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  1. plentypennykicks

    plentypennykicks59 soniya oldin

    Lack of arm? Vick be throwing slick shots at Lamar sometimes

  2. Chris Beckham

    Chris Beckham2 daqiqa oldin

    Vick is dead right about the Pats.

  3. david edbrooke-coffin

    david edbrooke-coffin3 daqiqa oldin

    They weren’t.

  4. kindley fernand

    kindley fernand3 daqiqa oldin

    I don't think Lamar Jackson is as good as Michael Vick was, don't @ me.😃😀

  5. Noah M

    Noah M5 daqiqa oldin

    Maybe the lions will get him and we can move in from stafford

  6. ur darkest fear

    ur darkest fear6 daqiqa oldin

    Colin post the 3 word game

  7. Antonio Uzzle

    Antonio Uzzle9 daqiqa oldin

    Tua to pittsburgh

  8. Dennis Kirk

    Dennis Kirk10 daqiqa oldin

    What about Pouncey throwing punches at Garrett's helmet? Good way to break your hand or toe when he was kicking it.

  9. DsLmaNiaC

    DsLmaNiaC11 daqiqa oldin

    Remember that on April till June.

  10. Lucas’s Stache

    Lucas’s Stache13 daqiqa oldin

    Lamar can’t be Michael Vick he can’t beat the browns, he needs to beat up on the dawg pound😂

  11. LebronTraveled24

    LebronTraveled2415 daqiqa oldin

    Tua to the patriots

  12. Allen Mol

    Allen Mol17 daqiqa oldin

    I’m ok with Vick, and that’s coming from a vegetarian. Happy to see him around

  13. TheSpeakEasy Podcast

    TheSpeakEasy Podcast17 daqiqa oldin

    No flag tho

  14. Tyler Haraf

    Tyler Haraf21 daqiqa oldin

    If only the bears had a first round pick smh

  15. rose sweet

    rose sweet23 daqiqa oldin

    That's getting the cart before the Horse Colin. That hip injury is significant enough to knock him out of football for the rest of the year including the BCS playoffs. They don't want that to linger in the minds of people,so invert it. Like he's already assumed to be playing in the NFL. Your getting way ahead of yourself Colin. Your making a big assumption without evidence he'll be ready to even play at that level until after enough time to heal has shown the damage was repaired enough to not diminish his physical ability to withstand getting hit and tumbled around. Particularly a hip injury.

  16. Josh

    Josh26 daqiqa oldin

    lol Tua ain't falling.

  17. auot ukun

    auot ukun26 daqiqa oldin

    imagine falling from first round draft to the Patriots lol

  18. Anthony Malico

    Anthony Malico30 daqiqa oldin

    Difference is Lamar is better built to take hits and avoids the big ones, Michael Vick took a big hit every game and wasn’t built for it

  19. randomcompdude427 427

    randomcompdude427 42732 daqiqa oldin

    The injury saved him from going to Cincinnasty.

  20. Tyler Boswell

    Tyler Boswell34 daqiqa oldin

    I disagree with this!

  21. turkey sandwich

    turkey sandwich34 daqiqa oldin

    The pats will draft Tua

  22. jay lee

    jay lee34 daqiqa oldin

    Tua will still land with the dolphins

  23. michael Castle

    michael Castle34 daqiqa oldin

    Take Heed running Quarterbacks....

  24. Edwin Faleafine

    Edwin Faleafine36 daqiqa oldin

    Yup. This could actually be a positive thing for him. I hope he Falls to the Patriots.


    LIES IN THE SKIES36 daqiqa oldin

    Steelers need a new head coach and QB.

  26. JP Schlecht

    JP Schlecht38 daqiqa oldin

    Lebron still have it

  27. Roger BENNETT

    Roger BENNETT41 daqiqa oldin

    Tua, 2 bad wheels and a busted hip, he is done. thanks Saban!!!!!

  28. clearyourthirdeye

    clearyourthirdeye41 daqiqa oldin

    wikipedia "In 2002, the documents show, he apparently executed at least two dogs that did not perform well in test fights." Great guy

  29. Xinc

    Xinc43 daqiqa oldin

    Tua to titans ? Or panthers

  30. Sand Castle

    Sand Castle44 daqiqa oldin

    Tua said "God has a plan."


    STEELCITY TV45 daqiqa oldin

    So Carolina once a guy that into consecutive years how to have ankle surgery and then dislocated his hip they don't want another Cam Newton

  32. payfra

    payfra49 daqiqa oldin

    tua to the colts

  33. Daniel Seth

    Daniel Seth50 daqiqa oldin

    Vick is a great guy and real dog lover

  34. MrSwj2009 ____

    MrSwj2009 ____51 daqiqa oldin

    Colin says Pats are AFC's best team. This after Ravens crushed Seattle, Texans AND Patriots. A blind man can see who the AFC dominant team is.

