I do what you want to see.

Let’s make a Cake
  1. Cameron Richards

    Cameron Richards5 soat oldin

    I want the fone my fone broke

  2. As As

    As As5 soat oldin

    Custom pizza pls

  3. Rishabh Gupta

    Rishabh Gupta5 soat oldin

    In next video, I want you as giveaway!

  4. Pi0tr0x

    Pi0tr0x5 soat oldin


  5. Alberta Gibbons

    Alberta Gibbons5 soat oldin

    Idk how i stumbled over one your videos but i am completely obsessed with them lol. You are extremely gifted ❤ btw I'll take one a gift 😂😂

  6. iiMortar

    iiMortar5 soat oldin

    When every you made the yellow shape on it I thought you were making nimbus from DBZ

  7. Aracely Flores

    Aracely Flores6 soat oldin

    *marko super excited to make pizza and eat it* Also marko: “I’m gonna tell it to you guys straight, it’s not good” 💀💀

  8. Aracely Flores

    Aracely Flores6 soat oldin

    Your videos really make me so hyped and excited ❤️

  9. Gáll Roland

    Gáll Roland6 soat oldin

    Air pod=Aid pods

  10. zen nguyễn văn ngọc

    zen nguyễn văn ngọc6 soat oldin

    U are smart when doing those:)) I get pain when i draw because them are ugly :((

  11. skoreg

    skoreg6 soat oldin

    Didn't toi have already paint you bedroom wall ? So it's not you first mural

  12. Tit Slobodjanac

    Tit Slobodjanac6 soat oldin

    ZHC 2.0

  13. AlireBear _

    AlireBear _6 soat oldin

    The back foot is suppose to rest on the front one when u ride. These are so cool

  14. Shannon Bowyer

    Shannon Bowyer6 soat oldin

    Do you ever do Converse???

  15. Shannon Bowyer

    Shannon Bowyer6 soat oldin

    Does your family let you take over the house when you're filming? Its always so quiet around there and I've only seen your mom pop in like once.

  16. Noair Needed

    Noair Needed6 soat oldin

    Wtf... Can't understand. So much good street art around the corner and the customer wants a kid painting? Looks like shit and for this 3 days? :D


    MYTHICAL LOUIS7 soat oldin

    Custom a lambo

  18. Ricardo Medina

    Ricardo Medina7 soat oldin


  19. Alessandro Barbariga

    Alessandro Barbariga7 soat oldin

    Di ragazzi ciao marko

  20. Shnar3 T

    Shnar3 T7 soat oldin

    The editing is to much, u make sick shoes though

  21. 王亭亭

    王亭亭7 soat oldin

    You speak Chinese thank you?

  22. Sonny Hay

    Sonny Hay7 soat oldin

    Nobody: MARKO: fist me

  23. Massi

    Massi7 soat oldin

    Sorry but the colore remains ?

  24. bagasss id

    bagasss id7 soat oldin

    I'm from Indonesia, I really like what you do

  25. HH FEMME

    HH FEMME7 soat oldin

    I alway hope that you will make Vietsub or Engsub for us can hear you clearly

  26. Senni

    Senni7 soat oldin

    *Sees Marko’s hoodie straps go on the pizza sauce* Me: 😵

  27. Mia Sykes

    Mia Sykes7 soat oldin

    I was eating a bagel

  28. Shahar Alkoby

    Shahar Alkoby7 soat oldin

    Did you just put tangerine on a pizza?

  29. wolfiz wolf

    wolfiz wolf7 soat oldin

    Oh god 3:32

  30. wilco post

    wilco post7 soat oldin

    I wanna win because i like you❤❤

  31. Luigi Nave

    Luigi Nave7 soat oldin

    What kind of paint gun is that sir?

  32. Priti von Veh

    Priti von Veh7 soat oldin

    rip the camera

  33. Eliot Ericsson

    Eliot Ericsson7 soat oldin


  34. thomas Del zotto

    thomas Del zotto8 soat oldin

    Viva l'Italia 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 e viva Bertiolo

  35. sheldonwj sheldonwj

    sheldonwj sheldonwj8 soat oldin

    You can tell that kid skates just by the way he said “yoo no way, that’s gnarly”

  36. Tawfiq H

    Tawfiq H8 soat oldin

    Me see's video: Pineapple on pizza Also me: *clicks off*

  37. Bad dad Jokes

    Bad dad Jokes8 soat oldin

    Hi I don’t think u gave clear enough instructions to winning the pizza

  38. alamid ka

    alamid ka8 soat oldin

    Hug my channel Alamid ka

  39. BolbyX

    BolbyX8 soat oldin

    No one : Marko almost having 4 million subs Other UZgors: took them 4 years to get 1 mill 😭😭

  40. Gaming Rusher

    Gaming Rusher8 soat oldin

    Can you custome my airforce pls its my dream

  41. tan ker

    tan ker8 soat oldin

    Wait for the giveaway

  42. Ahmd Hssn

    Ahmd Hssn8 soat oldin

    santa lol ha

  43. Jhay Chn

    Jhay Chn8 soat oldin


  44. Petra Heroutova

    Petra Heroutova8 soat oldin

    Just thank god you didnt put watermelon on the pizza

  45. aaschbulette

    aaschbulette8 soat oldin

    Can i have it please

  46. Aiden Cudmore

    Aiden Cudmore8 soat oldin

    I did all of it if you can give it to me that would be awesome

  47. Vian chenel

    Vian chenel8 soat oldin

    very cool way to paint on shoes, steady continue

  48. Memon_ibrahim memon

    Memon_ibrahim memon8 soat oldin

    You having this much money give na I watch in free

  49. Nickneimm

    Nickneimm8 soat oldin

    Чё за маркёры ????

