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  1. anthony2816

    anthony281618 soat oldin

    It's just another example of the Golden Rule: "Them that has the gold, rule."

  2. EuronDiabetes

    EuronDiabetes18 soat oldin

    I gotta admit that even when I dont like american cars/engines... The corvettes are something

  3. Ovenclown

    Ovenclown18 soat oldin

    i have a 2003 ford focus svt 250hp ater all the mods ive done to it very good handling and redlines 7k

  4. Fe Brito

    Fe Brito18 soat oldin

    NOOOOOOOO! EVOs are better

  5. Robert Oravitz

    Robert Oravitz18 soat oldin

    Um, actually, the 1929 Ford Model A Town Sedan or Station Wagon is the first instance of a steel bodied station wagon. If you look at the article cited in the wikipedia page you used for the research, you'll see that it is incorrect on the wiki page. I heart Donut.

  6. Randy Phillips

    Randy Phillips18 soat oldin

    I'm thinking Ford isn't going to send James a Ranger Raptor considering the tattoo he has. ;) IMO, stick with the Mopar (pronounced mo power) baby!

  7. Jonas Perez

    Jonas Perez18 soat oldin

    Lincoln LS Lincoln LS Lincoln LS Lincoln LS Lincoln LS Lincoln LS Lincoln LS Lincoln LS Lincoln LS Lincoln LS

  8. JDJ

    JDJ18 soat oldin

    I still haven't figured out if thats a real microphone or not

  9. Andihan Lukas

    Andihan Lukas18 soat oldin

    dude, why not talkin about mighty tiny honda k series. some youtube vids tells me that time will come, k engine the world baby

  10. E46 Gaming

    E46 Gaming18 soat oldin

    You forgot the LSA

  11. Corvette4ever Randomness

    Corvette4ever Randomness18 soat oldin

    I'd get a Mo Powa Babeh sticker for my car but currently it has No Powa Babeh and I don't want to lie to the other people on the road

  12. Kaje Haug

    Kaje Haug18 soat oldin

    can we talk about how K swaps are taking over the swap world tho

  13. Yug Patel

    Yug Patel18 soat oldin

    The Mystery Machine Had an LS

  14. Super Mega Underrated Uploader

    Super Mega Underrated Uploader18 soat oldin

    How about a LS in A Mercedes-Benz 300SL!

  15. Joseph Evans

    Joseph Evans18 soat oldin

    cabin fever?

  16. Daniel Orduna

    Daniel Orduna18 soat oldin

    Flat plane V8s > Cross plane V8s

  17. Shane B

    Shane B18 soat oldin

    You guys should do a video on the history of GM's 60 degree v6 engines. Such a reliable little engine. From the 2.4 in the field and 3100 from the beretta and then the 3900 in the Pontiac g6 gt.

  18. Derrick Moore

    Derrick Moore18 soat oldin

    18:42 And the face cast dude made made a miraculous recovery!

  19. Drew Smith

    Drew Smith18 soat oldin

  20. 1am Zen

    1am Zen18 soat oldin

    Thanks mate!


    ICYYY MANNY18 soat oldin

    Chevy the best 🚫🧢

  22. Amirul

    Amirul18 soat oldin

    "why use the words and take away the meaning" I'm looking at you Porsche Taycan "turbo"

  23. HappeninG

    HappeninG18 soat oldin

    Moreeeee powaaaa babeeeee!!!!!!

  24. Kenzer S.

    Kenzer S.18 soat oldin

    We need to get an up to speed on General Motors

  25. Grooove e

    Grooove e18 soat oldin

    Cleetus McFarland just dropped a procharged custom 427 with custom LSX heads into his C7 vette and it might be the best swap ever done in history

  26. DatGameh

    DatGameh18 soat oldin

    That's a funky drawn horse

  27. Joseph Day

    Joseph Day18 soat oldin

    This only bolstered my decision to LS swap my first project car. Can't wait to swap one into my Z31 300ZX <3

  28. Gage Jernigan

    Gage Jernigan18 soat oldin

    Hotwheels cars just roll better, especially if you get the ones with larger rims and wider wheels

  29. Scorpion GT

    Scorpion GT18 soat oldin

    Since u did the LS u gotta do a Chevy Small Block episode

  30. Praise No-thing

    Praise No-thing18 soat oldin

    That nihhga X knew it was a JOKE. I remember the 1ST THE FIRST time I saw him on the show. I seen his face to see "how could he?" and he smirked*.....they played yall...LOL

  31. Robert Lewis

    Robert Lewis18 soat oldin

    I wanna know more about the turbo diesels that America never got the tdi’s of the world in the 90s we got trucks like The taco and hardbody an in Japan these trucks were driving around with Diesel engines that we never got !!! I really just got a Nissan Pathfinder an I wanna no more bout a 4 cyclinder diesel so I can get a good mpg and still have more power then my 3.3 v6 vg33

  32. Afaan X

    Afaan X18 soat oldin

    Mo pawa babyh.

