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  1. Evo Dalas

    Evo Dalas8 daqiqa oldin

    He has a pony tail like a little girl

  2. Bman 25

    Bman 2510 daqiqa oldin

    Nick Diaz Coming for u Boy. Look out. DIAZ WAR

  3. Jian Yang

    Jian Yang20 daqiqa oldin

    Got enough ads?

  4. Jon Gunjak

    Jon Gunjak40 daqiqa oldin

    death by low kick!

  5. Patayan Knight

    Patayan KnightSoat oldin

    One shot, one kill

  6. Mr RC

    Mr RCSoat oldin

    Masvidal is having too much fun in this 😂

  7. Ben Hanegan

    Ben HaneganSoat oldin

    Bummer that McGregor doesn't have the balls to fight you, you could be a millionaire after that. Well if you fight Nick Diaz, then give Nate and Nick rematches, fight Colby,Usman, then maybe give Nate , Nick trilogy fights, you could be super rich because even when those guys lose theyre still swimming in cash

  8. Derek Blas

    Derek BlasSoat oldin

    Right on..

  9. Pseudo’s Toxicity

    Pseudo’s ToxicitySoat oldin


  10. Boojyman

    BoojymanSoat oldin

    damn Jorge is slicck

  11. kenpachi zaraki

    kenpachi zaraki2 soat oldin

    Jorge should get a tattoo of Ben's face imprinted on his knee

  12. Nicoliano Diaz

    Nicoliano Diaz2 soat oldin

    Jorge para los latinos ... porfavor subir el video subtitulado al español 💪💪

  13. Edvinas Rakickas

    Edvinas Rakickas2 soat oldin

    Seems you got a good company there, would love to join.

  14. Pablo Pickasso

    Pablo Pickasso2 soat oldin

    Bruh who the fuck is clicking on this video n then going outa there way to dislike it? I'll never understand how u could be that big of a lil pussy hater. I see the nate diaz dickriders in full force. Dont get me wrong I love nate 1 of my favorite fightets but if ur truly an actual fan of nate u would also be respect Jorge just like nate does. For you to project hate towards masvidal because of the doctor stoppage then ur not really a diaz fan at all. If your dislike has nothing to do with the diaz stoppage that's almost even worse. I could almost see being misguided with ur emotions because of that but wtf man how can u be a fan of fighting and not absolutely live masvidal. I've always been a fan n I'm super happy hes had his resurgence he def deserves it.

  15. Gunner Schenck

    Gunner Schenck2 soat oldin

    5:36 dude looks down at his fists like Why wont these things work?? 😂

  16. Chris P Bacon

    Chris P Bacon3 soat oldin

    I gave this a like before it even started. 305!

  17. Frank Knapp

    Frank Knapp3 soat oldin

    You guys know how to have fun

  18. J E

    J E3 soat oldin

    LOL Put me in that karate tournament.. #Shotokan #OOooossss

  19. Brandish

    Brandish3 soat oldin

    I pray to God masvidals timing and ability to close distance gets better so he can handle wonderboy in their rematch. Its definitely coming sooner than later

  20. E N

    E N4 soat oldin

    This the real right here not as brutal but just like back in the day...

  21. Mjhavok

    Mjhavok4 soat oldin

    These videos are super interesting from an anthropological pov. I get to see into a world I have no experience of. Imagine what it might be like. I think were all richer for the experience. Bravo.

  22. Mjhavok

    Mjhavok4 soat oldin

    Masividal the matador. #Gamebred #Resurrection and now #Torero

  23. Joe Villareal

    Joe Villareal4 soat oldin

    Hell Yeah! Bad Azzz Team 🍗🍗🍗& a 🥤👊👊

  24. JCP JCP

    JCP JCP4 soat oldin

    subtitulos en castellano che!!!!

  25. BAM74

    BAM744 soat oldin

    Jorge, I fucking loved this documentary. I also loved the Miami sound 😂 I’ve fired up the Gloria Estefan albums! 80s baby!!!

  26. francis pesa tui

    francis pesa tui5 soat oldin

    What a story from street fighting to the best MMA organisation in the world Ufc 🙌🏾💪🏾

  27. PuertoRicnHammer

    PuertoRicnHammer5 soat oldin

    Nice vid

  28. work email

    work email5 soat oldin

    1:56 bro this is my new philosophy now , logically it makes sense too. 😂

  29. daniel moore

    daniel moore5 soat oldin

    That shit was faf...especially at the end when the guys started grappling...nice to have fun after a workout... The more I see of Jorge in situations and interviews, the more I like the guy...just an everyday guy that likes to live and laugh...

  30. Jake Diddy

    Jake Diddy5 soat oldin

    Dude he will knock you out Jorge. I gotta see this🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Jake Diddy

    Jake Diddy5 soat oldin

    Hey Jorge El Canelo Alvarez just announced he is open to fight anyone. Have Dana call his Promoter you knucklehead🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. The Blue Ghost

    The Blue Ghost5 soat oldin

    what’s the soundtrack. songs are banging

  33. André Damasceno

    André Damasceno6 soat oldin

    ✌️👍🤙👏nota 10 .

  34. Blake Spurlock

    Blake Spurlock6 soat oldin

    Alguien sabe lo que está comiendo? No conozco comida cubana bien.

  35. Black PhantomZ28

    Black PhantomZ286 soat oldin

    F**king cool Jorge. Wasn't really a fan of UFC until you showed. Keep up the good work. The psychology of fighting and what it takes to be a great fighter is interesting. Your living the dream of many. Good luck on all your future fights.

