Because liking things is more fun than not liking things.
Sometimes the critics are wrong. Some movies, while full of plot holes, continuity errors, and bad acting have plenty of wins! Every week I’ll do a movie you love, that maybe the world hates. Did you go into a movie with your mind made up? Maybe there's more greatness in it than you thought! And some movies are just so good they deserve the winning treatment.
The internet is full of so much hate and negativity, ultimately I hope my videos will brighten your day!
I use a similar format as CinemaSins specifically to be their opposite. This is just my spin on films that I think don't get the respect they deserve or are so good they need to be celebrated. Or more often, stupid crap that made me laugh and want to watch it again.
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  1. KarnGod

    KarnGod12 soat oldin

    Gollum: "Caught in a web... Soon you'll be... eaten" Everyone: ...

  2. Christopher Sandidge

    Christopher Sandidge12 soat oldin

    I don't hate this movie at all. I don't understand the hate for this movie. Is it perfect? No. However it's not nearly as bad as critics say.

  3. Sky Cutter

    Sky Cutter12 soat oldin

    This movie doesn't exist we are only watching a black video with alien background voice

  4. Bianca Ramos

    Bianca Ramos12 soat oldin

    We all love Taika.. now when are you gonna release Cibemawins for Jojo Rabbit?

  5. Amanda L

    Amanda L12 soat oldin

    One of my favorite things about Atohallen is that it’s set up almost as if Elsa is the only one who can get in. Only someone with her powers to manipulate ice could make it across the chasm where she builds the pillars that she jumps across, or move the ice pillars out of the way of the door. Atohallen was built for her. Beautiful

  6. Seb Sand

    Seb Sand12 soat oldin

    Just before Cap returned the infinity stones, Hulk told him "I really tried to bring her back". So technically there's a chance that Black Widow is still alive, just on Vormir

  7. Scrawny McMassive

    Scrawny McMassive12 soat oldin

    "Marta's probably as smart or smarter than both of them", uhh what? Did I miss something? Barring the one short ruse at the end, was there anything indicating this, like, at all? I'm not trying to be an asshole, just genuinely curious where this came from. The only thing I can think of is, like, feminist-ally-virtue-signaling, but I'd rather take any other explanation if there is one. Anyone?

  8. Alex Hndr

    Alex Hndr13 soat oldin

    So Cruise here becoming a Laplace Demon?

  9. Hening Utami

    Hening Utami13 soat oldin

    in frozen and frozen 2 anna and elsa parent DIE, then anna almoust DIE, and in frozen 2 elsa DIE then olaf DIE why watch this movie everyone DIE, DIE, DIE

  10. WeirdChannel

    WeirdChannel13 soat oldin

    23:07 I have the high ground.

  11. photometric X

    photometric X13 soat oldin

    i fucking love this film

  12. Genevieve Broyles

    Genevieve Broyles13 soat oldin

    I don't know why many people don't like the sequels! I think they are great! Also, I love 7:32 and 7:39 :) They are some of my favorite scenes in the movie! They have the best music!

  13. Audrey

    Audrey13 soat oldin

    katniss was brown gale was brown peeta was disabled rue's death had more weight

  14. OuterVoid

    OuterVoid14 soat oldin

    What about them having Alan Bradley since he was in the original tron

  15. KillaCheeto

    KillaCheeto14 soat oldin

    I remember when I first saw this in theaters on opening night there were 5 moments that caused everyone in the theater to erupt into different emotions. 1) When Thor got Mjolnir back everybody cheered and one guy even yelled "THAT'S MY BOY!" which got a big laugh out of me. 2) When Black Widow sacrificed herself for the Soul Stone and everybody got hit with a sadness bomb. 3) Cap wielding Mjolnir caused an even stronger cheer than when Thor got it back. 4) AVENGERS...assemble. A few people in the theater including myself yelled "FUCK THE GRAPE MAN UP!!" 5) And I am...Iron Man. I don't know if anyone has ever heard sad cheering and applause before but that moment created it and it was beautiful.

