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  1. Fraser Hughes

    Fraser Hughes12 daqiqa oldin

    Love how Logan’s trainer was basically like “yeah fuck knows what’s up with him”

  2. Harry

    Harry13 daqiqa oldin

    weller, going through your old videos, whats that blue thing at 3:58 then

  3. repgrave crazy

    repgrave crazy18 daqiqa oldin

    You just embarrassed yourself

  4. Max battersby

    Max battersby21 daqiqa oldin

    the pauline sisters

  5. Rowain Christopher

    Rowain Christopher21 daqiqa oldin

    I always wondered why i was never subbed to this dude and this is why

  6. FrikadelleLP YT

    FrikadelleLP YT27 daqiqa oldin

    Just wanna make clicks

  7. ArKtah

    ArKtah29 daqiqa oldin

    The guy is a fucking melon 😂

  8. Rowain Christopher

    Rowain Christopher33 daqiqa oldin

    if u pause at exactly 0:49 then u can see joe's inner "talent"

  9. 12,888,999 views

    12,888,999 views35 daqiqa oldin

    like jake says "im a nonce gib"

  10. SamBevo

    SamBevo59 daqiqa oldin

    Weller still has better technique than JJ now

  11. Charmie Mat

    Charmie MatSoat oldin

    Got jealous at 2:38 and stopped watching

  12. gtoss chddy

    gtoss chddySoat oldin

    "YOUR MUM" - Joe Weller 2019 P.S.- Calfrezzy was wearing a skirt.

  13. raja raja

    raja rajaSoat oldin

    He's gonna beat yo ass 😂😂😂🔫

  14. mike nega

    mike negaSoat oldin

    You legit can’t hate these 2. They didn’t just make millions they gave others the chance to make hella money too so that’s respect

  15. Modestas Petkevicius

    Modestas PetkeviciusSoat oldin

    Joe is full of shit lol... What is the point of this usless questions like 😂😂😂 what a muppet .. JAKE cant believe what hes hearing 😂😂

  16. Roi Lan

    Roi LanSoat oldin

    There is no next time, ksi won and that’s it

  17. Dave Connor

    Dave ConnorSoat oldin

    Jakes a pussy but made you look moist 🤣

  18. Shmuck s

    Shmuck sSoat oldin


  19. Lebnbgena Dingre

    Lebnbgena DingreSoat oldin

    Joe is more of a man than JJ even n though I wanted JJ to win I still have more respect for joe

  20. Benn

    BennSoat oldin

    what an actual cunt

  21. Charles Parsons

    Charles ParsonsSoat oldin

    Who’s here at Friday 15th November at 10:15pm

  22. Avocado Bacardio

    Avocado BacardioSoat oldin

    The inside of his car looks like the shots of Indide Iron Man’s Helmet in The Films

  23. Uganda knuckle Knut

    Uganda knuckle KnutSoat oldin

    Good that you got rid of the tattoo!

  24. Hen Graham

    Hen GrahamSoat oldin

    Lol stop chattin dickhead

  25. Arminsfingers

    ArminsfingersSoat oldin

    Joe weller getting more angry when jake talks over him xD

  26. William Baxter

    William Baxter2 soat oldin

    Wait look behind him at 5.54 wtf is that

  27. Avocado Bacardio

    Avocado Bacardio2 soat oldin

    Where’s Elliot gone

  28. LGHDRealTv

    LGHDRealTv2 soat oldin

    Not a giant fan of Logan but I respect him to an extent. I can't stand Jake whatsoever

  29. Chris NotReallyThatSweet

    Chris NotReallyThatSweet2 soat oldin

    Should have just got it blacked out, looks sick af

  30. Elizabeth Wylie

    Elizabeth Wylie2 soat oldin

    dude this is actually painful to watch bc Jake won’t shut up

  31. Grognak The Destroyer Attorney At Law

    Grognak The Destroyer Attorney At Law2 soat oldin

    jake is a big waffler shushhhhhhhh

  32. Lisa Richard

    Lisa Richard2 soat oldin

    Love you joe ❤ love your personality.. Keep doing what you love.

