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  1. APPLE 1

    APPLE 1Kun oldin

    real americans

  2. Humberto Muñoz

    Humberto MuñozKun oldin

    stupid fools ,thats why the coronavirus was needed asap so this stupid people can go .

  3. JR

    JRKun oldin

    Try the new FDA coronavirus approved malaria drug, they need it now cant wait for trials, their likely dead without it anyway! works many other places, worry about sides later, you do it all the time with a million other drugs!

  4. Katherine Hague

    Katherine HagueKun oldin

    His poor parents. God bless. We all make mistakes! Especially when young. Rest in peace, Otto ❤️

  5. Roxanne sosa

    Roxanne sosaKun oldin

    Governor Gavin is so dreamy....

  6. Karime18

    Karime18Kun oldin

    Sooo cute!!! We need more videos like this!! They are so adorable!!!

  7. Blackshirt- D

    Blackshirt- DKun oldin

    If a psychic have to ask even ONE QUESTION, walk away, they’re fake. Should never have to ask you questions to answer your questions.

  8. tony torres

    tony torresKun oldin

    Fake news ..traitor killer Cuomo was caught lying about increase in fake pandemic..empty beds ..

  9. No YeLLInG On THE BuS

    No YeLLInG On THE BuSKun oldin

    Cause of this:Quiet kid at the bacc of da class

  10. toni new

    toni newKun oldin

    he was just a scared kid and any kid would change the story. this is crazy!

  11. Derrek solomon

    Derrek solomonKun oldin

    As you can see it’s white people that are arguing to people who did nothing

  12. Skyle Andria

    Skyle AndriaKun oldin

    Lets bring democracy to middle east by stopping the shariah law

  13. x Panda x

    x Panda xKun oldin

    Suspicious ..

  14. Janet H-Lange

    Janet H-LangeKun oldin

    Wow I just get this recommended in march 2020. This little boy is about 8 or 9 by now.

  15. Robert Jerome

    Robert JeromeKun oldin

    Party time....little Fredo lies.

  16. dolphins 1925

    dolphins 1925Kun oldin

    He's ass finna get ddddd deported



    That crying is more fake than Hitler’s death

  18. Alexander The Dank Memeologist

    Alexander The Dank MemeologistKun oldin

    6:17 I have no words.

  19. lovemypuppy76

    lovemypuppy76Kun oldin

    Why is Gov Newsome moving his hands when he talks like he's preparing for that oval office speech. haha

  20. Craig Spain

    Craig SpainKun oldin

    What a leftist shill.

  21. ckom0007

    ckom0007Kun oldin

    I was standing in line to the cashier at the brand new Virgin Records Megastore (circa 1996) while looking at what I was about to purchase when I was elbowed (like a hockey player elbow) by a tall blonde in a leather jacket who couldn’t be bothered to wait in line! That blonde was the “Divine” Ms. Thermos (er Thurman I guess.) I was physically hurt and humiliated! So, some twenty-four years later I guess my pain and suffering should be worth about $40,000,000...Where do I pick up my cheque?

  22. Mike lee

    Mike leeKun oldin

    Happy new year..

  23. Kee Yang

    Kee YangKun oldin

    Stupid look at the population and compare

  24. pakart1 MKFilms

    pakart1 MKFilmsKun oldin

    Killed humanity n human worldwide ,that time no one cares this is reply of nature,

  25. Antonio Saldana

    Antonio SaldanaKun oldin

    They did nothing to prepare for this. Even with two months and more notice.

  26. Mom

    MomKun oldin

    She said you abused her Never... once in a blue moon... only on Thursdays and on the weekend

  27. raul gonzales

    raul gonzalesKun oldin

    And now they have coronavirus....

  28. daysErlock

    daysErlockKun oldin

    Lololol this is fucking hilarious, only cause you know they were getting made fun of before the 20 minutes it took the cops to get there.

  29. Luke Triton

    Luke TritonKun oldin

    I bet this is fear mongering

  30. Chaz McCormack

    Chaz McCormackKun oldin

    That was so awesome!! I’m so happy I got to see this and it just makes you smile and I wish him the Best!