  16. Silver Song

    Silver Song14 soat oldin

    Even the acting could have been SO much better. This felt more like a high school level acting. The characters lacked so much emotion in their voices, eyes, and just facial expressions. It all seemed kind of dull and lazy. The eyes always looked emotionless despite making expressions. I feel like the actors were just playing short scenes like it was homework than actually metaphorically becoming the character and feeling their emotions.

  17. lovelylinds

    lovelylinds14 soat oldin

    You are a WHALERS fan? As a CT native, mad respect for that one.

  18. Ramathorn

    Ramathorn14 soat oldin

    I fucking hated finn.

  19. Wandering Pika

    Wandering Pika14 soat oldin

    Gimme my *great Axe* not the sworddd!! *Light novel reader noises

  20. TheUltamateG

    TheUltamateG14 soat oldin

    He even gives a disclaimer AND THERE WOULD STILL be someone in the comments upset.

  21. UwU trashy UwU

    UwU trashy UwU14 soat oldin

    This is actually a good and somewhat modern animated feature. It’s done with attention to detail and beautiful character design. The concept seems simple (animals doing human things) but it’s executed in a great way showing many different aspects of what their lives could look like. Also the relationship between Judy and nick is believable and genuinely funny to watch. Some of my friends were like yo this is a kids movie and it sucks cuz all new animated movies suck cuz Disney sucks and I’m glad I didn’t believe them

  22. Shiko the fox

    Shiko the fox14 soat oldin

    It's really funny to hear you butcher Nordic name pronounciation is just really funny to me Note: I'm Icelandic, Halló Hæ, Íslendingur hérna

  23. Max Allen

    Max Allen14 soat oldin

    dark knight reference 7:09 just naughty

  24. Purple-Smart Heart

    Purple-Smart Heart15 soat oldin

    Your opposition to the political statements in this movie were hilariously myopic and tone deaf. Especially considering this came out after the election of a pedophile rapist who said dumb shit like the "caricature" in the movie all the time (and still does). I hope that at this point you no longer consider yourself "in the middle." On one side the worst people are exploitative for money. On the other, the worst people are *literal Nazis.* Being anywhere in the middle of that means you're too fucking close to the fucking Nazis.

  25. Flying Shirt

    Flying Shirt15 soat oldin

    This Is My Favourite Movie From The Series

  26. Art ricity

    Art ricity15 soat oldin

    Venom has picked up a shit ton of Covid 19

  27. Harri Eighteen

    Harri Eighteen15 soat oldin

    1:36 i think there some Jurassic park

  28. Thug Assassinz

    Thug Assassinz15 soat oldin

    19:21 "Honestly there are quite a few similarities between Ender and Hitler, but my point is that we root for him!" yeah we do- Hol up... Ender or Hitler?

  29. Andy Tran

    Andy Tran15 soat oldin

    ya know i loved this movie but gotta love seeing all the details i missed that make me go “ohhhhhhhhh”

  30. Shannon Swartz

    Shannon Swartz15 soat oldin

    *"The broken are the more evolved.."* Definitely cathartic and _not_ exploitative in my case...this scene actually uplifted me after I saw it for the first time...I remember sobbing and re-watching several times. I felt (and sometimes still do) almost inhuman after a truly traumatic event changed my life. But sometimes you hear something, or see something and you feel "put together" again. Whether or not it's fantasy, or meaningless words to the rest, I thought this interpretation of "being touched" tethered me to the reality that I wasn't alone. Even if only for a fleeting moment.

  31. IsoRen

    IsoRen16 soat oldin

    Will you be doing Kung Fu Panda 3?

  32. MrTiesk

    MrTiesk16 soat oldin

    Cinemawins: "I'm not going to win this because it's more of a personal preference and not an actua-" Cinemacins: *_"THIS ROCK IN THIS SINGLE FRAME REMINDED ME OF A MODERATELY UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCE IN MY CHILDHOOD, ONE THOUSAND SINS!!!"_*

  33. Jaime Amaya

    Jaime Amaya16 soat oldin

    This is by far the greatest movie of all time I have seen❤️😁

  34. DrKrapulax

    DrKrapulax16 soat oldin

    The only problem with this video is it confuses the abuse some women experience with a systemic oppression of women that doesn't exist. There's no such thing as a patriarchy that would normalize the abuse of women, that's just radical feminist bullshit.

