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Hello there UZgo! My name is Gibi - I have been watching ASMR videos by accident since I realized that some sounds and movements made me feel blissfully relaxed. I've watched the ASMR community grow into something incredible, and I decided that I wanted to hop in and be a part of it! You will see a variety of videos from me, from roleplays, to makeup, to cosplay, to original characters! I hope you very much enjoy.

Daisy Does Drunk ASMR
ASMR | #TeamTrees

    ASMR FOODIE8 soat oldin

    Ao relaxing video woo nice❤️

  2. Julia

    Julia8 soat oldin

    I can imagine that it’d be weird for people who don’t live in the states.

  3. seunghee april

    seunghee april8 soat oldin

    Gibi, I believe in you

  4. Jammbi Goat

    Jammbi Goat8 soat oldin

    I bet she ate her pussy out after this video

  5. WalkerFromEarth

    WalkerFromEarth8 soat oldin

    Gibi said i need to get out of my bed *but I'm watching this so that i can sleep*

  6. Wee1uk Official

    Wee1uk Official8 soat oldin

    It's easier to do a shrek impression when your Scottish like me lol 😂

  7. Emmy Lou Pup

    Emmy Lou Pup8 soat oldin

    Lol I loved that she visually censored "h*ck" and said heck 😂

  8. fluf duc

    fluf duc8 soat oldin

    Gibi: *”69”* * wink*

  9. Tristano Cookies

    Tristano Cookies9 soat oldin

    that controler has the charging stand back on i demand a refuund where is my regular back

  10. Smuby

    Smuby9 soat oldin

    Congrats didn't know you had a wife

  11. Mohammed Abdul sami

    Mohammed Abdul sami9 soat oldin

    Thank you so much love you ❤️ baby am sleeping baby

  12. eve x 23s

    eve x 23s9 soat oldin

    Shotooo xD (T shirt)

  13. Dallas Ngatai

    Dallas Ngatai9 soat oldin

    the slight edits were so funny

  14. Matt Alvarez

    Matt Alvarez9 soat oldin's the best thing you need for your eyes, carrots ok me: but...but I don't like carrots the only time I eat them is when I eat soup which has been going on since Christmas because it's been cold here in California

  15. Dallas Ngatai

    Dallas Ngatai9 soat oldin

    this was so wholesome

  16. Billy Big Bollocks

    Billy Big Bollocks9 soat oldin

    Class Patter 😂 im like a pig in shite listening as high as a kite.

  17. Mackenzie Turner

    Mackenzie Turner9 soat oldin

    High in fiber I bet

  18. that bish

    that bish9 soat oldin

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I'm too scared of confrontation to ever give anything a bad rating" - my pathetic ass

  19. SweetAndSound ASMR

    SweetAndSound ASMR9 soat oldin

    your eyes look so beautiful here. Love this video. Who does she remind me of???

  20. JustAGirl

    JustAGirl9 soat oldin

    We want Ben backkkkkkkk again soon

  21. Sagittarius

    Sagittarius9 soat oldin

    Y'know.. genuinely thought this was gonna be Monster Hunter xD

  22. Matt Alvarez

    Matt Alvarez9 soat oldin

    Gibi: there are all types including goggles me: 🤔 hmm? I think those are only used for swimming right? idk whatever you say gibi

  23. sim

    sim9 soat oldin

    gibi: so you have two eyes and they're both functioning blind person: well yes, but actually no

  24. Griffen Girl

    Griffen Girl9 soat oldin

    The 4th season of Bnha released on my birthday, truly a beautiful gift from Japan.

  25. Savanah Vallance

    Savanah Vallance9 soat oldin

    Just saying all the comments are the same :) enjoy!

  26. silvia chiaretti

    silvia chiaretti9 soat oldin


  27. ASMR Hudson

    ASMR Hudson9 soat oldin

    I'm subscribed. Let's support one another

  28. N.R. Wilson

    N.R. Wilson9 soat oldin

    Killing it. Tingles tingles tingles. 🥳

  29. Lily Foster

    Lily Foster10 soat oldin

    i love him, im in love. like he’s adorable.

  30. xXLon3r_HumanXx

    xXLon3r_HumanXx10 soat oldin

    Gibi you forgot the bakugo one T~T Whats your favorite My Hero Academia character?

  31. C Pav

    C Pav10 soat oldin

    What happened to chef gibi? Lol

  32. Lightning

    Lightning10 soat oldin

    Hearing Bakugo whisper is off putting

  33. Jeleni Park

    Jeleni Park10 soat oldin

    He's got the magical ASMR voice

  34. Jonathan L

    Jonathan L10 soat oldin

    i can't psychically eat i have a disease but my birthday iS ON THE 29th 👈🏼👁👄👁👈🏼

  35. Kanga rank

    Kanga rank10 soat oldin

    Gibi: Does that make you a Toarus? Me: How did you know?!?!

