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  1. Hime Sama

    Hime SamaKun oldin

    Ok like why all the gays are the handsome ones😭

  2. Christian Yu

    Christian YuKun oldin

    No offense. But can someone educate me why there is a "she/her" or "they/them"? T.I.A.

  3. BigPapaOzzy

    BigPapaOzzyKun oldin

    I want all of you people reading this to know I want an Oral B Round Toothbrush because I just saw an ad for it and it looks cool. Also I don’t care if you didn’t ask. Thank you for your time.

  4. CreativiTimothy

    CreativiTimothyKun oldin

    7:29 This guy's hilarious -- "We doubled"

  5. lifeisgolden41

    lifeisgolden41Kun oldin

    These people just wanna have their cake and eat it too.

  6. X kid Gaming xD

    X kid Gaming xDKun oldin

    Anyone realize that the blonde girl didnt freestyle

  7. Unda

    UndaKun oldin

    I would be interested to find out if any of them are a part of any kind of religion or organization now.

  8. Melvin Johnson

    Melvin JohnsonKun oldin

    Being a guy is not easy

  9. Waste Future

    Waste FutureKun oldin

    This was so interesting, probably my favorite Jubilee video thus far!!

  10. Katelyn Brown

    Katelyn BrownKun oldin

    Me not even one second into the video: *OH MY GOD IT'S THAT INCEL!!* this is going to be a good episode.

  11. CreativiTimothy

    CreativiTimothyKun oldin

    6:26 "I guess" This phrase means she's not very happy with it. Not surprising because studies show physical appearance matters, and both men and women are equally shallow. I'm afraid for the guy he might be just close friends I honestly think they should have made the sum the highest. Like the 8 by 8 guy the highest out of all of them. In reality, that's how it usually works

  12. Mana

    ManaKun oldin

    Greetings from the part of germany which would be submerged if we change nothing :) btw millions of people live here :)

  13. Md Imdadul Haque

    Md Imdadul HaqueKun oldin

    Islam is the root of all welfare. I am proud that I am a Bangladeshi Muslim.🕋❤🇧🇩

  14. Ibeth Guillen

    Ibeth GuillenKun oldin

    Who knows lukes tiktok

  15. JJokerMoreau

    JJokerMoreauKun oldin

    I feel like half of these people failed my vision of a gamer. At least in terms of culture. If you... play ONE type of game. Be it Call of Duty, Overwatch, Leagues, EA Sports nonsense... I understand you are using it for entertainment, but I wouldn't call you a 'gamer'. Like, would you call someone a 'TV-Show Enthusiest' if they only watch Law and Order?

  16. sorry m8

    sorry m8Kun oldin

    She keeps saying "neuro-typical" when it's way more accurate to say "non autistic"...

  17. CreativiTimothy

    CreativiTimothyKun oldin

    3:49 I would have rated this guy 1 on personality because I don't like cocky or lack of empathy (he didn't say like "it's okay" to not know credit score). But dang, it seems women are different. Kindness isn't as important if you can manage to pull off a more bad boy vibe that is really dominant or controlling. Otherwise, I tend to agree with everything else she says relatively. Like I don't like boba, but I would rate a person who liked the same interest as me higher.

  18. John Doe Bean

    John Doe BeanKun oldin

    These people need serious help. I don't understand how one can think it's okay to cheat instead of leave. I swear I get a serial killer/psychopath vibe from everybody in this video.

  19. lock heart

    lock heartKun oldin

    It's crazy to know that there's cults just about everywhere. It's weird to think about someone who "looks" unsuspecting but can be a member of a cult that are in the grocery stores, in the streets, in the neighborhood...it's scary to think about what they're going through.

  20. Jiggly Tubz

    Jiggly TubzKun oldin

    I threw up in my mouth


    OSCAR ALCOTTKun oldin


  22. Packers Fan13

    Packers Fan13Kun oldin


  23. Sammee Rocket

    Sammee RocketKun oldin

    are yall serious!? wow. i must be high or something. this video only showed me im just as much of a scientist as the actual..