  35. Ida

    Ida16 soat oldin

    I don’t know if this an amazing coincidence but ‘Lang’ in danish means long or tall

  36. Brittney Giancola

    Brittney Giancola16 soat oldin

    I don’t wish to give any hate but I have 1 problem Most of the things you would count as a cinema Sin you end up using to add a random cinema win Like when something doesn’t make sense you count it as a Cinema sin right so why right here 5:19 you count it as a win?

  37. Billlbo M C

    Billlbo M C16 soat oldin

    You missed a lot about the underlying race message here and judy’s changing attitudes towards nick and his role in the zoología society. When nick says “oh so there’s a *them* now”, that powerful. And I feel as if you didn’t quite fully explore one of the most masterful parts of this semi adult movie

  38. Hydra Gaming

    Hydra Gaming16 soat oldin

    10:02 in the country I live in (Australia) we have a bunch of Hills called the fallen Giants

  39. Harrison Rhodes

    Harrison Rhodes16 soat oldin

    I known you've got a lot on your plate currently, but I've always wanted to see you look at the Pirates of the Carribbean films. I love them and think they are great, but that seems to be an unpopular opinion. Basically I'm looking for some grounding... Keep up the good work!

  40. TheRedneckGamer1979

    TheRedneckGamer197916 soat oldin

    Fun fact, Ewan McGregor's brother is a fighter pilot, his call sign is Obi-2

  41. Andre Gordon

    Andre Gordon16 soat oldin

    9:25 I realize this actually is a call back to the first Iron Man and , consequently, how the MCU started: In Iron Man 1, Tony realized that he had the power to stop those terrorists in his Ironman suit, and famously did not ask anyone's permission to do it. Tony has always been driven by the belief that he can affect real change if he just did it himself. Same thing happened when he unilaterally created Ultron and then Vision. And now, like you said, he is ASKING permission from Pepper. Very subtle and well done.

  42. Seth Walker

    Seth Walker17 soat oldin

    Uhhh looks like we have a wanna be

  43. lightning speed extreme

    lightning speed extreme17 soat oldin

    2:21 IRO? Iroh

  44. Toosoo

    Toosoo17 soat oldin

    I think po is right that scars heal. They eventually disappear. Just because you've been hurt doesn't mean you need last out and hurt others. You will get through this, you will get better from this. What ever the this might be. I love theses movies and Po is one of my favorite protagonists because I see so much of myself in him.

  45. Wrath Oranos

    Wrath Oranos17 soat oldin

    I consider myself an OT fanboy and this film is easily the best thing that's been released for the franchise since 1983. it's also the closest in tone and feel to the originals, putting it far beyond anything spawned from the prequel or sequel trilogies. I definitely have to question the integrity of any so-called "Star Wars" fan who reviewed it poorly.

  46. terrormonster666

    terrormonster66617 soat oldin

    I won’t understand this movie

  47. Child Player

    Child Player17 soat oldin

    Alright when I heard the words Eggy I began shaking insanely it's because that was what assholes called.

  48. morphingtom2.0

    morphingtom2.017 soat oldin

    Please do “Dinosaur” (2000)!! :D

  49. Xander Redden

    Xander Redden17 soat oldin

    Humans do not deserve cinemawins I swear he is to good and pure for us.

  50. Megan the Wenguin

    Megan the Wenguin17 soat oldin

    My choir preformed un poco loco then we all sung remember me so they have a place close to my heart

  51. Carson Bellgraph

    Carson Bellgraph17 soat oldin

    Do the other hunger games movies!

  52. Gabe Schatz

    Gabe Schatz18 soat oldin

    I would love if you could do tangled someday

  53. Joker Gaming

    Joker Gaming18 soat oldin

    6:47 Cats...

  54. jshrubz

    jshrubz18 soat oldin

    This may be a nitpick and I may be alone on this but I really hate the nanotech Iron Man suit along with the time travel suits for Endgame. They just feel like such a deus ex machina.

  55. Xander Redden

    Xander Redden18 soat oldin

    He has a point would you call kylo ren an emo to his freaking face? No? Didn't think so.

