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  1. Kim Kil Wan

    Kim Kil Wan7 soat oldin

    I love how all of grays feats are just other characters feats 😂.

  2. David Jaramillo

    David Jaramillo7 soat oldin

    Acording to the pokedex Machamp can cut a mountain in half (and gmax machamp is way stronger) what can goro do?

  3. Mad Dog Milo

    Mad Dog Milo7 soat oldin

    Make a remaster of Pokémon vs digimon with gigantamax charizard

  4. Thanos Timestone

    Thanos Timestone7 soat oldin

    Have to disagree with the fight. Not the end.

  5. Diego DJ

    Diego DJ7 soat oldin

    Ganondorf wins because of his op sword

  6. Dragon striker

    Dragon striker7 soat oldin

    i wonder if you guys can do a 2v2 death battle dante and vergil (devil may cry) vs idk two people who has something in common with them can anyone give suggestions on who they should fight?

  7. fnaf fnaf

    fnaf fnaf7 soat oldin

    The green lantern core is not allowed to kill so how can he possibly participate

  8. Timothy Wade II

    Timothy Wade II7 soat oldin

    Oh yea. Exactly how this should have gone

  9. Fernando chavez

    Fernando chavez7 soat oldin

    Do Batman vs iron man

  10. Sebastian De La Canal

    Sebastian De La Canal7 soat oldin

    Never mess with ice queen

  11. Dallas Sneary

    Dallas Sneary7 soat oldin

    I hate Nightwing 🙄

  12. Hockey Masked Killer

    Hockey Masked Killer7 soat oldin

    The only reason why he lost, is that they took the old version!

  13. Dilly Boi

    Dilly Boi7 soat oldin


  14. Mad Dog Milo

    Mad Dog Milo7 soat oldin

    DEATH BATTLE IDEA: Dracula VS Kirby

  15. Mekael03

    Mekael037 soat oldin

    Gundam is a mech though.

  16. Juan Cigarroa

    Juan Cigarroa7 soat oldin

    Power don't mean crap if ice magic can be nullified instead of resisted so put Esdeath against Mitsuru Kirijo.

  17. Lyam Fortier

    Lyam Fortier7 soat oldin

    Hey broomstick why is your arm a robot arm

  18. ljanki 7

    ljanki 77 soat oldin

    Frozone: "freeze"

  19. paysonfox88

    paysonfox887 soat oldin

    Looks like Hei Got the Shonen Jump on Sasuke in this fight.



    Plot twist The Villains win

  21. Mad Dog Milo

    Mad Dog Milo7 soat oldin

    You were missing one thing... Ganondorf didn’t use forward smash.

  22. Beau Rafferty

    Beau Rafferty7 soat oldin

    Love these videos

  23. LuMiSaDi

    LuMiSaDi7 soat oldin

    So we all know machamp gonna win next Deathbattle.

  24. Jacob Owens

    Jacob Owens7 soat oldin

    The better game won

  25. Admiral Fujitora

    Admiral Fujitora7 soat oldin

    My suggestions. Please suggest it too guys if you want it to happen. -Sanji(One Piece) vs Rock Lee(Naruto) -Crocodile(One Piece) vs Gaara(Naruto) -Jinbe(One Piece) vs Kisame(Naruto)

  26. Joshzilla gamer boi

    Joshzilla gamer boi7 soat oldin

    Rematch Plz,

  27. Fury Fire

    Fury Fire7 soat oldin

    Actually, Ruby will destroy him with her silver eyes

  28. Elias Garcia

    Elias Garcia7 soat oldin

    Trevor Belmont (Castlevania Netflix series) vs Gatsu (berserk)

  29. Under fan Megalomaniac

    Under fan Megalomaniac7 soat oldin

    To be honest I didn't know the "fate" of this match

  30. SevenUP901

    SevenUP9018 soat oldin

    No way RoboCop beats Terminator 😂😂😂

  31. Roland Plaza

    Roland Plaza8 soat oldin

    Please make yujiro hanma vs uvogin

  32. Brad Robinson

    Brad Robinson8 soat oldin

    The Thing(fantastic 4) vs Hellboy

  33. Anthony Thomas Jr.

    Anthony Thomas Jr.8 soat oldin

    Spawn vs Hellboy

  34. ThatUberRican

    ThatUberRican8 soat oldin

    This was a collosal mismatch, even with zero research done.

