Laura Lee
Laura Lee
Laura Lee

I'm am Alabamian that recently turned into a Californian (L.A BASED) Excuse my accent :)
I have a deep rooted love for all things beautiful.
Join my UZgo Family spread the LOVE *(hugs)* & prepare to have FUN and Giggle a little

: "You're only given a little spark of madness." You mustn't lose it. -Robin Williams
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Meet My Sister.
  1. abigaillyne

    abigaillyneKun oldin

    Girl where are the stars from?!

  2. L Miya

    L MiyaKun oldin

    Wow I like her voice

  3. Selina Taylor

    Selina TaylorKun oldin

    LOVE!!! It Laura hope I’m not to late. X

  4. Danielle Patterson

    Danielle PattersonKun oldin

    Bannana !!!!! 🍌

  5. Mae Healy

    Mae HealyKun oldin

    Her going “the heels ahhh, but they’re so pretty though” is me every time I get ready.

  6. Claudia Molina

    Claudia MolinaKun oldin

    Love you both!!

  7. Hallie Coverett

    Hallie CoverettKun oldin

    The look makes me think of the little mermaid 😂😍

  8. Jeannie Marie

    Jeannie MarieKun oldin

    wow!!!! She looks STUNNING LIKE THIS!😍😍😍 she should bring this look back

  9. Noon_ Zone

    Noon_ ZoneKun oldin

    Love it Subscribe Girls 😍👍

  10. Molly Dixon

    Molly DixonKun oldin

    HAHAHAHAHAH this is the first time ive ever seen a youtuber mess up...i really like this

  11. Amy Santos

    Amy SantosKun oldin

    Your niece is absolutely gorgeous without makeup Can u do my makeup everyday 😂❤️



    Blues clues

  13. Mylie Svoboda

    Mylie SvobodaKun oldin


  14. Yuyeng Lee

    Yuyeng LeeKun oldin

    So glad I watched this vid love you laura

  15. sam bill

    sam billKun oldin

    That finished look is STUNNING!

  16. amatal wahib

    amatal wahibKun oldin

    𝓘 𝔀𝓸𝓾𝓵𝓭 𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮

  17. Usman Afzal

    Usman AfzalKun oldin

    I am from pakistan and here getting good makeup is like a dream because it is sooo expensive.i wish i could have that kind of makeup for my wife.btw she loves u.candy cane

  18. sarah geist

    sarah geistKun oldin

    u made this process so easy 2 do

  19. Nicole Sargsyan

    Nicole SargsyanKun oldin

    Laura, you are the one who got me into makeup! Thanks for always staying true to yourself!

  20. Maddie Rothwell

    Maddie RothwellKun oldin

    I really appreciate you not using a filter! Im excited for when you review more foundations because I can see how they actually look! 🤗🤗

  21. Amanda Ford

    Amanda FordKun oldin

    Omg that tantour is seriously deep... if your fair forget about it

  22. Fatima Kashif

    Fatima KashifKun oldin

    I love ur vids with ur niece

  23. Mikaela Bell

    Mikaela BellKun oldin

    She should get into UZgo to keep herself busy and interested in something new you know?? She seems to enjoy makeup too. ♥️

  24. ilayda

    ilaydaKun oldin

    Where is eryns dad? Why can’t he take care of her instead of Laura

  25. Suzy Sausage

    Suzy SausageKun oldin

    U r the realist. Mistakes && all. ❤ the look. Thanks for the inspirations🤗💐

  26. Serena Getz

    Serena GetzKun oldin

    I love drugstore products & I love skin care 😍 Giveaways I also love, just never lucky enough 😂

  27. Michelle Macias

    Michelle MaciasKun oldin

    Love the look 😍 Laura, how did you make your hair grow so fast?? I feel like you cut it just last month!

  28. t.k.studios

    t.k.studiosKun oldin

    Kinda reminds me of Chachi lol

  29. Mimi Fadel

    Mimi FadelKun oldin

    19:27 I’m dead 😂

  30. Mimi Fadel

    Mimi FadelKun oldin

    She’s so beautiful,I’m jelly

  31. Mimi Fadel

    Mimi FadelKun oldin

    Yes doctor,this nose right here!

  32. Mimi Fadel

    Mimi FadelKun oldin

    I think eryns high....😂😂

  33. Zaimah Hayat

    Zaimah HayatKun oldin

    Love you!! hope to win a giveaway for the first time everr!

