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  1. Tito Dwi Laksono

    Tito Dwi LaksonoSoat oldin

    I kiss the old domed

  2. codemns

    codemnsSoat oldin

    a train heist truck over a r34 and then a civic wins.

  3. maximillianMus

    maximillianMusSoat oldin

    Bio-mimicry is a real word

  4. oleg_aka_djmeg

    oleg_aka_djmegSoat oldin

    Just push the fenders out with magazines...

  5. Bob Stachowiak

    Bob StachowiakSoat oldin

    I'm gonna buy a van and live diwn by the river!

  6. Just Brok

    Just BrokSoat oldin

    *"Camaro catfish exist"* 3rd gen asian market Toyota yaris:

  7. Christian Miller

    Christian MillerSoat oldin

    Red orange blue yellow

  8. Miguel Migi

    Miguel MigiSoat oldin

    feel bad for ayrton senna if he saw this shit

  9. Steffen Helms

    Steffen HelmsSoat oldin

    In Germany VW sold so many Transporters, that we call every Van no matter what kind it is, a Transporter or Bulli. Because No matter who makes the Tissues we call them Tempo 🤯

  10. Mizan215

    Mizan215Soat oldin

    Yes, keep buying transits so I can buy fast cars!

  11. Jose Montoya

    Jose MontoyaSoat oldin

    That’s a weird looking Pedo Van.

  12. wat_da_fuq92

    wat_da_fuq92Soat oldin

    "HELLSNAKE"?? "HELLVIPER"??? .... ANYONE???? jus asking for a friend

  13. Edgar Hernandez

    Edgar HernandezSoat oldin

    4/5th Gen Camaro for season 2 please !

  14. Furkan#PAIN

    Furkan#PAINSoat oldin

    no one: ford lighting: hold meh beer

  15. spraynpray

    spraynpraySoat oldin

    Minivans aren't vans. Fite me.

  16. ThrashFan04

    ThrashFan04Soat oldin

    My favorite hotwheels car is my 1977 Pontiac Trans Am.

  17. Catto Artist

    Catto ArtistSoat oldin

    the seats in the m8 don't look as good as the ones in the M3CS

  18. la speedy boi

    la speedy boiSoat oldin


  19. Jose Montoya

    Jose MontoyaSoat oldin

    90s interior were great and functional. But the 90s camaro looks nice too

  20. Wyatt M

    Wyatt M2 soat oldin

    Please make an Everything You Need To Know about the ford highboy

  21. Jimmy Heavner

    Jimmy Heavner2 soat oldin

    I have a 2006 Nissan Sentra RockfordFosgate C.D factory head unit 6 disc C.D changer,12 niche Nissan factory woofer and 300watt RockfordFosgate amp..

  22. spraynpray

    spraynpray2 soat oldin

    The coolest truck I ever drove was a beat up v6 4wd toyota that was badly painted tan, originally black. The bed was rotted away, so he welded up a frame and slapped 2x4s on it to turn the rear into two benches of seating facing the center. It had cheap, old tires, so we ran them at very low pressure. I drove it through washes into the desert and shot a five gallon propane tank at 1000 yards from the back. I don't like expensive trucks. They're trucks.

  23. Killer Crew

    Killer Crew2 soat oldin

    Pls do a bumper2bumper on the monster energy hoonicorn

  24. Mikael Tremblay

    Mikael Tremblay2 soat oldin

    Up to speed Laguna Seca

  25. Clayton D'Cruz

    Clayton D'Cruz2 soat oldin

    so there is no transmission to turn the wheels ?

  26. jacoob ramsay

    jacoob ramsay2 soat oldin

    If apple made a car they would build a frame and a shell and not include anything else and charge the rest way overpriced

  27. tew tadle

    tew tadle2 soat oldin

    My dad used to have an Audi A5 in metallic British racing green, a great cabrio, custom colors, and a great car in general. I mean he had to request the color from the factory and it cost extra, so not painted by a third party

  28. Meem Man

    Meem Man2 soat oldin

    Tyrese suprisingly loved the Eclipse lmao so "Why you gotta be dirty on Tyrese?" but it deserves to be in the last lmao

  29. theJman

    theJman2 soat oldin

    You forgot the part where he still attends races and sometimes shows on live tv during the race.

  30. Mark Rideout 26 (STUDENT)

    Mark Rideout 26 (STUDENT)2 soat oldin

    This video is awesome especially when u own one of thes cars(95 gsr)

  31. a lil panda

    a lil panda2 soat oldin

    0:53 well thats one thin front bumper cut

  32. ZesTrueLoyal

    ZesTrueLoyal2 soat oldin

    I thought the car had AE101 engine.