  33. Phenyo Sebopeng

    Phenyo Sebopeng18 soat oldin

    Mo mileage baby just doesn't hit the same as MO POWER BABY

  34. Jake Clarke

    Jake Clarke18 soat oldin

    Anyone notice the absent LSA?

  35. Kyle Bowen

    Kyle Bowen18 soat oldin

    I want to ls swap my 06 Chevy Malibu

  36. Mike Oglesby

    Mike Oglesby18 soat oldin

    LS swap a 2003 Ford Taurus

  37. Madhav Bhatia

    Madhav Bhatia18 soat oldin

    An episode on Jaguar plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz An episode on Jaguar plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz An episode on Jaguar plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz An episode on Jaguar plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  38. Daniel Moldovan

    Daniel Moldovan18 soat oldin

    LS6 in a Dacia Sandero

  39. itsjustSev

    itsjustSev18 soat oldin

    The volume normalization is all over the place. He is quiet, so I turn him up then he is so loud it blows my ears off. Then he is quiet again... rinse and repeat throughout the video.

  40. Anthony Ha

    Anthony Ha18 soat oldin

    I guess RSX's sorta fall under "Integra" but I'd argue they're different enough to merit their own spot, and Type-S's easily come in at around $5k. And if that's not what you want, you could always just slap the engine into something else.

  41. Tj Ratterman

    Tj Ratterman18 soat oldin

    We can't forget the true embodiment of LS/LT motors. Cleetus McFarland.

  42. Keith Elkins

    Keith Elkins18 soat oldin

    Interesting, but to hard to listen to to hit subscribe

  43. Placeholder Name

    Placeholder Name18 soat oldin

    More tech means more shit will break. The more performance oriented a car is, the harder its going to be driven, and the more shit wil break. The problem is people that can't really afford the maintenance of premium cars, buy premium cars when really they should be driving a Toyota or a Nissan econobox and spend there money more wisely. I've had both (i do my own wrenching, im a VAG mechanic), but nothing from, the past 10 years. Both have great interiors, but Audi generally feels more expensive. Audi also seem to invent styling trends, especially when it comes to lights and grills. Both are good daily drivers, but I like BMW more as a toy because of RWD. That said, I dont find any of the modern stuff that interesting. To me, all the great ones is from the 80's and 90's, more raw cars.

  44. Sai Vipparla

    Sai Vipparla18 soat oldin

    if Mr.Beast worked on cars

  45. David Bates

    David Bates18 soat oldin

    You can help me with my engine replacement

  46. Marc 09

    Marc 0918 soat oldin

    An s2k for 10k ? Lol. Here they are nowhere under 20k

  47. Cullen Tiffany

    Cullen Tiffany18 soat oldin

    Hey, when's the episode on James' Dad coming out?

  48. Praise No-thing

    Praise No-thing18 soat oldin

    I thought it was wierd. We had slabs and tunners but a fishtank? This was all just hype.

  49. Red Black

    Red Black18 soat oldin

    I look at the car? And I picture my local park which would be the perfect urban mini racing track!!!!

  50. S Brown

    S Brown18 soat oldin

    My favorite GM engines by far

  51. Dune1884

    Dune188418 soat oldin

    I imagine this job is much different on a fwd car?

  52. Azorian 82

    Azorian 8218 soat oldin

    Where’s are up to speed on all of James vw’s I wanna know all of the ones he owned

  53. Josey Neighbors

    Josey Neighbors18 soat oldin

    Do a up to speed on a studebaker

  54. Blurry Miguel

    Blurry Miguel18 soat oldin

    6:53 the kid who got struck by the lightning

  55. Jameson

    Jameson18 soat oldin

    Dude don't tell mama!

  56. John Username

    John Username18 soat oldin

    Hell yea baby!! Ls time!!!

  57. Dave's Custom Crap

    Dave's Custom Crap18 soat oldin

    I just got done test driving my 4.8 LS swapped shitbox to go get lunch and this is what I come home to. PERFECT!

  58. Bryan Liguori

    Bryan Liguori18 soat oldin

    HOW do I get involved with a garage like this so I can LS swap stuff??

  59. Tyler PWM

    Tyler PWM18 soat oldin

    imagine lifting any dodge transmission that way. XD

  60. Scorpion Ranch

    Scorpion Ranch18 soat oldin

    I think I know where James's dad went... to Nolan's house. Dudes are totally brothers.

  61. sith dowell

    sith dowell18 soat oldin

    Dude. No jaguars on the list? How about an episode on the D-type?

  62. Eloy Montoya

    Eloy Montoya18 soat oldin

    now do the 5.0 coyote engine.