  35. ThePeacebreaker

    ThePeacebreaker52 daqiqa oldin

    Thanks colin i made a lot of money picking againts your picks wooohooo🤣

  36. Alex NorCal

    Alex NorCal52 daqiqa oldin

    Athletes who want to heal faster, consider what tests of the carbon-60 molecule on rats mean for science. Happy hunting, it’s ones eye for novelty that will separate the successful from the static later in life.

  37. christopher belleau

    christopher belleau55 daqiqa oldin

    Tua to the chargers would be incredible. Dream come true.

  38. Enrique Mejia

    Enrique Mejia55 daqiqa oldin

    As an NFL FAN, I would LOVEEEEE TUA in INDY. Please Colts go get him.

  39. Chad Rourke

    Chad Rourke55 daqiqa oldin

    Baker needs to start a UZgo channel on which he continually rips on Colin Cowherd.

  40. bxuzabc

    bxuzabc56 daqiqa oldin

    Tua to the bears

  41. David Krumme

    David Krumme57 daqiqa oldin

    Saying Lamar isn't a great passer isn't hating. He can throw good enough makes good decisions and can run which gets guys open. Alot of guys in the league throw the ball better than Lamar but aren't as good for their team

  42. tony latrell

    tony latrell58 daqiqa oldin

    Stop comparing this dude to Lamar Lamar is better thrower of the football and it’s not even close mike was a terrible qb.. great athlete horrible qb

  43. Wapo J

    Wapo J58 daqiqa oldin

    Colin was way off on Lamar but anybody who watched him college would know he would be doing what he is doing now. He put up crazy numbers with no nfl talent i always said wait until he gets surrounded bye pro’s

  44. Hoff

    Hoff58 daqiqa oldin

    Myles Garrett is at fault for what happened. He was in the wrong

  45. Ellicott Raven

    Ellicott Raven58 daqiqa oldin

    Listen people, it's great that people compare Lamar to Vick because Vick was also fun to watch. But, seriously Lamar's talent as a football player is on another planet from Vick. Vick was a mortal but Lamar looks like an immortal. He is far more elusive, far better thrower, far better reader of the defense and a far better person than Vick was when he started out. Lamar has a great shoulder on his head and Vick let the fame get to his head early on in his Atlanta days. Vick in his best year in Philly couldn't do what Lamar is doing in his first real year as a starter in the NFL. While it may be fun to compare the two, it is just unfair to Lamar. Lamar Jackson is an incomparable athlete period.

  46. Taco Tacotington

    Taco Tacotington59 daqiqa oldin

    Love hearing Mike Vicks take on these new age running QBs.

  47. neanderthals navel

    neanderthals navelSoat oldin

    I want Mangenius to come back as coach of the Browns to: Turn the sprinkler on OBJ, Chubb, and Baker, under the lights, with the fans blowing on them, with crowd noise blaring from speakers, in the red zone, over and over and over until they get it right.

  48. Ashton Owens

    Ashton OwensSoat oldin

    As a Panthers fan, I would love to have Tua.

  49. Salia Berthe

    Salia BertheSoat oldin

    9:02 Insert the meme of CJ “Here we go again” with A braided Mike Vick walking towards the Detroit Lions d-line.

  50. The Modern Day Gamer

    The Modern Day GamerSoat oldin

    I’d love Tua to fall to my chargers

  51. SquidTeamSIX

    SquidTeamSIXSoat oldin

    I wouldn't draft tua.. If i did id have him sit behind 2 qbs to learn and get 100% healthy

  52. The Aquamancer

    The AquamancerSoat oldin

    2-1-1 Colin. Not bad. Could lose tonight. Most professional betters I know focus on money lines with value, future bets, and they pick two games (maybe three if they want to swing big) if they decide to parlay. But usually, they really believe in big single-game bets, with small shots on money lines and parlays.

  53. Ellicott Raven

    Ellicott RavenSoat oldin

    Another Lamar hater Cowherd must eat crow if he's a real man.

  54. Association of Free People

    Association of Free PeopleSoat oldin

    Where does the “lack of arm strength” thing come from


    GO DYNASTY RAVENS!!!Soat oldin

    When Colon is wrong!! Mentioned Deshaun Watson will win over Lamar Jackson!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. Isaiah JrBryant

    Isaiah JrBryantSoat oldin

    Tua going to Detroit

  57. FBI Stat Major

    FBI Stat MajorSoat oldin

    watch the raiders get him somehow

  58. Abraham Bencourt

    Abraham BencourtSoat oldin

    Detroit ?

