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  1. Calfredie 01

    Calfredie 014 daqiqa oldin

    Title screen lags just like the game

  2. AprPlayer Cat

    AprPlayer Cat12 daqiqa oldin

    Megalovonia INCOMING

  3. Excali the calibur

    Excali the calibur15 daqiqa oldin

    Were they on a budget or something?? Lmao

  4. Random z Hoenn

    Random z Hoenn17 daqiqa oldin


  5. DarthJay 92

    DarthJay 9219 daqiqa oldin

    Only difference is they added pokemon not took away -_-

  6. Tommy Durning

    Tommy Durning28 daqiqa oldin

    You screw out swsh like the mirror edge démo that increase console save filling

  7. YouGottaMineDeep

    YouGottaMineDeep28 daqiqa oldin

    I’m thinking at this point it’s more b to rewind...

  8. Kate

    Kate33 daqiqa oldin

    My childhood, teens and adulthood in 45 seconds

  9. roger dickhout

    roger dickhout35 daqiqa oldin

    I love sword and sheild i got it on the firdt day and love it

  10. Agent_Veemo

    Agent_Veemo36 daqiqa oldin

    How about "Press B to go back"? (Sarcasm)

  11. luckynumber7dude

    luckynumber7dude36 daqiqa oldin

    Where in the game does this play?

  12. Analise Madriaga

    Analise Madriaga43 daqiqa oldin

    Ash's Pokémon For Sword And Shield. 1.Pikachu 2.Sobble - Drizzile - Inteleon 3. Rolycoly - Carkoal - Coalossal 4. Chewtle - Drednaw 5. Grookey - Thwackey - Rillaboom 6. Skwovet - Greedunt 7. Nickit- Thievul 8. Cufant - Copperajah 9. Blipbug - Dottler - Orbeetle 10. Hattena - Hattrem - Hatterene 11. Applin - Flapple - Appletun 12. Toxel - Toxtricity 13. Clobbopus - Grapploct 14. Mew

  13. Hay Mae

    Hay Mae50 daqiqa oldin

    b i g n o s t a l g i a

  14. Cameron Davies

    Cameron Davies56 daqiqa oldin

    It's funny cause the only pokemon that still features that you showed was charmander

  15. Daniel Partington

    Daniel Partington57 daqiqa oldin

    Bold move not disabling the comments on this one

  16. Alex Greaves

    Alex GreavesSoat oldin

    Where is this song anyway?

  17. Jay Zarate

    Jay ZarateSoat oldin

    Nice nostalgia bait

  18. WinDocs

    WinDocsSoat oldin

    Y’all uploaded this?

  19. LocalTherapist

    LocalTherapistSoat oldin

    3:30 looks like he’s really happy when you look at his face

  20. Spicy Meatball

    Spicy MeatballSoat oldin

    Remember when meowth literally died for a second when he saw mimikyu without his rags?

  21. RPG nerd

    RPG nerdSoat oldin

    Bruh, Shield's title screen's Lags

  22. Kami Kami Demon Chan

    Kami Kami Demon ChanSoat oldin

    omg thats so cute ;_; an di kinda love that this song is like if its sang by this one trainer with 6 magicarp who exist in each pokimon game ! ;A; just a lovely story ;_; ♥

  23. BenzoEnzo Mk2

    BenzoEnzo Mk2Soat oldin

    Why Would You Re-Boot After All these Movies?

  24. Big Tomato

    Big TomatoSoat oldin

    I was checking my headphones and volume on my laptop for literally the whole duration of this video

  25. LiДm

    LiДmSoat oldin

    “The sun is about to set” Chansey: (*´ー`*)

  26. big papaya

    big papayaSoat oldin

    Okay did anyone actually get the game?

  27. David Wilson

    David WilsonSoat oldin

    And it gains the most useless ability for it!

  28. TheEdgy Boy

    TheEdgy BoySoat oldin

    I'd rather press *F* for the people who bought sword and shield.

  29. Waluigi Mourner

    Waluigi MournerSoat oldin


  30. JAMS Dream

    JAMS DreamSoat oldin

    The fact that this song catches both Pokemon and Undertale's essence fills you with DETERMINATION

  31. SketchHusk Entertainment

    SketchHusk EntertainmentSoat oldin

    0:39 Not being one of those delinquents, but that Poke Ball makes me clear that it's gonna be visually rough. 0:42 Oh lovely, if it wasn't enough, we have *minor lag* now (for Shield at least). *Nevermind, it's the video.

