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2020 Tech I'm Ready For!


Oy oldin

Console Wars!

Console Wars!

2 oy oldin

5G: Explained!

5G: Explained!

5 oy oldin

The iPhone 11 Models!
Retro Tech: Game Boy
  1. J4CK T

    J4CK T3 soat oldin

    Sold my old G6... I want this now so bad :|

  2. jimmy öström

    jimmy öström3 soat oldin

    If I would have to live with one of the headphones on that table I would choose the MPOW Flame because I own them and I like the sound they have when they are little on the bass heavy side as I love.. Only thing is that my right ear has some problem go get it to sit correctly and have to fiddle arount to get it to sound right for time to time..

  3. Juan José Mariátegui

    Juan José Mariátegui3 soat oldin

    Great Review!

  4. Master Kamen

    Master Kamen3 soat oldin

    Well, no it's not a good deal in fact it's a terrible deal as Xiaomi Redmi phones which are very premium built phones for 150$. Oh and the battery life is literally 30 minutes of playing games

  5. Onkar Korde

    Onkar Korde3 soat oldin

    I don't care about those earbuds.. I am just here to hear your voice

  6. zZ_Gr1Zzly

    zZ_Gr1Zzly3 soat oldin

    The SIM card tool is probably more expensive than an iPhone Pro Max itself

  7. ZippoFire

    ZippoFire3 soat oldin

    3:18 "Original Video" Me: Seeing this on yt with video compression


    COMPLEX3 soat oldin

    FUN FACT: The beginning of this video holds the record for making you want to punch the most people in under a minute.

  9. Ephraim Mulilo

    Ephraim Mulilo3 soat oldin

    The Top Down shot at 5:20 was epic

  10. S7 VSK

    S7 VSK3 soat oldin

    Finally better than iPhone

  11. pnudabrewer

    pnudabrewer3 soat oldin


  12. Ez Cheese

    Ez Cheese3 soat oldin

    And according to the leaks apple gonna have a notch this year too

  13. Sherab Dorjee

    Sherab Dorjee3 soat oldin

    hatsoff to gal gadot for her loyalty to american brand.

  14. Superangelo 64

    Superangelo 643 soat oldin

    cause everyone broke and want to look wealthy without being wealthy

  15. anastacia audrey

    anastacia audrey3 soat oldin

    I’ve been using iPhone 8+ for 2 years now and I haven’t been thinking to change my phone lmao iPhone 8 has been good for me

  16. Rahul

    Rahul3 soat oldin

    So he wants phones in 2020 to have 120 hz refresh rates, but doesn't mention the Asus ROG2 smartphone, which DID have a 120 display? Biases.

  17. BriPlaysRB

    BriPlaysRB4 soat oldin

    Apple needs to make a rose gold MacBook Pro!

  18. Spikey

    Spikey4 soat oldin

    If I had your sort of money I would film with that thing every time I upload 😂

  19. Drentse Redneck

    Drentse Redneck4 soat oldin

    So do you recommend this leaf blower?

  20. Jennifer Lives

    Jennifer Lives4 soat oldin

    So if I stream UZgo for hours I should skip this phone because it'll overheat?

  21. aboody mohammed

    aboody mohammed4 soat oldin

    اعمل ترجمه عربي

  22. CryBxby

    CryBxby4 soat oldin

    Cod Montages in Real Life

  23. Y A

    Y A4 soat oldin

    "this is the first foldable phone that's going on sale to the masses". Mmppphh hehehe hahahahahahahaha yes sure

  24. Ash The Duke

    Ash The Duke4 soat oldin

    Should I wait for new one

  25. Mr. Cock

    Mr. Cock4 soat oldin

    Best dicks 2019😝

  26. Armin Els

    Armin Els4 soat oldin

    *TechMoan has entered the chat* Sees them trying to replace belts *"What the f-"*

  27. Bilal Mustafa

    Bilal Mustafa4 soat oldin

    10:15 where is Huawei fold device ??

  28. Erik van Ravenstein

    Erik van Ravenstein4 soat oldin

    10:10 all animals are equal. Some are more equal than others.

  29. Yaz Al

    Yaz Al4 soat oldin

    you complain about a cable that's included with the headphones? i mean...

  30. 5e6 Julian HADDAD

    5e6 Julian HADDAD4 soat oldin

    All phones have those consequences.

  31. 5e6 Julian HADDAD

    5e6 Julian HADDAD4 soat oldin

    Oh, so swiping in the air is nothing? The battery life? 5G?