  35. Charvin Liong

    Charvin Liong8 soat oldin

    Hahahah. Love it. Hiei win. 😂😂😂

  36. ToXic-_-Muffin

    ToXic-_-Muffin8 soat oldin

    Saitama vs Goku plzzzzzzzzz

  37. Matin Castro

    Matin Castro8 soat oldin

    why mighty morphin, you could use ninja steel to make a battle of ninjas

  38. Thomas Gamer 4000

    Thomas Gamer 40008 soat oldin

    caaartooon beatbox battles

  39. Jed Henaku Budu

    Jed Henaku Budu8 soat oldin

    Purple shrek That's all that matters

  40. GodZpeed X7

    GodZpeed X78 soat oldin

    Nope. Grey should’ve won

  41. Hudson LaFlamme

    Hudson LaFlamme8 soat oldin

    I think we need a rematch now

  42. Some GuyIDK

    Some GuyIDK8 soat oldin

    Lubuc from akame ga kill vs Walter from hellsing

  43. Chase Mcfarland

    Chase Mcfarland8 soat oldin

    Y'all should try one with underdog

  44. Chase Mcfarland

    Chase Mcfarland8 soat oldin

    Y'all should try one with underdog

  45. Ed Smith

    Ed Smith8 soat oldin

    That was Metal!!!


    GRIMLOCK GAMES778 soat oldin

    If only you guys made this after doom 2016, you know the one where he kills a Titan with his bare hands.

  47. Chris Matuasilva

    Chris Matuasilva8 soat oldin

    12:31 genos is doing vegeta's final flash

  48. Nick O'Brien

    Nick O'Brien8 soat oldin

    Megamans metal blades can be thrown up to 25 times without recharge he only threw 9 shouldn't of ran out death battle still needs to do their homework

  49. Jeremy McJunkin

    Jeremy McJunkin8 soat oldin

    That was bull crap lord Vader would of really won that fight hands down

  50. Fallen Gamer

    Fallen Gamer8 soat oldin

    No matter the power ups, sonic would never lose to Mario 😂.

  51. Roland Plaza

    Roland Plaza8 soat oldin

    Please make yujiro hanma vs uvogin

  52. HK-47

    HK-478 soat oldin

    Seeing as how she won by breaking off & throwing her ice arm replacement like a spear, if she hadn't lost her arm in the fight Grey could have won?

  53. john talacca

    john talacca8 soat oldin

    Which means.. dc always wins...

  54. JustSimplyBrandon

    JustSimplyBrandon8 soat oldin

    The other crazy thing is the Machamp can Gigantamax and that CAN be encountered in the wild, if the fight takes place in the Gala Region. How can Goro handle a Gigantamax Machamp?

  55. Hoshikawa

    Hoshikawa8 soat oldin

    You made a mistake. Esdeath is not the only survivor of the Partas Clan. Takahiro, the Akame Ga Kill!'s writer explained that there are other survivors of Esdeath Clan joined her military after she became a general in the Akame ga Kill! Official Guide Book.

  56. Pirate Style Jutsu

    Pirate Style Jutsu8 soat oldin

    Too bad Gray didn’t have any friends their to protect, or Esdeath would be nothing but a pile of ice shards and boobs.

  57. Kevin H

    Kevin H8 soat oldin

    Steven universe future 🆚 star butterfly death battle please 🤩

  58. Popkorn

    Popkorn8 soat oldin

    Do batman Vs taskmaster!!! I command u.

