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  1. Matthew Lloyd

    Matthew LloydKun oldin


  2. Dillip Samantaray

    Dillip SamantarayKun oldin

    As usual leader of cenation is on number 1. Like it

  3. EKz HeartZ

    EKz HeartZKun oldin

    andrade el idoloooo 100 almas !!!!! ;)

  4. Matthew Sookoo

    Matthew SookooKun oldin

    Andrade is the worst

  5. Beckylynchismyidol

    BeckylynchismyidolKun oldin


  6. Soggibanana boi

    Soggibanana boiKun oldin

    Here from the cm punk podcast with colt cabana

  7. G K

    G KKun oldin

    Wwe should re-upload this video! 🗣️

  8. Lillianna Spier

    Lillianna SpierKun oldin

    That's was so messed up they assaulted everyone in their including the camera men. Those jerks deserve to be in jail for the rest of their lives

  9. Gary Summers

    Gary SummersKun oldin

    0:58 that look on her face like " Damn, I gotta do this?"

  10. Ross Guiller

    Ross GuillerKun oldin

    Here's the pick to win the rumble

  11. the cheeto

    the cheetoKun oldin

    But I really want Cm Punk to return in the royal rumble

  12. Dan Cooper

    Dan CooperKun oldin

    Goldberg ist und bleibt der Beste :)

  13. Dionne Gould

    Dionne GouldKun oldin

    When I was playing WWE 2K 20 and John Cena and I are watching a video and John Cena camouflage on the video

  14. new balance

    new balanceKun oldin

    I want to see Liv Morgan in more ring action!

  15. Shadab Idrisi

    Shadab IdrisiKun oldin

    6:30 best ending 🔥

  16. RtA GaMiNg

    RtA GaMiNgKun oldin

    It's so bad to give the title from Kofi to a part timer like Brock 👎

  17. Paul Robertson

    Paul RobertsonKun oldin

    The Winner Of This Match & Still The WWE Divas Champion Charlotte Flair

  18. the cheeto

    the cheetoKun oldin

    Imagine if the hurricane, Finley or hornswoggle comes back in the royal rumble

  19. XxSunny WolfXx

    XxSunny WolfXxKun oldin

    Omg I don’t like Carmella that much but the happiness on her face is just too cute! 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  20. MK 11

    MK 11Kun oldin

    So brock gets to main event shows although he’s defended the title once and hardly ever shows up your well done 😂😂

  21. henry odukomaiya

    henry odukomaiyaKun oldin

    How the hell was that fair austin gets thrown out then he comes back in to eliminate two guys smh sore loser austin come on steve

  22. Juan barba

    Juan barbaKun oldin


  23. Emily Hill

    Emily HillKun oldin

    that was toxic..saying she wished she dies...too far...and fighting her! wow! baddddddddd!

  24. sarfaraz surkhi

    sarfaraz surkhiKun oldin

    This was the real fight

  25. Amazing t.v

    Amazing t.vKun oldin

    Banda itne dino se hai amreica me abhi bhi english nhi aati yass my man the great khaliiiii

  26. SNiiP3Zz _

    SNiiP3Zz _Kun oldin

    When it said chyna it was in huge lettering

  27. Jeremiah Santiago

    Jeremiah SantiagoKun oldin

    Too bad Dean Ambrose left WWE, Roman Reigns is with the USO’s now, and Seth Rollins is in a new group called the AOP

  28. Adnan Rafi

    Adnan RafiKun oldin


  29. Dimitri Sprint

    Dimitri SprintKun oldin

    Poor rumble imo

  30. the cheeto

    the cheetoKun oldin

    Kofi should get the universal championship to face the fiend

  31. Rayme Summers

    Rayme SummersKun oldin

    I'm surprised, they didn't turn his microphone off.

  32. Christopher Pagan

    Christopher PaganKun oldin

    That spinner U.S. Title at 6:18 looks soo good man 😩

  33. Fug Gjg

    Fug GjgKun oldin


  34. Soggibanana boi

    Soggibanana boiKun oldin

    Fun fact daniel bryan was actually poking punks eyes and actually choked justin Robert's which got him fined and released

  35. Marissa Comiskey

    Marissa ComiskeyKun oldin


  36. محمد امیری

    محمد امیریKun oldin


  37. Black Darkness

    Black DarknessKun oldin

    Why does Kofi have blond hair now? Change it back to black

  38. alina samoriz

    alina samorizKun oldin

    God I hate Asuka

  39. Lillianna Spier

    Lillianna SpierKun oldin

    That's messed up Lacey Evan's daughter should of jumped the baracade because Sasha Banks wouldn't be able to touch her

  40. Sajid Khan Afridi

    Sajid Khan AfridiKun oldin

    Brock's voice is horrendous. That's why he never speaks. 😂



    Paul haman you fat cow

  42. Kalvin Singh

    Kalvin SinghKun oldin


  43. lebanon

    lebanonKun oldin

    subscribe mee pliss


    GHOSTFACEKun oldin


  45. josh fernandez

    josh fernandezKun oldin

    Andrade es una basuraa

  46. Zunayed Khan

    Zunayed KhanKun oldin

    It’s really weird hearing Brock with no voice cracks

  47. Cristian Del

    Cristian DelKun oldin


  48. Cristian Del

    Cristian DelKun oldin

    Era un artista. Uno de los menores.