  32. Joey

    Joey4 soat oldin

    I'm going to thank Marques fot putting the sponsor at the *end* of the video

  33. August Oliver

    August Oliver4 soat oldin

    Mine gets really hot. I wouldn't buy it again.

  34. August Oliver

    August Oliver5 soat oldin

    Mine freezes and my entry early 2015 didn't...

  35. Des troyeR

    Des troyeR5 soat oldin

    So iPhone Xs Max showing MKBHD's best clicked photo of 2014! Confirmed that he was using this phone very long ago.

  36. J B

    J B5 soat oldin

    I only like the size of the note 10... bit i want to have the features of the note 10 plus in it.

  37. The Crown

    The Crown5 soat oldin

    Anyone 2020

  38. Isaac Lyons

    Isaac Lyons5 soat oldin

    Cases would be a significant issue for this phone. Deal breaker for me as I always use a flip case.

  39. jyjygjy yjfyjygj

    jyjygjy yjfyjygj5 soat oldin

    This guy acts more white than white people HAHAHAH

  40. Siyamthanda Sihoyiya

    Siyamthanda Sihoyiya5 soat oldin

    You didnt even introduce yourself

  41. Swarup Das

    Swarup Das5 soat oldin

    Marques Plz Give A detailed Update on the OnePlus 8 series and the Samsung S20 series in one video. .❤@mkbhd

  42. Dame Anvil

    Dame Anvil5 soat oldin

    Brownlee can't make headphones and he still makes money by f*rting opinions. Hence, isn't about the manufacturers.

  43. Antonio Monticelli

    Antonio Monticelli5 soat oldin

    👎🏽 for this vid

  44. dennis dringle

    dennis dringle5 soat oldin

    its good making apple rich

  45. Karthikeyan Udayakumar

    Karthikeyan Udayakumar5 soat oldin

    Airpod is the worst product i ever used..after an year right side pod was not detecting and i have to spend 100$ to buy it. .it's insane ...don't buy it brother 👍👍

  46. Ravindra Singh

    Ravindra Singh5 soat oldin

    our politicians are doing same thing for years ..isn't it !!!

  47. Random Guy

    Random Guy6 soat oldin

    but can I keep 1 of those phones? 🤔

  48. Yeipeih Shanglai

    Yeipeih Shanglai6 soat oldin

    Watching this in an iphone 11 man was d predictions off 😂

  49. Escanor

    Escanor6 soat oldin

    CEO of Sony: hmmmmm I wonder what we should name our product? Also ceo of Sony: *sends wireless keyboard to India* CEO of Sony: perfect

  50. Adrian Gustafsson

    Adrian Gustafsson6 soat oldin

    All American cars are trash... quality wise

  51. Surya Das

    Surya Das6 soat oldin

    1:29 high af

  52. Surya Das

    Surya Das6 soat oldin

    Ye madarchod oppo ka add

  53. marvens jean

    marvens jean6 soat oldin

    Columbia high school FTW

  54. Callum Wittenbrink

    Callum Wittenbrink6 soat oldin

    When did this come out

  55. Luke k

    Luke k6 soat oldin

    Repost. Reported.


    CHIDANAND S M6 soat oldin

    U frgt to mention realme buds...!

  57. naveh bar hama

    naveh bar hama6 soat oldin

    can you make this video again in 2020?

  58. Anudeep Shetty

    Anudeep Shetty6 soat oldin

    Subtitles " I'm cabby HD here"...

  59. LZR FPS

    LZR FPS6 soat oldin

    Death note fans ↓

  60. Jack Costabile

    Jack Costabile6 soat oldin

    Why does it sound like he's saying kbhd not mkbhd

  61. Matt Manduke

    Matt Manduke6 soat oldin

    Mercedes has a semi truck a 35k car and several super cars, ford when they owned Volvo has several cars cheaper than 35,000 semi truck and several supercar then they sold Volvos to China

  62. Dude Gaming

    Dude Gaming6 soat oldin

    I recommend the TWS i12s for Android AirPods

  63. Hassan Sajjad

    Hassan Sajjad6 soat oldin

    Best mobile name plz reply

  64. Mukesh Panth

    Mukesh Panth6 soat oldin

    Try realme buds

  65. Subhan Khan

    Subhan Khan6 soat oldin

    for those saying how friendly the environment is in Tesla factories. you guys should see the space X videos

  66. Reactions

    Reactions6 soat oldin

    2019: Create a mutable variation of the 2002 SARS-Cov (coronavirus)-> nCov 2020: Sell the vaccine💰

  67. Hassan Sajjad

    Hassan Sajjad6 soat oldin

    Best mobile name plz reply

  68. Cool Juice

    Cool Juice6 soat oldin

    Recommendations 2014: no 2015:nah 2016:um no 2017:not just yet 2018:no 2019:no 2020: hell yea let's go

  69. Candycane

    Candycane6 soat oldin

    This is over 5 years ago, does he have a new video on most recent watches?