  33. EricKZhang

    EricKZhang2 soat oldin

    What do you say to give a Subaru owner a panic attack or PTSD? "Head gasket failure."

  34. Briyson Withrich

    Briyson Withrich2 soat oldin

    Out for his whole video I say the Supra at the workshop is the best part

  35. harold torrevillas

    harold torrevillas2 soat oldin

    i just realized that your guy looks like lewis hammilton

  36. Daniel He

    Daniel He2 soat oldin


  37. Sierra _7

    Sierra _72 soat oldin

    V T E C K I C K E D I N Y O

  38. Mikhail Zozulya

    Mikhail Zozulya2 soat oldin

    Could you make a up the speed episode about lada ?

  39. Luis Delgado

    Luis Delgado2 soat oldin


  40. naterandomguy

    naterandomguy2 soat oldin

    Forza is supposed to be legal racing which got boring so I got nfs

  41. Johnsen Joestar

    Johnsen Joestar2 soat oldin

    "67 to 69" "Nice" Nice

  42. Sebastian Hutton

    Sebastian Hutton2 soat oldin

    Moms and drifters drive nissans lmao

  43. DUSK NeVoy

    DUSK NeVoy2 soat oldin

    Who the fuck drinks coopers when u got like VB and great northern

  44. Chemtrail Dreams

    Chemtrail Dreams2 soat oldin

    Damn ur dad is Clarkson

  45. Ben Weldon

    Ben Weldon2 soat oldin

    I kinda find this pointless, sure you are comparing differences of the cars for each item, however you arn't then removing the items and their benefits compound.

  46. Shannan J .Lambert

    Shannan J .Lambert2 soat oldin

    Seriously. Where do I get that jumper.

  47. Dangelo Delgado

    Dangelo Delgado2 soat oldin

    James looking good and healthy.. I'm glad to see it

  48. spraynpray

    spraynpray2 soat oldin

    136db is hearing safe, but I'd bet my paycheck that system was MUCH louder than that.

  49. Romz Martz

    Romz Martz2 soat oldin

    Can we have honda yamaha and kawasaki?? Please??

  50. Christopher Cummings

    Christopher Cummings2 soat oldin

    Lmao thought you were going to bring up the drag pak

  51. Emily Fravel

    Emily Fravel2 soat oldin

    I never get matchbox

  52. Ivan Vrdoljak

    Ivan Vrdoljak2 soat oldin

    Look at that front wheel gap

  53. King Agar

    King Agar2 soat oldin

    3:03 LOOOOLL🤣🤣😂😂😂😭😭

  54. Mopar Fabrication

    Mopar Fabrication2 soat oldin

    can u do a dodge dakota video plz

  55. Daniel Thomas

    Daniel Thomas2 soat oldin


  56. Ahtsah McDaniel

    Ahtsah McDaniel2 soat oldin

    Bmw 335i

  57. Timothy Miller

    Timothy Miller2 soat oldin

    My parents have the base model of one of these from sometime in the mid 2010's. I'm amazed every time i drive it how fast it is and how well it handles despite being a huge box.


    TUNESK1EZZ3 soat oldin

    Lmao "you got your big O sodas"

  59. keikoandgilly

    keikoandgilly3 soat oldin

    Definitely for a car, it would have to be versatile, 4WD, quick in and quick out: Black BMW M3

  60. FireLordCanti

    FireLordCanti3 soat oldin

    I wish they would bring the scirocco to the US. Love the Corrado too.

  61. sochyvonn nora

    sochyvonn nora3 soat oldin

    Started the video for cars end up learning about math and physics

  62. DaveSKI

    DaveSKI3 soat oldin

    JDM: We are the Kings of drifting Ford Supervan: Walks in

  63. Hero Number Two

    Hero Number Two3 soat oldin

    Worst trend SUVs Like leave them to the jimny, damn, other suvs are weak Worst offender: range rover

  64. Mitchell-Wallis Force

    Mitchell-Wallis Force3 soat oldin

    Best color = the Deep Impact Blue that ford uses on the GT350. Close second is Plum Crazy purple and third goes to McLaren's Papaya Orange (ESPECIALLY when it's metallic and/or paired with rich blue) Oh, and I forgot school bus yellow and Honda's milky Championship white rounding out the top five.

  65. Milo Schwartz

    Milo Schwartz3 soat oldin

    This brings up a lot of great evidence against people that hate electric cars (for some reason). Yeah, gas and diesel engines sound awesome, and they're what we've been using for an insanely long time, but electric cars are here now, and they've proven that they work in modern times. They don't need transmissions, they're much lighter, their acceleration and top speed is insanely better, their fuel is essentially free, and of course they don't require fossil fuels or any of the systems required to handle them. It's insanely likely that electric cars will have a future in racing just because of this. Also keep in mind that electricity doesn't add weight to the car. Eventually we may live in a world where you can just replace your empty battery with a full one and get back on the road immediately. That could be used in racing as well, allowing cars to get back on the track faster, and stay on it for longer. Gasoline cars are eventually going to die out, whether you like it or not.

