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  1. Con Jordan

    Con JordanKun oldin

    The people insulting Greta Thunberg for being young are the same ones who supposedly hate identity politics - climate change is real and intensifying - we need to transform the fossil fuel industry into renewables if we have a chance to keep warming below 2, 2.5, 3 which are all catastrophes. If you want to listen to grown ups in the room listen to the scientists

  2. CardoMaximvs

    CardoMaximvsKun oldin

    Again this crazy Greta in Davos, well I wanted to in Davos but they didn't give it to me and this juvenile is traveling the world in the first class, screaming in the Senate to Congress, the United Nations, little girl, who pays you the bills, are you going to school, do you have any living parents, ??? You learned the role well, but you can't fool me, not me


    DARYL DIXONKun oldin

    ❤⭐Lemmy kilmister⭐❤ 🤘🏻 💞 🤘🏻

  4. Kelly Pierce

    Kelly PierceKun oldin

    I'm sorry aren't Terf's doing the exact same thing men did to women? Oppressing someone because they didn't win the genetic lottery?



    Lost their jobs.. more like their lives..kangaroo court for sure..

  6. Megan Johnson

    Megan JohnsonKun oldin

    This is so frustrating to watch lol

  7. sprouting wings

    sprouting wingsKun oldin

    5 flights last year, I'm doing my part are you?

  8. Rich Woods

    Rich WoodsKun oldin

    Sounds much like Ali. The difference is Ali was the Greatest.

  9. makrim_829

    makrim_829Kun oldin

    Its not a mistake when you shoot a missile its not easy to shoot plane in the air and you can know a civil plane dont go as fast as a military plane lie more lie

  10. Martin Szymczakowski

    Martin SzymczakowskiKun oldin

    Greta is whining while Trump is WINNING!!! Bravo Donald Trump. How much longer we can listen the brainwashed child? It's not even funny anymore.

  11. Kasia Lee

    Kasia LeeKun oldin

    The Lord was watching over this man......,he is a great saved a lot of people that terrible day ...god bless you...hope you have a speedy wishes

  12. MC Sarah

    MC SarahKun oldin

    Mothers are just as bad. My own mother turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse that I went through with her boyfriend and then when she had to choose she chose him over me and put me into care to rot. Mothers are supposed to protect. How could they allow this to happen. Put them all down but make sure it's slow and painful.

  13. Elsje Massyn

    Elsje MassynKun oldin

    You cant believe a word that snake 🐍 Trump says he is a compulsive liar. He is a hunter and cares nothing for the environment. All he cares about is building another golf ⛳️ course

  14. Jon Slater

    Jon SlaterKun oldin

    All people are equal but some people are more equal than others

  15. Des dren Trooper

    Des dren TrooperKun oldin

    What do we expect from a system that practices all the things forbidden to us-things we would puke at-yet so tantalizingly delectable to hypocrites & perverts that reign supreme...

  16. Michael Mccarthy

    Michael MccarthyKun oldin

    Hahahaha moor chance of plating fog than two lefty femanist who hate wihte working class men hveing civil convasation

  17. Shub99

    Shub99Kun oldin

    Mason is .... all over the place ... like the Labour leadership candidates ... and Labour wont win against Johnson with this lot ... it seems more about internal issues rather than winning an election by appealing to the general population rather than to the choir that contributed to the recent Mason is this discussion ...

  18. Winston Footlong

    Winston FootlongKun oldin

    BBC propaganda. BBC nonces.

  19. Nick O'Rourke

    Nick O'RourkeKun oldin

    I just hope that in the many years that passed, they at least managed to plant the correct model of landing gear for the appropriate plane.

  20. Deborah Briscoe-Graves

    Deborah Briscoe-GravesKun oldin

    He resigned because he was forced to. They wanted Francis in.

  21. Ryan M

    Ryan MKun oldin

    She is the worst listener EVER!

  22. G Man

    G ManKun oldin

    What the Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch happened

  23. Leafeonishere -

    Leafeonishere -Kun oldin

    *anikans betrail plays in the background*

  24. mikelp p

    mikelp pKun oldin

    Climate change is nothing except a massive Global Tax Scam.

