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Honest Trailers | MCU
  1. Tulf42

    Tulf422 daqiqa oldin

    When you watch this movie in November 2019, you get to complain once again about how loads of things in this movie do and don't exist in today's world, especially the Coca Cola product placement.

  2. Jacob Atkins

    Jacob Atkins9 daqiqa oldin

    God damn thats a lot of product placements

  3. [{ir kenaye}]

    [{ir kenaye}]12 daqiqa oldin

    wt ??? is that movie reall ??? i mean for reall ?

  4. Anna Glenn

    Anna Glenn14 daqiqa oldin

    I wonder what Paul Walker would think of this?

  5. Asaf Livni

    Asaf Livni15 daqiqa oldin

    Please say: "I have spoken."

  6. VaticanCameos

    VaticanCameos24 daqiqa oldin

    "Tricky one to get out of..." Are you guys perhaps doing the Honest Trailer for John Wick Chapter 3?

  7. Leah's Disney Life Obsession

    Leah's Disney Life Obsession26 daqiqa oldin

    Watching X Men right now on Disney+ . Best Ever. So many cliff hangers.

  8. Gork Skoal

    Gork Skoal55 daqiqa oldin

    please say "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be home before lunch"

  9. Gork Skoal

    Gork Skoal56 daqiqa oldin

    Say "Never Surrender, Never Retreat, and Spider man 3 was really neat"

  10. hirofumi edo

    hirofumi edoSoat oldin


  11. Milena

    MilenaSoat oldin

    I think that Zac Efrons character was supposed to be his love interest in Baywatch.

  12. Cora Robbins

    Cora RobbinsSoat oldin

    can you do riverdale? I want to be in the intro :)

  13. iwanaGoFast2010

    iwanaGoFast2010Soat oldin

    This movie gave my childhood a big middle finger.

  14. masere

    masereSoat oldin

    That music everyone is asking about sounds like the theme from Phantasm

  15. Random Human

    Random HumanSoat oldin


  16. Wolf Treetruck

    Wolf TreetruckSoat oldin

    complete with a pre murdered uncle Ben that was one of the best things the MCU did


    KOMRADESoat oldin

    Was i the only one that really liked The REVENANT???

  18. TheSovietOnion

    TheSovietOnion2 soat oldin

    I wanted the film to end with Han getting married and a round of applause I was i was disappointed

  19. Mohamed Hendy

    Mohamed Hendy2 soat oldin

    do joker next

  20. omniface omniface

    omniface omniface2 soat oldin

    sorry this movie was really bad honestly and the honest trailer couldn't do it justice

  21. MrMannie1524

    MrMannie15242 soat oldin

    The obvious joke for happy hogan in the suit is not's the aunt may buster

  22. Dawson Djodvorj

    Dawson Djodvorj2 soat oldin

    All the footage you used from the movie, she literally just had 1 expression, i dont even know why she is captain marvel.

  23. قدوري جاكو

    قدوري جاكو2 soat oldin

    I've never thought I'd laugh so much on my favourite movie

  24. J.D. Wilkes

    J.D. Wilkes2 soat oldin


  25. Moamen Nasser

    Moamen Nasser3 soat oldin

    I didn't like the because it wasn't like marvel or dc I didn't like it because of the ending I think it was very lame and they killed the fucking beast this man alone made watch no one else

  26. philippe597

    philippe5973 soat oldin

    The newbie Marvel fans didn't understand that SHIELD is not about super heroes, even if Marvel is all about super heroes ! They didn't understand that the show was first about high skilled spies adventure. They thought they will see some Avengers TV show, so they were disappointed. If they could take out of their system the Avengers syndrome, they could see that AOS is a pretty good action Tv show.

  27. NeoDeXeno

    NeoDeXeno3 soat oldin

    I prefer Danny Reagan any day over Mark.

  28. ChasseurBritannique

    ChasseurBritannique3 soat oldin

    How does one suggest/request an honest trailer? Do you just leave a comment on any other video? Because... its got no connection to A Star is Born, but how come you haven't done an honest trailer for Firefly yet??!!

  29. Neoyoshi

    Neoyoshi3 soat oldin

    Get Dan a refill on his coke zero. :D

  30. Árni Jarl Vestmann

    Árni Jarl Vestmann3 soat oldin

    I miss the 90´s, fuck this future dystopia, I want Hi-C juice and cartoon network again.

  31. Neezy E

    Neezy E3 soat oldin

    The new IT was good but IT 2 was one of the worst movies ever.

  32. John Carlos

    John Carlos3 soat oldin

    Mission Impossible 2 vs The Avengers??? It was fun though. Much better than the last 3 FFs which I can't even remember the difference between

  33. Wolf Treetruck

    Wolf Treetruck3 soat oldin

    and Natasha Romonoff, just to establish her boobs for the avengers

  34. Spellcaster86

    Spellcaster863 soat oldin

    Here after the new UZgo update, which allows us to sort by oldest videos.

