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Lil Baby - Global
  1. Mar Wth

    Mar Wth5 soat oldin

    Joyner twitter got me here and its 🔥

  2. Joel Davis

    Joel Davis5 soat oldin

    Sounds like every other boring auto-tune rapper out right now. Pass

  3. ahoora channel

    ahoora channel5 soat oldin

    بهترین خوانندگان در هر سبک به همراه اهنگ هایشان 🎵🎵🎵🎵 best singers in the each music styles 👇👇👇👇

  4. EDM Mafia Records

    EDM Mafia Records6 soat oldin

    Check out my new release hope you'll like it

  5. Aaron Chappell

    Aaron Chappell6 soat oldin

    yes sir.

  6. d altrui

    d altrui6 soat oldin

    post my drip on daily just so they can sEe woah

  7. Shay Yong

    Shay Yong7 soat oldin

    Learn how to sang... Baby! Prince Suge Hargrove ❤️

  8. T Marie Mitchell

    T Marie Mitchell7 soat oldin

    Great song great lyrics!

  9. Landon Larson

    Landon Larson7 soat oldin

    Bro what triggers me is at 0:54 that boy you know them Air Forces are creased asf

  10. Christy Rebelo

    Christy Rebelo8 soat oldin

    ♡ Turn me up -so most of my Haters can hear it.... Don't Care about your "BOYFRIEND" 😘🤩 (see me and get Nervous...) I damn near did it perfect. X.D

  11. Champagnepapi VEVO

    Champagnepapi VEVO8 soat oldin

    This shit fire🔥🔥

  12. Jay Unorthodox

    Jay Unorthodox8 soat oldin

    Not gone lie I thought this was gone me some mumble rap bs but this pretty fire

  13. Soul-Kepper725

    Soul-Kepper7258 soat oldin

    0:37 is that 21 savage

  14. Jaden Coin

    Jaden Coin8 soat oldin

    "Pulled up sippin on drank , told em i quit but cant"

  15. Big mama Page

    Big mama Page8 soat oldin


  16. Leonardo Iñaky

    Leonardo Iñaky8 soat oldin

    Bryant Myers sampleo el concepto con Como Panas

  17. King Snake

    King Snake9 soat oldin

    I saw @kingimprint in their 😳

  18. washingwithpressure 704

    washingwithpressure 7049 soat oldin

    This that 💣💣💣💣

  19. Esmeralda Damian

    Esmeralda Damian9 soat oldin

    Not a song for cheaters 💯

  20. Delika Richardson

    Delika Richardson10 soat oldin

    Proud of my nigga🔥🔥

  21. Hpt Gudda

    Hpt Gudda11 soat oldin

    Bro don’t write nothing. He go in the studio and get high, and just let it come out. Blessed💪🏽

  22. meek blings

    meek blings12 soat oldin

    Stand alone not your regular rapper👑👑

  23. Coach

    Coach12 soat oldin


  24. Coach

    Coach12 soat oldin

    bro fuck everyone elses album i think lil baby shits on every new rapper

  25. irelandaint irish

    irelandaint irish14 soat oldin


  26. Infamous

    Infamous14 soat oldin

    Niggas say hes a mumbled rapper but if you look up the lyric you’ll see he’s a fire ass rapper

  27. Bruce Walls

    Bruce Walls14 soat oldin

    Seth go hard asf💜

  28. Daniel Bedford

    Daniel Bedford15 soat oldin

    Little baby one of the hottest rappers out right now. Most of everything that he makes is super hot!!!!Keep it up my guy. You're a way better rapper than da baby!!!!! He look like a crackhead..for rea tho!!! keep away from the fuck boys like dat!!!! He Raps like shit!! It sounds like he's trying to take your name tho..😅😅😅😅😂😂😆😆