  56. Ghost Surfer

    Ghost Surfer18 soat oldin

    Pure Imagination was played in the backround at 6:35

  57. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight18 soat oldin

    X men franchise is better than the DCEU

  58. Syd Artpix

    Syd Artpix18 soat oldin

    Honestly, the fire spirit when his eyes changed from evil to good it reminded me of toothless for some reason

  59. Babs Grayson

    Babs Grayson19 soat oldin

    Thank you Lupin for being the only DADA teacher who doesn't try to kill Harry.

  60. Tiana Roberge

    Tiana Roberge19 soat oldin

    Branch poppy

  61. Andre Gordon

    Andre Gordon19 soat oldin

    As her perfectly explains here, the LOTR trilogy was made with like, genuine love, hard work and affection for the entire cast and crew, and it bleeds out into the final product, you can tell with repeat viewings

  62. Joshua Schoonwater

    Joshua Schoonwater19 soat oldin

    I honestly want to see a video where cinemasins and cinemawins review a movie together.

  63. mozky

    mozky19 soat oldin

    Everythibg great abot wonder, american pie and pitch perfect

  64. Stalker O’ Flame

    Stalker O’ Flame19 soat oldin

    Who is Jude

  65. LavaringX

    LavaringX19 soat oldin

    Anakin and Obi-Wan truly became friends at some point between Attack of the Clones and the 2008 Clone Wars TV series, after Anakin graduated properly into a Jedi Knight. As a Padawan, Anakin had a typical master-apprentice relationship with Obi-Wan, but as true peers their relationship was far more relaxed and the two were able to become the genuine friends that we see in Revenge of the Sith (and that Obi-Wan recounts in A New Hope).

  66. ada ang

    ada ang19 soat oldin

    both blade-runner films please, I'd like your take on these amazing, mysterious and anti-mainstream films.

  67. Snowarrior _

    Snowarrior _19 soat oldin

    I knew that people didn't like this movie long before I saw this I still loved it

  68. LavaringX

    LavaringX19 soat oldin

    In my opinion, the biggest failure of the prequel trilogy wasn't any of the things that most people complain about, it was the inconsistency with the original trilogy. Alderaan should have been a main setting, it should have been more clear that Yoda trained Obi-Wan before he was passed onto Qui-Gon (which is alluded to in the Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones), and Padmé shouldn't have died (Leia talks about her in Return of the Jedi, after all). Also, some of the casting and direction was bad (the dialogue in Attack of the Clones is really cringeworthy). However, The Clone Wars redeems a lot about the movies that were lacking.

  69. HJB294

    HJB29419 soat oldin

    Please do Spirt: Stallion of the Cimarron

  70. Ole Hickory123

    Ole Hickory12319 soat oldin

    What’s absolutely mind blowing is this guy directed green lantern !!!!!!!!!

  71. Ole Hickory123

    Ole Hickory12319 soat oldin

    Love the Mrs doubt fire reference

  72. Gilles E

    Gilles E19 soat oldin

    I remember when the movie came out and all the news warnt the parents that the movie was very brutal, so I agree the biggest change was the first to the second movie.

  73. Yami Lekë

    Yami Lekë19 soat oldin

    "Another sick incendio" I liked that

  74. Gilles E

    Gilles E20 soat oldin

    I like to think that snape was angry that they hit the whomping willow because it makes him remember the marauders and therefor Lily.

  75. Ramathorn

    Ramathorn20 soat oldin

    In the sin counter, you talked about the eye when Gandalf grabbed it... But When you consider that All of the rings of power had been made by sauron, then you have to appreciate that there's no way to tell which one it is, especially since that one should have been missing for awhile.

  76. CringeKitty

    CringeKitty20 soat oldin

    r we not going to talk bout how doctor strange winks at tony after using that wind thing at the beginning of the movie

  77. Nacho00

    Nacho0020 soat oldin

    Panem's economy is actually a socialist economy, as it is centrally planned, and has a totalitarian government. I see The Hunger Games as a critique to socialism rather than capitalism.

