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Hey Congress, U Up?
  1. thomas w schaller

    thomas w schaller4 soat oldin

    "We have to protect Thomas Edison"......... sigh

  2. Ottee2

    Ottee24 soat oldin


  3. Meredith Cottle

    Meredith Cottle4 soat oldin

    Ethan Hawke is so excited right now

  4. leschab

    leschab4 soat oldin

    Who does the policing? The intelligence agencies? The ones Trump doesn't believe?

  5. rowesyful

    rowesyful4 soat oldin

    Trick or treating under crony capitalism. One kid gets to carry a stick into the neighborhood to trick or treat. He has worked it out ahead of time with the adults supervising them that he can use it to hit, and intimidate the other kids out of their candy, as long as he shares part of his haul with the adults. Naturally he ends up hoarding most of the available resources, and ensures his ability to do it again next year through the relationship he's made with those meant to oversee him.

  6. Ms.Kaibaoh

    Ms.Kaibaoh4 soat oldin

    V fake smile 🤣 0:46

  7. Shifu Sage

    Shifu Sage4 soat oldin

    Pete failed the blackness test

  8. Bradley Short

    Bradley Short4 soat oldin

    Scrotum of the opera that’s great 😭😭😭😭

  9. The White RickJames

    The White RickJames4 soat oldin

    I remember a time where Mr. Colbert didnt have a liberal hand up his arse telling him what to say.

  10. Nicole Brown

    Nicole Brown4 soat oldin

    I love it....if you don’t know now you 😂😂😂😂

  11. Matt R

    Matt R4 soat oldin

    Yes Trumps defenders should understand that it will only get worse because eventually the remainder of the facts as to the deep pervasive incoherent foolish treasonous corruption of this administration will become known, their junk will be declassified, and books will be written. You cast your lot with the vulgar ignorant and evil - you will eventually pay and likely in a manner and time most damaging and most inconvenient and often into perpetuity.

  12. jeff ghant

    jeff ghant4 soat oldin

    Does Trump know Musk is from South Africa?

  13. Creamy Goodness

    Creamy Goodness4 soat oldin

    So...comedians are the most real people on TV...ok.

  14. Ken Roberts

    Ken Roberts4 soat oldin

    what did they want mayor pete to say? Watermelon and fried chicken?

  15. Flinty!

    Flinty!4 soat oldin

    Entire government needs to be purged at this point.

  16. Dan G

    Dan G4 soat oldin

    Repugnantcan GOP are all co-conspirators

  17. András Bíró

    András Bíró4 soat oldin

    Actually, Edison was Tesla's* nemesis. So Trump is either very stupid, or made a clever joke. I wonder which one it is ... *In case you were living in a cave for the last decade, one of Elon Musk's companies is called Tesla.

  18. hazeluzzell

    hazeluzzell4 soat oldin

    Why is it the ‘Worlds Greatest’ deliberative body? They can’t seem to get anything done...

  19. Crystal K

    Crystal K4 soat oldin

    If the highest courts in the land can disregard the law, why can’t I puff a vape pen topless while jaywalking riding an ostrich?

  20. melissa thompson

    melissa thompson4 soat oldin

    Everything suppressed in the Senate will be leaked to media.... That's not a threat, that's common sense.

  21. Irene Klauber

    Irene Klauber4 soat oldin

    Corruption party at my place. first one there gets the twelve year old virgin.

  22. SurrealJC Games

    SurrealJC Games4 soat oldin

    someone dyed their hair for this bit?

  23. Stephen Simpson

    Stephen Simpson4 soat oldin

    I fear we are witnessing the slow but deliberate dismantling of the US Constitution and American democracy by a corrupt president, a corrupt administration, a corrupt Republican Senate and House, and a questionable SCOTUS.

  24. Andriy Makukha

    Andriy Makukha4 soat oldin

    The real "Ukrainian scandal" is that the American politics now seems to be as corrupt, as the Ukrainian one: politicians are openly bragging about their crimes and nobody can't do anything about it. Democracy ends here 😓

  25. Shane

    Shane4 soat oldin

    "If ya don't know, now you know." What a legend

  26. Wholefoodhoney

    Wholefoodhoney4 soat oldin

    Two adult humans having an adult conversation. In short supply these days.

  27. Fukc Yuo

    Fukc Yuo4 soat oldin

    i thought the dems had evidence?

  28. Christian Rincon

    Christian Rincon4 soat oldin

    Congrats Ethan Hawke

  29. themadburner

    themadburner4 soat oldin

    Money Blinds those Who are In Power .. They obviously never read about the demise of the Roman Empire. The Greedy Senators were the reason it Failed. History Repeats itself.

  30. Elizabeth Gunther

    Elizabeth Gunther4 soat oldin

    I need this as my ring tone.

  31. r i c h

    r i c h4 soat oldin

    I came back to like every comment about the pink mic guy 🤗

  32. Laura Reinhold

    Laura Reinhold4 soat oldin

    I like that this billionaire's idea of "fun" is an ugly, red plaid tie.

  33. D. Baker

    D. Baker4 soat oldin

    LIndsay Graham laid out a better case in 3 minutes to vindicate Trump than Schiff did to remove him TBH.

