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  1. cristy huerta

    cristy huertaDaqiqa oldin

    Me: ;c :blastoise fans: WOOOOOOOO

  2. Igor Souza

    Igor Souza9 daqiqa oldin

    Dudley vs Steve Fox.

  3. Paul Anderton

    Paul Anderton15 daqiqa oldin

    Sasukes flames can’t be put out until the object is ashes and can even burn fire

  4. Ocky the Silent Protagonist

    Ocky the Silent Protagonist15 daqiqa oldin


  5. Nate Long

    Nate Long16 daqiqa oldin

    First deathbattle video ever watched Still here

  6. Breezy Air

    Breezy Air18 daqiqa oldin

    I wonder if to this day kirby still claps buu?

  7. Victor Valerio

    Victor Valerio22 daqiqa oldin

    in reality, I think Aigis would win.

  8. brave gamer b

    brave gamer b23 daqiqa oldin

    please do bakugo vs deidera

  9. Breezy Air

    Breezy Air23 daqiqa oldin

    It would be nice if this battle was remaster so we can see yoshi actually kick some serious riptor ass.

  10. Evan Penner

    Evan Penner30 daqiqa oldin

    What about ultra instinct? I think goku May be faster but is he as powerful when it comes to strength and durability? (Superman fan btw, I was wondering this cause me and my friend were arguing)

  11. Chef Of Dads

    Chef Of Dads31 daqiqa oldin

    It's 2019 why the voice

  12. zinx43267

    zinx4326734 daqiqa oldin

    i just know they're gonna conveniently forget about the carbonanium sword deadpool has that can nullify healing factors and rig the battle against him

  13. Blast Zone

    Blast Zone35 daqiqa oldin

    0.53 : WHAT, Are you kidding me!

  14. Studio Improvise

    Studio Improvise37 daqiqa oldin

    Doctor Fate deserves a solo movie, he deserves to be in Justice League and in Darkseid's battle.

  15. Rman238

    Rman23837 daqiqa oldin

    I haven't been so excited to see a death battle. I can't wait to see The Mask fight Deadpool (and sadly lose😢).

  16. 》?《Unknown-User》?《 404

    》?《Unknown-User》?《 40439 daqiqa oldin

    Wow. Proxy is an absolute coward again. As Charlse said, he moved back from being Janso to his OG account as I saw him commenting about how pathetic the comment section is from GvS 2 in the first battle. Since that video isn't as active as this one, Proxy knows he has a chance to ignore the criticism he'd obtained. Guess his 2 so called 'farewells' are nothing more than a joke as he kept swithching accounts. He'll probably do the same when he knows he's getting himself destroyed after lying.

  17. pokeperson1000

    pokeperson100043 daqiqa oldin

    Will the Birth of the Mask be on death battle next season? That crazy baby can kill someone, right?

  18. Andrew Villalva

    Andrew Villalva43 daqiqa oldin

    Please end this debate between me and my friends who is stronger Meliodas or Naruto

  19. arturo gamer sonico marc2

    arturo gamer sonico marc245 daqiqa oldin


  20. xenOs

    xenOs53 daqiqa oldin

    they have no way of truly killing each other so it will probably be a tie

  21. Banana Burger

    Banana Burger56 daqiqa oldin

    All this over a chicken leg

  22. Chris Valencia

    Chris Valencia59 daqiqa oldin

    This death battle comes out on my birthday

  23. Nerd Gamerz

    Nerd GamerzSoat oldin

    I already knew the answer. I just wanted to hear the background

  24. Caleb Moore

    Caleb MooreSoat oldin

    You forgot Primes Starsaber

  25. Brad Munro

    Brad MunroSoat oldin

    I didn't expect carnage to loose, thought he had it in the bag

  26. End Game

    End GameSoat oldin

    anyway , Ben 10 is the strongest simply because nothing has ever been able to stop him he’s will power is stronger than jordan.

  27. Idiris Muse

    Idiris MuseSoat oldin

    Tatsumaki is older than fubuki

  28. End Game

    End GameSoat oldin

    Please watch 1 season before you say anything stupid.

  29. End Game

    End GameSoat oldin

    Alien X is literally a god.

  30. End Game

    End GameSoat oldin

    You guys are just stupid DC fans.

  31. End Game

    End GameSoat oldin

    Ben is Stronger than Both Superman and Goku.

  32. Matt Clark

    Matt ClarkSoat oldin

    Ok, I'm curious now. Is this going to be Comic Mask, or Jim Carrey Mask? This is very important, as where Carrey might pull a Mallot or Horn out of thin air, the comic one might use guns.