  25. Steve Garner

    Steve GarnerKun oldin

    Anyone mention Unionize!?! Atleast in the states

  26. Sweet_little _artist

    Sweet_little _artistKun oldin

    Sounds like a kid slamming the keyboard

  27. Salina Sappora

    Salina SapporaKun oldin

    I have no sympathy for her, don't have kids in a war zone and use your baby as a weapon to get back to the UK! She has no remorse, she can stay where she is!

  28. Jasis J

    Jasis JKun oldin

    The ones that were complicit were are probably the same as Savile

  29. ppurppple

    ppurpppleKun oldin

    just a POS spouting his own rubbish

  30. Luv Life

    Luv LifeKun oldin

    So this report is blaming the girls

  31. Alex O

    Alex OKun oldin

    The Left's paedophilic obsession with Greta is pornographic

  32. Jasip

    JasipKun oldin

    Good that Aleppo now have been liberated 👍🏼

  33. iphone 10

    iphone 10Kun oldin

    Look at her donkey teeth what an ugly slag

  34. valley boy

    valley boyKun oldin

    How did that work out?

  35. Anthony Clegg

    Anthony CleggKun oldin

    He did not clash with her, tell the truth.

  36. Luv Life

    Luv LifeKun oldin

    This report is unbelievable it's so biased against the girls

  37. DennyD Sheffield

    DennyD SheffieldKun oldin

    This is a coup attempt plain and simple and we ain't having it. We are awake now. The swamp critters are fighting back.

  38. John Edward Jones

    John Edward JonesKun oldin

    The Don should be quarantined. He's spread enough TOXICITY WORLDWIDE . Lock him up. Rude nasty, uninformed.

  39. Ben Idoine

    Ben IdoineKun oldin

    Is Cathy Newman still allowed to interview people...? Risky, surely?

  40. jo morken størseth

    jo morken størsethKun oldin

    I slept outside in Falmouth, by the sea. It was a bit scary on stormy nights. I managed to hold down a job in a restaurant for a while. keeping my job clothes at work.

  41. Mark and Cathy Nickerson

    Mark and Cathy NickersonKun oldin

    Suckers taken in by a grifter.

  42. Jayne Robson

    Jayne RobsonKun oldin

    Who's watching this in 2020 hahahahahaha hahahaha fuckoff Corbyn

  43. Dawn the OG

    Dawn the OGKun oldin

    The one who is ridiculous is Meghan's father. What an embarrassment.

  44. mikes5637

    mikes5637Kun oldin

    Never understood why big companies don't equate staff contentment and retention with productivity.

  45. Ayy Lmao

    Ayy LmaoKun oldin

    Cant fucking listen to this feminazi, every time he makes a good point. "Alright here you said this and this"

  46. Mohammad Omar Faruk

    Mohammad Omar FarukKun oldin

    This Rakhain should be free country for rohingyas

  47. Mark

    MarkKun oldin

    Labour are finished, good riddance to the woke marxist scum.

  48. Why Watchme

    Why WatchmeKun oldin

    That kid on left is horrendous

  49. Sam morsa

    Sam morsaKun oldin

    Ninkaan isagu xgee ushaqeyaa waa suaale

  50. Gummy Throne

    Gummy ThroneKun oldin

    Quentin Tarantino seems like a super nice guy as long as you don’t Question everything

  51. Red Peony

    Red PeonyKun oldin

    Is's easy to spot the Astroturf, because it's barely literate!

  52. くん軍事政権

    くん軍事政権Kun oldin

    Thats why india suffers lot!

  53. peter j. f. blackwood-davis

    peter j. f. blackwood-davisKun oldin

    Bring back flogging and hanging for this human filth from the bowels of Islam. Deport this vermin when they exit prison. Tommy Robinson has been trying for 15 years to expose this problem. He was villified, jailed, had death threats, and is now exonerated. Will society and the media recognise that he was right all along.

  54. Chris Jones

    Chris JonesKun oldin

    Prophet of doom,oh yes she is but so are alot of the media,no news today let's make some,whilst China poisons their population with flu to stop them protesting in the streets about other stuff.they are committing genocide by germ war on their own people,anyone else that picks up the bug they say tuff.