  33. Rhys Davies

    Rhys Davies2 soat oldin

    Please drop some merch lsd

  34. Rhys Davies

    Rhys Davies2 soat oldin

    Like if weller should drop some new merch

  35. Rachael Burt

    Rachael Burt2 soat oldin

    Dad bod over ABS


    FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHT2 soat oldin

    Team Logan up thump... subscribe the channel

  37. dawud naseem raja

    dawud naseem raja3 soat oldin


  38. ownage prank2

    ownage prank23 soat oldin

    Ur fuck laughing stop ur not cool

  39. Joshua Okwah

    Joshua Okwah3 soat oldin


  40. Marko

    Marko3 soat oldin

    Love Joe, hate Jake but they both wrong and both got a point...

  41. come to roast leave roasted

    come to roast leave roasted3 soat oldin

    Joe and Ethan really proved that they’re capable interviewers and commentators.

  42. am0n

    am0n3 soat oldin

    2 years later logan and jj make millions in the staples center

  43. TobiasTv sokol

    TobiasTv sokol3 soat oldin

    Can somebody help me to find my mommy ? Xd i died ....

  44. M2slicky

    M2slicky3 soat oldin

    Fight jake paul

  45. Lukas Kbäck

    Lukas Kbäck3 soat oldin

    nah fuk this, give me "I woke up and sneezed 3 times first thing in the morning"

  46. Berry Boi50

    Berry Boi503 soat oldin

    little boy deedoid

  47. Hayley Iles

    Hayley Iles3 soat oldin

    Love this vid

  48. Liberty M Harris

    Liberty M Harris3 soat oldin

    do a reacting to my songs video plsssssssssssssssss!!!

  49. [RBAG] BeeruS

    [RBAG] BeeruS3 soat oldin


  50. XxF7_ BrutalxX

    XxF7_ BrutalxX4 soat oldin

    Imagine if he won he would be a dick head while jj calls out other people joe seller would’ve gone fucking crazy

  51. Sir Cliff

    Sir Cliff4 soat oldin

    jake paul is a cock. clearly unstable

  52. Mr. chilll

    Mr. chilll4 soat oldin

    Remember people, always persist for at least 12 weeks straight, just like a a steroid cycle

  53. Daniel Plainsight

    Daniel Plainsight4 soat oldin

    Ain't a fan of either but you just got told by Jake bruv. Whoops.

  54. hamz forhead sees all lol

    hamz forhead sees all lol4 soat oldin

    and in nursery the word shutup was the devils word if u said shutup u were the coolest kid on the block hands down and during year. 6 u were telling your mates to shut the fuck up

  55. Ellie Munday

    Ellie Munday4 soat oldin

    Always loved weller and always will but don’t like Jake anymore🥴xx

  56. hamz forhead sees all lol

    hamz forhead sees all lol4 soat oldin

    my best friend bought a bouqet of flowers for his crush on prom

  57. Kamil Kubiński

    Kamil Kubiński4 soat oldin


  58. mma mma4 soat oldin

    What was that guy at 3.42 doing? Ive no idea. The bit where Joe says "im going that way bruv"

  59. Becca Dean Xx Xx

    Becca Dean Xx Xx5 soat oldin

    Nov 2019 and I still love this song 😂

  60. Blu

    Blu5 soat oldin

    Jake sounds like a di*k here

  61. szymon Nunu

    szymon Nunu5 soat oldin

    So Joe plz tell uss! Will be training and fighting?

  62. summontymegafan summontymegafan

    summontymegafan summontymegafan5 soat oldin

    Nothing but respect for joe ✊

  63. Sgt_

    Sgt_5 soat oldin


  64. Muhammad Shahmir

    Muhammad Shahmir5 soat oldin

    He is the most toxic, obnoxious, childish dickhead of a person, joe weller was just trying to talk to him but his stupid, shitty personality and ego got ahead of him. Even logan is respectable, and jake is nothing like him. Fuck jake paul the clapped wet faggot🖕

  65. Gaurav Samuel

    Gaurav Samuel6 soat oldin

    My god u destroyed this guy 😂😂😂

  66. Sgt_

    Sgt_6 soat oldin

    wow the coolest part of this video is seeing JJ and Joe talk about their fight in a respectfull and friendly way! not just shit talking eachother. big up both of these dudes!

