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Unus Annus
Unus Annus

What would you do if you only had a year left to live? Would you squander the time you were given? Or would you make every second count?
Welcome to Unus Annus. In exactly 365 days this channel will be deleted along with all of the daily uploads accumulated since then. Nothing will be saved. Nothing will be reuploaded.
This is your one chance to join us at the onset of our adventure. To be there from the beginning. To make every second count. Subscribe now and relish what little time we have left or have the choice made for you as we disappear from existence forever. But remember... everything has an end. Even you.
Memento mori.
Unus annus.

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DIY Chiropractor

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  1. Marialaura Pellegrino

    Marialaura Pellegrino7 soat oldin

    this really made me squeasy but yolo

  2. Matthew Thomas

    Matthew Thomas7 soat oldin

    "Which side of your head is dysfunctional?" That's my new response when someone says something stupid

  3. Connelly Wallace

    Connelly Wallace7 soat oldin

    Mark: answers all the questions Ethan: Just agrees with all of marks answers 😂

  4. Jonah Fellows

    Jonah Fellows7 soat oldin


  5. Itz_RoastedRosez

    Itz_RoastedRosez7 soat oldin

    I asked my friends which friend I am in this video ( since we act like them) and they said Ethan and I not disagreeing

  6. Jonah Fellows

    Jonah Fellows7 soat oldin

    The secret to living forever is not dying

  7. ValGal

    ValGal7 soat oldin

    tyler where u at

  8. LelandHasGames

    LelandHasGames7 soat oldin

    You can eat your own poop and be fine but, if you eat someone else's poop, you're shit outta luck

  9. Yeetified YT

    Yeetified YT7 soat oldin

    I paused the video to try it out and I got 1:30.41 on my second attempt and I'm 13

  10. Lovesick

    Lovesick7 soat oldin

    “We drove here.”

  11. Gabriell Tripp

    Gabriell Tripp7 soat oldin

    I could actually do the lemon thing

  12. Julie White

    Julie White7 soat oldin

    Ugh. This coronaviris thing is so annoying with unas annus. I just love watching reddit 50/50 where I either get to see a good video or a blurred image.. SOOO FUN! Also, waiting for the badass image from Mark... Surgeons from Google... Of course every person alive appreciates people like them who save lives, but I'm expecting entertainment from this UZgo channel, not preachy information surrounding everyones lives enough as is. I love the outdoorsy content you guys used too make.

  13. Cambelle Thurgood

    Cambelle Thurgood7 soat oldin

    Little did they know that they would be shirtless for a majority of this last year

  14. William Will

    William Will7 soat oldin


  15. MandiCat

    MandiCat7 soat oldin

    Alternate title: Rouge babysits two 30 year old baby’s. Sorry if someone else said this already.

  16. Christian Ford

    Christian Ford7 soat oldin

    Chica- the fuck is my.owner doing

  17. Danamae Fulbright

    Danamae Fulbright7 soat oldin

    Basically what’s happening in march 2020: 4:39

  18. Bayleigh Cronan

    Bayleigh Cronan7 soat oldin

    Ok...so..you might not do this, but if you can either: Do the same criteria but with videos instead Or do something with the videos in your channels....idk i tried

  19. dawnarnett

    dawnarnett7 soat oldin

    Ethan: 7 Mark: 2

  20. Vincent Meade

    Vincent Meade7 soat oldin

    ugh i would never trust my life with mark

  21. Dyotton

    Dyotton7 soat oldin

    Unus annus

  22. Jay Coffey

    Jay Coffey7 soat oldin

    Hearing Ethan's cut off scream at 5:16 has me cackling.

  23. Breslin Croley

    Breslin Croley7 soat oldin

    Mark: I’m ganna die I’m ganna die, I’m alive

  24. young _phamtom

    young _phamtom7 soat oldin

    8:03 is the best part KB got jokes

  25. Abigail Martin

    Abigail Martin7 soat oldin

    What video did they punch a hole in the wall in? I do not remember this taking place.

  26. Sam

    Sam7 soat oldin

    2:10 "Ha ha, rookie" *not even 5 seconds later* 'scraches face'

  27. Liv

    Liv7 soat oldin

    The way Ethan did that. Like wow

  28. Robert Cozad

    Robert Cozad7 soat oldin

    So you get to be Mineta and climb with pop off?