  36. hunter golder

    hunter golder10 soat oldin

    she should be in shrek 5

  37. ChrisPeteG

    ChrisPeteG10 soat oldin

    Gosh this is a gem from the archives. I blame my newfound ASMR addiction on this channel!

  38. Arafath Hussain

    Arafath Hussain10 soat oldin


  39. りん.

    りん.10 soat oldin

    cute couple

  40. Angus Tenni

    Angus Tenni10 soat oldin

    Do whispering for once

  41. ministryofsurf

    ministryofsurf10 soat oldin

    @GibiASMR where can I buy a toaster coaster

  42. Violet Icy

    Violet Icy10 soat oldin

    I am ashamed this lady has bin traking all over the world with me but now thinks I am a murder 😢

  43. agreeableWitch

    agreeableWitch10 soat oldin

    I think this is my all time favorite asmr video, I don't know why, it's SUCH good asmr. I hope you don't mind, I downloaded the audio to listen to on airplanes. So now hearing it makes me feel like I should be on a plane :D

  44. just like bart!

    just like bart!10 soat oldin

    Gibi: * trying to include non-americans in her roleplays bc believe it or not,, there *are* other countries outside the US * Audience: *confused screaming*

  45. ChrisPeteG

    ChrisPeteG10 soat oldin

    "Where you from?" "America" "Oh wow so what brings you to America?" "I live here"

  46. CursedSavage

    CursedSavage10 soat oldin

    You bad asf your eyes are mesmerizing 🤯

  47. ATG Motocross

    ATG Motocross11 soat oldin

    I just moved from Tasmania

  48. CursedSavage

    CursedSavage11 soat oldin

    If I could afford to go too a doctor they’d probably tell me I only have a year too live I wanna die young anyways so fuck it 👹🔥

  49. Floyd Pinkerton

    Floyd Pinkerton11 soat oldin

    2020 and I still haven't gotten my sh*t together.

  50. Mr Goatastic

    Mr Goatastic11 soat oldin

    In the thumbnail she looks like my grade 5 teacher

  51. Mohammed siraj ada

    Mohammed siraj ada11 soat oldin

    roses are red voilets are blue the plucking starts at 2:02

  52. Johnny X Theodore

    Johnny X Theodore11 soat oldin

    Can I just say that you have a lovely smile without makeup on even and your husband is a lucky guy 💪

  53. Chelsea Mcnamara

    Chelsea Mcnamara11 soat oldin

    That’s funny I actually have been having stomach Acehs

  54. Jeff Laine

    Jeff Laine11 soat oldin

    Ever notice the letter i in gibi are completely useless 😂

  55. caraudioman16

    caraudioman1611 soat oldin

    Say no to the flu 💉

  56. Joeyyy

    Joeyyy11 soat oldin

    'So what brought you to america?' Americans:

  57. Corey Wright

    Corey Wright11 soat oldin

    Thank you so much for complementing my eyelashes!~ ^_^

  58. Campbell Perkins

    Campbell Perkins11 soat oldin

    Ben has the perfect podcast voice omfg

  59. Avery

    Avery11 soat oldin

    The one person subscribed to Gibi that travels from another country to the US annually for a checkup probably loved how immersive this video was

  60. Ben Zwiep

    Ben Zwiep11 soat oldin


  61. Clever Rocker

    Clever Rocker11 soat oldin

    I'm a Gryffindor on Pottermore but I feel like a Ravenclaw

  62. Shahria Hossain

    Shahria Hossain11 soat oldin


  63. Bitch Lasagna

    Bitch Lasagna11 soat oldin

    ASMR videos make my heart tremble in relaxation

  64. Shashwat Chowdhury

    Shashwat Chowdhury11 soat oldin

    If every doctor was as thorough, there would be less sickness in the world..


    KAWAII GAMER36011 soat oldin

    Ben should be the asmr version of siri or a voice guide for an exercise app or something

  66. The original Fire hybrid

    The original Fire hybrid11 soat oldin

    Gibi: so where are you from Me: Atlanta Georgia Gibi so welcome to America I'm dead 💀😂🤣

  67. Ginchmann _

    Ginchmann _11 soat oldin

    Does anyone think this kinda looks like Gibi?

  68. Jonny Weber

    Jonny Weber11 soat oldin

    I just want Gibi to sit on my face while whispering to me 🤷‍♂️🤣

  69. Minecraft Girl

    Minecraft Girl11 soat oldin

    Mom: you are allowed to eat only one candy bar a week Me: *eats the whole hershey’s giant chocolate bar* Mom: .....!!!!!!