  33. Jessica J

    Jessica JSoat oldin


  34. Jaient Tavones

    Jaient TavonesSoat oldin

    2:21 anybody noticed cupheads body got thanos snapped

  35. Jaient Tavones

    Jaient TavonesSoat oldin

    I love how in cuphead’s world it is drawn and in bendy’s world it is animated

  36. Stacie Huff

    Stacie HuffSoat oldin

    Yeah boomstick you think anima is weird play kingdom hearts

  37. Anthony Hudak

    Anthony HudakSoat oldin

    Sonic is good now bit we must discuss how Keanu Reeves is going to tie spongebob into the Matrix 4

  38. Lazlo

    LazloSoat oldin

    Do a Death Battle of *Ryu vs Little Mac*

  39. joker in smash

    joker in smashSoat oldin

    The first death battle video. Don't lie

  40. Stacie Huff

    Stacie HuffSoat oldin

    Steven universe in the video

  41. 1v1 me Nerd

    1v1 me NerdSoat oldin

    I used the metal gear to destroy the metal gear

  42. FanoosPlayZ -

    FanoosPlayZ -Soat oldin

    Green lantern: exists Alien X: ima bout to end this mans whole career

  43. aims mar10

    aims mar10Soat oldin

    GOD DAMIT I WANTED TO SEE THAT IN A EPISODE!!! guess I should watch all of one punch man before watching this

  44. Bryson Thiel

    Bryson ThielSoat oldin

    Did you know when mob becomes ??? Percent he still holds back?

  45. Tatagi Kanegawa

    Tatagi KanegawaSoat oldin

    Don't you just love despite all the feats Sakuya could perform, she's still only above average tier (7.5) on Touhou power scaling ?

  46. Connor Byrne

    Connor ByrneSoat oldin

    it was a tie!

  47. Oz P

    Oz PSoat oldin

    what's the music at the beginning of the video ?

  48. Mwatuangi V

    Mwatuangi VSoat oldin

    We all know you just used a mugen to decide who would win!

  49. Kaleab B.

    Kaleab B.Soat oldin

    This was probably the coolest DEATH BATTLE fight i've ever seen

  50. William Hurley

    William HurleySoat oldin

    Am I the 9nly one who realized that they just fought at the Vault of the Spring Maiden from RWBY?

  51. Roost BR

    Roost BRSoat oldin

    Bane did 1000 push-ups,sit-ups,squats,and pull-ups. For years, and had a super drug. If we were following OPM rules. This dude would be unkillable.

  52. Eternal Truth

    Eternal TruthSoat oldin

    I would have liked to see quicksilver challenge flash then flash turns back time to silvers infancy. Silver's time is over in a flash!

  53. Shadowofdakness Infurnus

    Shadowofdakness InfurnusSoat oldin

    Since when did super sonic had a time limit other then sonic games that actually let you play as super sonic anytime but it runs out when you have no more coins but who's to say this sonic doesn't have coins to last him that long either considering he got hit and didn't lose his coine which would be there following the cannon way of super sonic because in actuall cannon cutscenes for finale bosses ᵒʳ ˢʰᵒʷˢ he never had a time limit as super sonic and he always turned back in his own command. *oh i guess i ran out of time as super sonic in the sonic unleashed final battle guess i will fight the destroyer of earth as main form for that long*

  54. Malik Turner

    Malik TurnerSoat oldin

    Yes! Deadpool vs Mask

  55. RondoOfBloodX

    RondoOfBloodX2 soat oldin

    The minute I saw the intro to SATAM playing for number 8 I was like OH HELL NO!!!!! Then I breathed a sigh of relief when it wasn't the Sonic show placed on here.

  56. Lawson Walker

    Lawson Walker2 soat oldin

    If I can stay on land long did his dad dip him in the bath every once in a while when he was a baby

  57. Balore Udanta

    Balore Udanta2 soat oldin

    Ganon once died to a fishing rod bow spam...

  58. Thomas Anderson

    Thomas Anderson2 soat oldin

    I'm lost. You say he has no limits to begin with, but wouldn't the Kryptonite and supernatural magic that was mentioned be considered limits?

  59. Rafael Hoyos

    Rafael Hoyos2 soat oldin


  60. Fábio Castanho Emídio

    Fábio Castanho Emídio2 soat oldin

    How the heck Dracula's regeneration is better than Ganondorf when he can killed by other holy weapons like Spears and even dark weapons like Hector's weapons?

  61. Ki-Pat Tao

    Ki-Pat Tao2 soat oldin

    DAMN IT DEADPOOL!!!! GET OUT OFF HERE! First Deathstroke was killed Second Pinkie Pie was not defect by him And Third Thanos is shot

  62. Julius Rowe

    Julius Rowe2 soat oldin

    yea but sasuke can switch places with anything and yall did not take advantage of that

  63. Zane Rhodes

    Zane Rhodes2 soat oldin

    Winter soldier vs deathstrock

  64. The Smash Kid

    The Smash Kid2 soat oldin

    Hyper sonic lasts longer than superstar mario

  65. Greenbit

    Greenbit2 soat oldin

    We don’t need this fight because BOTH OF THESE GUYS ARE IN SMASH ULTIMATE

  66. Umbra

    Umbra2 soat oldin

    What if he tried fighting a Dynamax Pikachu?

  67. Samuel Reis

    Samuel Reis2 soat oldin

    Number 2: you expected hol horse bit It was i PET SHOP

  68. Tosh-LordLegendWolf

    Tosh-LordLegendWolf2 soat oldin

    No. His name in Stardust Crusaders is DIO, not Dio Brando.