    SMASH KID15 soat oldin

    0 naked girls 0 bad words 0 friendly 💯 Shower vibe

  30. Jay Von

    Jay Von15 soat oldin

    This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. Shaquay Oneal

    Shaquay Oneal15 soat oldin

    Song is just tough

  32. Henry Marin

    Henry Marin16 soat oldin

    Brand new car is noisy come when it’s Raw-ring 💪

  33. wilson umanzor

    wilson umanzor16 soat oldin


  34. Taylor Moisan

    Taylor Moisan16 soat oldin

    Drake is smooth but hard asl 🔥

  35. Mustafa Abokor

    Mustafa Abokor17 soat oldin

    My diamonds be vvs 💎

  36. Retro Mob

    Retro Mob17 soat oldin

    Nobody: Still nobody: Not a SINGLE soul: Me:WoAh WaOh

  37. Christopher Dola

    Christopher Dola17 soat oldin

    She know how i get when i get in that mode

  38. Tyrone Biggums aka Duke

    Tyrone Biggums aka Duke17 soat oldin

    My boi been hangin w/ Wayne it look like🔥🔥

  39. Tyrone Biggums aka Duke

    Tyrone Biggums aka Duke17 soat oldin

    I got robbed that shyt made me a monster👿🔥🔥

  40. Zakariye Mudalle

    Zakariye Mudalle17 soat oldin

    Lil Baby and Roddy Rich should drop something together.

  41. donebybas

    donebybas18 soat oldin

    The little ginger kid was killing it!! 😂

  42. Gucci Lee

    Gucci Lee18 soat oldin

    pure co lame

  43. Edward Atkins

    Edward Atkins18 soat oldin

    Sh*t snapped

  44. uriel ramirez

    uriel ramirez18 soat oldin

    I wonder if he goes thru his comments and read them .song goes hard af.. ur fans got u where u at stay humble

  45. Victor Ponce

    Victor Ponce19 soat oldin

    I love this song

  46. Alex White

    Alex White19 soat oldin

    Lil baby is the type of guy to lock his motorcycle

  47. 87myersb

    87myersb19 soat oldin

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 ig: (__kyomii__)

  48. D_ da_King1

    D_ da_King119 soat oldin

    Deyy don't wanna see us on TV unless it's in da news...I gott sumnth Prove!!!!....🔥🔥🔥🔥

  49. Forever Me

    Forever Me19 soat oldin

    "Better not reach 4 my chain when i jump in da crowd" 💪🏽💪🏽🔥🔥

  50. Chris harwell

    Chris harwell19 soat oldin

    Wayno sent me

  51. Rico Santos

    Rico Santos19 soat oldin

    This song is honestly so lit 🔥

  52. Slackers Only

    Slackers Only19 soat oldin

    Whos here cause joyner?

  53. মোঃ তামজীদ ইসলাম

    মোঃ তামজীদ ইসলাম19 soat oldin

    good boy music

  54. Arisbed Zuniga

    Arisbed Zuniga20 soat oldin

    So good dod

  55. Kyree Brooks

    Kyree Brooks20 soat oldin

    i love you lil baby

  56. Kyree Brooks

    Kyree Brooks20 soat oldin


  57. Kyree Brooks

    Kyree Brooks20 soat oldin

    lil baby is better

  58. Jacob lackey

    Jacob lackey20 soat oldin

    Good song 🔥

  59. Fortnite Bot

    Fortnite Bot20 soat oldin

    Bruh the ps4 controller wasnt even on

  60. Tokyo thrills

    Tokyo thrills20 soat oldin

    Hey bro let me make your beats!

  61. MrJoeKilla11

    MrJoeKilla1120 soat oldin

    Not my vibe.

  62. great value bleach

    great value bleach20 soat oldin

    Was he crackin 4s at 1:04 ?

