 60fps

    Xyno on 60fps20 soat oldin

    Nobody: Not even a single person: NOT EVEN A SINGLE ATOM: Gordon: *eats pizza with a fork*

  25. Kermit_Shooter

    Kermit_Shooter20 soat oldin

    1:07 **_When you are 50 years old, you had enough for your 60 year old wife but still wankie off her 15 year old self_** Follow me on Insta at @exonicpayday.

  26. Paul Lambert

    Paul Lambert20 soat oldin

    Even these worst pizzas look much better than the crap we get in Sweden.

  27. Tang Tong

    Tang Tong20 soat oldin

    This is the episode where Gordon talked the least in

  28. What About the Groid Attack on the Whities?

    What About the Groid Attack on the Whities?20 soat oldin

    What kind of freak would recommend the special to the customer? The nerve on some people I tell ya.

  29. School Stinks Butt

    School Stinks Butt20 soat oldin

    I love Ramsay

  30. Ima DaughterofZion

    Ima DaughterofZion20 soat oldin


  31. Stephanie Melendez

    Stephanie Melendez20 soat oldin

    School pizza is better🤣

  32. FEZ Originals

    FEZ Originals20 soat oldin

    I like how the chef says the only reason that Ramsey didn't like the pizza was that he's had better stuff

  33. Sub Zero

    Sub Zero20 soat oldin

    I hate these owners. Fucking trash drug dealers!!!!

  34. Alastair S

    Alastair S20 soat oldin

    that guy that took the knife and fork really wanted to meet Gordon

  35. Creamed Gelato

    Creamed Gelato20 soat oldin

    Gordon's Forehead looks like the sand dunes of the Sahara

  36. Erik Koz

    Erik Koz20 soat oldin

    That guy at 1:56 Has to react like that cuz the wife is with him, but he wants to see more😂😂

  37. eega100

    eega10020 soat oldin

    This is Gordy at his most honest..fair play to him..that guy was a dick

  38. Erik Koz

    Erik Koz21 soat oldin

    I think i saw this...isnt that the crazy broad that bellydances?? My God that was funny

  39. Daddy Dank

    Daddy Dank21 soat oldin

    Go back to the kitchen 😂

  40. Tina Creekmore

    Tina Creekmore21 soat oldin

    Why the owner of a restaurant that spent thousands of dollars to open a restaurant not hire a chef that knows how to cook? Stupid dumb ass people that don't do the research. And I'm am trying to be respectful. 👎👎 So many people are clueless.

  41. Dimitrov505 Z

    Dimitrov505 Z21 soat oldin

    Lol he's just chilling

  42. VK Sharma

    VK Sharma21 soat oldin

    Fuck you

  43. Sky Howler

    Sky Howler21 soat oldin

    The background music along with Gordons swearing is just 👌🏼❤

  44. Brad Long

    Brad Long21 soat oldin

    So, you see, that's where the terrible began. That smile. That damned smile.

  45. Jane Villarez

    Jane Villarez21 soat oldin

    When chef ramsay says to the man Hey it was dead and the man said Nah i think there just sleeping😂😂😂✌🏻 Hahaha what the fuck man😂😂😂😂

  46. Cool Kid

    Cool Kid21 soat oldin

    Grim reaper smile

  47. Erec

    Erec21 soat oldin

    So u call Ramsay for help but u dont want to let him taste ravioli special... great start