  59. Jed Henaku Budu

    Jed Henaku Budu8 soat oldin

    How is lifting a celestial of importance Edit: Just when I thought nothing more irrelevant could be added they called Billy a professional Orphan.That is not just irrelevant, it is dark

  60. Star Platinum

    Star Platinum8 soat oldin

    Jotaro ending: Jotaro: STAR PLATINUM ZA WARUDO Star platinum: *barrages Kenshiro then breaks his heart* Kenshiro: *Shakes then falls on the floor dead* Tie ending Kenshiro and star platinum: *barrage each other* Kenshiro: *Jumps up to land the last hit on jotaro* Star platinum: *Punches kenshiro knocking him out* Kenshiro: *Punches Jotaro knocking him out* Just Bros ending Before the pressure point hit Kenshiro: man i'm tired jotaro: Yare yare Kenshiro: wanna get a beer Jotaro: sure

  61. Austin Robb

    Austin Robb8 soat oldin

    The only part I have an issue with is the terminator loosing an arm to a small car on his shoulder

  62. Đăng Hải

    Đăng Hải8 soat oldin

    i like that

  63. Sunil Permaul

    Sunil Permaul8 soat oldin

    I actually called this one and felt pretty good about it :D

  64. A Person

    A Person8 soat oldin

    Just realized the Chuck Norris model is just a pallet swap of old joesph joestar from JoJo. So I must say is that a JoJo's reference?

  65. randoms y maz

    randoms y maz8 soat oldin

    Soma cruz (castlevania) vs DIO (jojo)

  66. Hazza T

    Hazza T8 soat oldin

    So basically silver samurai beats shredder unless shredder cheats and turns into a mutant, got it

  67. Roland Plaza

    Roland Plaza8 soat oldin

    Pls make yujiro hanma vs uvogin

  68. Klein Sagara

    Klein Sagara8 soat oldin

    KFC is my fav restauran

  69. Caleb Moore

    Caleb Moore8 soat oldin

    DK punched the moon; with the help of diddy's jet pack

  70. AKIRA -Z

    AKIRA -Z8 soat oldin

    Nice I only wanted esdeath to win

  71. Matin Castro

    Matin Castro8 soat oldin

    will the next battle be Yugioh vs Magic the gathering

  72. No no

    No no8 soat oldin

    Oof snake toyed with him at the end with his little knife tricks

  73. Mr Silent2

    Mr Silent28 soat oldin

    I want to see Misaka (a certain magical index) vs Killua (hunter x hunter) Killua (hunter x hunter) vs Kakashi (naruto) Escanor ( seven deadly sins) vs Sinbad (magi) All Might (my hero academia) vs Meurem (Hunter x Hunter) Asta (black clover) vs Meliodas (seven deadly sins) Naruto (u know where he's from, he's from Naruto) vs Meliodas (seven deadly sins) Rin okumura (blue exorcist) vs Alibaba (Magi) Deku (my hero academia) vs Atsushi (Bungo Stray Dogs) Albedo (Overlord) vs Rem (Re:Zero) that match would be a waifu war Yato (Noragami) vs Rin (Blue Exorcist) Bell (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Girls Up in a Dungeon?) vs Atsushi (Bungo Stray Dogs) Alice (Sword Art Online) vs Saber Artoria (Fate series) another waifu war Magus (Chrono Trigger) vs Sol (The Alchemist Code/the guy in my pfp) best characters from their games and the match most likely 2 be forever ignored. Garou (One Punch Man) vs Meruem (Hunter x Hunter) Naofumi (The Rising of the Shield Hero) vs Seiya (Cautious Hero) Murmur (The Future Diary) vs Yoda (Star Wars) Killua (Hunter x Hunter) vs Deku (My Hero Academia) Rimuru Tempest (that time I got reincarnated as a slime) vs Ainz Ooal Gown (Overlord) Also Naofumi (The Rising of the Shield Hero) vs Rimuru Tempest (That time I got Reincarnated as a slime)

  74. djUpRoar

    djUpRoar8 soat oldin

    Lmao! Natsu didn’t even get close to his full power 😂

  75. Yol Riin Lask

    Yol Riin Lask8 soat oldin

    You guys are STILL here? It's over, go home and go do something productive. Your life is more important than a non-canon fictional fight.