  34. Zaimah Hayat

    Zaimah HayatKun oldin

    candycanes are good

  35. Mimi Fadel

    Mimi FadelKun oldin

    This bond makes me smile 😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  36. Ailisma Yanti

    Ailisma YantiKun oldin

    Owww.. I like it I hope me also can make tutorial makeup 🤗🤗

  37. Timothy Ochoa

    Timothy OchoaKun oldin

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  38. Haylee Rae

    Haylee RaeKun oldin

    I love the way this look turned out! Honestly the face makeup ended up great too!

  39. Alley Smilez

    Alley SmilezKun oldin

    You always do your makeup so perfect!I love it!!❤❤❤

  40. Courtney Nightingale

    Courtney NightingaleKun oldin

    Love your makeup!!

  41. turkishdelight2013

    turkishdelight2013Kun oldin

    Same as a self tanning mit

  42. Danielle Houtz

    Danielle HoutzKun oldin

    I actually really loved that foundation on you! The glow didn’t (in my opinion) look too terribly greasy! It looked so natural and beautiful! Loved this video!!

  43. Alice Perez

    Alice PerezKun oldin

    Love that y’all did that, when y’all didn’t have to ❤️ but they’re so small and I would be so terrified! if somebody was to run into her it vice versa.. God forbid, just thought

  44. Kailey Grubb

    Kailey GrubbKun oldin

    I literally ordered this because of ur video and it just got here this evening and I am SO EXCITED to test it out in the morning. I have like 20 mins to do my makeup before work and this seems like it will be everything! Will post an update tomorrow!

  45. Alice Perez

    Alice PerezKun oldin

    She’s absolutely gorgeous! with and without make-up! STUNNING! She has such a beautiful personality! Very authentic and funny! you’re doing great Laura!

  46. BobbyJean Canada

    BobbyJean CanadaKun oldin

    enjoy u guys so much! im fixin to look up honey now!

  47. BobbyJean Canada

    BobbyJean CanadaKun oldin

    i would love if u would do some more videos on shop my stash and we love watching u clean and organize ur beauty room. or declutter. i know ur pretty organized already. also would li e to see u put away all the PR u get when u do a unboxing. love all ur videos. i watch them all! 😘

  48. Adriana Sgouraditis

    Adriana SgouraditisKun oldin

    Eryn has the same birthdate as me! Dec 10th except I'm 1992. I'm a recovering addict and addiction runs in my family. She is so lucky to have you! Your like my sister and I was like your sister. We came from a broken home, lots of violence and we were both raised by our grandparents. She was raised with my Irish grandparents and I was raised by my greek grandparents.

  49. Lindsey Krowiarz

    Lindsey KrowiarzKun oldin

    Can we talk about how cute Erin's hair looks??? Sending love from indiana 😘😘

  50. Sarah W

    Sarah WKun oldin

    We are in a state of emergency in Newfoundland Canada! We just got 90 cm of snow lol and nobody is allowed to go outside and Laura is the only human I want to be locked in my house and get cabin fever with 🤘😁!

  51. DaisyFlower

    DaisyFlowerKun oldin


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    Joyce AndersonKun oldin

    Ok the video layout on this is like a trip with the two Laura’s doing makeup at the same time lol 😂

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    Clarify ThingsKun oldin

    I look forward to the day when I can afford to use CT Magic cream on my body 😂 I’m so stingy with mine, even on my face’s so good! Loved the video 💞 and your bathroom!!

  54. white rose

    white roseKun oldin

    pick me please and I love makeup

  55. Nyree Wighton

    Nyree WightonKun oldin

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    Kymmie JohnsonKun oldin

    Can you review honest beauty at Walgreens

  57. Natalie Padilla

    Natalie PadillaKun oldin

    with all her moaning she clearly doesn't like it ... i think

  58. Nyree Wighton

    Nyree WightonKun oldin

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    Nyree WightonKun oldin

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    Kathia VelazquezKun oldin

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    Jillian Grace ElizaldeKun oldin

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    Ariesblood1988 CorleoneKun oldin

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    makeupbyshedulyKun oldin

    Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!!! ❤ Ps. Notification squad

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    Just DeniseKun oldin

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    Carlyn SargentKun oldin

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    Gaby RobinsonKun oldin

    What eye liner did you use in your waterline? I’ve been searching for a good nude waterline since Nyx discontinued my favorite one

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