  24. Victoria Ashlyn

    Victoria AshlynKun oldin

    "body positivity isn't for you." No. That is an incorrect statement. You are wrong for making assumptions about somebody's relationship with their body. That statement is contradicting the belief of the body positivity movement which is that "all human beings should have a positive body image." But also, be honest about what is healthy. If you want to promote that to people, then be honest about the proof supporting or disproving your stance.

  25. Kritidipta Datta

    Kritidipta DattaKun oldin

    I'm a Bengali and I'm not Muslim...

  26. Just a Campfire

    Just a CampfireKun oldin

    Ngl I didn’t like Jodi

  27. Sean Abreu

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  28. Jesus Christ

    Jesus ChristKun oldin

    You should make a video called “can gangbangers and cops see eye to eye” that would be interesting

  29. Legend67

    Legend67Kun oldin

    Keith is a role model. Everyone should learn from him. I love how he talked about the Constitution and not just popular topics like immigration and abortion. Respect!!!

  30. Jinho Choi

    Jinho ChoiKun oldin

    Just a warning to anyone considering purchasing Mr. Dux's Program. Draw your own conclusions, but try to find any verifiable audit or proof of his financial successes from SPECIFCALLY Day trading. If you do, please link it or comment.

  31. Max Ramos

    Max RamosKun oldin

    Bruh the Bible does not justify the marrying of an 8 year old, btw Mary was 15 or 16 and back then Joseph married to keep her safe but never made out with her

  32. Foxydragon 4

    Foxydragon 4Kun oldin

    Red shirt 40 year old is a simp

  33. ktbDash

    ktbDashKun oldin

    I swear to god if I see a single goddamn comment calling an entire political party or belief clowns or idiots I’m going to yeet them off a bridge

  34. HalfBoiIed

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  35. Naomi Lambert

    Naomi LambertKun oldin

    Maybe we should redefine “racism”

  36. Michael Habib

    Michael HabibKun oldin

    Is it possible... is it possible... anything is possible!! Lol that had me dead

  37. Whitney Tan

    Whitney TanKun oldin

    I wish that these prompts were used too: "I still consider myself to be religious" "I still speak to members in the cult"

  38. Eliza The Weirdo

    Eliza The WeirdoKun oldin

    Okay but, why does Shaina kinda look like Barrett Wilbert Weed?? Like, they look extremely similar

  39. Nevaeh Wood

    Nevaeh WoodKun oldin

    Oh no my phone... slat

  40. Tuxedio

    TuxedioKun oldin

    Hmm (they/them) HMMmM!!!

  41. L O

    L OKun oldin

    I didn’t realize that was Grace! Love her.

  42. Jarett Bill

    Jarett BillKun oldin

    everyone agrees poll: 54 to46

  43. غادة خالد

    غادة خالدKun oldin

    Sounds like my country

  44. Kaalyn

    KaalynKun oldin

    I do feel like the survivor of teen "correction" is an organized abuse survivor, which can be quite different from cult behavior. Hers was only criminal and none of the love-bombing, hope and community. I ache for her but also felt so badly for these other trauma survivors whom she just played the Trauma Olympics with and took no issue with saying very triggering and graphic things to. As an advocate and speaker, you've gotta be more thoughtful with those things. That one poor guy was really struggling when she'd overshare bc it def brought up a ton for him. I hope he did okay after all this.

  45. Sarena Yang

    Sarena YangKun oldin

    When I know one of them is a BTS fan because I follow him on TikTok 😂 which is Alan

  46. fabnsass

    fabnsassKun oldin

    I just want to hug and gently pat Jodis head, I feel so bad


    Selina ANITIPA SALAINAKun oldin

    I was rooting for Caleb like damn

  48. Monika Malinowski

    Monika MalinowskiKun oldin

    I think this was the most interesting episode yet. I wish it was longer. Cults are so scary but it's interesting to listen to people's experiences

  49. D D

    D DKun oldin

    For all you “Pro Vaxxers” I have a few question for you. Why don’t you go and get your rabies vaccines with everything else? Why doesn’t/hasn’t the Amish community been taken out by disease or have continuous outbreaks? Do you know what would happen if you were to break a vaccine vile in public? Btw it’s not a simple clean up of paper towels either. Also why would you trust a company(health care system) that has given out billions or dollars to families that have had complications with vaccines? Answer these questions in full for me please.