  32. Quality Shitposts

    Quality ShitpostsSoat oldin

    Im deaf and even I heard how silent it was

  33. Ethan Cardenas

    Ethan CardenasSoat oldin

    They ignored omega ruby and alpha sapphire

  34. _ Tear _

    _ Tear _Soat oldin

    Used to remember back in 1st grade we use to play Pokémon cards differently by clapping them

  35. Kian Dantas

    Kian DantasSoat oldin

    What is a magma stone?

  36. EspeWarrior Ayy

    EspeWarrior Ayy2 soat oldin

    How I found this song XD Me: *scrolls on SoundCloud for sword and shield osts to listen to* Also me: *sees title of song: Toby Fox* Definitely me: *..DIDNT HE MAKE UNDERTALE?! YEEEEET!*

  37. WolfBloxnitro Ks

    WolfBloxnitro Ks2 soat oldin

    Girl: gets two starters Me: wait that’s illegal

  38. Kian Dantas

    Kian Dantas2 soat oldin

    That is actaully giritina

  39. House of Beans

    House of Beans2 soat oldin

    Ace Trainer Sans has a bone to pick with you!-

  40. Xuphuut Draws

    Xuphuut Draws2 soat oldin

    Who else thinks sirfetchd is kinda hawt...

  41. PokeDoxx - Canal de Pokémon Games

    PokeDoxx - Canal de Pokémon Games2 soat oldin

    *I want national pokédex ;(*

  42. Boltizar

    Boltizar2 soat oldin

    I wish Sword and Shield let us continue. It just feels like a reboot instead of continuing our Pokémon adventure.

  43. Lord Helix

    Lord Helix2 soat oldin

    I'm sitting outside waiting for the package

  44. scooptime

    scooptime2 soat oldin

    This screams Toby Fox.

  45. The Lefty Plushie Yeah 533 Pro

    The Lefty Plushie Yeah 533 Pro2 soat oldin


  46. marianexo

    marianexo2 soat oldin

    Holy shit is toby fox

  47. Danny O'Hare

    Danny O'Hare2 soat oldin

    Can we see Guzma vs Ilima?

  48. TacoCrafter

    TacoCrafter2 soat oldin

    i litterally tried to fix my volume for like 10 min before realizing it didnt have any sound lmao

  49. 5mew

    5mew2 soat oldin


  50. Daniel Mármol

    Daniel Mármol2 soat oldin

    The best one right here; the Kalos region. They were spot on in making this anime it is incredible...

  51. eligamerman

    eligamerman2 soat oldin

    It all comes together...

  52. The Anime Girl

    The Anime Girl2 soat oldin

    Beautiful 🤗

  53. albertorojo24

    albertorojo242 soat oldin

    Creo que el título debería ser presiona B para retroceder

  54. Gonzalo Sanz

    Gonzalo Sanz2 soat oldin

    You can really tell they stopped caring after ruby and saphire

  55. GreenAndACat

    GreenAndACat2 soat oldin

    This can't be real. No audio, black bars, literal lag?

  56. Parth De

    Parth De2 soat oldin

    She thicc 😏😏

  57. Leoperd

    Leoperd2 soat oldin

    I’ll be sure to take notes


    REJINA BEGUM2 soat oldin


  59. Eduardo Baumgratz

    Eduardo Baumgratz2 soat oldin

    SwSh are so bad that the video posted by TPC on UZgo show a lagging menu screen of Pokemon Shield

  60. Sapphire

    Sapphire2 soat oldin

    kinda weird that theres no sound

  61. SpookersTheSpoo

    SpookersTheSpoo2 soat oldin

    Ah good. This video actually has sound. I'm impressed.

  62. Timmy

    Timmy2 soat oldin

    The graphics are no better than the 3DS lol sorry I’m not going to buy it

  63. DracoPlays74

    DracoPlays742 soat oldin

    I’ll get sword on Christmas but I’m still so hyped up!!

  64. KiruKiru

    KiruKiru2 soat oldin

    excuse me but is that Shield logo having lag?

  65. KiruKiru

    KiruKiru2 soat oldin

    Thank you for holding a Minut of Silence for all the Pokemon we have lost this year.

  66. mido tales

    mido tales2 soat oldin

    Press A to Gen 9 or pokemon sword shield 2 is a teaser

  67. Moon Heroz

    Moon Heroz2 soat oldin

    This was hilarious!

  68. spiderguy26

    spiderguy262 soat oldin

    So what, the music was left out along with most of the Pokémon?

