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  1. Avery’s ASMR

    Avery’s ASMR4 daqiqa oldin

    Legacy edition is bullcrap

  2. n o r s u

    n o r s u7 daqiqa oldin

    2019? only me? okay

  3. Bleach Princess

    Bleach Princess43 daqiqa oldin

    Oh god this was six years ago? I swear it was four years ago

  4. iberiano1981

    iberiano1981Soat oldin

    Hm... very sexist..

  5. Alex Davis

    Alex DavisSoat oldin

    1)Are the Instagram stories real? 2)Can you actually attend school and have a kid?

  6. Michelle’s Texting stories

    Michelle’s Texting storiesSoat oldin

    Can teens go to university

  7. McCookieCrafter

    McCookieCrafter2 soat oldin

    stranger things much 😅

  8. Soosan H.

    Soosan H.3 soat oldin

    I love it😆😂😂😍

  9. 7 ringz

    7 ringz3 soat oldin

    wow y’all really don’t care about players that can’t afford jack shiz. thanks.

  10. China Doll

    China Doll4 soat oldin

    Is it just me or is the Sims 4 crashing..?

  11. Влал Вишнивецкий

    Влал Вишнивецкий4 soat oldin

    Сижу, пересматриваю, плачу 😍

  12. No predsa ja

    No predsa ja4 soat oldin

    oh my god

  13. Poppy Templeman

    Poppy Templeman4 soat oldin

    is anyone else having problems with the new pack?

  14. Laís Sousa

    Laís Sousa5 soat oldin

    #amo the Sims

  15. D Δ R K Z

    D Δ R K Z5 soat oldin


  16. IcebearTV

    IcebearTV5 soat oldin

    Have to be honest I hate the art style of this game it’s ugly

  17. Йа Гачер

    Йа Гачер6 soat oldin

    how to do in russian

  18. Ozzy marshmallow

    Ozzy marshmallow6 soat oldin

    If I had a room that big ...

  19. crack tt

    crack tt7 soat oldin

    Game free on my channel

  20. Rechan D.E

    Rechan D.E7 soat oldin

    Why does this video appear in my recommendations? The day the Sims 4 expansion comes out. To remind me that the Sims 3 will always be better? 😂

  21. Margo Laird

    Margo Laird7 soat oldin

    The sims 4 version of area 51

  22. aecidyk

    aecidyk8 soat oldin

    I have a question, I've heard one time that this pack actually needs a lot of gigabyte - is that true?

  23. troll master

    troll master9 soat oldin


  24. HN IQ

    HN IQ9 soat oldin

    Please the sims 4 free ps4 😢

  25. KiraGamer35

    KiraGamer3513 soat oldin

    What a cool expansion! a question ... can the horse come out in the next expansion?

  26. Mini games CZ

    Mini games CZ13 soat oldin

    Pls in the sims 4 pls😁😀👍

  27. XxXxSummerXxX x

    XxXxSummerXxX x17 soat oldin

    Can’t wait!! I preordered it last week! Can’t wait to get it tomorrow!!

  28. Emily Murphy

    Emily Murphy18 soat oldin

    1:24 literally me when i'm talking to my friends XD

  29. милый котик

    милый котик18 soat oldin

    and when the game comes out, then I can’t download it

  30. Hannah Grace

    Hannah Grace20 soat oldin

    I get it- I watch majority of the sims- why is Sims 2 trailer recommended to me UZgo??

  31. Gizmo*s gamer girl

    Gizmo*s gamer girl20 soat oldin

    Hi there I love your games and I'm just curious when is the pack coming out?

  32. LittleMissHailey

    LittleMissHailey20 soat oldin

    *cries in actual college student with no money* Of course this comes out when I'm broke as hell

  33. Dante -

    Dante -20 soat oldin

    Hm wat.

  34. Da’Lecia Moses

    Da’Lecia Moses21 soat oldin

    Can’t wait to play! I already preordered 😚

  35. Hanz Zarr

    Hanz Zarr21 soat oldin

    Umm does anyone know the title of the song?