  36. lowlife sinner

    lowlife sinner7 soat oldin


  37. svenzia

    svenzia7 soat oldin

    7:18 hahahaha so good. Poor Jorge ;)

  38. Didier Shouck

    Didier Shouck7 soat oldin

    I want Masvidal against Khabib

  39. Holden Mcgroin

    Holden Mcgroin7 soat oldin

    "BOW To ME!" -Jorge

  40. jimmy tran

    jimmy tran7 soat oldin

    True Holyland stuff

  41. bix pin

    bix pin7 soat oldin

    Music 👍❤️

  42. Aditya pundir

    Aditya pundir8 soat oldin

    Jorge got that cuban ass

  43. ? 4

    ? 48 soat oldin

    How man watched the whole damn shit than went on xbox and tuned up these fools with gamebread

  44. Joe Vargas

    Joe Vargas9 soat oldin

    Are they in the same weight class, ya think?

  45. Ali Choudhry

    Ali Choudhry9 soat oldin

    Style bender for fighter of the year he has a REAL BELT, he is the king of the middleweights division. How is this even a question? I like Jorge a lot but cmon. All the past fighters of the year had actual belts.

  46. Ali Choudhry

    Ali Choudhry9 soat oldin

    Style bender for fighter of the year he has the REAL BELT, he is the king of the middleweights division. How is this even a question? I like Jorge a lot but cmon. All the past fighters of the year had actual belts.

  47. Ali Choudhry

    Ali Choudhry9 soat oldin

    Style bender for fighter of the year... he has a REAL BELT, he is the king of the middleweights division. How is this even a question? I like Jorge a lot but cmon. All the past fighters of the year had actual belts.

  48. Jová Zamo

    Jová Zamo9 soat oldin

    Those Miami 305 accents bro. Empingao

  49. beardgang scatpack

    beardgang scatpack9 soat oldin

    How old is this dude???

  50. ParioCreativemedia

    ParioCreativemedia10 soat oldin

    Alexis in the UFC , damn would have liked to see that. Guy is an amazing fighter!

  51. Chef Des Lacs

    Chef Des Lacs10 soat oldin

    Jorges legs are dangerous!




  53. Ghostly One

    Ghostly One10 soat oldin

    Yeeeea Masvidal's style is awesome.

  54. Jacob Muntazir

    Jacob Muntazir10 soat oldin

    anybody know what the song at 1:44:44 is. I need to know bro

  55. Amir Kazemi

    Amir Kazemi10 soat oldin

    this is fucking awesome! my tribe

  56. skankhunt 42

    skankhunt 4210 soat oldin

    Great documentary. Ive always loved watching masvidal fight been a big fan since the beggening. Even when he was fighting in japan. I'm an even bigger fan now. No homo but i love jorge n he is my favourite fighter. Massive respect to him and his crew.

  57. Leobrando Padrón

    Leobrando Padrón11 soat oldin

    Jorge masdival te deberías llamarte perro callejero eres chingon de chingones

  58. Empooli

    Empooli11 soat oldin

    Isn't that Jose Aldo's translator? :O

  59. Asik Drone

    Asik Drone11 soat oldin

    Lmfao 😂 bro the final seperation was a trip. "Fuck erybody" lol

  60. Rich Jenkins

    Rich Jenkins11 soat oldin

    This is amazing. It’s Streets of Rage soundtrack btw. Also Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  61. Leobrando Padrón

    Leobrando Padrón11 soat oldin

    Eres una chingoneria jorge masdival eres como el perro callejero chingon guey ojalá el canelo acepte pelear contigo para que le des una chinga

  62. Bryan frye

    Bryan frye11 soat oldin

    I've been watching Masvidal when he was a babyface bare knuckle fighter. I saw that potential. He is going to do big things here

  63. scar face

    scar face12 soat oldin

    Roberto Duran is one of the meanest, toughest (sob's) guys to ever step in the ring.. and this was in an era.. when all the bad boys.. (Legends) was in their prime!

  64. Kevin AAAJ

    Kevin AAAJ12 soat oldin

    Conor is so fucked up xD

  65. Can I get 1,000 Subs without any Videos ?

    Can I get 1,000 Subs without any Videos ?12 soat oldin

    Jorge Masvidal is Jon Snow

  66. Daniel Mejia

    Daniel Mejia12 soat oldin

    This is my second poop session in less then 30 minutes 👍🏻

  67. Rayza Neil

    Rayza Neil13 soat oldin

    Conor Mc Nugget don't want none of those kicks😝

  68. Ingus Fridmanis

    Ingus Fridmanis13 soat oldin

    Whats the soundtrack ?

  69. Matt Warner

    Matt Warner13 soat oldin

    that song in the beginning is from Rocky not karate kid

  70. Ricky Ruiz

    Ricky Ruiz13 soat oldin

    This is a real nigga! Beast mode no decisions out for the kill. FINISH HIM!!!!!!!

  71. Mateo Morales

    Mateo Morales13 soat oldin

    Jorge having mad fun. LOL

  72. Candy Phu

    Candy Phu13 soat oldin

    Exatlon looser... He was one of the worst... Always running his mouth like a girl... Never like this person..

  73. Nor Tomorrow!!!

    Nor Tomorrow!!!13 soat oldin

    “I see stiffness in that touchbutt game” Conor Mcgregor

  74. Ruby Carbuncle

    Ruby Carbuncle13 soat oldin

    50:28 that was the most random edit I’ve seen in my entire life. Like why was that even put in there 😂😂

  75. MMA GURU Bloopers

    MMA GURU Bloopers14 soat oldin


  76. ifoundthistoday

    ifoundthistoday14 soat oldin

    I didn't get it