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  1. Reich tangle

    Reich tangle51 soniya oldin

    Kali looks like Princess Jasmine

  2. Waleed Khalid

    Waleed KhalidDaqiqa oldin

    I wish absolver has this type of support....such a good game

  3. z

    z11 daqiqa oldin

    This game still exist?

  4. Phillip Forrest

    Phillip Forrest26 daqiqa oldin

    Cool effect. They're still too pricey though. Should be 5000 to get it for all emotes/states. Not 5000x3 per character.

  5. goldtitan 337

    goldtitan 33729 daqiqa oldin

    Wamai looks like a younger black panther

  6. cheesecake

    cheesecake29 daqiqa oldin

    This event sucked

  7. Employee OfTranstarDUH

    Employee OfTranstarDUH32 daqiqa oldin

    ..what event? Its literally just cosmetics...ugh whatever.

  8. a moron

    a moron36 daqiqa oldin

    i don't plant on seeding this effect a plot still ill be rooting for it because it looks like it stems from team trees don't forget to leaf a dollar that would be autumn

  9. Thinkof OfAChieftain Mk.V

    Thinkof OfAChieftain Mk.V52 daqiqa oldin


  10. Junior Hernandez Pierce

    Junior Hernandez PierceSoat oldin

    Next update you should make it work Xbox players can play with PlayStation 4

  11. Help. I'm Lost.

    Help. I'm Lost.Soat oldin

    This event should've been 5 Vigils Vs. 5 Hibanas or 1 V 1.

  12. The Saltanger

    The SaltangerSoat oldin


  13. Salman Ahmed

    Salman AhmedSoat oldin

    Ubisoft games are garbage now

  14. WhoAmI

    WhoAmISoat oldin


  15. Xenon Neko

    Xenon NekoSoat oldin

    This event isn't worth it, outfits are amazing but the game mode is dull, literally nothing as good as the previous events

  16. meth-overdoser4200

    meth-overdoser4200Soat oldin

    Release big chungus skin for Tachanka and call it “Big Chanka

  17. WhoAmI

    WhoAmISoat oldin

    Cringy hackers, evil government corporations, an ugly transvestite.. is this Mr Robot the videogame?

  18. 유민수

    유민수Soat oldin

    I am Groot

  19. Forrest

    ForrestSoat oldin

    Awesome now I can Lorax on everyone

  20. Deyvid's Channel

    Deyvid's ChannelSoat oldin

    Aug rof to 750 plz

  21. N00n9

    N00n9Soat oldin

    So maestro does smoke?

  22. Arcana Imperii

    Arcana ImperiiSoat oldin

    Siege is the only game worth getting here.

  23. casey

    caseySoat oldin

    Vikings win faction war again lol

  24. FIRE STORM 3692

    FIRE STORM 3692Soat oldin

    you know it would have been way cooler if the new map was like a forest Whit lakes. it would be a little like gorilla warfare. so now it would make sense to wear a diving suit in a battle. Also that would make all those camouflage suits that you added actually useful.

  25. BαႦα Yαɠα

    BαႦα Yαɠα2 soat oldin

    they still launching content for the 12 active players haha

  26. panda will destroy

    panda will destroy2 soat oldin

    Brand new map?

  27. marco matejic

    marco matejic2 soat oldin

    This should happen to all the campers in modern warfare

  28. Rawrted Thanos

    Rawrted Thanos3 soat oldin

    I wish it was just hibana v vigil, that and the hostage is just bags of money. That would've been cool :(

  29. yasun

    yasun3 soat oldin

    This patch gave me microphone bug smiley face :)

  30. Abyss Walker

    Abyss Walker3 soat oldin

    You know what would be special Ubisoft? A new Splinter Cell.

  31. lokkdls

    lokkdls3 soat oldin

    Is the guy talking to Dokkabi a playable op?

  32. PapaHomin

    PapaHomin3 soat oldin

    Did goyo order tacos

  33. felipe de manigoldo

    felipe de manigoldo3 soat oldin


  34. joyfulghost 1758

    joyfulghost 17583 soat oldin

    Can the hostage dodge a bullet in this event?

  35. garrison bush

    garrison bush3 soat oldin

    Fix the currency amount per match, it’s so damn low

  36. Clone15236 Tactical Issue

    Clone15236 Tactical Issue3 soat oldin

    Spriggan looken mf.