  48. dan r

    dan r21 soat oldin

    I mean the man is a world class chef cooked for prime ministers he knows gourmet to street food... so these shows are obviously gonna get him to be like man this is all made wrong I wish they actually gave a little bit of oomph on the dishes knowing it was gonna be video taped and this master chef was gonna come in... the mac and cheese look like that instant crap powder cheese and milk and nuke it... the calamari is seafood so whether its fried most people wont tell the difference they'll just eat it like French fries so but he can and the burger wa so filled with the sauce cheese and looked like grilled sauteed onions if he ordered it medium it looked rare af... I mean they "bomb burgered" all 3 dishes dam... Does the show people give the restaurant a heads up b4 hand saying hey Ramsey wants to come and try to put ur restaurant on the map or let it go bankrupt is it ok if we come by in a few weeks and that time period go and make ur shop a little better I know with staff and rent and services u still dont have that much free time to make a whole lot of changes but u cant just let ur shit suck balls like this either ... Ramsey is a family man I kinda respect him in fairness his language is pretty nasty however that said that fierce manning up and working hard cuz managing a restaurant especially if u wanna make it succeed is hard af... say goodbye to doing what u want or having set planned days off cuz u werk 6 or 7 days week 52 weeks the yr but he at least tells you the TRUTH... idk I feel these owners should make some changes I agree with Gordo on this 1

  49. WoofiX _

    WoofiX _21 soat oldin

    When you get an ad about pizza

  50. esemkakru

    esemkakru21 soat oldin

    Chef Ramsay do You like Bigos?

  51. Christian Cecil

    Christian Cecil21 soat oldin

    Did anyone else see the water coming off the plate she was serving at 2:46 ??

  52. Caliburn13

    Caliburn1321 soat oldin

    5:17 The ribs don't actually look that bad but the sauce and preparation of the meat was just unforgivable.

  53. WonderWhaz

    WonderWhaz21 soat oldin

    I think Gordon is just a food snob. That's all. Hey ya fucking limey bastard, I'll eat that food! Ain't you from England where food is always atrocious? Burger looks great actually and that meat pie...por favor..put it on my plate! What a waste of food, because Mr. Gordon is used to eating 5 star dining in insanely expensive restaurants, ya know? The kind of restaurants that elitists eat at. Move over Gordy, I'm hungry. I'll eat that burger ya limey puss!

  54. cobrarsz1

    cobrarsz121 soat oldin

    That was a belly flop!!!

  55. ryeinc

    ryeinc21 soat oldin

    B U S S S S S B O I

  56. Jag5tarZ

    Jag5tarZ21 soat oldin

    What's wrong with this channel????!!!! The lack of NINNNOOOO!!!!

  57. Enver

    Enver21 soat oldin

    Being Australian that looks like a seriously messed up “meat pie”

  58. Silent Detective

    Silent Detective21 soat oldin

    "You stuck-up precious little bitch." Even I got hurted by that

  59. Lord Night Villain

    Lord Night Villain21 soat oldin

    "We have seafood ravioli special." Then her smile is just freaking fantastic when she gets confronted.

  60. Moura - -

    Moura - -21 soat oldin

    Dog food in the fridge? That's the fish bag. IT'S *_WHAT?_*

  61. RolosReviews

    RolosReviews21 soat oldin

    13:01 “attacked by cats” 😂

  62. S

    S21 soat oldin

    That look of concern at the end.

  63. Ray Smith

    Ray Smith21 soat oldin

    How do I get in contact with him so he can come to my job? And WHAT THE FUCK IS SEAFOOD RAVIOLI?

  64. Jerry Beans Man

    Jerry Beans Man21 soat oldin

    Anyone know Sarah's IG, for erm... research purposes.

  65. Wot Huh

    Wot Huh21 soat oldin

    Sarah seems cool

  66. Pika Poo

    Pika Poo21 soat oldin

    The parents are decendants of Karen.

  67. Luke E

    Luke E21 soat oldin

    That pizza must have about 8000 calories, easy, probably 10000

  68. OpiatedBliss

    OpiatedBliss21 soat oldin

    90% of the entertainment of an episode is watching Ramsay suffer the horrible cooking

  69. McMurray How're ya now

    McMurray How're ya now21 soat oldin

    The waitress and the skinny sister , I d take em both on dates

  70. DJdevil319

    DJdevil31921 soat oldin


  71. Dinder Mufflin

    Dinder Mufflin21 soat oldin

    Honestly, that looks good to me for some reason.