  29. Abbi Philippe

    Abbi Philippe7 soat oldin

    I wanna know what Rouge thought the whole time Mark was shit talking to Ethan about porn

  30. Eric Ortiz

    Eric Ortiz7 soat oldin

    Please do more of these! 😂😂😂

  31. :p

    :p7 soat oldin

    6:13 Man, that's gotta suck tho. Feel bad for Mark

  32. Wish2BLucky 160HP

    Wish2BLucky 160HP7 soat oldin

    Every single time Mark sounds like a dad when he does something even moderately movement based

  33. Step_On_A_Lego 66

    Step_On_A_Lego 667 soat oldin

    first time ive seen this channel and i thought it was called unus anus until the end of the video

  34. Ender Circuit

    Ender Circuit7 soat oldin

    The end sounded kinda sad...surprisingly

  35. Reese Sims

    Reese Sims7 soat oldin

    Yall heard him, wash dem hands

  36. Anthony Reed

    Anthony Reed7 soat oldin

    Both: oh no Ethan: they're going in the butt!

  37. Ghetto Nation

    Ghetto Nation7 soat oldin

    Moar vr adventure with mark and Ethan please

  38. Lyric Hamilton

    Lyric Hamilton7 soat oldin

    I am both of them

  39. Gacha In The Dark

    Gacha In The Dark7 soat oldin

    Dont drink water watching Mark and Ethan, you will 100% choke...

  40. Zimmy Videos

    Zimmy Videos7 soat oldin

    "Don't touch your face" That itch on your face: we'll see about that

  41. Not_Deadly

    Not_Deadly7 soat oldin

    Can Rogue be a guess for an episode or two? Pls!!

  42. {O A S I S}

    {O A S I S}7 soat oldin

    James: I can act straight! Haters: You don't have the balls! Also James:

  43. Pamille Playz

    Pamille Playz7 soat oldin

    Uncle Jeb..JebMe-Lol

  44. Asian Nathan

    Asian Nathan7 soat oldin

    I love both dogs

  45. Hannah Banana

    Hannah Banana7 soat oldin

    I may not have had contractions or children. But like period cramps are essentially like that. Just not obviously as bad

  46. Bobby Bobster

    Bobby Bobster7 soat oldin

    9:36 the exact feeling of mondays.

  47. sammie m

    sammie m7 soat oldin

    Ethan is precious

  48. Sheena Stanek

    Sheena Stanek7 soat oldin

    At least with them doing this they didn’t touch there face!

  49. stitchmouth official

    stitchmouth official7 soat oldin

    This was awesome, hope to see more vrchat with the remainder of the quarantine.

  50. Scoobz

    Scoobz7 soat oldin

    im kinda retarded so what breed of dog is chica?

  51. Hannah Sandefur

    Hannah Sandefur7 soat oldin

    Mark 1 Ethan 9

  52. kpoint sol

    kpoint sol7 soat oldin

    People with boobies had a game like this lol. We used to play a game I like to call "boob bounce" in middle school where during recess and passing time we used to sneak up to each other and OBLITERATE the victims titty with one single punch and then just fucking book it to the next class or the bathroom.

  53. Evelynn Eclipse

    Evelynn Eclipse7 soat oldin

    1:25 omg I have the exact same IKEA pillow

  54. Rayisawesomeness

    Rayisawesomeness7 soat oldin

    If Mark and Ethan aren't Yin and Yang idk what is. 5:12, Mark in a black shirt and light pants with a black goat behind him goes one way and Ethan in a white shirt and black pants with a light goat behind him goes the other. Mark talks about how great he is and makes it a competition while Ethan just wants to do the yoga for its funniness.

  55. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover7 soat oldin

    The marines: what is this guy with makeup doing here this is for MENS

  56. Mika OwO

    Mika OwO7 soat oldin

    I love this collaboration:)

  57. Ava Alexanian

    Ava Alexanian7 soat oldin

    Imagine if James wanted to be a soldier 😱😳

  58. krabbiekassie

    krabbiekassie7 soat oldin

    Ethan being so good at everything plus his biceps 😳😳💘💘

  59. Xpouii -

    Xpouii -7 soat oldin

    This is why telling somebody they “have balls” shouldn’t be a way of saying you’re tough. Calling somebody a pussy should mean they’re tough. Just sayin.

  60. Cinnamo

    Cinnamo7 soat oldin

    Their last video should be a pain index of all they have done on the channel

  61. MoonTek o

    MoonTek o7 soat oldin

    You are now playing Vrchat...HELL YEAH!

  62. sammie m

    sammie m7 soat oldin

    Mark saying “ethan go” made my heart like explode, he knows ethan gets scared and needed it more

  63. Boaty McBoatface

    Boaty McBoatface7 soat oldin

    I was walking my gsd and someone's black lab wasnt on a leash. She said, "It's okay, he's friendly!" But mine wasnt and bit the shit out of hers. Shepherds are very well put together dogs and will react predictably when they think another dog is charging at their owner

  64. Pamille Playz

    Pamille Playz7 soat oldin

    When the person said my daughter Lily I was like Oh my god MY NAME IS LILY

  65. Izabella Martinez

    Izabella Martinez7 soat oldin

    Ethan: their incredible Literally every woman: FINALLY!

