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5 oy oldin

Console Wars!

Console Wars!

6 oy oldin

5G: Explained!

5G: Explained!

9 oy oldin

  1. AC5

    AC520 soat oldin

    Nah 2 years should do it

  2. Mazza Spitz

    Mazza Spitz20 soat oldin

    Hi marques, im surprised you didn't mention that it is identical in size to the iPhone 6s ( which I have) and am now changing it up (or down) whatever your perspective is for this . love your show. be safe... peace

  3. Muscab Axmed

    Muscab Axmed20 soat oldin

    You are great

  4. Jevon Furman

    Jevon Furman20 soat oldin

    been using a poco F1 since it came out. Still like it and i still prefer MiUI over samsung's Android adaption..... i mean it. I honestly think its better

  5. The Technology Hackers

    The Technology Hackers20 soat oldin

    5:07 lol😂 marques scared by marques

  6. kaivan shah

    kaivan shah20 soat oldin

    This eleven years journey has 11 million subscribers MKBHD

  7. Saurabh Zalke

    Saurabh Zalke20 soat oldin

    IP68, wireless charging were first introduced on Android way back before Apple. Nobody cared then. Now suddenly its a great feature. The hypocrisy and bias.

  8. Hassan Raza

    Hassan Raza20 soat oldin

    @marques you dont like MIUI what do you recommend

  9. Obama for Trump

    Obama for Trump20 soat oldin

    RIP George Floyd another Black man murdered

  10. Etern

    Etern20 soat oldin

    Me - Apple products are stupid Apple users - no no you are stupid our ecosystem ( i like to show off my phone than use it 😂🤔) Me - okay goes to store buys a andriod phone and saves money 💵

  11. AsleepAtTheKeys

    AsleepAtTheKeys20 soat oldin

    I thought there was talk of a North American version this time? Maybe a different variant?

  12. Qaiser Ghirano

    Qaiser Ghirano20 soat oldin

    Emerald Is Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  13. Jacob

    Jacob20 soat oldin

    "Alright, so i'm sitting in a room, different from the one you are in right now" - Marques Brownlee

  14. Arnold AJ

    Arnold AJ20 soat oldin

    u are the most dope youtube tech reviewer ever, I mean even the sheer quality of the content u make is turely extraordinary bro. CONGRATS

  15. Connor Kenway

    Connor Kenway20 soat oldin

    you just use a low quality mac screen though

  16. Udit Tewari

    Udit Tewari20 soat oldin

    Poco f2 pro or iphone se 2020???

  17. Joymalya Guha

    Joymalya Guha20 soat oldin

    Very good review 👍🏼👍🏼

  18. KIRAN G T

    KIRAN G T20 soat oldin

    Ban china

  19. Rokas Anonimas

    Rokas Anonimas20 soat oldin

    time for that Xperia 1 II video and I want to see how objective MKBHD will be about that phone, because of history of being bias and kind of a sellout to some OEMs, I really want to see how MKBHD will find a way to bash Sony when there is minimal room for wthat 😁 or he will just avoid it in general so that his favorite (or those hat are buying his positive comments) OEMs would not look bad

  20. Chethan Jain

    Chethan Jain20 soat oldin

    Time has come when newer iphone is cheaper than Pro poco !

  21. Emmanouil Filippidis

    Emmanouil Filippidis20 soat oldin

    look at those scratches! For shame!!!

  22. Xendag

    Xendag20 soat oldin

    UZgors: I record in 8k UZgo: lmao replace that k with a p

  23. Zaheer

    Zaheer20 soat oldin

    This kid sounds like he knows what he's doing, he should start a tech channel or something.

  24. SpeckySky!

    SpeckySky!20 soat oldin

    Still watching my dream phone in 2020 without really having a phone right now. :(

  25. Dhruv Gupta

    Dhruv Gupta20 soat oldin

    Do the Nintendo switch and the switch lite please

  26. Sai Kumar

    Sai Kumar20 soat oldin

    Your shaning better then mobile

  27. Farhan Zahoor

    Farhan Zahoor20 soat oldin

    Just need cheap Bluetooth headphones which are better than the wired apple earbuds

  28. HDS

    HDS20 soat oldin

    He doesn't have basic knowledge and giving a speech like he is an engineer?

  29. Connor Garrett

    Connor Garrett20 soat oldin

    The Taycan would be so much better if it was a coupe

  30. MrKickasser

    MrKickasser20 soat oldin

    One of the most useless videos I ever seen))

  31. Thomas Gosling

    Thomas Gosling20 soat oldin

    Wtf is going to be in rewind 2020...