  35. John Carlos

    John Carlos3 soat oldin

    Mission Impossible 2 vs The Avengers??? It was fun though. Much better than the last 3 FFs which I can't even remember the difference between

  36. Jason Enticknap

    Jason Enticknap3 soat oldin

    Ya, not a great Statham impression Spenny but still better than I could do.

  37. Bruce Tharpe

    Bruce Tharpe3 soat oldin

    2:05 “DOC?!” 😲 “MARTY!” 😁 “DOC! DOC!” 😃 “MARTY!” 😄

  38. jbroti 004

    jbroti 0043 soat oldin

    Entire comment section: “But Elsa is my favorite so the video is wrong and I have excuses”

  39. jimmy Ryan

    jimmy Ryan3 soat oldin

    Gib. How see?

  40. Lauren Dovey

    Lauren Dovey3 soat oldin

    I hate to break it to you but Kylie Minogue is Australian 👀

  41. Kyle Lamson

    Kyle Lamson3 soat oldin

    Why not Killer Frost from The Flash TV series?

  42. Morten Grönlund

    Morten Grönlund3 soat oldin

    IMP SLAP!!!

  43. Giordano Valdez

    Giordano Valdez3 soat oldin

    "With an extra 45 minutes added on because the Rock wanted to take a trip to Samoa" Mann I knew I wasnt the only one that thought the movie shouldve ended right before that lol

  44. Silver Ghost

    Silver Ghost4 soat oldin

    Please say "You can't kill me"

  45. omar hab

    omar hab4 soat oldin

    Please say winter is coming

  46. Edge Gamer

    Edge Gamer4 soat oldin

    Where's Jack Frost ?

  47. FreakStomp95

    FreakStomp954 soat oldin

    Never took Lon for a ass man.

  48. Yanira Rivas

    Yanira Rivas4 soat oldin

    I tried to watch this movie in its entirety twice. Both times I fell asleep in the middle of it. I hope the third time is the charm... lol

  49. The Sim Sinner

    The Sim Sinner4 soat oldin

    pretty please, say "I just jizzed in my pants"

  50. haruno siobana

    haruno siobana4 soat oldin

    jigoku / hell kara no / from shisya / emissary spaidaaama!!!!/ spiderman

  51. Asmosis Jones

    Asmosis Jones5 soat oldin

    not going to rank the best period but the best from season 1 is roasting on an open fire from season 2 I will go with one fish two fish blowfish bluefish from season 3 homer at the bat is iconic from season 4 last exit from season 5 cape feare from season 6 treehouse of horror V although that is cheating its just so good from season 7 I say summer of 4 ft 2 and from season 8 you only move someone those 8 episodes and they should be hooked on the series those are top 2-3 episodes at worst from those seasons objectively some of the better episodes of the show...glad three of these made the video...they are so good

  52. Trevour

    Trevour5 soat oldin

    Make an honest documentary on how the movie was made.

  53. Darewin Ocampo

    Darewin Ocampo5 soat oldin

    This franchise went from street racing to stopping potentially world-ending events. I won't be surprised if next year they announce: Fast and Furious Presents: Toretto and Bumblebee

  54. Anthony Martin_AM

    Anthony Martin_AM5 soat oldin

    Tyrese ws a model, did the Coke commercial, put out two albums (Sweet Lady etc) then started acting... geesh... lol now hes come full circle and he is an IG baller hahahahaa you decide what baller means.

  55. Alex Keeler III

    Alex Keeler III5 soat oldin

    Shut up Wil..err Wesley...

  56. Dreamfast with Me

    Dreamfast with Me5 soat oldin

    This video should have a million plays by now. Please remember to share this everyone! Never give up, never surrender! #GalaxyQuest2

  57. Anonymous MD

    Anonymous MD5 soat oldin

    Is fucking day time!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  58. Henry Juliao

    Henry Juliao5 soat oldin

    Brolo, I lost it.

  59. adamf663

    adamf6636 soat oldin

    a documentary about a historical document?

  60. OnePunchRick0v0

    OnePunchRick0v06 soat oldin

    Do another Dc animated movie like justice league war

  61. Canada 01

    Canada 016 soat oldin

    I cant believe honest trailers did the shinning.

  62. Ser Garlan Tyrell

    Ser Garlan Tyrell6 soat oldin

    What a s*** show! This is what happens when you give a book that relies on characters and story (who's fantastical setting is really a backdrop and plot device) to a visual effects artist to direct, who by the sounds of it didn't really like the theme of the books.

  63. yani argirov

    yani argirov6 soat oldin

    hahahahaahaaa this is brutal trash

  64. Trevour

    Trevour6 soat oldin

    Please Say "Tinome and Pumbaaaaa, makiri makaraaaaa"

  65. Trevour

    Trevour6 soat oldin

    Can you please do the honest movie for inheritance.

