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Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish is the realization of a young(ish) man's dream to combine his love of film and cooking, and to have some fun in the process. Join us each week as we recreate the foods you've always wanted to try in movies and television - and if you're not careful, you just might learn a thing or two.
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  1. David Salas

    David Salas7 soat oldin

    First I hope you get better also, if you could try to make coffee and curry from persona 5 I would love you forever

  2. TheK Warrior

    TheK Warrior7 soat oldin

    I personally hate using globes when cooking I like how they feel and public health doesn't even recommend using gloves it is just better to wash your hands which is not a big deal

  3. King of war 3000

    King of war 30007 soat oldin

    i am not gay, but i would love to eat that sandwich

  4. Morning

    Morning7 soat oldin

    I didn't know you had C-19 😰 I am so sorry for you, I hope you get better!

  5. Königstiger

    Königstiger7 soat oldin

    With every ingredient he added i cringed harder and harder

  6. Ishan Panchal

    Ishan Panchal7 soat oldin

    Anyone have any suggestions for an egg replacement?

  7. Susan Wicht

    Susan Wicht7 soat oldin

    How sad to have lost the lovely Floyd Cardoz. RIP.

  8. Melissa Jacob

    Melissa Jacob7 soat oldin

    RIP Floyd :(

  9. Königstiger

    Königstiger8 soat oldin

    I could watch you make dough for an hour. Like, the process of very sped up dough making is so weirdly satisfying to me

  10. Korean Ramen

    Korean Ramen8 soat oldin

    i pronounce it as no-guri

  11. E. Nigma

    E. Nigma8 soat oldin

    Be safe, Andrew. I hope you & Jess both recover quickly and smoothly without any complications. Stay hydrated, get lots of rest blah blah blah you're a grown man you know how to care for yourself. I'll be keeping you two in my thoughts, keep us posted on recovery.

  12. DigitalsTea

    DigitalsTea8 soat oldin

    🍙👉🚫🍩 🍩 👉🍩

  13. Chicken Little

    Chicken Little8 soat oldin

    The way you walk into your vids reminds me of a meme

  14. meemstar

    meemstar8 soat oldin

    The sad part is that he actually eats the children. (The bao)

  15. JCProfit

    JCProfit8 soat oldin

    So, how’d it go?

  16. Echo Golf

    Echo Golf8 soat oldin

    Can I save some dough for another day?

  17. True Indeed

    True Indeed8 soat oldin

    Did he say....Hwell? With an "H"? (Stewie Griffin).

  18. Lara Vaz

    Lara Vaz8 soat oldin

    you should do the peach pie from my wife and kids

  19. Tim Campbell

    Tim Campbell8 soat oldin

    I cooked some swordfish just like this in my culinary class the other day.

  20. Anna K

    Anna K8 soat oldin


  21. Aman Dhyani

    Aman Dhyani8 soat oldin

    We are now.

  22. Sir Galahad

    Sir Galahad8 soat oldin

    "Vodka" was the only thing I paid attention to in the entire video...

  23. cooper Shaw

    cooper Shaw8 soat oldin

    It's like unrefined babish

  24. Your Friend

    Your Friend8 soat oldin

    "Place jeffrey in-between the two of them"

  25. Noah Martin

    Noah Martin8 soat oldin

    I have to say that I'm also with Jerry Seinfeld on this. Cinnamon babka > chocolate babka.

  26. Alana Keeton

    Alana Keeton8 soat oldin

    Death note is my favorite. But food wars is amazing 👌 more recipes please.

  27. Genesis Espinoza

    Genesis Espinoza8 soat oldin

    "Who needs drungs?" - Babish, 2020

  28. Samantha

    Samantha8 soat oldin

    I thought the video title was "The Quiet Place" and I was so confused

  29. Ditzy Doo

    Ditzy Doo8 soat oldin

    I swore this dish off after i burnt my mouth so bad with it i couldnt talk

  30. Mr.BareBear

    Mr.BareBear8 soat oldin

    Hello King Babish. I would love to request an episode of binging with babish and in this recipe it's with Ed Sauce from Good burger. Ya know, welcome to good burger home of the good burger can I take your order? If you don't it's ok. But it would be cooler if you did

  31. Deli

    Deli8 soat oldin

    crap vid..sorry..learn to wash hands so i dont waste 10 min of my lyfe

  32. Oswald

    Oswald8 soat oldin

    Even andrew has a humble stand mixer

  33. John Dale Cabalquinto

    John Dale Cabalquinto8 soat oldin


  34. Murdoch’s Mind

    Murdoch’s Mind8 soat oldin

    Thank you for this. My scrambled egg skills have now leveled up.