  32. Maadhav Muthukumar

    Maadhav Muthukumar20 soat oldin

    i’m curious what phone you actually use

  33. Mike Bong

    Mike Bong20 soat oldin

    I'm buying one plus 8 pro tomorrow 😍

  34. Tushar Bagde

    Tushar Bagde20 soat oldin

    $4 - screen $2 - camera $4 - software $1 - marketing $2 - battery $2 - specs $2 - hardware Explaination - as marques said you gotta have a good display cuz that's what you'll be looking at, low price for camera because even shitty camera can capture some decent pics with good software, apple used to do it in the're selfie cams which ultimately gives high price for software. They can do cheep marketing online.


    SAI KUMAR A B20 soat oldin


  36. Matthew Mudry

    Matthew Mudry20 soat oldin

    do a what's in my bag 2020

  37. David Hegedus

    David Hegedus20 soat oldin

    Dude a galaxy fold for 400 bucks?!?!?! Take my money!!!

  38. Alex

    Alex20 soat oldin

    Got an iPhone 11 yesterday. It got stuck in a boot loop.

  39. prudhvi raj

    prudhvi raj20 soat oldin

    what is the best midranger?

  40. UltimateStorm315

    UltimateStorm31520 soat oldin

    hey Celia just triggered my Apple Watch and iPhone together loooooooooool

  41. Master K

    Master K20 soat oldin

    I fallow you❤🙏

  42. EM-OH-JI

    EM-OH-JI20 soat oldin

    As always. Great review ☺️☺️ Other than that, glad to know you also put your watch in your right hand or what so ever you call that 🙂

  43. Master K

    Master K20 soat oldin

    Best one❤

  44. Elvis Teran

    Elvis Teran20 soat oldin

    My Favorite tech youtuber on planet earth. Maybe favorite YTber of all time ❤️💪

  45. Robert R.

    Robert R.20 soat oldin

    Is the phone unlocked for U.S please any one can answer this question no one has yet also where can I buy the phone for U.S use ....twitter @rodriguez1079 Thanks !!

  46. CHERYL High Rhodes Vassell

    CHERYL High Rhodes Vassell20 soat oldin

    You are the BEST!!!! I LOVE YOUR REVIEWS!!!!

  47. ͡ ͜ʖ ͡

    ͡ ͜ʖ ͡20 soat oldin

    Siri ✅ Bixby ✖ Google assistant ✅ Alexa ✅

  48. Luna IOS

    Luna IOS20 soat oldin

    At least we are improoving in technology in 2020

  49. irishculprit

    irishculprit20 soat oldin

    I read something about these needing a subscription is that true or are they ready to use out of box?

  50. Seth

    Seth20 soat oldin

    Someone tell me from where he got that wallpaper from.

  51. Rimuru Tempest

    Rimuru Tempest20 soat oldin

    So guys i will buy 1 from 2 -one plus 7t pro mclaren edition -s20 plus 5g snap dragon I love watching movies on my phone and playing games What should i pick

  52. Kunal Pande

    Kunal Pande21 soat oldin

    Hey Marques.. fantastic review like always.. Btw big fan of the way u create content and your of your videography style.. What's your thoughts on other Chinese. Brands like realme and how would u fair them against the likes of the more established brand right now from the same stable, one Plus Also would really appreciate your thoughts on the realme x3 super zoom

  53. Nick T

    Nick T21 soat oldin

    You took a hit? You got a 1800$ phone fore 750$. Hit me twice if it lands like that.

  54. sendil kumar

    sendil kumar21 soat oldin

    Apple can,t invent anything so they get in wheels business

  55. Marino

    Marino21 soat oldin

    Those funky grooves tho

  56. dzackq

    dzackq21 soat oldin

    Did it have an nfc?

  57. Dennis Xu

    Dennis Xu21 soat oldin

    Are the Surface Headphones 2 on sale yet? I'm on the Canadian Microsoft store and both colours have been out of stock for a week now.

  58. Yash Pratapwar

    Yash Pratapwar21 soat oldin

    2:15 did anyone notice the Escobar thing delivered?

  59. Someone Somewhere

    Someone Somewhere21 soat oldin

    The stories Elon will tell his grand kids. From exploring space, revolutionizing the car industry, digging tunnels to make taxis for cars to making flamethrowers which are not flamethrowers. And yeah, his grand kids will be named something like X Æ A 13

  60. Boots

    Boots21 soat oldin

    Love the vids, just too bad you didn't make a video about surface book 3 or Sony wireless earbuds (who you say are the best)

  61. Ayush pandey

    Ayush pandey21 soat oldin

    Buddy I have come from future just to tell you that you got an email from escobar and you would have the phone delivered soon my friend

  62. Boots

    Boots21 soat oldin

    Too bad you didn't make a separate video about the Sony earbuds...

  63. FK Tech

    FK Tech21 soat oldin

    fuck apple .....RIP Apple....Who will buy this😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  64. EJ Waje

    EJ Waje21 soat oldin

    I'm a fan from the Philippines, and it's so nice that you mentioned the market here. Keep making good and informational videos. :)

  65. Keith Wong

    Keith Wong21 soat oldin

    Technology without borders, America breaks.