  66. Cymantha Jones

    Cymantha Jones7 soat oldin

    Ethan 3 mark 0

  67. Idly Idiot

    Idly Idiot7 soat oldin

    6:46 what your more than likely came here for

  68. Baby Ghoul

    Baby Ghoul7 soat oldin

    I liked rogue, he will be missed... unless 👀

  69. Ocean Colby Brock

    Ocean Colby Brock7 soat oldin

    I’m 5’9 and I’m a 15 year old female

  70. Evelynn Eclipse

    Evelynn Eclipse7 soat oldin

    This video should be called "Rogue babysitting two idiots"

  71. Vibz NinjaZ Boss

    Vibz NinjaZ Boss7 soat oldin

    That high five thought at 7:50

  72. Kazoo Kid

    Kazoo Kid7 soat oldin

    Well aren't I glad to be watching this whole eating

  73. Sky_ High

    Sky_ High7 soat oldin

    ethan: so i was eating penuts mark: oh yea i forgot about the heart attack i had

  74. Tristan_W_

    Tristan_W_7 soat oldin

    Mark is that one nice and funny science teacher in your school

  75. Your Mother

    Your Mother7 soat oldin

    Dang what was that special place 👀

  76. Ari Ozminkowski

    Ari Ozminkowski7 soat oldin


  77. Karrianna Ingram

    Karrianna Ingram7 soat oldin

    i wouldn’t make it past the 2nd one

  78. CanadianMistake_

    CanadianMistake_7 soat oldin

    Please keep doing all your stuff in Vr during quarantine!

  79. Emma Wagner

    Emma Wagner7 soat oldin

    11:59-12:03 for the best noise ever

  80. Ivory35

    Ivory357 soat oldin

    Mark sounds demonic LMBO

  81. Diidly Dip

    Diidly Dip7 soat oldin

    Memento Mori: bill wurtz I used to listen to his little songs and it would add an extra kick to my day. I miss him.

  82. Dawko Bros1983

    Dawko Bros19837 soat oldin

    Time is running out guys!!! FUCK!!

  83. Melissa Peters

    Melissa Peters7 soat oldin

    “A dog coming at you is scary” I think this paints a picture for people who say “oh so what you’ve been bit by a dog when you’re younger, you’re too old to be afraid of dogs blah blah blah” I’ve heard this been said many times to my friend and my sister. I hope people in the future will understand that dogs can be very scary to some people, and people should respect that, ESPECIALLY when they aren’t on a leash.

  84. Wakiki Demore

    Wakiki Demore7 soat oldin

    7:52 oh god...

  85. Rise Phoenix

    Rise Phoenix7 soat oldin

    I want to know the difference between a e boy and a fuck boy give me the punch line

  86. StoneMason 445

    StoneMason 4457 soat oldin

    *watches James try to do the second obstacle where you flip on the pole thingy* James: BY THE POWER OF RAAAIINNBOOOWWWSSS

  87. Trashbin Senpai

    Trashbin Senpai7 soat oldin

    Did nobody do a face touching count?-

  88. Dylan Dunne

    Dylan Dunne7 soat oldin

    Mark got those Sonic shoes

  89. Mariocar07

    Mariocar077 soat oldin

    Even when the images are blurred I just get a mental picture of what the title says

  90. Dragonpup 290

    Dragonpup 2907 soat oldin

    Mark: Frogs aren't meant to climb tree frogs: are we a joke to you?

  91. Hockey Lover

    Hockey Lover7 soat oldin

    I started laughing so hard my bf thought I had a stroke for real

  92. Ash Force

    Ash Force7 soat oldin

    This is just one of the most wholesome videos they have ever made.

  93. Julia Merollis

    Julia Merollis7 soat oldin

    5:30 and thats why cats can live longer than dogs

  94. Softee

    Softee7 soat oldin

    Ethan is way hotter than mark imo. Seriously he’s like my biggest UZgor crush.

  95. Celestial Demon

    Celestial Demon7 soat oldin

    More 50/50

  96. AE_2007 me

    AE_2007 me7 soat oldin

    Mark: you know d’s get diplomas James: I’m great with d’s trust me 10:10

  97. Spoodle Noodle

    Spoodle Noodle7 soat oldin

    i love how Mark was concerned about James’ nails

  98. BTS8Wolfy

    BTS8Wolfy7 soat oldin

    ... interesting.

  99. ilovedogs 2

    ilovedogs 27 soat oldin

    Gotta find me first

  100. flaming piece of lard

    flaming piece of lard7 soat oldin

    everyone is talking about how mark touched his face once and how ethan did it like 100 times but is no one gonna talk about how ethan is literally touching his face in the thumbnail 😂