  59. EpicBoi214

    EpicBoi214Soat oldin

    If tua somehow gets on the bears I will instantly nut in my pants

  60. Thomas Gerber

    Thomas GerberSoat oldin

    If Tua falls to the 2nd or even 3rd round Steelers better draft him. Unless Rudolph balls out in the second half of the season.

  61. SerVnShottZ

    SerVnShottZSoat oldin

    You're a straight up IDIOT!

  62. King Beez

    King BeezSoat oldin

    Everytime I see Rapaport and Cleveland in the same sentence I know hate will be in the video.

  63. K1nsal

    K1nsalSoat oldin

    Vick is a little dude Lamar dwarfs him

  64. JerkoSocks

    JerkoSocksSoat oldin

    oof 1st pick didnt age well

  65. Association of Free People

    Association of Free PeopleSoat oldin

    A dude that falls in the draft because his ankles exploded and his hip dislocated and broke his socket is not the same as what happened to Lamar.

  66. greg

    gregSoat oldin

    dak is a smart qb and hes accurate, but he doesn't have 'amazing' arm talent

  67. Rick Kroening

    Rick KroeningSoat oldin

    It’s a just game 🤷🏼‍♂️

  68. Jeremy Seal

    Jeremy SealSoat oldin

    He's ready injury prone. To make maters worse, it's a hip injury, which are notorious for NFL players. I hope this kid make it, but I wouldn't put my money on it.

  69. OMG its CWALEB

    OMG its CWALEBSoat oldin

    Broncos at 9 or 10 for the draft for Tua?I like Lock, but they cant pass on Tua if he is there. Thoughts?

  70. Enej Kelecija

    Enej KelecijaSoat oldin

    Colin is a racist cuck - no wonder bill doesn’t go on here

  71. maurice douglas

    maurice douglasSoat oldin

    Waiting on Colin’s 3-word description of Minnesota after that thrilling, historic comeback win. Either gonna be “Kirk Got Lucky” or “Still Not Sold”. Either way, he’s gonna find a way to downplay 8-3 Minnesota while he sings the praises of the now 5-5 Eagles. “Hey, look…they lost to the Patriots. They’re 1,000,000-1 in November HAHAHA! They have the greatest quarterback of all time & oh yeah…the coach is pretty good too. I still love this Philly team. Love their coach, quarterback, & GM. They are a WELL-run franchise”

  72. Get Taut Training

    Get Taut TrainingSoat oldin

    Here's the thing: if the NFL went full in with Kap (instead of fighting him) they'd be heroes. They'd sell all sorts of merchandise. And the controversy would go away...racist fans would eventually come back.

  73. Brooks Orlando

    Brooks OrlandoSoat oldin

    I can see him going to Chargers and being Rivers heir

  74. YOUNg Geezerrr

    YOUNg GeezerrrSoat oldin

    I’m a panthers fan and if we’re moving on from cam then we gotta get tua, I hope we go 5-11 lmao

  75. Jeffrey Abbey

    Jeffrey AbbeySoat oldin

    Great great point on the nfl league rules League too damn soft Defenders can't do a thing anymore! But have expectations that aren't realistic in this game

  76. Gary Miller

    Gary MillerSoat oldin

    Great analysis Michael. Looking sharp.

  77. Lehigh Valley Dave

    Lehigh Valley DaveSoat oldin

    lamar is another all bark and no bite...all this lamar hype will shortly come to an end.....teams will figure him out....he should be a running back or a db...let the qbs to the smart guys

  78. Louis Piccolo

    Louis PiccoloSoat oldin

    9:35 and on... Mike Vick makes the perfect point to why the New England patriots always bounce back

  79. david koeppen

    david koeppenSoat oldin

    tua to New England?

  80. Dean Bowditch

    Dean BowditchSoat oldin

    Of course Cowherd brings on a convicted dog killer to give his expert advice. Vick is a natural thrower of pitpulls into deathpits. This guy is a chump