  69. Christian Flaherty: Sequel Edition

    Christian Flaherty: Sequel Edition2 soat oldin


  70. Dany Archer

    Dany Archer2 soat oldin

    So many good times traveling with My pokemon. the national dex problem made me feel not sure to buy the Game, but in the end sword and shield looks great, many flaws will be found in the next days. i just wish i could set a camp in the wild area and watch all my favourite pokemon from all 8 regions play, thats all i wanted from the new games

  71. EliteBoi

    EliteBoi2 soat oldin

    i need a gif of Sirfetch’d swinging his sword at the trainer he’s literally like *I DO NOT PLAY WITH TOYS, GET THAT THING AWAY!*

  72. World Wide Weeb

    World Wide Weeb2 soat oldin

    I think that adding the sad Pokemon black and white/x and y music would have added a nice touch. The shield opening screen tho XD

  73. Erik A

    Erik A3 soat oldin

    Wow, loved the Lugia opening scene! Can’t wait to bring mine into sword and shield!

  74. Erdrick from Dragon Quest

    Erdrick from Dragon Quest3 soat oldin

    What do National dex and the audio of the video have in common? *They dont exist.*

  75. Kuzen _

    Kuzen _3 soat oldin

    Rip ultra sun and ultra Moon

  76. Zilch -X

    Zilch -X3 soat oldin

    R.I.P. start button. I will never lose my 3DS, so you are stuck with me.

  77. WildEyeStyle

    WildEyeStyle3 soat oldin

    Who are the bots liking this laggy video with no sound

  78. D-MAN Hiser

    D-MAN Hiser3 soat oldin

    I just think about how this lie to us. We couldn't battle or trade back then. Pokemon don't have levels. Also it doesn't tell us how far a wild Pokemon it unless its at a poke stop. It could have made way more money buy doing everything it said

  79. The Cynical Boy

    The Cynical Boy3 soat oldin

    thank you for all the Memories. To the person reading this, what’s your favorite pokémon game? mine is Pokémon Y

  80. costumrobo

    costumrobo3 soat oldin

    The fact that this video has no sound, lags, titled incorrectly, shows how much The Pokémon Company cares about their franchise.

  81. THEDRAGONIS Coming

    THEDRAGONIS Coming3 soat oldin

    I pressed A to Continue! Thanks, GameFreak and Pokemon, for the pre-order bonuses on 11/14/2019! I have a full team EARLY in the game caught with Quick Balls, and I won't share these Pokemon with others. :D

  82. JMcLendon

    JMcLendon3 soat oldin

    Dude the frame rate for shield is terrible

  83. Lucky Crit

    Lucky Crit3 soat oldin

    Same quality and effort as Sword and Shield. At least they're consistent

  84. Cynthia Mekenney

    Cynthia Mekenney3 soat oldin

    Damn lag on a premade trailer ok

  85. Vadelina :3

    Vadelina :33 soat oldin

    Rip sound....

  86. Good Toy

    Good Toy3 soat oldin

    More like: Press F to pay respects to the music in the video and all the Pokemon not in gen 8

  87. Majora 37

    Majora 373 soat oldin

    My Final team: Intellion Galarian Rapidash Hatterine Tyranitar Eevee And one of my Ultra Sun shinies

  88. Justin Stevens

    Justin Stevens3 soat oldin

    Who approved this shit

  89. Cruddyhands

    Cruddyhands3 soat oldin

    whats with the fps on shield this video is a mess

  90. Oux

    Oux3 soat oldin

    0:18 pokemon predicted Diavolo's theme

  91. Jack West

    Jack West3 soat oldin

    Bring back Pokémon brick bronze you monsters you took my favorite game from me give it back please

  92. Fletcher Gaddy

    Fletcher Gaddy3 soat oldin


  93. Jesse O.

    Jesse O.3 soat oldin

    Jesus Christ. Did you guys have some intern put this together?

  94. cleffei

    cleffei3 soat oldin

    this is fucking hilarious

  95. Filiposki

    Filiposki3 soat oldin

    Meh mega Evolution for mudkipz will be better

  96. Tabbender

    Tabbender3 soat oldin

    Theory : The game's development was so messy that Toby got pissed at the team and decided to sneak The Baby is 2 in there just to generating shitposting

  97. ZAP!

    ZAP!3 soat oldin


  98. Zinho Jair

    Zinho Jair3 soat oldin


  99. SpainLord

    SpainLord3 soat oldin

    Look just fix all this crap by next year's release of Pokemon Sword and shield 2

  100. Adia Snedigar

    Adia Snedigar3 soat oldin

    Wow 1998 to 2019! I CAN’T WAIT TO GET POKÉMON SWORD!!!