  78. Speedskid

    Speedskid20 soat oldin

    The FACT that they specifically use a Subaru Impreza WRX that's painted red in the first scene clearly shows some attention to detail. For one, WRX's are typically painted blue, with gold rims. It's a stereotype that sportier-trim Subarus are known to be blue and gold. Mixing that up to red and black may have exemplified how different Baby's life is compared to others. Or maybe they just got a red and black WRX. Who knows. But on the topic of that WRX, *good god the driving.* Don't get me wrong, the bits where sound effects are on the beat with the songs are just utterly blissful, but *GOD* is the driving good. It's so beautifully done that I didn't know it was possible to make an art out of driving. It's what got me hooked on the movie and it's my favorite part for sure.

  79. JimReaver666

    JimReaver66620 soat oldin

    Did it get claimed?

  80. lazerghost15 :3

    lazerghost15 :320 soat oldin

    I can’t believe I’m seriously one of the only people that actually enjoyed this movie. My favorite character is their mother; and My fav song is “Show yourself.” Sorry I just felt like sharing, I really enjoyed watching this.😁🌬⛄️❄️

  81. KillQuota1

    KillQuota120 soat oldin

    Fun fact, apple was working with pizar/disney when they made this movie, so the iPad was there in the movie before it was released and people new about it

  82. Lollieeer Bing

    Lollieeer Bing20 soat oldin

    I just found this channel, I’m not used to this guy being positive.. 😂

  83. super shaffer

    super shaffer21 soat oldin

    *title card plays* thanks for watching!

  84. Amy Miriam

    Amy Miriam21 soat oldin

    Do The Rock's "Hercules" next!

  85. Nemo_Veritas

    Nemo_Veritas21 soat oldin

    Motherhubbard, Dominic Purcell...!

  86. Liquid Games jujieshadow

    Liquid Games jujieshadow21 soat oldin

    I'm gonna be honest when I watched the beginning of the movie i thought the peter cam was gonna be the whole movie

  87. Horselover 242

    Horselover 24221 soat oldin

    6:01 yo that’s the voice of dipper pines???

  88. Tyrant-Den

    Tyrant-Den21 soat oldin

    Unfortunately I think Baby is a creepster psychopath who gets catered to by the writers like a harem anime protag.

  89. K Rab

    K Rab22 soat oldin

    I’ve watched this before but it’s interesting to note the Marvel has been in talks with Keanu about doing a film. They just haven’t found the right part for him.

  90. 2024.Eddy Kang

    2024.Eddy Kang22 soat oldin

    us and get out combined

  91. Godzilla Luke

    Godzilla Luke22 soat oldin

    My complaint is that ghidorah looked small in some shots

  92. HalloffameYT855

    HalloffameYT85522 soat oldin

    12:49 is that actually him? 😂

  93. Mouse Bricks

    Mouse Bricks22 soat oldin

    Cinemawins you should do Avatar (the blue people one) next

  94. emofoxkitten

    emofoxkitten22 soat oldin

    I'm really bummed Dylan hasn't found more work

  95. Rick Chandler

    Rick Chandler22 soat oldin

    0:37 I never knew there were two versions of Mr. Aziz saying go. In here its just a firm "GO!" But the one I know is the more dramatic "GoOoOoO!!!" Just found that interesting.

  96. Jewell Chiara

    Jewell Chiara22 soat oldin

    I barely lasted 31 seconds of these compliments for the Hunger Games (no joke, Imma HUGE Hunger Games fan, but this goodness is making me feel all tingly or whatever fuzzy feeling this is inside and its weird).

  97. Lyric Patel

    Lyric Patel22 soat oldin

    this one has much better vibes than cinemasins

  98. TheRavenfish9

    TheRavenfish922 soat oldin

    The payoff between this video's commentary about Liz's '4 year time jump' and your commentary on End Game was freakin' glorious. That blew my mind that it was always planned. Feige is a genius.

  99. Jetuique X1

    Jetuique X122 soat oldin

    Tbh The Amazing Spider-Man was one of my favorite Spider-Man movie

  100. Hydra Gaming

    Hydra Gaming22 soat oldin

    In America you think of American ladders and scaffolds randomly but in Australia you think of hellooooooooooo frank walker from national tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiles randomly