  55. Celestial Teapot

    Celestial TeapotKun oldin

    I like Hitler's hair, the way it sweeps across, and that funny moustache, you just think at least it's different, no wha a mean? It's perfectly obvious that no one should be allowed to vote unless they have at least a first or upper second class degree (arts degrees don't count).

  56. Shub99

    Shub99Kun oldin

    Ten minutes in, possibly the worst two to appear on this programme ... how do two cheerleaders for Cummings help provide something of value in answering questions .... the young guy is just trying to win brownie points with the powers that be at No 10 to be let back in ... everything interesting and fascinating in terms of debate but no answers ... waffle ... okay nothing to see here, I'm not wasting time with these two

  57. Joseph Gael

    Joseph GaelKun oldin

    This is so good

  58. Oliver Reynolds

    Oliver ReynoldsKun oldin

    The idea was to gauge ordinary people's attitudes towards the candidates and highlight aspects that politicians and their teams might have neglected, so focus groups are a great idea for that. No point saying 'they're dumb' or 'they only care about appearance' (also don't believe that's true) - they're the majority of voters!

  59. thebeatgoeson 19

    thebeatgoeson 19Kun oldin

    Sounds like labour dont know what they are doing 🤣 I love it, diane abbot for leadership?? Please?? 🤣🤣

  60. k c

    k cKun oldin

    Apparently there are no homeless folk on the streets in Scotland, they have sorted the problem, but in England the problem is increasing. It'll be like America or India soon enough, with a massive forgotten underclass.

  61. Hind-A 20

    Hind-A 20Kun oldin

    You don’t know the whole story idiots this women tourture husband daughter and she died

  62. Kopite4life12

    Kopite4life12Kun oldin

    Sick bastards! The enablers are as bad as the rapists!

  63. AJ 64

    AJ 64Kun oldin

    IAN HOPKINS and GMP should be dressed in Tu Tu 's and made to dance through Manchester they are a disgrace. They would make a real copper puke.

  64. Jacob Sejersbæk Tychsen

    Jacob Sejersbæk TychsenKun oldin

    Jon (John?) Snow calling Aleqa Hammond, Aleqa Salmon 😂

  65. James Smith

    James SmithKun oldin

    Woke lefty comedy isn't funny and it's dead.........

  66. Bignog Slickbog

    Bignog SlickbogKun oldin


  67. m yxcvbnm

    m yxcvbnmKun oldin

    I dont get shes there crying but why didny she take her in..

  68. Wanda Cortés

    Wanda CortésKun oldin

    This interviewer does not seem very knowledgeable.

  69. Pøitre

    PøitreKun oldin

    "Nooo you can't say muh magic plant isn't good reeeee if you do so it's because you don't know it. You can't, you can't reeeeee"

  70. Samuel Coe

    Samuel CoeKun oldin

    So odd this company could afford to be so selective over staff and give rubbish working conditions and pay; I was a manager for a charity which gave relatively good pay, hours and working conditions for staff but we could never recruit anyone! The job was easy too, all you did was take people out for lunch

  71. Jonnie Bangkok

    Jonnie BangkokKun oldin

    This lugen British presstitute would look good on her knees.

  72. Neil the Craig

    Neil the CraigKun oldin

    Why isn’t homelessness declared a crisis in this country? HS2 railway deemed more important than people and their welfare. 😪

  73. Moon Cat

    Moon CatKun oldin

    Only Diane can save Labour!

  74. Callan Smith

    Callan SmithKun oldin

    Jordan: *Says anything* Cathy: *So you're saying...*

  75. David Clapperton

    David ClappertonKun oldin

    Time to see 2 permanent right wing parties who don't share common ground on all policy with each other or the tories and find it impossible to form a coalition with each other let alone remain the government for the full 5 year term. The tories with the joke undemocratic FPTP system always have an unfair advantage in gaining seats over parties to the centre, centre left and left wing with a monopoly of the whole 35% to 45% (depending on the turnout) of voters on the right and centre right evrm though the majority of the electorate always vote against the tories.