  35. BB Bass Covers

    BB Bass Covers8 soat oldin

    U are not goin to Italy now

  36. Tony Fetuccini

    Tony Fetuccini8 soat oldin

    Is this the voice of Bob's Burgers??

  37. DoubleD Productions

    DoubleD Productions8 soat oldin


  38. Michael Martinez

    Michael Martinez8 soat oldin

    Hope you guys are feeling better at this point! Mentally prepared for the long haul of Shelter in Place order here in Los Angeles, but also work at essential business so still exposed. Hoping to not have to get this one, as I have some underlying issues that seem worsen cases of this thing. Like most Americans, I also could not afford to be hospitalized.

  39. Simbelmyne 444

    Simbelmyne 4448 soat oldin

    Damn dude praying you both get better! 🙏💙💯

  40. johnwayne87

    johnwayne878 soat oldin

    You guys should absolutely do more videos together.

  41. D Zh

    D Zh8 soat oldin

    This looks amazing just that I think if I make this too many times I'll die from a heart attack

  42. Roch4z

    Roch4z8 soat oldin

    Cajun food looks a lot like Brazilian food, lots of spices and flavours

  43. Leni

    Leni8 soat oldin

    Rest In Peace, Floyd.

  44. Rhoda Lozares

    Rhoda Lozares8 soat oldin

    thats not onigiri thats jellyfilled donuts

  45. Roch4z

    Roch4z8 soat oldin

    Andrew: Ah Isaac: Cajun...

  46. Justin Popovich

    Justin Popovich8 soat oldin

    We got to get this man to do some food from food wars (Shokugeki no Soma)

  47. Edina Antonia

    Edina Antonia8 soat oldin

    Drink every time he says the knife is sharp

  48. DamienDarksideBlog

    DamienDarksideBlog8 soat oldin

    I absolutely hate those burnt bits. Nothing ruins a good pizza like burnt bits and hard, crunchy dough. There is a very big difference between "baked" and "burnt", and that color difference is brown and black. Dark brown? Fantastic crunch and crust where you need it. Black? Congratulations you fucked it up. "Oh but Damien traditionally Pizza comes with black bits!" Yeah because they used to use fire-heated ovens without any technology to control it. We have gone further as a species and technology that burnt, uneven cooked bits are shitty. I don't understand why people like the taste of ash in their mouths.

  49. SmallzVille

    SmallzVille8 soat oldin

    And that's the way the cookie crumbles

  50. TheAgressiveProgressive

    TheAgressiveProgressive8 soat oldin

    UZgo money is no joke.

  51. 8 Legged Squirrel

    8 Legged Squirrel8 soat oldin

    Wow she's perfect. I gotta find me a wife like that

  52. Ali Zaman

    Ali Zaman8 soat oldin

    RIP Chef Cardoz :(

  53. BuLet`s Bulls

    BuLet`s Bulls8 soat oldin

    babis should have his own game where he venture the nord medieval land while throwing rubber spatula as a weapon, instead of puncing his enemies to pulp, he kept stuffing their mouth with molten lava cake, and they died out of pleasure don't ask me why i think of this, i saw a god of war video on my recomendation

  54. Team Freddy

    Team Freddy8 soat oldin

    Can you try to make bacon soup from bendy and the ink machine please

  55. OptimusPhillip

    OptimusPhillip8 soat oldin

    Maybe the Colonel didn't count the salt as a spice? I don't know, food science isn't my bag

  56. Rezky Fachruddin

    Rezky Fachruddin8 soat oldin

    I pray for your healt sir

  57. Bradley The Gamer

    Bradley The Gamer8 soat oldin

    why do i watch these videos they make me so hungry lol.

  58. Federico Jimbo Smithson

    Federico Jimbo Smithson9 soat oldin

    just learned, shawarma wraps are made out from Yoghurt

  59. Loppy Sue

    Loppy Sue9 soat oldin

    Can you do Squidwards order from just one bite

  60. Melancholic Saiko

    Melancholic Saiko9 soat oldin

    yes. because jojo's bizarre adventure CREATED black squid ink pasta.

  61. ThunderWolf YT

    ThunderWolf YT9 soat oldin


  62. Miles Edgington

    Miles Edgington9 soat oldin

    Even his father has the beard

  63. Brennan Cooke

    Brennan Cooke9 soat oldin

    he should do a red green loaf of bread the size of a washing machine

  64. Fareha Noor

    Fareha Noor9 soat oldin

    Nice. Naan is farsi word in ( Iran and afgan) way of making bread and many different types. And tandoor is Arabic word for oven.