  36. Brit

    Brit22 soat oldin

    Randomly thought about this video about 6 minutes ago, eventually found it after looking through the sim's sims 3 playlist! This song used to be my favorite back in the day. Really cool to have watched it again. xP

  37. Aveeo

    Aveeo22 soat oldin

    So my sims are now going to have student loan debt? Wow, this really is a life simulation game.

  38. O mundo Louco da Lobinha _

    O mundo Louco da Lobinha _22 soat oldin

    will it be free?

  39. Tesfayeee Stargirl

    Tesfayeee Stargirl23 soat oldin

    We get it UZgo RECOMMEND IT 😂

  40. Mosey Doe

    Mosey Doe23 soat oldin

    Add costume content

  41. Mosey Doe

    Mosey Doe23 soat oldin

    Add costume content

  42. Mosey Doe

    Mosey Doe23 soat oldin

    Add costume content

  43. Mosey Doe

    Mosey Doe23 soat oldin

    Add costume content

  44. sarasthoughts

    sarasthoughts23 soat oldin


  45. Wisia W.

    Wisia W.Kun oldin

    0:17 nie no normalnie Misfit XD

  46. roberto maia

    roberto maiaKun oldin

    i want cheerleaders

  47. Cris Cris

    Cris CrisKun oldin

    lmao is almost 2020 and this was on my recommendation page

  48. Tyler Eisom

    Tyler EisomKun oldin

    i wannaaa play but im a broke college student :( long shot but donate to cashapp so i can play $tylereisom

  49. Zuzanna

    ZuzannaKun oldin

    world adventures is legitimately SO much fun i came back to this expansion after playing jungle adventure in ts4 and missing it - by the way, this is so much better than jungle adventure it's unbelievable. i have my sim who's a mom with 5 kids but still abandons them every two days to go be a tomb raider. hey, it's a good source of income for the family!

  50. KingDavisNC

    KingDavisNCKun oldin

    Dec 17? Daaaaannnnggggg 😭😭

  51. Daria Musik

    Daria MusikKun oldin

    This pack is one of a few I was waiting for. I would love to play this one even if it would be masochistic to play it 😂😂 (I'm a student now). But well maybe my sims would have a better student life than I have 😂😂 I'm really looking for are the dorms and new carriers. I wonder if it's so accurate to the real life or not 😂 and I really hope you can fight with other universities 😂 we don't have something like this in Poland like in the States (and it looks like they created 'Discover University' on the basis of the American education system). I've always been interested in it, so I'm curious to see how it's going to be presented. Whether there'll be competitions, rivalries, stealing team mascots and so on. It looks like it's supposed to be, but well.. you never know..

  52. Kaylee’s ASMR

    Kaylee’s ASMRKun oldin

    Please answer if you see is it on ps4

  53. TWICEcute

    TWICEcuteKun oldin

    They will really hype us up huh

  54. Limie

    LimieKun oldin

    I love that this doesn't even look like the real game 😂 thanks EA

  55. Hollywood Tonight

    Hollywood TonightKun oldin

    I’m so disappointed console players have to wait another month after pc to get this pack :/

  56. ZRCB

    ZRCBKun oldin

    They say after 6 years there would be sims 5 but where is it??

  57. Katie Bell

    Katie BellKun oldin

    why is this in my recommendations

  58. Baby Berry

    Baby BerryKun oldin

    wtf is so weird hearig the sims NOT talk in simlish

  59. Mrs. Nightmare

    Mrs. NightmareKun oldin

    The only thing I don’t really live about sims3 is the cas, everything is so ugly lmao. (Just an opinión no hate if you like them”

  60. Shitty Gal

    Shitty GalKun oldin

    We should be able to drink energy drinks and stay awake with 3 hours sleep in 2 days cause its university, come on!!!

  61. AangelKataang

    AangelKataangKun oldin

    2019 and still playing sims 3! I refuse to get Sims 4, I’d feel claustrophobic!

  62. Marian Paździoch

    Marian PaździochKun oldin

    The Sims 2 najlepsze

  63. 1vixen1

    1vixen1Kun oldin

    What time is it getting released? I've been refreshing it like crazy lol. I'm ready to plaaaayyyy

  64. Jim Pickens

    Jim PickensKun oldin

    Great game but bad ad

  65. Cameron

    CameronKun oldin

    Everyone’s complaining about the video being in their recommendations, but they still clicked the video. 😭😅


    UWUJISUNGKun oldin

    But like Sims 3 is still the best!