  50. Meliv

    MelivKun oldin

    Some of these mix races half isn't even a race.

  51. Ariamna Castro

    Ariamna CastroKun oldin

    I had a bad feeling about eva bc i was born in 2008 and she said she wAs so i thought she was a fifth grader but you can skip a grade and she probably lied idk

  52. Tim Smith

    Tim SmithKun oldin

    We are a very confused nation of people.

  53. d o ɔ ɒ Ⴑ

    d o ɔ ɒ ႱKun oldin

    11:55 hes spitting facts tho, you can literally go to the library


    Selina ANITIPA SALAINAKun oldin

    I came back just to make myself sad, and now I'm mad what type of dumbass does that bruhhhhhhh

  55. islander rose gacha

    islander rose gachaKun oldin

    Man tye reminds me of my friend julian he's so simular to tye!

  56. rae wijaya

    rae wijayaKun oldin

    Was it the guy from date reverse? He's so attractive why she gave him 7

  57. Imply Doods

    Imply DoodsKun oldin

    retitle this to 7 crazy people and 1 sane person JK

  58. Sketch LuK

    Sketch LuKKun oldin

    i’m confused so what happened with haven and spencer at the end

  59. ceci loves yves

    ceci loves yvesKun oldin

    ok but let's talk about how beautiful Shaina is I'm in love

  60. panda gamer

    panda gamerKun oldin

    Erin got on my Nevers like let other ppl ask the question with her Helter looking self( did anyone else hear Erin say I knew it)

  61. DA3WA 1412

    DA3WA 1412Kun oldin

    You can easily just ask them to recite the opening chapter 💁🏻‍♂️😂

  62. DarkLlama Gaming

    DarkLlama GamingKun oldin

    Erin the Karen

  63. Jazlene Contreras

    Jazlene ContrerasKun oldin

    I dOnt hAve Any Arm hAiR

  64. Nora O'Neill

    Nora O'NeillKun oldin

    There's a documentary about the Buddhafield cult directed by Will Allen called Holy Hell. It was even played at Sundance.

  65. Sunset Gao

    Sunset GaoKun oldin

    Bruh I read the title as Ex-Mermaids and I was real confused there for a second.

  66. Random Human

    Random HumanKun oldin

    Nola rly be the Erin of the gaming community

  67. Joshua Landrum

    Joshua LandrumKun oldin

    I'm loving Elizabeth ha

  68. Check Plus

    Check PlusKun oldin

    Amblashia saying ppl saying she’s a pretty light skinned person was a head scratcher

  69. Jay Krishna Kamlekar

    Jay Krishna KamlekarKun oldin

    Someone needs to tell Jubilee that Christianity isn't the only religion

  70. Kamel Alramahi

    Kamel AlramahiKun oldin

    Him: I have nearly a million dollars Taxes: Here we got ya

  71. Alex Ong

    Alex OngKun oldin

    Nearly every human has joined a faction. It's similar to Warcraft, are you part of the Horde or the alliance? It's like choosing between good and evil. And just like that, we have theists , atheists , Vegans , anti vegans , Black and white , feminists, MGTOW or incels, Christians or Muslims , male and females etc etc Why do humans keep partaking in such foolishness? Because we all want a sense of belonging, it's like a flock of sheep coming together. Oops, I just used the term, "sheep", guess the cat is out of the bag. Anyway ,the point is human join a faction , whether they follow an idea or a person ,they're using that idea or that person as a funding figure in life. They refuse to take responsibility in their own lives, and they want something they can rely on , something or someone they can use as a scapegoat in case anything happened. Humans , even when they're all grown up as adults, deep down , they're all still weak little children within

  72. MarcePato Hernandez

    MarcePato HernandezKun oldin

    No one: Absolutely no one: Vegan girl: I serve the Soviet Union

  73. Flo Dabest

    Flo DabestKun oldin

    I thought the title said deligious and I thought I was going crazy...