  70. rajendra keer

    rajendra keer6 soat oldin

    Is it Good to buy in 2020??

  71. the the

    the the6 soat oldin

    Removable back

  72. Simon Eisenbach Productions

    Simon Eisenbach Productions7 soat oldin

    at 200 it almost looks like you're in an n64 game being played on a 60+" 4k tv haha

  73. 최준형

    최준형7 soat oldin

    I love the white one the most


    BRAINJOL7 soat oldin

    Did nobody notice the supreme Sticker at 11:14 😂😂

  75. Barix5000

    Barix50007 soat oldin

    One of the realest youtubers out there

  76. Nazib Sarwar Chowdhury

    Nazib Sarwar Chowdhury7 soat oldin

    Watching this on my Nexus 6P in 2020!

  77. Fatin Athirah Mohd Hanapiah

    Fatin Athirah Mohd Hanapiah7 soat oldin

    what de fawk is this

  78. Diaz

    Diaz7 soat oldin

    why you not review it :'(

  79. jase pope

    jase pope7 soat oldin

    Holding my AirPods 😂

  80. Seksy K

    Seksy K7 soat oldin

    Go Oneplus 7T!!!

  81. Moha Jordan

    Moha Jordan7 soat oldin

    It's like what's happened with the notch...

  82. paolo galetti

    paolo galetti7 soat oldin

    2025: people finally reach Mars Marques": "I have bene here for a couple of year and i have to make this video, the weather Is cold, but i have my iPhone 20 and my Tesla Semi here"

  83. Flexados

    Flexados7 soat oldin

    ah, madeon :d

  84. Kanto Photos

    Kanto Photos7 soat oldin

    Oh fuck you and your biased ass. You could've discussed this on the release of the iPhone 7 Product Red but you were scared to lose all your stupid iPhone fans.

  85. Rahul Babu.k

    Rahul Babu.k7 soat oldin


  86. Tony

    Tony7 soat oldin

    He's trying so hard not to say "y'all dumb" 😂

  87. Ed Ruiz

    Ed Ruiz7 soat oldin

    I would like to see a smartphone award of phones that you can buy through a carrier.

  88. Brice RAQUIN

    Brice RAQUIN7 soat oldin

    For info, these don't come with the airline adapter because they don't need it. You just plug your 3.5jack into any of the seat sockets, and the sound automatically comes into both ears 😬😬

  89. x_yesi _25

    x_yesi _257 soat oldin

    What about galaxy buds

  90. BloodRake

    BloodRake7 soat oldin

    Cant believe they made the 4head big just for a gimmicy motion sensor. I'm glad they're trying new things but damn did it hurt the phone

  91. mohamed mounes

    mohamed mounes8 soat oldin

    $330 now .. might be my next phone !!

  92. Rayhan Younis

    Rayhan Younis8 soat oldin

    Why does he breathe


    IMAIN SUPPORT8 soat oldin

    unless somebody makes studio quality wireless headphones....screw the cheap wireless crap

  94. sirnefyorq

    sirnefyorq8 soat oldin

    I just placed my iphone 11 in front of my face with my eyes closed just to make sure it won't unlock when I sleep or when I am dead...go home google.improve yourself..

  95. Raj More

    Raj More8 soat oldin

    Rip Snapchat on this phone

  96. drsquirrel123

    drsquirrel1238 soat oldin

    Rog phone 2 gang

  97. うんあ うん

    うんあ うん8 soat oldin

    Glados is doing a good job at filming!

  98. Hoe

    Hoe8 soat oldin

    Ya’ll stuck in 6s etc while im here Still loving my 5s even tho its not that big and old

  99. Halpy

    Halpy8 soat oldin

    Braindead Korean apple fanboys always think Siri is better...

  100. tj2gaming

    tj2gaming8 soat oldin

    Bixby on crack