  37. SUB SUB

    SUB SUB3 soat oldin

    So it’s just normal rainbow with new outfits? Expected more, like stealing money and defenders trying to stop them by doing that

  38. Miguel Quedas

    Miguel Quedas3 soat oldin

    Cadê o for honor ano 5????

  39. Fury Cutter inc.

    Fury Cutter inc.3 soat oldin

    It's sad that the best thing that came with the event is the menu music 😕

  40. CertiJunior.

    CertiJunior.3 soat oldin

    If Year 5 doesn’t bring new weapons, I’m leaving. It will get to a point when 2 or 3 operators will share the same weapons.

  41. Holtzapple Dalton

    Holtzapple Dalton3 soat oldin

    Time to make Tree Beard

  42. J R

    J R3 soat oldin

    Wamai- “the man is a killing us a man , drop de bomb, DROP DE BOMB”

  43. Delta45321

    Delta453213 soat oldin

    Question how does defense deal with Kali gadget behind a reinforced wall? You can't destroy it when it burrows into the wall from the inside, only from the outside, it destroys all gadgets in a 3m radius. Maps like chalet snowmobile and consulate garage are a main concern.

  44. Nicolás Grosso

    Nicolás Grosso4 soat oldin

    Finally I can become an ent from lord of the rings what a time to be alive

  45. The Dream Traveler

    The Dream Traveler4 soat oldin

    How is this an event? You're really watering down the other events by also calling this one that. Ubi: *slaps skin on hostage* NEW EVENT

  46. Whale hunter 6000

    Whale hunter 60004 soat oldin

    We are groot

  47. Razar Raz

    Razar Raz4 soat oldin

    alexios is the better hero kassandra is the better deimos in my opinion. there's something about being the older brother trying to protect his family that you just don't get from the female side. that's my opinion as being an only child and male

  48. Mr Wu-Lin

    Mr Wu-Lin4 soat oldin

    I am groot

  49. Torrell_445 PSN

    Torrell_445 PSN4 soat oldin

    Console download sale!!!

  50. Phouq You

    Phouq You4 soat oldin


  51. Leonardo Giorgi

    Leonardo Giorgi4 soat oldin

    Siete ridicoli, mettete sta canzone demmerda e manco sapete cos è l anpi o il cnel, mandateveneaffanculopercortesia

  52. Leonardo Giorgi

    Leonardo Giorgi4 soat oldin

    🏴🇮🇹 🤚

  53. Austyn Green

    Austyn Green4 soat oldin

    Worst event.

  54. Abdullah the Bomber

    Abdullah the Bomber4 soat oldin

    So when the Finnish operators(s)

  55. MAPGAP!N

    MAPGAP!N4 soat oldin

    This video needs 25 dislikes! It's not a event!

  56. Slice _King Of All Monsters23

    Slice _King Of All Monsters234 soat oldin

    It's looks nice. I actually liked it. I think they should also do an outfit for the effect too. 🔨 🔪

  57. Θανασης Τριγκας

    Θανασης Τριγκας4 soat oldin

    Anyone noticed the Xbox ahoy music?

  58. NerdXZ97 001

    NerdXZ97 0014 soat oldin

    Can we have a story expansion.

  59. Vincenzo Chiaravalloti

    Vincenzo Chiaravalloti4 soat oldin

    This is just getting STUPID! Quantity is not Quality!

  60. VC

    VC4 soat oldin


  61. Viking Swagger

    Viking Swagger4 soat oldin

    Go green!

  62. Elder Maxson

    Elder Maxson4 soat oldin

    "We are groot"

  63. Pedro Brambila

    Pedro Brambila5 soat oldin

    Would of looked better if everyone in defense had the cosmetic on and the offense had maybe riot gear would of looked cool

  64. Username34

    Username345 soat oldin

    0:15 If I ever see this thing anywhere around me i'm killing myself before she can

  65. OpticalGhost

    OpticalGhost5 soat oldin

    Kali is a total badass

  66. Deman Mer

    Deman Mer5 soat oldin

    ивент говно просто другой заложник и все😠

  67. Gabriel br zueira

    Gabriel br zueira5 soat oldin

    this grapichs is to much better

  68. JustSomeRedHeadDude

    JustSomeRedHeadDude5 soat oldin

    I like how wamais relocated bombs still count as friendly fire Splish splash your points are trash

