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Honest Trailers | Mulan
  1. Michael Woodward

    Michael Woodward5 soat oldin

    Star trek suuuuckssss!

  2. Unkown Figure

    Unkown Figure5 soat oldin

    5:00 Yea the 90’s were weird

  3. Luke Griffith

    Luke Griffith5 soat oldin

    I have this list of movies that I pretend don't exist. They're all sequels, prequels, and adaptations. All post-trilogy Bourne movies are on that list, along with The Hobbit movies. I'm adding this trilogy to that list. Sequel Trilogy VII VIII IX excommunicado now in effect.

  4. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker5 soat oldin

    "Let's moo it?" The decade, the 90s, wasn't on a quest for progress. Disney doesn't need to use songs in movies.

  5. John Irons

    John Irons5 soat oldin

    The First Order are leftist Democrats.

  6. TheJuRK

    TheJuRK6 soat oldin

    After the Last Jedi debacle, I swore off all Star Wars, avoiding Solo and Rise of Skywalker...but I have been entertained by all the videos just blasting these movies. No plan, just virtue signaling. No entertainment, just tearing down everything that made Star Wars enjoyable. Unbelievably bad on every level.

  7. John Irons

    John Irons6 soat oldin

    Your fake data doesn't care about feelings.

  8. mmmaclovin

    mmmaclovin6 soat oldin

    😂😂😂😂😂thank you 😂😂😂😂

  9. Black Vader

    Black Vader6 soat oldin

    Batman Vs Punisher would be cool

  10. Rakin Hassan

    Rakin Hassan6 soat oldin

    wait what? shes imaginary?

  11. Renee George

    Renee George6 soat oldin

    Thank the Force there is Baby Yoda and Mando to save the Star Wars Franchise

  12. FermiGBM1

    FermiGBM16 soat oldin


  13. Jason Mizuno

    Jason Mizuno6 soat oldin

    Black dominated that performance. Super spot on.

  14. whiskeybravo91

    whiskeybravo916 soat oldin

    "a long story, for another time"

  15. Spartacusse

    Spartacusse6 soat oldin

    "Give the remake talk a rest ... 'Cause I'll always, be the, best genie!" - Technically he was right.

  16. fexbio

    fexbio6 soat oldin

    You let your kid watch Man of Steel? You're a bad parent. Because it sucks. The violence, she probably sees worst in the internet.

  17. Bad Hombre

    Bad Hombre6 soat oldin

    Please say ’Do you come from a Land Under’?

  18. TechMeister1993

    TechMeister19936 soat oldin

    Honestly, I liked the rise of skywalker

  19. The Unintentional Wild Card

    The Unintentional Wild Card6 soat oldin

    Please say, "Thor: The Dark World is the best film in the MCU."

  20. fexbio

    fexbio6 soat oldin

    Lois Lane spelling is a running gag trait of the character. Like peeing her pants is for Summer.

  21. Here's Hot Rod

    Here's Hot Rod6 soat oldin

    It took me a while to finish this movie.

  22. big clover

    big clover6 soat oldin


  23. RPS Corp

    RPS Corp6 soat oldin

    without the voice over, the other versions had zero context and soul. sorry, but truth.

  24. fexbio

    fexbio6 soat oldin

    Nicholson still perfect for the film he was in. Yeah, I still like Burton's Batman very much. Also, you put Leto's Joker in the list. Really? The guy with the "damaged" tattoo and golden teeth? Big tip off there, guys. Didn't need to wait for the movie to see this was going down.

  25. fexbio

    fexbio7 soat oldin

    If I had Pffeifer's Catwoman, I'd probably skip a lot of Batman too.

  26. Eliphas Leary

    Eliphas Leary7 soat oldin

    I wish they had listened to Patton Oswalt, his idea was so much better than these three pieces of comercial dadaism.

  27. S Sha

    S Sha7 soat oldin

    Can you please say “help help I’m being repressed!”

  28. Frungi

    Frungi7 soat oldin

    Would totally watch _My Hero Arachnademia_

  29. Ladiesman1447

    Ladiesman14477 soat oldin

    Thankyou for watching white people.

  30. jacksparrowguy

    jacksparrowguy7 soat oldin

    Honest Trailers has officially gone WOKE 🙄 thanks for all the white guilt

  31. Gladiator_ Hulk2017

    Gladiator_ Hulk20177 soat oldin

    Do The Godfather Trilogy since next, next Tuesday is Francis Ford Coppola's birthday!

  32. Spartacusse

    Spartacusse7 soat oldin

    There were many good honest trailers after this, but they never topped this one.

  33. Devin Carter

    Devin Carter7 soat oldin

    wheres my babu frick love

  34. Alex Cooper

    Alex Cooper7 soat oldin

    This show was awesome. Clearly a close second to Batman: TAS.