  63. Lduhon

    Lduhon18 soat oldin

    GM obviously can’t count LS: 1,6,2,4,X,3,9 What frick GM!

  64. PapaLemon Boy

    PapaLemon Boy18 soat oldin

    Wait wasn't Fernando Alonso the one with 46g crash in 2016

  65. MrChopp3r

    MrChopp3r18 soat oldin

    The 4 cam V8 in the old zr1 was made by mercury marine, not gm

  66. Ian Ammeraal

    Ian Ammeraal18 soat oldin

    RIP James lunges

  67. Burner Acc

    Burner Acc18 soat oldin

    LS swap Yugo

  68. Arsalan Ali

    Arsalan Ali18 soat oldin

    Flat plain crank LS V8 in C8 Z06

  69. Roady

    Roady18 soat oldin

    So i should throw a LS in to my mk4 golf to get mo powa?

  70. Brett Paulsen

    Brett Paulsen18 soat oldin

    I think it would be a really cool series if you guys got a group together that just worked on restoring/project cars and just documented it throughout the process! Grab some of these cars that everybody loves and bring them back to their glory days

  71. yosef swateri

    yosef swateri18 soat oldin

    I only watched the video again today to hear the engine sound


    SAMUEL NGURE18 soat oldin

    do you ship to kenya?

  73. Erica Cherney

    Erica Cherney18 soat oldin

    Why is nobody mentioning the supra with a 2jz in the intro? Lol

  74. Nicholas De Leon

    Nicholas De Leon18 soat oldin

    There was a company that had a giant robot that used an LS3 V8. Sadly they went bankrupt and had to sell it. 😥

  75. DarthBobo68

    DarthBobo6818 soat oldin

    This guy is an Idiot. The guy with the glasses is so much more pleasant to watch.

  76. Aaron santigo

    Aaron santigo18 soat oldin

    we need to Complete the trio so do a ford Engine

  77. Bryan Davidson

    Bryan Davidson18 soat oldin

    the red Supra definitely still has a JZ in it lol

  78. Derek OBrien

    Derek OBrien18 soat oldin

    I couldn’t find 19257230 on

  79. Arsalan Ali

    Arsalan Ali18 soat oldin

    Will you ever do an up to speed on Lamborghini Aventador

  80. austin storch

    austin storch18 soat oldin

    why the supra?

  81. Norton the Destroyer

    Norton the Destroyer18 soat oldin

    Can you do Up to Speed on Wankel too?

  82. Jason Luersman

    Jason Luersman18 soat oldin

    Viper is the only thing that can stop the vet

  83. BarnStangz

    BarnStangz18 soat oldin

    Please ditch this goofy yellow mic, I feel like the audio quality goes in and out...

  84. John Avi

    John Avi18 soat oldin

    Great engine. Can't go wrong with one under your hood.

  85. jorge ramos

    jorge ramos18 soat oldin

    5 ponies added per sticker is what I heard.

  86. Carter Versluis

    Carter Versluis18 soat oldin

    Some kid tried to tell me that the Ls was a failed Ford idea

  87. Kieran Blair

    Kieran Blair18 soat oldin

    Do an up to speed on the Pontiac Firebird

  88. AT

    AT18 soat oldin

    Pushrod/OHV design seem to be much newer engine design than DOHC in mass produced car use " The first production car to use an DOHC engine was built in 1910. Use of DOHC engines slowly increased from the 1940s" Pushrod OHV in 1950s "OHC engines slowly became more common from the 1950s to the 1990s" it could be said DOHC is the granddaddy of Pushrod?

  89. Giovanni Garvin

    Giovanni Garvin18 soat oldin

    Can’t wait for ur dad to be featured

  90. DestruxandExploze

    DestruxandExploze18 soat oldin

    Replacing a Supra 2jz with a LS is just not cool. That 2jz is rare and is known for breaking 1,000 horsepower easy.


    JUNKYARD GTO18 soat oldin


  92. slicklikebutter

    slicklikebutter18 soat oldin

    when are you going to be doing an up to speed on Infiniti?

  93. TRGz04HQ

    TRGz04HQ18 soat oldin

    The LS is best engine ever and you to tell me why not 😅

  94. NIKOvbn

    NIKOvbn18 soat oldin

    Bike channel? YES PLEASE!

  95. Jason Albino

    Jason Albino18 soat oldin

    Up to speed on Mazda or the Suzuki jimny

  96. Mike Oglesby

    Mike Oglesby18 soat oldin

    New microphone? Or is it just me, thinking so?

  97. PolandFromMat

    PolandFromMat18 soat oldin

    When's the next uptospeed about saabs

  98. Nate Gonzalez

    Nate Gonzalez18 soat oldin

    He missed the LSA from his “favorite” car, the CTS-V

  99. A.J. Luchico

    A.J. Luchico18 soat oldin

    Why was there a supra in the intro