  69. DC and Marvel

    DC and Marvel2 soat oldin

    Anime stinks .Carnage takes this with little to no difficulty .

  70. PBVlogSquad

    PBVlogSquad2 soat oldin

    I’m assuming based on all the dislikes Toph lost?

  71. Aizawa Shouta

    Aizawa Shouta2 soat oldin

    "I"LL BREAK YOUR FACE!!!!!" best

  72. The One Eye Ghoul

    The One Eye Ghoul2 soat oldin

    The manga has the true ending for Bleach they need to bring the anime back

  73. Beanos Boi

    Beanos Boi2 soat oldin


  74. Stin. Er

    Stin. Er2 soat oldin

    Peter Parker in the mcu is NOT relatable, i don’t go to a special highschool, I don’t get internships with the richest man in the world, I don’t attract every girl I like

  75. Nightcore Lover

    Nightcore Lover2 soat oldin

    By how the ending of the battle was. It was nothing but dumb luck for Roshi to win. I don't mean dumb luck as in Jiraiya had a chance to win. Just dumb luck by how the end of it looked. But I doubt they'd even fight. They'd both make great perverted friends. A much better way to make the fight start would be by one of them insulting on the others favorite sexy girl they like. That'd be a much more good funny way to start the fight.

  76. GearsOfTime 362

    GearsOfTime 3622 soat oldin

    How about Baki the grappler hanma VS Ohma tokita???????? Two netflix animes fighters. But also two different styles of combat. Who would win screw attack???

  77. Vincent Linarea

    Vincent Linarea2 soat oldin

    Overlord anime vs the seven deadly sins anime

  78. La Dictator

    La Dictator2 soat oldin

    Original joke alert: You thought it was "Super smash bros is for good boys and girls" but it was me, DIO!!!

  79. blazecat21 firecat

    blazecat21 firecat2 soat oldin

    If u think about it koopa won because there skeleton forms

  80. The One Eye Ghoul

    The One Eye Ghoul2 soat oldin

    The Big 3 is now Naruto Goku and Luffy Ichigo is now in the Big 5 which consist of the Big 3 and Natsu

  81. The Supremacy MekaHunter

    The Supremacy MekaHunter2 soat oldin

    Talk To The Fist

  82. Ep1cm4tt 8

    Ep1cm4tt 82 soat oldin

    Kenshiro: I’m sure I hit his pressure points Jotaro’s books: you dare oppose me mortal

  83. tentails_10 gaming

    tentails_10 gaming2 soat oldin

    I wonder if the next death battle card is coming since they were sold out

  84. JustABob YT

    JustABob YT3 soat oldin

    spiderman **** i mean deadpool

  85. Ben Glennan

    Ben Glennan3 soat oldin

    Lets be honest, we're all winners on this one boys

  86. cattata01 YT-_-

    cattata01 YT-_-3 soat oldin

    So,your telling me you didnt let jotaro throw a single punch in the death battle,but this happened?god,damn it wiz and broomstick.

  87. Michael Christidis

    Michael Christidis3 soat oldin

    *makes a video about manliest mans* *doesnt include Wolverine ,Brus lee,Chunk Norris,Whitebeard,Vegeta,Elfman,Guts,Terminator,Jotaro,Joseph Joestar and other Jojo characters*

  88. Die Max

    Die Max3 soat oldin

    Wheres the timestop? I cant hear any Za Warudo!

  89. Nothing Here

    Nothing Here3 soat oldin

    you didnt count in doom 4 things

  90. TheFerBoi 1

    TheFerBoi 13 soat oldin

    Dio: how dare she! did you see that Giorno? she hit me Giorno:*piano plays* Sakuya: STOP TIME Giorno: *no*

  91. Michael Christidis

    Michael Christidis3 soat oldin

    Im a simple person I see Kratos in a thumbnail I tap

  92. owo

    owo3 soat oldin

    ONE said that: Tatsumaki is stronger than Normal Mob, and 100% Mob. But if Mob is at ???% there isn’t a real answer to the outcome.

  93. Rabbit Zhou Ling

    Rabbit Zhou Ling3 soat oldin

    Deadpool vs Dante

  94. Mous Ben

    Mous Ben3 soat oldin

    what a stupid ending ! completely nonsense -_-

  95. Da Meme Squad

    Da Meme Squad3 soat oldin

    I swear, if Mask Kills Deadpool, I will kill you Wiz and Boomstick!!!!

  96. SpikeTheAnimatronic 1

    SpikeTheAnimatronic 13 soat oldin

    Thats sly cooper music

  97. ProxyTheGOAT

    ProxyTheGOAT3 soat oldin

    Wow even this comment section has the same kinda people in it as Goku Vs. Superman 2 Comment section, how sad.

  98. VALENTINO González

    VALENTINO González3 soat oldin

    0:44 only stands can damage stand so... AN PERSONA AND AN STAND ARE THE SAME?! FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQ

  99. Josh Wright

    Josh Wright3 soat oldin

    Hey do eric cartman vs. Shin chan

  100. Nathan Shierd

    Nathan Shierd3 soat oldin

    Darkseid is original one, but it's like Father and Son, Darkseid is this, what Thanos wan't to be.