  67. I don't know

    I don't knowKun oldin

    It's literally 2019 and I'm still watching this

  68. Morgan Louer

    Morgan LouerKun oldin

    I came here after watching the Sims 4 University trailer and I totally forgot about crazy obsessed girlfriend and the meme format at the time. Jesus christ

  69. Honoka Killer

    Honoka KillerKun oldin

    I hope my life were like Sims .. they got happy ending and easy life just use motherload and everything was cool . I wish I was not a loser in real life.

  70. Maka Paka

    Maka PakaKun oldin


  71. Tanja Van Breda

    Tanja Van BredaKun oldin

    When is it coming out for pc?



    Very horrible 😂😂😂 0:04

  73. TLOU

    TLOUKun oldin

    When you watch the trailer you really just think what If sims actually talked like ous it will be soooooo much better to enjoy the game instead of the voices we are all tired of sims sounds are so childish and annoying!!!!!!

  74. Poppy Popper

    Poppy PopperKun oldin

    I can't wait to download this illegally and be disappointed

  75. Emma Pesnel

    Emma PesnelKun oldin

    ONE mOrE DAY 😆😆😆

  76. Basak Sezgin

    Basak SezginKun oldin

    Why not "Get to University" :(((

  77. Annie

    AnnieKun oldin

    umm 11 years too late

  78. Emily H.

    Emily H.Kun oldin

    11 years and I'm still upset that this game never really happened. Sure, Sims 2 came out. But it wasn't THIS.

  79. Okay So

    Okay SoKun oldin

    okay so guys should i get university or get famous

  80. Brainstormer623

    Brainstormer623Kun oldin

    New life goal: get laid in a pile of leaves.

  81. Angelina

    AngelinaKun oldin

    Hi can you make a website to download sims4 i don't have a system that i can bye it on

  82. Daema

    DaemaKun oldin

    2008-2016: Account don't exist 2017: No 2018: No 2019: perfect video even if she's from 11 years ago! Recommanded to Daema.

  83. Loli Starlickle

    Loli StarlickleKun oldin

    The entire sims community: There’s gonna be bikes! OMG Non sims players: why are you so excited over bikes?

  84. Stefanie Stevens

    Stefanie StevensKun oldin

    This was the best expansion pack ever. Such a superior game I’m every way.

  85. Lucy Lerma

    Lucy LermaKun oldin

    I wish the game was a lively as this ;n:

  86. Violet Beauregarde

    Violet BeauregardeKun oldin

    I found this in a timeline compilation

  87. MyChemicalPotatoes

    MyChemicalPotatoesKun oldin

    What in the actual ʞɔnɟ Also why is this on my recommendations 11 years later

  88. Brandy Cake

    Brandy CakeKun oldin

    I love that part where she kicks the ball and it hits him 😜

  89. goddessOfLove

    goddessOfLoveKun oldin

    Ahhh memories

  90. Lobster named goose ꨄ

    Lobster named goose ꨄKun oldin

    Love the LGBT+ representation in the video!

  91. Sangy Araujo

    Sangy AraujoKun oldin

    The sims da deep web, mas continuo sendo melhor que o 4

  92. Dive Dodge

    Dive DodgeKun oldin

    I found my calling

  93. Yudha Dwi Prabowo

    Yudha Dwi PrabowoKun oldin

    Pls tell me, it is still have a loading screen if we move to other building ? Sry for bad english

  94. Prιηce

    PrιηceKun oldin

    Sims Talking English🤔

  95. Zane Cordon

    Zane CordonKun oldin

    thanks for the recommendation youtube...

  96. AvaRosee

    AvaRoseeKun oldin

    oo can't wait

  97. Misty Lake

    Misty LakeKun oldin

    That voice sounds a bit like SimGuruAzure...

  98. oliviaa

    oliviaaKun oldin

    this is just wizard 101

  99. a person

    a personKun oldin

    11 years ago????

  100. KittyKatPurrfect

    KittyKatPurrfectKun oldin

    That... was powerful.. (tears)