  35. TurboTime

    TurboTime7 soat oldin

    If I was given a penny everytime Logan coughed, I'd be a millionaire.

  36. Sheree Hi

    Sheree Hi7 soat oldin

    Omg now I wanna see Under The Sea band play 3:40

  37. Kaminator EpicGamer

    Kaminator EpicGamer7 soat oldin

    The movie was good! Stop showing hate to these kinds of movies. THEY TRIED THEIR BEST

  38. Lu2kool4U

    Lu2kool4U7 soat oldin

    Say, “I was told to say this.”

  39. K Ham

    K Ham7 soat oldin

    The Rise of Skywalker made the Solo movie Citizen Kane by comparison.

  40. Jovany Marquez

    Jovany Marquez7 soat oldin

    Lol Poe was a Latino space drug dealer Disney is soo creative I have never seen that before

  41. Kaminator EpicGamer

    Kaminator EpicGamer7 soat oldin

    Please do Star Trek Beyond please!!!

  42. Tom Johnston

    Tom Johnston7 soat oldin

    Can't believe you didn't mention the most important scene - the return of Wedge !!! I've waited three films for this :-)

  43. That TyHigh

    That TyHigh7 soat oldin

    Wait if that place was only women how where they born

  44. MLG The Webslinger101HD TV TM

    MLG The Webslinger101HD TV TM7 soat oldin

    Screen Junkies chill out with life man like damn

  45. MLG The Webslinger101HD TV TM

    MLG The Webslinger101HD TV TM7 soat oldin

    Damn bro you really hate Eminem

  46. Dr.Blast__27

    Dr.Blast__277 soat oldin

    Surpise disney didnt take it down

  47. Flow meadows

    Flow meadows7 soat oldin

    "I am....INEVITABLE/ALL THE SITH" "And I... am IRON MAN/ ALL THE JEDI" Really???? Really Disney??

  48. karvel films

    karvel films7 soat oldin

    Venom can't activate Spider-Man's spider sense. So.....

  49. oof yeah

    oof yeah7 soat oldin

    please do mean girls

  50. Frank Thomas

    Frank Thomas7 soat oldin

    At least it’s over...

  51. Nanda Syah

    Nanda Syah7 soat oldin

    that obadiah refference scene in Iron man was clever ! lol :D

  52. Scott Bros

    Scott Bros8 soat oldin

    The new R O B O might be a 🐈 but isn't a w o m a n.,.. Next time , next time

  53. Samuel Crosby

    Samuel Crosby8 soat oldin

    Honest Trailers starring the Master Chief

  54. Naturalbadger 52

    Naturalbadger 528 soat oldin

    Say “it’s over anakin, I have the high ground” and also say “this is where the fun begins”

  55. Lane Bristow

    Lane Bristow8 soat oldin

    Well, at least Wedge Antilles got 2.38 seconds of screen time...

  56. Lance Uyking

    Lance Uyking8 soat oldin

    I know it's an old show, but please do SONS OF ANARCHY!!! In quarantine right now and watching this on Netflix is really helping us calm down.

  57. yes I did die today thank you for noticing

    yes I did die today thank you for noticing8 soat oldin

    "Toothless!" *chokes on will to live*

  58. xro1983

    xro19838 soat oldin

    What a disaster

  59. Rodney Riebling

    Rodney Riebling8 soat oldin

    Hahahaha that's good...but you did not explain one thing bro. What happened to the original movie script...

  60. Chad Vader

    Chad Vader8 soat oldin

    Say: Stop! Don't touch me there. This is my no no square.

  61. Connor McKeen

    Connor McKeen8 soat oldin

    the jokes are just brutal man

  62. Craig Noneman

    Craig Noneman8 soat oldin

    Seriously so many concerts

  63. C.J. Buchanan

    C.J. Buchanan8 soat oldin

    This movies still awesome!

  64. Rasean Davonte Johnson

    Rasean Davonte Johnson8 soat oldin

    Do Outbreak!!!! The time is now!!!

  65. McMan Boy

    McMan Boy8 soat oldin

    What’s the real song about the feet called?

  66. P.A. Romanov, the first

    P.A. Romanov, the first8 soat oldin

    Please say: I can shoot a Reichsmark coin from sidecar machine gun, Ja!

  67. Voltavie

    Voltavie8 soat oldin

    PLEASE please for the love of CHRIST and all that is HOLY, PLEASE do an Honest Trailers on Netflix's Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. It's BEGGING to be given the Honest Trailer treatment!!!

  68. Mimsie Trapps

    Mimsie Trapps8 soat oldin

    This movie rips off Ferngully more than the other flicks.