  72. Undead-Cloud

    Undead-Cloud21 soat oldin

    Lemme drive the bus

  73. Sarim Nadeem

    Sarim Nadeem21 soat oldin

    The waitress is a big mood

  74. Sub Zero

    Sub Zero21 soat oldin

    Yeah let's use wallpaper that will make our customers dizzy while they eat.

  75. RendelSX

    RendelSX21 soat oldin

    How has a fedora guy 250k

  76. SuperMalle12

    SuperMalle1221 soat oldin

    Gordon just try to help. Idiots..........Big time.

  77. Nolan

    Nolan21 soat oldin

    That smile hides too many secrets

  78. netweed09

    netweed0921 soat oldin

    So the usual restaurant drill: inspect masonry and furnishings, comments on tabletop fabrics, assess dust levels and decide on whether a token crucifixion of a restaurant staff member is necessary for the day

  79. Anonymous

    Anonymous21 soat oldin

    I swear every kitchen nightmares has the same comments

  80. Davidsmith smith

    Davidsmith smith21 soat oldin

    "Im From UHHHHHH .... UHHHHHH UHHHHHH...... " Hahahah fake italian.

  81. CryingCat

    CryingCat21 soat oldin

    Even Gordon Ramsey couldn’t resist black mommas cooking

  82. Adam AMBM

    Adam AMBM21 soat oldin

    Aren't big, rare hamburgers a thing in the US though? I always kind of expected to get food like that if I went to America.

  83. Zander Smith

    Zander Smith21 soat oldin

    Im stoned and the title has me crackin up for some reason

  84. JM G

    JM G21 soat oldin

    Pat is the entertainment without knowing

  85. Sub Zero

    Sub Zero21 soat oldin

    The waitress did the right thing. I would recommend the shit to him too so he can fix the issue.

  86. Blake Ebor

    Blake Ebor21 soat oldin

    To sum up the video Gordon Ramsay just says “F me” the whole video. I just saved u so much time

  87. Red Hat Lady

    Red Hat Lady21 soat oldin

    Hahahahaha....Delirious busboy 🤣

  88. Frate Pencil

    Frate Pencil21 soat oldin

    2:34 “I think you need to get back in the kitchen”

  89. Jimy the Duke

    Jimy the Duke21 soat oldin

    Pat is good.... He wears 3 years old child shoes!!!!!!

  90. Hshs Shshsh

    Hshs Shshsh21 soat oldin

    This guy is about trump nino pictures

  91. John Butt

    John Butt21 soat oldin

    I'm Australian and the meat pies that they sell at the school canteen that have been shipped probably from Sydney we're better tasting then that!!!

  92. Alexis Boucher

    Alexis Boucher21 soat oldin

    Ricky: eats faeces Gordon: what was that? Ricky: chocklits

  93. it’s lovely

    it’s lovely21 soat oldin

    0:08 👁👁

  94. Jazziel Garcia

    Jazziel Garcia21 soat oldin

    Pat will look like Zlatan Ibrahimovíc's daddy.

  95. SoFar Gaming

    SoFar Gaming21 soat oldin

    Probably the first time i seed Ramsey Finish his damn plate

  96. POOP POP

    POOP POP21 soat oldin

    Creative minds What minds

  97. TAuNt Moon

    TAuNt Moon21 soat oldin

    I like this guy. Unlike most owners he actually eventually accepted Ramsay's criticism and his restaurant was completely changed. If only more owners were like this

  98. Cabooey

    Cabooey21 soat oldin

    she told him cause she knew that that dogshit dish needed fixing

  99. Today Tomorrow and After

    Today Tomorrow and After21 soat oldin

    IT'z dA EgGplAnT

  100. Ethan Dalton

    Ethan Dalton21 soat oldin

    Lol he's keeping a table top he doesn't need so he can put on it the microwaves he doesn't need