  81. Mo Brown

    Mo BrownSoat oldin

    My oldest son is a lefty QB Feshman (redshirt-injury). My son 6'0 (probably will be my shortest son 😔 lol my middle son is already 6'0 at 14, my youngest is 5'5 11 years old) Tua is his guy. He was upset because he probably would fall in the draft, the first thing I said is "it's a blessing in disguise because he can and will fall to a good team with a good roster" • The hit Lamar took by #20 on Houston was the hardest hit in two years running. "IF PEOPLE WATCH LAMAR AND NOT JUST THE HIGHLIGHTS" they would've seen how hard he was hit last weekend against Cincinnati standing in the pocket versus a blitz) In the 18 games Lamar has played that was THE HARDEST hit he's taken, IN THE POCKET" Drew Brees missed time this year on a freak hit on his hand, while in the pocket" QB's get hurt, period, players get hurt period. Lamar has been smart when running generally getting out of bounds and he has the unique skill to confirm his body to avoid the big hits. • As Vick alluded to, there' are times that quarterback takes a beating standing in the pocket ~ unless your name is Tom Brady 😊 • The narrative that the more you run the more pounding you'll take is definitely a misnomer. It's about avoiding hits and protecting yourself period whether getting the ball out quickly (straight drop back passes) or running and getting AWAY from big hits (mobile Quarterbacks) the objective is the same. Use the skills and Athletic ability your blessed with and play smart and try to avoid the big hits. The hits going to come regardless of running or staying in the pocket. Ask Nick Foles, who, in the first game of the season, STOOD in against the Blitz and was injured missing multiple games. • In this era of football, when Quarterbacks drop back and pass so much they expose themselves to more opportunities to get hit. • in previous era's there were less throws and Quarterbacks could protect themselves with a strong running game. • Lamar's ability to run actually helps him when passing because 1) the Defense has to play a certain fashion and stay in the rush lanes, QB spy's, play action passes, gives the defense(s)pause and again IF YOU WATCH THE GAMES LAMAR PLAYS AND NOT JUST THE HIGHLIGHTS. it's evident how much time he has to throw on most running plays • Quarterbacks that lack mobility generally get injured while running because they aren't natural runners • Aside from RG3, what mobile running Quarterback career was derailed due to injuries sustained while running? I'll wait for the answers, because there's NOT one. (Not JUST injured because as I noted ALL QB" s get injured from time to time) • they may have been bums (Akili Smith) or dumb (Vince Young) but it had little to do with them running. • STOP THE FALSE NARRATIVES AMD MEDIA DRIVEN MYTHS AND THINK FOR YOURSELF

  82. Brando

    BrandoSoat oldin

    I waited 3 damn hours to hear what Cowherd had to say of the Kap situation and he dodged the topic just like he did with the NBA and China. Extremely disappointing. The guy claims to be the best but avoids big controversial topics.

  83. pirate135246

    pirate135246Soat oldin

    Am I the only one who doesn't see tua as a good QB? Even before the injury he was no better than 3rd round.

  84. Trevor Holmberg

    Trevor HolmbergSoat oldin

    Tua is going to the Pats. Makes the most sense out of any NFL team I think. Carolina is probably going to go back to Cam for at least another year or two.

  85. The War Eagle

    The War EagleSoat oldin

    Good to see Ron Mexico back on TV

  86. Miles Morales

    Miles MoralesSoat oldin

    Tua lands with the Bears Panthers Chargers Broncos Steelers Titans Yeah that would be ideal Any QB going to Bengals Dolphins Bucs Yeah good luck

  87. HyperSmooth

    HyperSmoothSoat oldin

    Is Lamar a QB or a running back?

  88. Diabeetus

    DiabeetusSoat oldin

    When Lamar ball Michael gets the call 🤣😂

  89. Manuel Martinez

    Manuel MartinezSoat oldin

    There's a rule already in place for swinging with a helmet. 15 yards and ejection. Albert Haynesworth stomped on someone's head and got 5 games yet this 3v1 altercation against Myles is gonna result in more games? Possibly some games next season too? Seems like an overreaction to me.

  90. Dean Kruse

    Dean KruseSoat oldin

    Dude he dislocated his femur😳

  91. Andrew Smith

    Andrew SmithSoat oldin

    I think Dickerson was spot on about DeCastro...only guy on the field who acted as well as he possibly could've

  92. Michael Moore

    Michael MooreSoat oldin

    Why would you draft a player whose had hip surgery?? I wouldn’t waste a pick like that.

  93. B T

    B TSoat oldin

    How can you consistently have this repeated dog killer on your show? Piece of trash

  94. Connor Mars

    Connor MarsSoat oldin

    Tau with that bears D👀

  95. Thomas Vorm

    Thomas VormSoat oldin

    A lot of people like to point out rudolph started the fight by pulling on his helmet. Sure. But that didnt warrant Garretts actions.

  96. Meazzy

    MeazzySoat oldin

    Michael vick is such a smart person! I dont care about the dogfights and other sht

  97. Nick

    NickSoat oldin

    this video is a joke

  98. brandon bagley

    brandon bagleySoat oldin

    Bro why yaw always bringing Vick on when Lamar ball out? Use him for more stuff damn lol

  99. kid Dorado

    kid DoradoSoat oldin


  100. Cody 1989

    Cody 19892 soat oldin

    Cleveland can’t beat Baltimore? Fooled me! Could have sworn Cleveland beat the brakes off of the Ravens