  50. Flutty _ poof

    Flutty _ poof8 soat oldin

    ну пздц как интересно

  51. jonatas sts

    jonatas sts8 soat oldin

    Luiz vintão 🤦🏽‍♂️

  52. Андрей Хлебушек

    Андрей Хлебушек8 soat oldin


  53. Ricky Monta

    Ricky Monta9 soat oldin

    Io sono italiano e vedere dell ananas sopra alla pizza mi fa venire voglia di buttarmi fuori dalla finistra

  54. 刘石 刘石

    刘石 刘石9 soat oldin


  55. 정현튜브

    정현튜브9 soat oldin

    So cool and your talent so insane

  56. Jaden Lamar

    Jaden Lamar9 soat oldin

    Does anyone know what camera he uses??

  57. Metro Mmdk

    Metro Mmdk9 soat oldin


  58. Lee

    Lee9 soat oldin

    Hey Marko, where is this mural at?

  59. Nabeel Shah

    Nabeel Shah9 soat oldin

    Is giveaway only for your state or world wide?

  60. Saira Lane Francisco

    Saira Lane Francisco9 soat oldin

    Ow it's a cooking show.

  61. Sujeeth KV

    Sujeeth KV9 soat oldin

    Customise a cycle

  62. joke boi

    joke boi9 soat oldin

    Like jbl chan she 12

  63. Kevin Mulligan

    Kevin Mulligan9 soat oldin

    I love the videos, wish you would just showcase the art that you create a little more

  64. Qistina Athirah

    Qistina Athirah9 soat oldin

    Hei can I get the iPhone 11.i am your fan from Malaysia

  65. iam krazycee

    iam krazycee9 soat oldin


  66. Team Melone

    Team Melone9 soat oldin

    Can i get one omg so nice😦😦

  67. Carina Klein

    Carina Klein9 soat oldin

    Marko is really pretty tho

  68. Syamil Haziq

    Syamil Haziq10 soat oldin

    Cover a car full black by the smallest sharpie size (Any car)

  69. kilam laed

    kilam laed10 soat oldin

    So.. this jacket is one use only?

  70. Rolling Skyer

    Rolling Skyer10 soat oldin

    So I’m new here and I feel like his videos has so many cuts

  71. Liam Breidenbach

    Liam Breidenbach10 soat oldin

    You should meet up with ZHC for a video

  72. Rick

    Rick10 soat oldin

    seni takip eden tek türk benim

  73. Tanishkaa Shinde

    Tanishkaa Shinde10 soat oldin

    Please give me Subscribed ✔️ Instagram following✔️ Bell icon✔️

  74. Mia Williamson

    Mia Williamson10 soat oldin

    Should do football boots or something. Idk how but you'll probably find a way

  75. GicoL _

    GicoL _10 soat oldin

    What is the song at the first

  76. سيف الشمري

    سيف الشمري10 soat oldin

    نعنبوك ي قمشه خربت الجوال

  77. Hubert Drakula

    Hubert Drakula10 soat oldin

    Gościu jesteś niemożliwy :OO

  78. Diether Pascual

    Diether Pascual10 soat oldin

    Yummy pizza

  79. Alek Leśniewski

    Alek Leśniewski10 soat oldin

    I need a wallet

  80. Júlia Debeaupte Espejo

    Júlia Debeaupte Espejo10 soat oldin

    minute 3.09: I hope you have a good washing machine

  81. philip

    philip10 soat oldin

    Brate jel pricas srpski JEBOTE

  82. Yiğit Aras

    Yiğit Aras11 soat oldin

    Where is the melon 😋🍉🍉

  83. lion ginocchio

    lion ginocchio11 soat oldin

    You are fuking crazy bro But i love you

  84. Tibbzyy

    Tibbzyy11 soat oldin

    I’m sorry no, just no, that pizza is completely wrong

  85. Padi Falculan

    Padi Falculan11 soat oldin

    that sketch hahaha #1 fan in thr Philippines

  86. The PRO's

    The PRO's11 soat oldin

    MARKO:I am giving away 6 apple watches Me:I am never going to win Me:plus I don't have Instagram

  87. maksrom777 777

    maksrom777 77711 soat oldin

    Marko: MY FIRST MURAL Also Marko but in the vid: MY FIRST PIZZA Btw wanna win the giveaway

  88. Fra-Brawl stars

    Fra-Brawl stars11 soat oldin

    Оыщты я ылы цлв в! Дядя? Ды!.лчдвд в яьябб ыылды ыяд.

  89. monkeyplayer150

    monkeyplayer15012 soat oldin

    BTW @MARKO How do I know a watermelon is good without opening it?

  90. Hidayet

    Hidayet12 soat oldin

    What kind of dye he using?

  91. L!T HA!R

    L!T HA!R12 soat oldin

    Love that video👌

  92. LorD oF YeEt

    LorD oF YeEt12 soat oldin

    Bruh, Dese people rich- damm if I had dat much moeny if not need a UZgo channel to make moeny 0-0

  93. Airishjoyce Batarilan

    Airishjoyce Batarilan12 soat oldin

    i hpe i win i just using my moms account nothing wrong about that

  94. Storslagen

    Storslagen12 soat oldin


  95. Jerico Rentosa

    Jerico Rentosa12 soat oldin

    I don't know if ur joking or you're serious

  96. Lorenzo Prestini

    Lorenzo Prestini12 soat oldin

    it's alec monopoly paintwork duuuude

  97. Aryan Rana

    Aryan Rana12 soat oldin


  98. Saniya Naz

    Saniya Naz12 soat oldin


  99. Jacob Benton

    Jacob Benton12 soat oldin

    Why do I love this click bait hahaha

  100. Elijah Meddows

    Elijah Meddows12 soat oldin

    yo marko! almost 4mil you can get there soon!!