  31. Baka Man

    Baka ManKun oldin

    Stay strong from India ! ❤️

  32. George Narso

    George NarsoKun oldin

    California can order test kits from Russia & China..So there should not be any panic

  33. oksennus pallo

    oksennus palloKun oldin

    speaking directly to her captor and is not afraid of him anymore... yeah right xD

  34. J Gray

    J GrayKun oldin

    OMG LionAir again

  35. YouGamerYT

    YouGamerYTKun oldin

    Charged. Then fired isn’t good enough for this officer. His ass need to be wiped like in the biblical times with a spike belt to tear the flesh off his ass of that motha fucka!

  36. Ali Hassanzadeh

    Ali HassanzadehKun oldin

    As when you catch cold and you can't breath through your nose blocked of blocked or runny nose and you use antihistamines to relieve it,Here in this disease also same things happening but in lungs so it's dangerous but solution is the same means antihistamines like cetirizine,loratadin,chlorpheniramin....immediately. Corona virus acts on an enzyme in lungs called ace. Angiotensin converting enzyme. This enzyme has 2 works both of them stopped by the virus. First is to make angiotensin2 a vasoconstrictor and second is to destroy bradykinin histamine. Abundance of bradykinin histamine in lungs will result in angioedema of lungs,dry cough,difficulty breathing and in severe cases may cause death so antihistamines are life saving. Stopping of angiotensin2 production will result in low blood pressure,no aldosterone release and high potassium levels which is dangerous so high amount of liquids used. Corona virus kills by lowering blood pressure and oxygen levels and increasing potassium levels. So solution will be Antihistamines like cetirizine,loratadin,chlorpheniramin....immediately. High amount of liquids. Using bradykinin blocker or Brokers. Using vasoconstrictors Like epinephrine,norepinephrine. Using aldosterone and monitoring potassium and sodium levels. Oxygen and b adrenergic agonists like albuterol,formoterol. Antiviral and antibacterial drugs. Special care for patients on anti hypertensive drugs and patients with high potassium levels and patients with respiratory problems.

  37. iiBixiee Luv

    iiBixiee LuvKun oldin

    She got pepper sprayed because she got hit by a car? But she was kinda disrespectful

  38. Kior Kior

    Kior KiorKun oldin

    mfcas would've got shot in the face my mama carry that pack and she got a licences , Nobody playing that what i look like getting snatched

  39. tony stark

    tony starkKun oldin

    Stupids ....from a denizen of the world

  40. Cant think of a name

    Cant think of a nameKun oldin

    Native Americans are professional victims. If the white people didn't steal your land someone else would have. You failed to defend it the strong always conquer the weak end of story. Not all natives have this victim mentality. Natives are no different than black people who always complain about slavery and use it to hold themselves back

  41. Edward Landa

    Edward LandaKun oldin

    I always never keep anything weird on my phone😊😊😊

  42. Erick Etale

    Erick EtaleKun oldin

    Know your laws

  43. pattianne pascual

    pattianne pascualKun oldin

    ABC NEWS what kind of reporting is this? Where was the plane going? Where were the 2 patients going? Who was the American? Who were the others? We need more info. Something is not right here

  44. Bubble Bee

    Bubble BeeKun oldin

    Bro I’m form Louisiana all I gotta say it’s great

  45. Eileen *

    Eileen *Kun oldin

    Flash forward to beautiful Easter..Hockey rinks storing bodies.......

  46. Andrea Sevilla

    Andrea SevillaKun oldin

    I'm in NYC and it's just trying worst .. this is critical smh stay tf HOME .

  47. Lynda Faye

    Lynda FayeKun oldin

    I hope people below aren't saying that GOD DID THIS ? For God's sake, or that "someone "was, behind it ? I hope not, just sayin' God doesn't do this, it was "allowed" happen ? And they were helping as first responders. Tragically Sad, Double Sad...