  67. FreshTheScot

    FreshTheScot6 soat oldin

    If that woman’s brother died before born why was it in a prison😂😂

  68. Kevin s

    Kevin s6 soat oldin

    U mean to tell me that these two guys can't find something better to do with these girls

  69. Charming Tatum

    Charming Tatum6 soat oldin

    Hate to break it to you but you still haven't learnt that jab.

  70. m.mcleann

    m.mcleann6 soat oldin

    2:56 😂😂😂 anyone else hear Usher 😂😂😂

  71. socialphobia

    socialphobia6 soat oldin

    i dont care

  72. bw 1506

    bw 15066 soat oldin

    Rita has one nice back

  73. Owen Fagelman

    Owen Fagelman7 soat oldin

    What is a mental aysylam

  74. Breezy

    Breezy7 soat oldin

    Joe Weller cant talk shit cuz KSI already beat his ass😂😂

  75. Fjem 23

    Fjem 237 soat oldin

    Allison Parker😍

  76. Theo

    Theo7 soat oldin

    2:55 Allison Parker

  77. hamz forhead sees all lol

    hamz forhead sees all lol7 soat oldin

    luv u joe deserves 0 hate such an honest and an advocate for possotive energy i love him

  78. Camber Smith

    Camber Smith7 soat oldin

    "I definitely had an internet persona for a long time but I dont anymore" So what your saying is your just generally stupid and you dont just act like this on camra lmao.

  79. Rohan George Koshy

    Rohan George Koshy7 soat oldin

    Logan sucks

  80. Rohan George Koshy

    Rohan George Koshy7 soat oldin

    U look dead lol

  81. Flex

    Flex7 soat oldin

    what a fucking prick he is. whoever watches this guy is a fucking moron.

  82. Matt Broad

    Matt Broad7 soat oldin

    i think dan died in his mum because here mum got killed

  83. hamz forhead sees all lol

    hamz forhead sees all lol7 soat oldin

    hes just punched man deep in the ass lmao

  84. munkey hanger

    munkey hanger7 soat oldin

    Joe you should fight him after jonny Nelson is finished training you

  85. Abdul Reflectt

    Abdul Reflectt8 soat oldin

    it's funny, but mums arent always right - how can anyone always be right?

  86. Rachel Sherry

    Rachel Sherry8 soat oldin

    Does jake hate the Irish??😂😂😂

  87. The Scenic route

    The Scenic route8 soat oldin

    Haha jake and Logan who ever these joke guys are, what a punk 😂😂

  88. Nicolai van der Wiel

    Nicolai van der Wiel8 soat oldin

    5:39 5:52 6:00 6:15 6:20 6:27 6:35 6:42 x3

  89. hol

    hol8 soat oldin

    yellow is deffo his colour

  90. akr0911

    akr09118 soat oldin

    Chelsea fan.... Subscribed 😍😁👍

  91. Rafic Sherkawi

    Rafic Sherkawi9 soat oldin


  92. ScOp Pickle

    ScOp Pickle9 soat oldin

    @jakepaul box me pussy i’ll fuck u up

  93. ScOp Pickle

    ScOp Pickle9 soat oldin

    jake paul’s a pussyyyyy @jakepaul

  94. Kavindra Juggath

    Kavindra Juggath9 soat oldin

    Next on CSI Miami

  95. Saiful Islam

    Saiful Islam9 soat oldin


  96. cool proman

    cool proman9 soat oldin


  97. LegendOfLegends19100

    LegendOfLegends191009 soat oldin


  98. Nyanciek domach

    Nyanciek domach9 soat oldin

    He think he’s fine asf with ear ring 🤧

  99. Bowen Yuan

    Bowen Yuan9 soat oldin

    I’m looking in the comments no one think he’s like Tyson fury because they both got knocked but they both got up

  100. Jack Bailhache

    Jack Bailhache9 soat oldin

    That's the Pauls for you. Immature idiots