  49. Black Power

    Black PowerKun oldin

    Kofi is the best in the world

  50. Updated8SecondsAgo

    Updated8SecondsAgoKun oldin

    Vince likes blondes, he pushes blondes for titles Kofi: I need some bleach! I’ll be the one to eliminate *Brock Lesnar*

  51. abhishek kumar yadav

    abhishek kumar yadavKun oldin


  52. Sairaj R. Kamath

    Sairaj R. KamathKun oldin

    Feud with Bray Wyatt confirmed. Because Kofi clearly stole those dreads from him. 🤣

  53. Trippie Redd

    Trippie ReddKun oldin

    i remember buying this ppv back in 08

  54. Rangga Dwipa Nugraha Ayal

    Rangga Dwipa Nugraha AyalKun oldin

    So Chris Jericho Its Build Wwe Division On Decade To Decade?? 1990 To 2020.. OMG He Is Never Retirement.. Good Luck Jericho... 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  55. Ar Orakzai

    Ar OrakzaiKun oldin

    That time also gone after 8 years gone. I was just a kid at that time and I'm missing my childhood memories 😭

  56. Rayme Summers

    Rayme SummersKun oldin

    Why does Dominick look Samoa Joe?

  57. Tatsu Uha

    Tatsu UhaKun oldin


  58. hoodi 22

    hoodi 22Kun oldin

    His wearing Logan Paul merchant

  59. Yar D Blah

    Yar D BlahKun oldin

    DDT one of the deadliest moves ever

  60. XxSunny WolfXx

    XxSunny WolfXxKun oldin

    I absolutely hate askau she is just one of those wwe wrestlers that think there all that

  61. Doranza Arkham Menace

    Doranza Arkham MenaceKun oldin

    I hate they make they heels act like cowards all the time.




  63. Anshuman Gautam

    Anshuman GautamKun oldin

    2008 ?

  64. Kabir Bedi

    Kabir BediKun oldin

    Omg I can't believe & not digest Nakamura defeat john

  65. Christopher Suarez

    Christopher SuarezKun oldin

    HBK royal rumble Match. HHH. Kevin. Nash Kane. Undertaker.

  66. Asif Khan

    Asif KhanKun oldin

    Hhh always win

  67. Rayme Summers

    Rayme SummersKun oldin

    This battle was so personal, you can see the tears in Rey Mysterios eyes.

  68. Yar D Blah

    Yar D BlahKun oldin

    You never lose it..years out of the business and the x factor is there..


    ZHIAR GAMINGKun oldin

    Rollins champion again

  70. alina samoriz

    alina samorizKun oldin

    I’m gonna laugh SO hard if Brock Lesnar loses hahahahahaha

  71. Celia Zamorano

    Celia ZamoranoKun oldin

    Soy la unica que hablo en español fffffffff

  72. Saulie Hudson

    Saulie HudsonKun oldin

    WWE do something NOW! - we're all mad at the treatment a legend like Matt Hardy is receiving. Jeff isn't back yet and if you keep treating Matt like this he will leave before we're able to see the Hardys together again. You have the opportunity to have one of the most iconic tag teams and you're ruining it by treating Matt like this. Please, listen to the fans.

  73. Ben Thorpe

    Ben ThorpeKun oldin

    Good video,keep it up

  74. King Sett

    King SettKun oldin

    Where’s stone cold’s return at???

  75. Isaiah Robinson

    Isaiah RobinsonKun oldin

    I know Rusev was pissed off.



    ??? 1:05 ?? ?????

  77. IM KIRUA

    IM KIRUAKun oldin

    Bouyaga Bouyaga?? Where is rey mysterio

  78. Rayme Summers

    Rayme SummersKun oldin

    I think he needed more practice on his entrance, he fell over the rope at WrestleMania Xxxv.

  79. Thomas Martin

    Thomas MartinKun oldin

    I predict Roman reigns or drew McIntyre to win

  80. strawberry_shortcake4life

    strawberry_shortcake4lifeKun oldin

    What is Brie's purpose there anyway? She's like Nikki's chapperone.

  81. Calibankz Thomas

    Calibankz ThomasKun oldin

    They should give Kofi another reigns as champion.

  82. Van Martin

    Van MartinKun oldin

    Who also realised that entrance walk of Mcmahon?

  83. Aayushman S. Chandel

    Aayushman S. ChandelKun oldin

    CM Punk will get bigger than any one of them

  84. Complication Chris

    Complication ChrisKun oldin

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    ZHIAR GAMINGKun oldin

    D.Bryan shows no feer