  76. Evan O'Shea

    Evan O'SheaKun oldin

    Cathy: “Im saying that 9% pay gap exists, that’s a gap between men and women. I’m not saying WHY it exists, I’m just saying it does. Isn’t that unfair?” Whattttttt? You have to say why things exist, without the why, what is there to be mad about?? Lol that was the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard in an interview

  77. makeitsupersized

    makeitsupersizedKun oldin

    Trump just lies after lie you can't believe anything he says at all and I am American. I can read his lies!

  78. Ahmad The Joker

    Ahmad The JokerKun oldin

    Hezb elshaytan👍🏻

  79. Richard Kirkup

    Richard KirkupKun oldin

    Dianne abbot and Emily thornberry dream team 🤩🤩 for the torys

  80. cary bary

    cary baryKun oldin

    Channel4 needs an ex daily mail editor as their new boss. Get rid off the guardian vibe at channel4

  81. Gerard Foley

    Gerard FoleyKun oldin

    How have they benefited the UK , destroying the future of the UK . Excuses and nothing done. Name the officers who pulled the investigation and why , who else was involved from the top

  82. Michael Richardson

    Michael RichardsonKun oldin

    What a bunch of wankers

  83. Sameoldfitup

    SameoldfitupKun oldin

    The best way for me to describe being homeless goes something like this. "you die everyday."

  84. Progressive Demagogue

    Progressive DemagogueKun oldin

    All the contenders are awful. As a life long Tory and hardcore capitalist I am enjoying watching Labour fail. Brexit is fantastic!

  85. Sdyoyo

    SdyoyoKun oldin

    Sweet home Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch Where the skies are so blue

  86. cary bary

    cary baryKun oldin

    Lefties masquerading as comedians.

  87. Kevin O'Mara

    Kevin O'MaraKun oldin

    Why don't you go and fix "climate change" and leave us the F*&C alone!

  88. Rolla Films

    Rolla FilmsKun oldin

    You need to use a magnifying glass in your community? FFS . If any reasonable person found any indication of this happening they would do more than alert the authorities or have a look at their community. Root them out and deal with them. End of. Resources? What an effen joke. These young women or boys for that matter need justice and assistance period.

  89. aaroninky

    aaroninkyKun oldin

    christ, that focus group. turkeys and christmas doesn't even begin to cover it. have a messy haircut and gain votes? it's time to rethink universal suffrage.

  90. Nurdin Kuehnel

    Nurdin KuehnelKun oldin

    But what if I don't care. And stick to the basics of free speech and do not obey to self-censorship requests and digital slavery?

  91. Alex Effemey

    Alex EffemeyKun oldin

    Why did he have to leave surely council could have helped in some wayv if he needed/wanted help

  92. Alperen 0485

    Alperen 0485Kun oldin

    British India includes Pakistan and Bangladesh, unite

  93. Damien Hunt

    Damien HuntKun oldin

    Can't take this lady seriously since her Peterson interview.

  94. Political Skeptic

    Political SkepticKun oldin

    I’m loosing faith in democracy.

  95. Alperen 0485

    Alperen 0485Kun oldin

    If Pakistan and India we created so that the Indian subcontinent would hate themselves and not Britain

  96. Political Skeptic

    Political SkepticKun oldin

    Good grief.

  97. Rolla Films

    Rolla FilmsKun oldin

    The sentences are a joke.

  98. Hi Hi

    Hi HiKun oldin

    person: *falls asleep on keyboard* town: nice name

  99. John K

    John KKun oldin

    Release them, sounds like they’re being paroled. But in all seriousness, Amazon is an American company, and sets its rules of employment the same in their American based distribution centers. That being understood, the average American worker has very little rights compared to a u.k worker. You can be fired on the spot without notice, and without recourse after the fact in many states. Forming a union is virtually impossible, and the tax rate is very high. If anyone is to blame, it’s the u.k government for allowing companies like amazon to operate outside of local legislation and norms, simply to attract new business to the u.k. Basically amazon can do what it wants because someone makes a lot of money from allowing them to conduct business in the u.k.

  100. Wes Schaapveld

    Wes SchaapveldKun oldin

    This man needs a fucking award!!!! He should never be ashamed he needs to be proud.