  74. plep plep

    plep plepKun oldin

    They’re wearing matching Yeezys I can’t relate I don’t have Yeezys And I don’t have a gf

  75. Ronin Blax Mushroom Cloud

    Ronin Blax Mushroom CloudKun oldin

    Ashur denies his heritage until it's to his advantage. This kind of hurts my soul. ☹️

  76. Bethany Robinson

    Bethany RobinsonKun oldin

    Do the 2 black people know they're black?

  77. Johanna Castiyo

    Johanna CastiyoKun oldin

    I’m lesbian and watching this 💀

  78. Dracarys

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    The Syrian girl is soo pretty

  79. Tra'mayne Gaines

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  80. Epic SaxBoi

    Epic SaxBoiKun oldin

    That one annoying wedding photographer from 15 men vs 5 women should have been here

  81. Troy 3llis

    Troy 3llisKun oldin

    where tf you get these weird ass kids wtf

  82. LazarWolfy

    LazarWolfyKun oldin

    Is my school division different from everyone else? For me it’s K-Grade 4: Elementary School. Grade 5-Grade 8: Middle School. Grade 9-Grade 12: High School.

  83. Anna Banana

    Anna BananaKun oldin

    Just guys being dudes

  84. BluGhost88

    BluGhost88Kun oldin

    Watching this makes me feel old 😂

  85. Mizz F

    Mizz FKun oldin

    What was Shelley saying here : 14:44 ?

  86. aliah :p

    aliah :pKun oldin

    erin reminds me of a karen. put the k in front of erin and you get kerin or aka karen. shes probably speaking to the ppl who run this channel right now to take down this video bc everyones coming for her in the comments and that on periodt luv

  87. Jyeoi

    JyeoiKun oldin

    Where is Ranton when u need him? He'd answer every one of these questions with some whacky kung fu movement

  88. STANO

    STANOKun oldin

    I wish they wouldn't reset. I'm tryna see these scientists smack the epidermis off of one of these guys.

  89. Elizabeth Folkers

    Elizabeth FolkersKun oldin

    I’m a little disappointed Jubilee that you kept in the use of the word “fuck” but then excluded Shelley’s word choice even though it was conducive to understanding the situation she was describing. I feel like I didn’t really understand what more she was talking about because of the bleeps.

  90. Naiyah Reese

    Naiyah ReeseKun oldin

    I love jubilee

  91. Random names

    Random namesKun oldin

    James looks like Asian Danny Duncan


    I HATE PINE CONESKun oldin

    I would've voted out the mole because he looks like a jew.

  93. Stephanie Bravo

    Stephanie BravoKun oldin

    Love you Saul

  94. lifeisgolden41

    lifeisgolden41Kun oldin

    Jean jacket black guy seems like a bum and the type who gets mad and blocks your number when you don’t respond immediately to his “lol” text

  95. Jane Yue

    Jane YueKun oldin

    Apparently, no one studied Economics in there. 1) College shouldn’t be free. If it is free, who would be willing to teach without getting paid for the work they do? And if we are paying it with tax dollar, it means it isn’t free. 2) if everyone went to college, it will be useless. Why? If everyone got a bachelor degree trying to get jobs, employers will probably expect a master degree or a much higher education to be the minimal. Bachelor degree would therefore be average.

  96. celine c

    celine cKun oldin

    Shelley is so beautiful and charming!!!

  97. Major FNP

    Major FNPKun oldin

    Erin is the type of person to say her dad is a virgin like seriously she’s annoying smh 🤦‍♂️

  98. the foot guy

    the foot guyKun oldin

    i dont like rap music but im here for the cringe

  99. LionessProwess

    LionessProwessKun oldin

    Good piece. Relevant.👍🏼❤️

  100. themiddleones

    themiddleonesKun oldin

    Hare Krishna is not a cult in and of itself