  63. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty20 soat oldin

    When he said " I shoot by myself like a technical foul" i felt that. 😩

  64. Fernando Gomez-Moreno

    Fernando Gomez-Moreno20 soat oldin

    This heat

  65. rolex on ice banks

    rolex on ice banks21 soat oldin

    Good job

  66. John Potato IV

    John Potato IV21 soat oldin

    This song was just something else, gahdamn 🔥

  67. Simone Grant

    Simone Grant21 soat oldin


  68. Simone Grant

    Simone Grant21 soat oldin

    I don’t care about yo boyfriend

  69. Clapz

    Clapz21 soat oldin


  70. NF1 GUA11A

    NF1 GUA11A21 soat oldin

    He is Grammy ready no kap🖤

  71. Itsoji On IG

    Itsoji On IG21 soat oldin

    Who produced this?

  72. S DUBG

    S DUBG21 soat oldin

    Still to this day nobody knows what he's saying

  73. Dominique Edward

    Dominique Edward21 soat oldin

    love songs get the most view guys💯💯💯


    ARMANDO1 LÓPEZ21 soat oldin

    Sum 2 favorite 🙏🙏

  75. ty knox/turner

    ty knox/turner22 soat oldin

    Woah!!!!!!!!!!!! turn me no so most of my haters can see woah

  76. Laura’s Life

    Laura’s Life22 soat oldin

    2020????? Anyone 🥴😈

  77. Autumn Vuu

    Autumn Vuu22 soat oldin

    Am i the only one seeing this now 😐 oml but learning the dance was easy asf *hits woah*

  78. Ruxqs FN

    Ruxqs FN22 soat oldin

    “ livin like we inna race i might be first and second but i wont neva be last “

  79. TheKstreets

    TheKstreets22 soat oldin

    Smh every song got the same beat, every video got the same dances just rap or at least try to fuck all this gay ass dancing

  80. Jalea Williams

    Jalea Williams22 soat oldin

    Spent so long trying to find this song 😂

  81. Team SHN

    Team SHN22 soat oldin

    So lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  82. Tresoro Niyonkuru

    Tresoro Niyonkuru22 soat oldin

    Bro this is fire

  83. Casanova_3052 _

    Casanova_3052 _23 soat oldin


  84. R- Lifts

    R- Lifts23 soat oldin

    Joyner sent me here... highly disappointed

  85. John Marin

    John Marin23 soat oldin


  86. Clarence Speard

    Clarence Speard23 soat oldin

    Go daddy 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  87. FYB J MANE

    FYB J MANE23 soat oldin

    This go crazy 🔥 I don’t know who better Lil baby or FYB J Mane 😈

  88. Jujuselfmade 4pf

    Jujuselfmade 4pf23 soat oldin Skip to 8:23 to see this crazy pick 6 on superstar ko

  89. OKdvd

    OKdvd23 soat oldin


  90. Christopher Williams

    Christopher Williams23 soat oldin

    you all are hats

  91. Ty'Ajah James

    Ty'Ajah James23 soat oldin


  92. Cindy Gonzalez

    Cindy GonzalezKun oldin

    My favorite song is definitely cash by lil baby. Anyone agree? Or which one is your favorite ?

  93. Cindy Gonzalez

    Cindy GonzalezKun oldin

    Fuck me 😍😍😍😍

  94. Ibraaheem Ghaafir

    Ibraaheem GhaafirKun oldin

    I love you have the most money

  95. Royal Spike

    Royal SpikeKun oldin

    Fuvk we all Rich 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 bangin

  96. Hispanic Universe

    Hispanic UniverseKun oldin

    Got here cause Joyner said it was a banger, and damn right it was

  97. Justin Shuler

    Justin ShulerKun oldin

    Who's here from joyners Twitter lol

  98. itsjustmeamie 13

    itsjustmeamie 13Kun oldin

    This my song 🤝💕

  99. Thom Studios

    Thom StudiosKun oldin

    Best lil rapper

  100. Erik Lee Jr

    Erik Lee JrKun oldin

    This hit me different when my girl cheated