  70. Minecraft Girl

    Minecraft Girl12 soat oldin

    I hope she had clean hands while doing this

  71. Le Ortiz

    Le Ortiz12 soat oldin

    Seriously Gibi, I need a whole series of morning ASMR.

  72. User Zero

    User Zero12 soat oldin

    1:38 My guy. that..toast?

  73. Tater

    Tater12 soat oldin

    When doing these why does no one add a heartbeat when using the stethoscope?

  74. Nooget

    Nooget12 soat oldin

    If there’s a King a Queen a Prince a horse and a butler, the butler goes to the kitchen to feed the prince but horse is around the back where does the Queen have sex with the butler as the King of chipotle smells of banana peels and the ET of the world is negative to the square root of water where does Earth look on Mars

  75. Roho 43

    Roho 4312 soat oldin

    When she asked for my name I yelled out loud Mcasshole Flip and she said how do you spell It and me and here said L together and I got scared it’s like she heard me 😂

  76. Paramarth Roy Choudhury

    Paramarth Roy Choudhury12 soat oldin

    5:14 i laughed so hard

  77. Cutiepie Gaming

    Cutiepie Gaming12 soat oldin

    Me: mum can we get shrek Mum: no we have shrek at home Shrek at home:

  78. Daniel Deutsch

    Daniel Deutsch12 soat oldin

    I have no one that has an appointment. Ok let me see if I can fit you I.

  79. VioletByNature

    VioletByNature12 soat oldin

    love, sleeping and invincibility???? that's super creepy...

  80. Chris Post

    Chris Post12 soat oldin

    What an amazing voice you should do more singing. Keep up your Asmara stuff. Ur good

  81. VeNuS수영

    VeNuS수영12 soat oldin

    6:38 24:18 🖤

  82. Jessica Smith

    Jessica Smith12 soat oldin

    Have you considered making another video like this? I really like it and find it oddly relaxing!

  83. Melodie Akers

    Melodie Akers12 soat oldin

    Your eye makeup is my ideal eye makeup 😍

  84. Nicole Smith

    Nicole Smith12 soat oldin

    I’m here to see the notebook from the thumbnail.

  85. Yara

    Yara12 soat oldin

    why do i suddenly want to protect him?

  86. Otaku Tsukuin

    Otaku Tsukuin13 soat oldin

    Doctor gibi: do you drink? Me: no Doctor gibi: ah so you drink often Me: ...i just said i dont drink

  87. íţž_ Hăýļĕý

    íţž_ Hăýļĕý13 soat oldin

    🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟 She went poopppppppyyyyyyy -every flower girl

  88. Worm On A String

    Worm On A String13 soat oldin

    Me: *Takes quiz not planning on buying it* Gibi: You should buy this Me: Well it’s 4:30 so why not take the quiz to see which one I would get Also me: MOOOOOM CAN I GET A HELIX MATTRESS!!

  89. Alyssa Kadaraitis

    Alyssa Kadaraitis13 soat oldin

    Gibi: “make whatever face u want” me: 😁 also me every time she looks down:😛😏😲😗🤪🤓

  90. Maegann Marshall

    Maegann Marshall13 soat oldin

    Gibi: Asks when birthday is Me: thinks my birth date (May 1st 1996) Gibi: "May..." Sorta mumbles something sounding close to 1990 something Me: 👀

  91. hoguesteele

    hoguesteele13 soat oldin

    there's a moment where the vid goes silent for a second n I can hear my dog snoring in the corner lol

  92. Crispy Cream

    Crispy Cream13 soat oldin

    Wow she really just guessed my birthday

  93. kylesmusicplace

    kylesmusicplace13 soat oldin

    That coffee high though

  94. justfish

    justfish13 soat oldin

    Get a real fucking job

  95. Rohan Raj

    Rohan Raj13 soat oldin

    You're an INFP!

  96. Katz World

    Katz World13 soat oldin

    Gibi:- Your eyes are really dry Me:- oh my gosh she got in touch with my optician wizard! 😂😂😂

  97. Michael Lemasters

    Michael Lemasters13 soat oldin

    he keeps looking over at Gibi looking like he's going to get beat if he makes a wrong sound, kinda funny ngl

  98. lord bawnchie

    lord bawnchie13 soat oldin

    Well Doc. what brings me to America? Hot girls and some balloons of heroin shoved up my ass. Gotta get that money!

  99. Maylin Littell

    Maylin Littell13 soat oldin

    No one: me at 1 am watching this on a school night before a field trip tomorrow

  100. GolderFash

    GolderFash13 soat oldin

    4:15 - 4:22 Umm, does anyone else hear a voice in the background?