  34. SurrealJC Games

    SurrealJC Games4 soat oldin

    Random guy for president!

  35. Robert Dickinson

    Robert Dickinson4 soat oldin

    Liv amazingly beautiful, classy Lady. I'm in LOVE♡♡♡♡♡

  36. Jesi Harper Cardosa

    Jesi Harper Cardosa4 soat oldin

    My money is on that spittoon being for urine since they’re not allowed to have bathroom breaks!

  37. W A

    W A4 soat oldin

    I get this vibe that hes trying to look like Jon Snow, but Jon Snow wore that beard better lol

  38. Alex G

    Alex G4 soat oldin

    This was one of my most favorite moments in all of the Late Shows.

  39. silvrazor 5

    silvrazor 54 soat oldin

    Best segment I have ever seen on a late night show.

  40. Xalxo Clarice

    Xalxo Clarice4 soat oldin

    Incredible film 👏👏👏

  41. Brian Forrest

    Brian Forrest4 soat oldin

    I feel seen.

  42. Lisa Dee

    Lisa Dee4 soat oldin

    I love the skill these two have to be honest, seriously and funny at the same time. They're not trying to break the tension with comedy, they're willing to stay in that feeling, but they also know how to work it to make the timing fit to get a couple of laughs in that tension. They're incredible together.

  43. Big Boss

    Big Boss4 soat oldin

    Hilarious that he compared Thomas Edison to the CEO of TESLA!! Im sure he doesn't know the history/ irony but still

  44. Thierry Muller

    Thierry Muller5 soat oldin

    Stephen, I love those conversations about real life 10000x more than celebrity gossip and plugs

  45. MrArcher0

    MrArcher05 soat oldin

    Holy Shit! Best ever Stephen Colbert Show. Saved

  46. Terrible - One

    Terrible - One5 soat oldin

    Why isn't anybody talking about the fact that Trump gave Mitch McConnell's wife a government job in exchange for protection in the Senate?

  47. thewritebooks

    thewritebooks5 soat oldin

    I want to have "just learn a box step and get out there" tattooed on my forehead

  48. Alex Ignacio Jovel

    Alex Ignacio Jovel5 soat oldin

    a straight up therapy session on tv🥺🥺🥺 weve come a long way with mental health awareness💗

  49. LucianLegacy

    LucianLegacy5 soat oldin

    Stephen forgot to mention the bottle of Jack that he keeps under his desk. That probably would have helped with the interview.

  50. Melissa Busby

    Melissa Busby5 soat oldin

    Where did John get that tie????? Love it

  51. iamsuperfritz

    iamsuperfritz5 soat oldin

    John mulaney is my grown up mr Rogers

  52. Synathidy

    Synathidy5 soat oldin

    I am precisely the person who doesn't dance at a wedding.... that's what I did at the one and only wedding I went to in my adult life. I prefer to sit and brood.

  53. Da Ben

    Da Ben5 soat oldin

    Sad he wont be punished for all of this despite the masses of evidence against him, oh well, rest of the world gets a good laugh about USA again, better than nothing I guess.

  54. thekraken8him

    thekraken8him5 soat oldin

    I think "I don't care what you think as long as it's about me." by Fall Out Boy pretty accurately describes our current president.

  55. Lee Hall

    Lee Hall5 soat oldin

    Come on Senate, impeach him, kick him out. Then we only have to put up with Pence's vamp stare for a few months. Do us a favor though.

  56. Estefanía Fariñas

    Estefanía Fariñas5 soat oldin

    John stammering after Stephen says he is in troouble lol cutie

  57. Ivan Banuelos

    Ivan Banuelos5 soat oldin

    Yang gang

  58. Aaron High Priest - 10 Commandments

    Aaron High Priest - 10 Commandments5 soat oldin

    How'd you'd do it ' I got really into eating an in and out Burger...a secret menu a 4x4 the animals menu ...eating a 4x4 burger'

  59. Sterling Pound

    Sterling Pound5 soat oldin

    The accused doesn't get to sit in the front row. Don't they have a caged dock in the Senate?

  60. act95

    act955 soat oldin

    You may not like Stephen’s interviews compared to Conan or Kimmel but my god do I love it when he gets really deep with his guests.

  61. Bix BDB

    Bix BDB5 soat oldin

    this whole thing is so wholesome, I can't even

  62. Ellen h

    Ellen h5 soat oldin

    Mulaney is wearing yellow socks and is that a bee tie tack? Just adds to the coolness of this whole interview

  63. Spunkmire

    Spunkmire5 soat oldin

    This man warms my heart

  64. Concerned Neighbor

    Concerned Neighbor5 soat oldin

    We need to vote this GOP's OUT OF OFFICE!! same with orange clown Trump.

  65. Spencer Ingraham

    Spencer Ingraham5 soat oldin


  66. chrissy5291

    chrissy52915 soat oldin

    A little disturbed that the same joke about biggie was on the daily show with Trevor Noah.