  48. Mara Barr

    Mara BarrKun oldin

    Gavin newsom is all hipster - he is just empty suit- all hat no horse....This is all you need to stay safe... Check it

  49. Donut Sexual

    Donut SexualKun oldin

    If you're fat you're fat! 🤣

  50. Underrated God

    Underrated GodKun oldin

    Bruh lol were fucked

  51. Jody Myers

    Jody MyersKun oldin

    Let's be real the country will need to go on a 1 month lockdown!

  52. Winta Woldegebriel

    Winta WoldegebrielKun oldin

    Matthew 24 is happening Jesus is coming soon please repent act 2:38 and walk with God he is the only solution.

  53. Curtis Jones

    Curtis JonesKun oldin

    Awww, she is sooo sweet. May GOD BLESS HER. 😁😍

  54. Clownzey

    ClownzeyKun oldin

    He looks like he’d refuge in a hot topic during an apocalypse

  55. times up

    times upKun oldin


  56. Johnny Mnemonic

    Johnny MnemonicKun oldin

    This week left wing LA Times reminded the peasants in Commiefornia that 10 years ago Commiefornia had a stockpile of ventilators, but allowed their budget cuts to let them go.

  57. Assata TaughtMe

    Assata TaughtMeKun oldin

    Otto was a white supremacist who thought his white privilege would work in N Korea. It didn't.

  58. Julie

    JulieKun oldin

    Bill Gates is laughing at this point. It's his patented virus, his vaccine and it all fell into place just like he planned.

  59. Miss Muffet

    Miss MuffetKun oldin

    I feel actually ashamed to share the same nationality as the Canadian freaks

  60. Basic Cannabis

    Basic CannabisKun oldin

    🆔️🔞&👍i hope things change in china..the world has gotta be pissed at them..this is getting out of control. Horrible way to die to burnt to the world is big enough that each country can support themselves in their own travel with viruses spread to easy.

  61. RogueSpartan 285

    RogueSpartan 285Kun oldin

    Man these guys picked the worst time and the worst person. Karma's a bitch

  62. ThatgirlAngela

    ThatgirlAngelaKun oldin

    So they got a ghost in they house then😳

  63. Kyle Noe

    Kyle NoeKun oldin

    Help the poor guy jesus fkin christ.

  64. That girl in pink boots

    That girl in pink bootsKun oldin

    Not all the moms are good ones. Get over it.

  65. owen mccall

    owen mccallKun oldin

    Fxxxed up lifestyle. happy ever after ######

  66. Preet Kaur

    Preet KaurKun oldin

    Kids see no color. They see love. It’s sad that as people get older, they get blind. They let race, culture, and stereotypes define what they should think of others. At the end of the day, we are all one!

  67. James Golden

    James GoldenKun oldin

    In love with this woman!!

  68. Ramon So

    Ramon SoKun oldin

    Spiritually it's called "ENVY", Politically it's called RACISM (words used by cowards). They are losers looking for reasons, excuses & trouble to harass, blame & hurt other people for their own failure. People who weaponized the word Racism actually did not experience racism at all.

  69. Wok Gees

    Wok GeesKun oldin hundred sixty million us citizens get a check in a country of over three hundred million. So about half of all us citizens make over one hundred thousand a year???. then what does the one percent bring in?. Or is it going to the trumper half??.

  70. Ryan Warchol

    Ryan WarcholKun oldin

    I love ya buddy.

  71. AdamRadz Sinclair

    AdamRadz SinclairKun oldin

    Sometimes stoning or mosaic law are good for this kind of people!

  72. Amanda Mc

    Amanda McKun oldin

    April fools day is cancelled since all of 2020 is a joke

  73. Eatery ASMR

    Eatery ASMRKun oldin

    I'm pretty sure all the rich people with their private jets will continue to travel....

  74. Bethany Ro

    Bethany RoKun oldin

    Nancy already punished Tonya by getting Tonya out of da Ice Skating Career. Tonya paid her time in jail, community service & etc. Im glad they didn't make a movie for Nancy. Nancy already got all da rich spoils. Ita now Tonyas turn to be more popular w riches, than Nancy. I think Nancy is a liar saying Tonya didnt apologise to Nancy. I believed Tonya did apologised to Nancy. Nancy should have less fame now. No movie for Nancy yeah👍👍👍👍👍

  75. Tyler Jhonson

    Tyler JhonsonKun oldin

    A virus, earthquakes, tornadoes, all within days of each other, how can people doubt that God is coming back soon. The bible predicted all this would happen at the beginning of the last days.