  66. Tomas Bailey

    Tomas Bailey3 soat oldin

    Bro, that Prelude... Er uh Legend is dope bra!

  67. JeykllNHyde

    JeykllNHyde3 soat oldin

    I have a Miata of my own and i am looking for some coilovars, the set that you put on your Miata look amazing, it would be cool if you could put a link in the description or send me the link, it would be greatly appreciated, Thank you Zach !!!

  68. Edmund Biswas

    Edmund Biswas3 soat oldin


  69. Bobdingle25

    Bobdingle253 soat oldin

    For anyone wondering, the 2 liter out of the forcus ST practically bolts right up to the Transit Connect....

  70. DiabeticDreams

    DiabeticDreams3 soat oldin

    If you dont think you have the skills I'm 15 rebuilding a Chevy small block

  71. shane

    shane3 soat oldin

    Hmm wonder why no one bought a car that looked boring...

  72. Caleb Nation

    Caleb Nation3 soat oldin

    Used to go to church at a church that had a V10 E series van for the youth group. I got to drive it. It *would* do burnouts.

  73. naterandomguy

    naterandomguy3 soat oldin

    I live in Cali so I’m out

  74. ralph mostert

    ralph mostert3 soat oldin

    Eeuuhhmm.... Nissan primera p11 gt Nissan skyline r34 gtr midnight purple They also have those colors and are older 🙄 So ford just copied them...

  75. John Flahive

    John Flahive3 soat oldin

    He says Le mans in like 1911 and 1920, but the actual 24 hours of Le Mans racing didn't start till around 1923. ??

  76. Banger 413

    Banger 4133 soat oldin

    Do you like cars and shenanigans come see banger 413 for new fun content

  77. chwissypoo

    chwissypoo3 soat oldin

    Pretty rude to have a commercial when you start the car

  78. Sensass

    Sensass3 soat oldin

    He reminds me of a slightly smarter Andy from Parks and Recreation

  79. Travancore Nomads

    Travancore Nomads3 soat oldin

    Mitsubishi Pajero Video please

  80. Jeff Rea

    Jeff Rea3 soat oldin

    I always wanted one of these! When I was younger, it was just a little out of reach..... Now I still want one of these and it’s waaaaay out of reach. 😢

  81. winning blade

    winning blade3 soat oldin

    yellll man whhat happend

  82. Abdul Rafay Gillani

    Abdul Rafay Gillani3 soat oldin

    Daihatsu Naked. Yes, it exists.

  83. Lucas Blanchard

    Lucas Blanchard3 soat oldin

    I too wish to build up a Ford van to take around the entire country on a mountain bike trip someday!!!

  84. Nelson Silva

    Nelson Silva3 soat oldin

    Thanks for this amazing video! You make me cry... Im gonna see the movie to

  85. Okay Vibe

    Okay Vibe4 soat oldin

    Wait is one the the dudes in the vid from hyperdrive with th rx7 or not

  86. Kevin Ortiz

    Kevin Ortiz4 soat oldin

    Red car squad where you at?

  87. Aaron Shank

    Aaron Shank4 soat oldin

    James you’re looking really good! Keep improving brother!!!

  88. Ben Bates

    Ben Bates4 soat oldin

    Donut! Great vid.

  89. oldreliable303 Justin Scott

    oldreliable303 Justin Scott4 soat oldin

    Who knows of the V drive 4x4 covertsons on ford vans?

  90. Eli Anto

    Eli Anto4 soat oldin

    I worked at a major car manufacturer and red was the cheapest to produce (after white mono-coat was changed to two-coat). White was still cheaper for customers, even though red was cheaper for the manufacturer.

  91. FiedMarshal Zhukov

    FiedMarshal Zhukov4 soat oldin

    VW is better killing F1 than like killing the environment. So Idiotic carguys who are angry at Volkswagen, shame on you.

  92. Orlando Rotundo

    Orlando Rotundo4 soat oldin

    I like Mazda Ruby tough

  93. Martin Gilbert

    Martin Gilbert4 soat oldin

    This might be my favorite UTS yet! Donut is on fire! Fiery white-hot Donut!

  94. Angeleo Lare

    Angeleo Lare4 soat oldin

    9:05 I am confusion

  95. vivalamikeyy

    vivalamikeyy4 soat oldin

    Completely and utterly uninteresting. Nobody cares about a van

  96. FD Slapshot

    FD Slapshot4 soat oldin

    "Fireproof suits" you mean turnout gear?