  69. Sypticle

    Sypticle5 soat oldin


  70. xCrazyVolkan

    xCrazyVolkan5 soat oldin

    Add the rs6 or rs7

  71. AngealElexion

    AngealElexion5 soat oldin

    I would say do not release it and instead make different types of this effect per Factions, after all they each comes from different areas of the world so they are bound to have different species of Trees, like the "Cherry Blossoms" for the Samurai, the "Firs" for the Viking, the "Birch" for Knights and the "Ginkgo" for the Wu Lin At least it would gives a quite interesting and a lot more colorful set of Effects than the bland one this is..

  72. Joseph Casamatta

    Joseph Casamatta5 soat oldin

    That’s not it cheif

  73. J.pumpkin

    J.pumpkin5 soat oldin

    Look how they massercerd my boy

  74. JoseBoss

    JoseBoss5 soat oldin

    Spanish: La casa de papel (The house of paper) English: mOnEy hEiSt.

  75. Silver Zombo

    Silver Zombo5 soat oldin

    Fr tho who would bring a bolt action rifle to a close combat situation

  76. sn kiani

    sn kiani5 soat oldin

    This video old as hell. Should have created an upto date for the new campaign push thats happening.

  77. Weedy

    Weedy5 soat oldin

    Woodstyle confirmed

  78. Squanchy FapFap

    Squanchy FapFap5 soat oldin

    I am groot!

  79. paper_moon_ orochi

    paper_moon_ orochi5 soat oldin

    Where's Mr.beast when you need hin

  80. Steven Jones

    Steven Jones5 soat oldin

    Doesn't say how much just says up to so so of doesn't help

  81. Anonymous Random Person

    Anonymous Random Person5 soat oldin

    both of my main operators have the skin of my favorite series!!! @ubisoft pls give me it! its my birthday!

  82. Klusterfuk

    Klusterfuk5 soat oldin


  83. Dirty Sanchez

    Dirty Sanchez5 soat oldin

    Purple crimson conquest plzz would look dope af

  84. Chapel Leroy

    Chapel Leroy5 soat oldin

    Not really much to it

  85. Keroub Emmanuel

    Keroub Emmanuel5 soat oldin

    Do we get any reward for completing this in game?

  86. Frost

    Frost5 soat oldin

    This looks actually sick, I like it.

  87. Arc69-_-

    Arc69-_-5 soat oldin

    I AM GROOT!!

  88. Richi Tang 1.2 Gaga

    Richi Tang 1.2 Gaga5 soat oldin

    I just watched 3 minutes of copper gameplay

  89. xXx GabytZu xXx

    xXx GabytZu xXx5 soat oldin

    We need a supra in the crew 2 because forza will have one

  90. Józef Stalin

    Józef Stalin5 soat oldin

    i am groot

  91. Vincenzo Chiaravalloti

    Vincenzo Chiaravalloti5 soat oldin

    Do YOURSELF A FAVOR. If you're going to invest time and effort training in a melee PvP game, choose Dark Souls 3 (Dried Finger, Untrue Dark Ring). Sadly, Ubisoft ruined a game that was breaking the redundant saturation of shooter games! Monday is to dull because everyone has the same moveset!

  92. Silent Takedown

    Silent Takedown5 soat oldin

    I'm going to miss this Original Map.

  93. Joseph Hernandez

    Joseph Hernandez5 soat oldin

    Groot: I am Groot.


    SALMANDER- NS5 soat oldin

    U perms is to give centurion rework Wher is that?


    SALMANDER- NS5 soat oldin

    Ubisoft u are bad campni an the worst

  96. M600 Spitfire

    M600 Spitfire5 soat oldin

    Le trees

  97. Kieran Piles

    Kieran Piles5 soat oldin

    Can't wait to turn my Zhanhu into a wood nymph😍

  98. Blackwolf

    Blackwolf5 soat oldin

    The ents are going to war!

  99. Bonnie Acosta

    Bonnie Acosta5 soat oldin

    Make a sayain aura execution

  100. Carmel Pettry

    Carmel Pettry5 soat oldin

    Dude I didn’t know remnant and for honor were doing a crossover