  76. Shawn Smith

    Shawn SmithKun oldin

    God help them please!!!

  77. Max Headrum

    Max HeadrumKun oldin

    I hate Gavin Newsom and I hate California

  78. Scuffed Life

    Scuffed LifeKun oldin

    Trainwreck stevens

  79. Chris Langley

    Chris LangleyKun oldin

    Trump has companies making ventalaters. What I heard yet again was smash Trump. Stop making this a political and start making this about saving peoples lives!

  80. Swiss Code Monkey

    Swiss Code MonkeyKun oldin

    Wouldn't it be a shame if the Antidote for Coronavirus was made from Bats? 🦇 © You're welcome

  81. Ree Ree Ree ree

    Ree Ree Ree reeKun oldin

    This has 911 likes or 9/11 or the trade center crash

  82. CoinLoin13

    CoinLoin13Kun oldin

    People make fun of her, stop, what happened if they that to you and say same thing like you say? Happy? Great day?

  83. Robert Jerome

    Robert JeromeKun oldin

    Corona is a hoax....Dems will say anything.....

  84. Randy Isenberg

    Randy IsenbergKun oldin

    coffee jobs and movie jobs employ mostly students. They have frequent turn over ratios. A lot of jobs are bull crap jobs. Let companies fail, America was strong before there were starbucks in every corner of america. This is why we should be socialist. Rather then asking americans to stay home, a socialist America would bring in the military to lock down fools to keep this virus from getting out of hand.

  85. Warren Stephens

    Warren StephensKun oldin

    This was news? pffft smh

  86. samarhafeez

    samarhafeezKun oldin

    What's happening to the world 😞😞😞

  87. wil berrios

    wil berriosKun oldin

    I am sorry for all this tha is hapening

  88. Minh Nguyen

    Minh NguyenKun oldin

    Ron would smash LeBron ass if he play basketball

  89. Bang Bang

    Bang BangKun oldin

    WMD in Iraq??? Karma is gold 👏🏼👏🏼😂😂😳😷😷😷

  90. Scott coleman

    Scott colemanKun oldin

    More bullshit news. Trump mentioned the idea then they said later he wasn't going to and didn't have authority to. News never said that part. I watched it on a different UZgo news site. They try to shock public and should not do that. We are all in this together. No one expected it would be this bad. My daughter is quarantined, I haven't been home in 2 weeks and don't know when I'll b able to. But I don't need bullying news trying to get there rubs at Trump. Yeah Feds dropped the ball but guess what we all did. I go into Walmart I'm the only one with gloves on people still don't get it.

  91. Go Segoman

    Go SegomanKun oldin

    Tell that lady to shut her trap, she was just being a bitch, good job governor..

  92. nino nikki

    nino nikkiKun oldin

    Stupidity in this country is just disgusting.

  93. David x

    David xKun oldin

    Don't trust this channel.

  94. Itz Grandtwo

    Itz GrandtwoKun oldin

    William family... five vives... no.. problems at all for christian community... it will come to a disaster when a muslim marry two and it..???

  95. steven allen

    steven allenKun oldin

    Sorry guy's but I may have done the same thing. You see a dog or cat out shivering what would you do. I know I would do what I think is the right thing. I hate seeing any animal suffering.

  96. bzflowerbee

    bzflowerbeeKun oldin

    Dumb @$$ Newsome, you have caused enough damage to California. Just get the hell out of here. We don't need you, money sucker!

  97. Natalie Willingham

    Natalie WillinghamKun oldin

    If only some people knew what how evil and demonic this stupid character is.

  98. R T

    R TKun oldin

    Lol!! I know this is sad but China has got its revenge for that trade war. If left uncontrolled, China will trample on the world.

  99. Ell p

    Ell pKun oldin

    She need to rot on death row! She needs to be forgotten about!! We need to only remember her victim ! She needs no more dam attention!!