  66. Levene Grant

    Levene Grant6 soat oldin

    2:56 I can just imagine the amount of persons who were like "The Joker" right here. This man is right. Most of us watched this movie because of him.

  67. Kevin Jackson

    Kevin Jackson6 soat oldin

    I like shaw but Justice for hann

  68. Humor Panda

    Humor Panda6 soat oldin

    Do Mr. Nobody... Got absolutely mindfucked watching it

  69. silentassason

    silentassason6 soat oldin

    "Is this the movie or slash fic" yes as well as just the rocks contract of not being allowed to lose a fight on screen

  70. flamewave64

    flamewave646 soat oldin

    “Last Beak Tonight” Lol I lost it.

  71. BenjaminBurrough

    BenjaminBurrough6 soat oldin

    Holy cow do I wish that "transformers noises" line made it into the cut. That was phenomenal.

  72. Ryan Penrod

    Ryan Penrod6 soat oldin

    tldr; "Massive Internal and External Injuries - Harry and Marv are Dead"

  73. Crus Russ

    Crus Russ6 soat oldin

    This was great. I remember being so mad/perplexed @ the part when he finally meets is really old daughter in the future and she tells him to go away and find someone else!!! wtf

  74. harddazeknight

    harddazeknight6 soat oldin

    If the announcer of this trailer is any indication of the quality of the movie--it's a total piece of shjt! Of the 239 reviews on Amazon, 31 of them were 1 star and most said they wished 0 stars was a possible selection. Thanks, but fcuk you very much.

  75. Lea Voda

    Lea Voda7 soat oldin

    Made me LoL

  76. C.K. Brooke

    C.K. Brooke7 soat oldin

    I lost it at Brolo

  77. Crus Russ

    Crus Russ7 soat oldin

    "and starring ... Mormons..."

  78. hatem abderrahmane

    hatem abderrahmane7 soat oldin

    thanks for bringing han to the topic, i still hate shaw for it.

  79. Faisal Shehzad

    Faisal Shehzad7 soat oldin

    when is the one for toy story 4 coming

  80. Yudi Holtsberg

    Yudi Holtsberg7 soat oldin

    Oh that's dark 😂


    JAY IS GAMING7 soat oldin

    Miles can hug his parents

  82. Iris Yap

    Iris Yap7 soat oldin

    please do honest trailer on White Chicks

  83. Jason Kane

    Jason Kane8 soat oldin

    The Rick and Morty was the best comment

  84. Edward Horwinski

    Edward Horwinski8 soat oldin

    The rich stress like second rate Lady GaGa's in cities left over from the Phantom Menace

  85. Bijon Mathew

    Bijon Mathew8 soat oldin

    say" I am Grooot".

  86. Joeygotjokes

    Joeygotjokes8 soat oldin

    Take note, that there is a limit to Frozone's powers. Remember the scene in the first Incredibles, where he couldn't freeze anything in the burning building? Then he was only able to freeze the bullet the cop fired, only after he had a drink of water. Elsa.. doesn't have that weakness.

  87. Whatshouldwecallher ?

    Whatshouldwecallher ?8 soat oldin

    I was kinda expecting Jennifer to start screaming "I AM YOUR MOTTHHERRRR!!"

  88. selgi e

    selgi e8 soat oldin

    1:08 shovel face seems to have grown little wings. litterally.

  89. ToM92MoT

    ToM92MoT9 soat oldin

    5:35 free "EEEEEEEEEEEEE" button

  90. nashon94

    nashon949 soat oldin

    Do the mask........

  91. Madison McNeal

    Madison McNeal9 soat oldin

    Actually watch black sails is more accurate watch it it is amazing

  92. Edward Horwinski

    Edward Horwinski9 soat oldin

    Buzz Lightyear

  93. Edward Horwinski

    Edward Horwinski9 soat oldin

    This movie sucks

  94. Mitchell Etzkin

    Mitchell Etzkin9 soat oldin


  95. john ng

    john ng9 soat oldin

    0:20 but there were boobs in the first episode

  96. Gabriel Holzer

    Gabriel Holzer9 soat oldin

    Oh Wes, never change!

  97. Chase Gifford

    Chase Gifford9 soat oldin

    "Buff testicle cosplays..." Hahaha!! Holy shit. Fucking great.

  98. butterfly 0055

    butterfly 00559 soat oldin

    Holy shit I was thinking Facebook too!

  99. satvik keshtwal

    satvik keshtwal9 soat oldin

    The baby boss 2099 LMFAO😂😂😂🤣🤣😭

  100. Michael Longbottom

    Michael Longbottom9 soat oldin

    I used to love that 70's film, I thought I was the only one who remembered it