  69. A Bill

    A Bill8 soat oldin

    sounds like abunch of ex wifes

  70. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies8 soat oldin

    I will never ever see this movie. Is it possible for Daisy Ridley to close her mouth ?

  71. Voltron Defender

    Voltron Defender8 soat oldin

    Dong off for the win. 4:35 when we getting that movie?

  72. what up

    what up8 soat oldin

    Actually I think that this movie was a disapointment. An incredible cast, directing and cinematography wasted on bad writting that gives the mistery away and with it the reason to care about anything in the story. The point of watching a murder mistery is to find out who's the murder, but if you take that way in the begining why should anyone keep watching it? Whats the point?

  73. James Bond

    James Bond8 soat oldin

    Mulan has the best songs of all Disney movies.

  74. Rodger Murphy

    Rodger Murphy8 soat oldin

    Man this one is gold!

  75. Mac Wade

    Mac Wade8 soat oldin

    I loved Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

  76. Nadia Rocha-Sersanti

    Nadia Rocha-Sersanti8 soat oldin

    There actually is a love triangle in the next books...

  77. Nicholas Lazala

    Nicholas Lazala9 soat oldin

    Does anyone else agree we should just forget this trilogy ever happened? Let's do what Disney did to the expanded universe and uncanonize this in our minds.

  78. Nini Davis

    Nini Davis9 soat oldin

    LOL !!

  79. A Bill

    A Bill9 soat oldin

    "aim at the ground and turn it on " you must work for B.P.

  80. Victor Huertas

    Victor Huertas9 soat oldin

    JJ H to Daisy R....oh don't worry about the script. it all about the reveal face baby!

  81. Umair Khan

    Umair Khan9 soat oldin

    minus killing zod and this would be the best superman film ever

  82. Benjamin Shamel

    Benjamin Shamel9 soat oldin

    Haven't seen it yet, kind of glad I haven't lol. Honestly, I hated The Last Jedi when it first came out, but later I realized that it was a subversion of the entire series, and I kinda liked Johnson's take on that. I guess it grew on me. Now, I don't know if it was a good or bad choice to completely subvert the ending of the subversive movie, but they did apparently. This series now has absolutely no consistency. It's like Johnson knew there wasn't enough material to make a third movie, so he essentially "bailed" on the series and made his movie more "final" than it ended up being. Now I realize they had some pretty interesting themes and ideas to go off of at the end of TLJ, but they couldn't even do THAT!!! What a mess. Maybe now I should just end the series at TLJ and call it done lol

  83. Tim Duffy

    Tim Duffy9 soat oldin

    excellent recap, nice work

  84. divyansh panwari

    divyansh panwari9 soat oldin

    I don't understand, why the rise of Skywalker didn't get a better roast from screen junkies in comparison to the transformers roasts

  85. Sw1zT1m3

    Sw1zT1m39 soat oldin

    So much TRUTH!!!

  86. Reafux

    Reafux9 soat oldin

    "add to my watchlist" is too relatable 😂

  87. Damian

    Damian9 soat oldin tuesday comment.

  88. Your Name Here

    Your Name Here9 soat oldin

    Do Eight legged freaks

  89. Nadezhda Dimitrova

    Nadezhda Dimitrova9 soat oldin

    You are right! Really loved it!

  90. Daniel Schechter

    Daniel Schechter9 soat oldin

    "Punch the shark! Vin Diesel would have punched the shark!" Hilarious!

  91. Mary Petrie

    Mary Petrie9 soat oldin

    Yes, best Joker ever, yes the actor who played one my childhood heroes also played the a character that gave me nightmare how screwed up is that.

  92. Count Discalcula

    Count Discalcula9 soat oldin

    Stat wars sucks i used to love it my kid does not like it now i guess he gets my vibes

  93. JoeDaFivefoota

    JoeDaFivefoota10 soat oldin

    You guys have to do Star Trek:Picard... It is soooo bad 🤣🤣🤣

  94. Chyswar

    Chyswar10 soat oldin


  95. Anime Music Video

    Anime Music Video10 soat oldin

    do predestnation

  96. Anime Music Video

    Anime Music Video10 soat oldin

    do predestanation

  97. Anime Music Video

    Anime Music Video10 soat oldin

    do predestanation

  98. Jeff McArthur

    Jeff McArthur10 soat oldin

    'Member all those terrible series in the '90s? The predictable ones with every cliche and stereotype you can imagine? They're back! And we've thrown more money at it so you don't notice how bad it is!

  99. Joe Compton

    Joe Compton10 soat oldin

    Do bloodsport !!!

  100. Rus Grach

    Rus Grach10 soat oldin

    Honest trailers about House MD when?