  67. Cass E

    Cass E5 soat oldin

    Oh my goodness.... I love Tyler!!!😂🤣😂🤣😁💕🔆

  68. Matthew Amador

    Matthew Amador5 soat oldin

    Am I the only one annoyed by the random dude in the background

  69. Mike D

    Mike D5 soat oldin

    When Donald Trump Jr was born, Melania Trump was 8 years old

  70. Aaron High Priest - 10 Commandments

    Aaron High Priest - 10 Commandments5 soat oldin

    Mohmas don't talk about John cena weighing 250's something lbs either, you only weigh in the 180's something lbs Aaron Taymar shame on you for talking about other people's weights problems

  71. At Home With Melissa

    At Home With Melissa5 soat oldin

    Mr. Peanut died?

  72. claud wign

    claud wign5 soat oldin

    Trump in Switzerland press conference told 14 flash stories. And record number of 143 tweets. Great lier in the world.

  73. Blue Rocker

    Blue Rocker5 soat oldin

    Nadler and Schiff are Colbert's People!

  74. The Safespace

    The Safespace5 soat oldin

    Liar liar

  75. The Great Catsby

    The Great Catsby5 soat oldin

    HILARIOUS!! Work it!!

  76. Aaron High Priest - 10 Commandments

    Aaron High Priest - 10 Commandments5 soat oldin

    Aaron Taymar taytay, you sound like you have distaste for bulking up and weight gaining gaining weight cannot be you

  77. Gilmore Mccoy

    Gilmore Mccoy5 soat oldin

    Adam Schiff is a true patriot and US 🇺🇸 HERO😇! He is a strong leader standing up for our constitution and democracy. Sir, we-the-people got your back 👍

  78. MrArcher0

    MrArcher05 soat oldin

    Hey even looks like the kid from Netflix “BigMouth”

  79. DrummerDave54

    DrummerDave545 soat oldin

    Cool Cats!! Dig!! :-)!! keeping it real! Cheers!

  80. mary matthew

    mary matthew5 soat oldin

    The Republicans denying a glaring truth

  81. thura3

    thura35 soat oldin

    Bragging about withholding evidence of his crimes.... a new low... and Republicans are co-conspirators!

  82. Hermit T Mog

    Hermit T Mog5 soat oldin

    When exercising constitutional rights becomes obstructions everyone should be concerned. Side note; it's not obstruction unless a court rules on it and the ones making the claim decided NOT to seek a ruling.

  83. sean merisier

    sean merisier5 soat oldin

    Great time to be alive, cause we get to laugh our asses off, but also very sad cause democracy is super FUCKED.

  84. Cat S

    Cat S5 soat oldin

    This gives me John Oliver’s church Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption vibes and I love it

  85. Richard Reed

    Richard Reed5 soat oldin

    Does John ever age??? Lol

  86. LucianLegacy

    LucianLegacy5 soat oldin

    Jay Sekulow: Why are we here? Griff: It's one of life's great mysteries, isn't it. Why are we here?

  87. Mike Mauzey

    Mike Mauzey5 soat oldin

    OMG What an idiot.

  88. Marne O

    Marne O5 soat oldin

    Per the Cambridge Dictionary : Pettifogging people give too much attention to small unimportant details in a way that shows a limited mind: as in pettifogging lawyers

  89. Linda Tils

    Linda Tils5 soat oldin

    He's sickening worst person ever to walk in the doors of the White house

  90. Rosslyn Standingwater

    Rosslyn Standingwater5 soat oldin

    And If ya don't know, now ya know BABY BABAY!!

  91. Danny Camacho

    Danny Camacho5 soat oldin

    We are in the presence of a living legend

  92. Frederik Hirche

    Frederik Hirche5 soat oldin

    "World's greatest deliberative body"? As the upper house, the senate it is somewhere around place 20 in size, in total, it is more like 40 or 50.

  93. VianneyCreates

    VianneyCreates5 soat oldin

    I'm Latina and I'll take that good kimchi, thank you!

  94. Carrie

    Carrie5 soat oldin

    Mr. Shelby......… your stroke evolving?

  95. Kyle Jones

    Kyle Jones5 soat oldin


  96. Debbie Menon

    Debbie Menon5 soat oldin

    We live in an age of distractions and false premises. A lie if repeated over and over again begins to be accepted as the truth. The American media and politicians have mastered the skill of lying. They are paid to lie. Shame!

  97. Jordan Evers

    Jordan Evers5 soat oldin

    Colbert seems like a tool , no original opinion , just a jokester , who aligned himself with the ideal of American Exceptionalism just like Trump ! America has been robbed by the elite , they've taken our money and destroyed our infrastructure . Wonder why we can't innovate with nowhere to sleep and an empty plate .

  98. One MercilessMing

    One MercilessMing5 soat oldin

    I became a fan of Jude Law with his portrayal of the villain assassin in "The Road to Perdition" starry Tom Hanks.

  99. 355 Divine

    355 Divine5 soat oldin

    Someday people will have to wonder was he really stupid and completely unaware of the what was really going on or was he covering up because he’s getting paid to cover up

  100. Darrle Ennis

    Darrle Ennis5 soat oldin

    This idiot went on national television and admitted to withholding evidence. That's exactly what he's being impeached about