  66. 3ho Subnautious

    3ho Subnautious21 soat oldin

    You wouldn't think he'd pull out all the negatives and no one good thing, jeez how times have changed


    AAMIR JOKHIO21 soat oldin


  68. A. D. L. I.

    A. D. L. I.21 soat oldin

    Will you connect the wifi from the antenna?

  69. Nnamdi Bryan

    Nnamdi Bryan21 soat oldin

    its gonna get loud tommorow morning

  70. Patrick Caresosa

    Patrick Caresosa21 soat oldin

    Ir blaster, headphone jack and full screen display? 60hz for battery life? That's really interesting..

  71. Ngawang Rigdol

    Ngawang Rigdol21 soat oldin

    Hate the single Chinese products 👎👎👎👎👎



    Hey there I'm still waiting for review ZTE AXON 10 PRO 5G... I'M USING WAITING FOR REVIEW

  73. Nirvic Regmi

    Nirvic Regmi21 soat oldin

    What a way to reveal the middle name. Congratulations marques

  74. Ibrahim Shaikh

    Ibrahim Shaikh21 soat oldin

    Review sony xperia 1 mark 2

  75. David Hegedus

    David Hegedus21 soat oldin

    Why can't Google just make a dope phone. Come on Google swallow your pride and hide someone to make your phones.

  76. David McGinty

    David McGinty21 soat oldin

    This past week we went Tesla Old School driving our first Model S again. Its a 2014 85. The car has 190,000 miles on it and works like a.....2014 Model S!..But when we got back to our 3, Wow what a difference! The S is still in the family and is a full on daily driver in Metro DC. Still a great ride and car but a far, far, far way from our 3. My biggest change is the lack of Auto Pilot. Judy's biggest change is how busy the dash seems. What a difference 6 years make.

  77. brie _

    brie _21 soat oldin

    me: oh cool *looks at date* youtube: DONT BUY BEATS BY DRE me: uhh ok.

  78. Syed Tamim

    Syed Tamim21 soat oldin

    its a high budget phone so, POCO company must be reduced this price

  79. Grey

    Grey21 soat oldin

    500 bucks? I think Oneplus 7t is the better deal.




  81. Nikša

    Nikša21 soat oldin

    Video starts 3/4 through, so press 7.

  82. KirbyGoezPink

    KirbyGoezPink21 soat oldin

    This or a used but almost new S10 for 400$?

  83. illturralli

    illturralli21 soat oldin

    Once the flagship killer. Now the flagship. Either you die a hero, or live long enough find yourself becoming a villain.

  84. Master K

    Master K21 soat oldin

    What is editing software.

  85. 5183adam

    5183adam21 soat oldin

    I've just ordered this today from John Lewis. £569. It's still £699 on the OnePlus site

  86. Rishi Hapawat

    Rishi Hapawat21 soat oldin

    Please review Xperia 1 II

  87. C Filip

    C Filip21 soat oldin

    11:07 the shoe size on the dude on the right wtf

  88. Emmanuel Alozie

    Emmanuel Alozie21 soat oldin

    Review the Realme x3 Pro🙏

  89. Abdul Ali

    Abdul Ali21 soat oldin

    No one: All youtube Reviewers: MKBHD gets a Diamond button: MKBHD: Reviews the Diamond button

  90. tiktok feed offical

    tiktok feed offical21 soat oldin

    10 Million in 10 Years

  91. Saad Raza

    Saad Raza21 soat oldin

    I swear every phone review sounds exactly the same now, theres not even a point anymore

  92. David Olsson

    David Olsson21 soat oldin

    I don't want to pay to be Alpha or Beta testers. Tesla should really pay all Alpha and Beta testers out there instead.

  93. Romana Baig

    Romana Baig21 soat oldin

    Hey marquess could you show a tutorial for frisbee throwing and catching and generally all the things you used in ultimate frisbee........please🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  94. mohamed ben issa

    mohamed ben issa21 soat oldin

    the wallpaper?? need it plz

  95. Sipho Mandle

    Sipho Mandle21 soat oldin

    Of course it’s 1080p smh. Yes it’s okay for this price but unfortunate

  96. Ahmet Erzurumlu

    Ahmet Erzurumlu21 soat oldin

    looks like a machine gun

  97. Muhammad Ali Iqbal

    Muhammad Ali Iqbal21 soat oldin

    A legend was born with a golf swing

  98. DiRd07

    DiRd0721 soat oldin

    So much cringe....!

  99. Djordje Danicic

    Djordje Danicic21 soat oldin

    Vibration motor compared to Poco F1...better or worse ?

  100. roshan singh

    roshan singh21 soat oldin

    That is an image you loaded off the net Marques. Love your content xD