  65. Rudyolf Schiermeister

    Rudyolf Schiermeister9 soat oldin

    How dare you use pizza stones for calzones


    RYAN LEHRMAN9 soat oldin

    Yo Andrew Rea, what's your favorite class in D&D?

  67. God_Of_ Dank

    God_Of_ Dank9 soat oldin

    *Plankton Wants To Know Your Location* Sorry if this was copied

  68. sicky icky

    sicky icky9 soat oldin

    You should do the rusty special from Pokemon rusty from dorkly

  69. Vince V

    Vince V9 soat oldin

    I miss this theme

  70. Scott Peterson

    Scott Peterson9 soat oldin

    Cobb Salad is really just a nice salad bar on a plate, still looks yummy 😎🍪🥗🍷

  71. Victor the boss

    Victor the boss9 soat oldin

    Using flank steak for braciole is a huge waste

  72. NotMeIRL

    NotMeIRL9 soat oldin

    Man creates pizza pockets

  73. Alexander Espinoza

    Alexander Espinoza9 soat oldin

    Andrew, I'm on day 7, feel like having cabin fever, Ps2 broke on me, but making the best of it. Planning to watch the 1st part of Stardust Crusaders.

  74. Ieatcoffeepowder

    Ieatcoffeepowder9 soat oldin

    I've been watching this for the 19th times because the soup looks so good that i wish i could eat something like that everyday

  75. Maddy and Maddie

    Maddy and Maddie9 soat oldin

    you will love my cooking fail!

  76. Everett Eastman

    Everett Eastman9 soat oldin

    Where do u get yours

  77. Everett Eastman

    Everett Eastman9 soat oldin

    Oh hey idk how to ask u but I need some aprons

  78. Josh Teague

    Josh Teague9 soat oldin

    My god... its... its... 😲beautiful😲

  79. Geralgi Amsi

    Geralgi Amsi9 soat oldin

    Nice and cwispy

  80. Valri Cat

    Valri Cat9 soat oldin

    What could be a non-achaholic substitute for the Dry Sherry?


    LORD DAFT9 soat oldin

    Ian and Anthony, Rhett and Link, Babbish and Sean

  82. Graysons dad

    Graysons dad9 soat oldin

    Whoa whoa whoa. Deep dish does not make a Chicago. A Chicago has a top layer of dough like a pie THEN top with tomato sauce. Like a casserole lol

  83. yes sir

    yes sir9 soat oldin


  84. therapistfurby lol

    therapistfurby lol9 soat oldin

    No babish I think of getting high as balls on edibles and nearly dying when driving home

  85. Warpcr 929506

    Warpcr 9295069 soat oldin

    Can you recreate big smoke’s order?

  86. Big Mo

    Big Mo9 soat oldin

    Andrew (aka Babish) - hope your feeling better and that your not dealing with “the virus”. Get well soon

  87. Big Poppa Botch

    Big Poppa Botch9 soat oldin

    Watching this in 2020, lol he said "saucepan"

  88. SL Ko

    SL Ko9 soat oldin

    I don't comment but I just want to pay my respect. RIP.

  89. Edina Antonia

    Edina Antonia9 soat oldin

    If I close my eyes it's like a fan fiction xD

  90. scifinatic Tizz

    scifinatic Tizz9 soat oldin

    I actually saw this for a UZgo advertisement! I was so happy!

  91. Nick Weber

    Nick Weber9 soat oldin

    Damn son, bounty and superbowl sponsors. Way to go man

  92. James Cho

    James Cho9 soat oldin

    I want to slap Trevor 100 times both hands, and force feed him 50 deep dish pizzas.

  93. Alex Madden

    Alex Madden10 soat oldin

    You Should Do Frencheesy From Duncanville S:1 E:3

  94. Spencer Troy

    Spencer Troy10 soat oldin

    I love your background music choices. I listen to the same stuff while cooking at work. Koresma. 😁

  95. Luz Castro

    Luz Castro10 soat oldin

    From Venezuela and Colombia! Torta Tres leches yeahhh baby. Best after birthday breakfast ever.

  96. Ev Crxss

    Ev Crxss10 soat oldin

    You and I have brownie taste in common yummy

  97. Julian Cardinal

    Julian Cardinal10 soat oldin

    If it was that simple

  98. phone kami

    phone kami10 soat oldin

    I dont think my yeast rose .-. ? its a flat bread... even though ive been waiting for it to rise. Now i gotta cook it and its so sad. What are some tips to make those good bread bubbles? Ive made this bread twice and looks like its gonna flunk twice..

  99. Scott Peterson

    Scott Peterson10 soat oldin

    I love the French name for boil in the pouch 🤪

  100. Steven Kunkle

    Steven Kunkle10 soat oldin

    I prefer a nice oval onion. Makes for better onion slices