  76. Xavier Gonzalez

    Xavier Gonzalez8 soat oldin

    I felt Thor should of won this one but eh

  77. nephaleos gamer anim

    nephaleos gamer anim8 soat oldin

    A f#king meteorite

  78. djUpRoar

    djUpRoar8 soat oldin

    Lol, grey might lose this fight but he’s a lot stronger then what was shown here. Grey can fuse his ice with his blood which makes his ice even stronger then his demon slayer ice. Also Grey can freeze an entire village permanently in ice.

  79. razor 95

    razor 958 soat oldin

    Lol even normal Greymon is enough for Charizard, maybe Metal Greymon for Mega evolved one. Wargreymon is just overkill.

  80. Random Gamez

    Random Gamez8 soat oldin

    Am I the only one who wanted Jak and Daxter to turn into sheep

  81. Gingernesium !!!

    Gingernesium !!!8 soat oldin

    When can we put Steven from Steven universe against someone because in the past few episodes he is way too powerful

  82. ninja family 85

    ninja family 859 soat oldin

    Can you do bendy vs sans

  83. Cross-Eyed Cat

    Cross-Eyed Cat9 soat oldin

    me, after 15 minutes of Doom Eternal: hahahahaha *No.*

  84. Gamer Dan the man

    Gamer Dan the man9 soat oldin

    Or maybe a god of destruction

  85. Gamer Dan the man

    Gamer Dan the man9 soat oldin

    @Deathbattle who would win between a Sayian or an uchiha or any video someone facing against Jiren from Dragonball super

  86. guardianoflife

    guardianoflife9 soat oldin

    1. I could've sworn you said he had the ability to control ice powers in others. 2. You had an ice battle without Sub-Zero or Iceman? Not even Sasquatch? Sigh 3. Still waiting to see Ryuji Yamazaki in a Death Battle. I still say madness vs control would be a good fight if you pitted him against Dhalsim from the Street Fighter series.

  87. Galdrnix Thral

    Galdrnix Thral9 soat oldin

    Stop scaling these characters when there is alot of data on them cuz all is does is muddy the facts and the fact of the mater is gray has taken on worse and won . unlike the now dead in cannon esdeth just saying

  88. Grant Podue

    Grant Podue9 soat oldin

    XD XD XD XD XD I am laughing so much I am on the floor best episode ever

  89. Tristan Evans

    Tristan Evans9 soat oldin

    Death battle idea: kuswo saike ( The diasterous life of saike K) vs. goku ( dragon ball Z )

  90. djUpRoar

    djUpRoar9 soat oldin

    It’s not ice devil slayer magic, it’s Ice Demon Slayer magic.

  91. anime King

    anime King9 soat oldin

    Ive watched a bit of both and jotaro would win with................yare yare daze

  92. redviper163

    redviper1639 soat oldin

    Hey DB, this animation was slow, choppy, poorly choreographed, and poorly voice acted. You have been around for years, you should at least make consistently good animations by now, but you still put out so many lazy animations. I suggest maybe putting a little more effort in your channel, because you have been on a downhill spiral after season 3, which was a great season. After that season so many animations were just awful. I don't care about the research aspect so do whatever with that, but your animations are where you are supposed to set yourself apart from the other channels that debate character match ups, and you haven't been doing a very good job. Also your wiz and boomstick animation is absolutely disgusting, either make them look decent or go back to the slideshow format please. I've watched this channel since middle school, so it isn't fun to watch it stumble it's way downhill.

  93. Emil Ayala

    Emil Ayala9 soat oldin

    Sonic fans:NO!!!!!!!!! AMY DIED!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me:Finally,She's dead

  94. Valentin Gonzalez

    Valentin Gonzalez9 soat oldin

    Thats was a bit brutal

  95. Lazy couch potato Is here

    Lazy couch potato Is here9 soat oldin

    4:00 “Mess around with other people’s ice magic.” Doesn’t that mean he could’ve won easily by manipulating her magic?

  96. Armadillo 345

    Armadillo 3459 soat oldin

    Indominous rex vs xenomorph queen

  97. Montoya Jarrett

    Montoya Jarrett9 soat oldin

    Can you do the white latern vs the sentry from marel vs dc would will win

  98. Kaitou Luminous

    Kaitou Luminous9 soat oldin

    And melon Lord wins again

  99. The Avalanchilator

    The Avalanchilator9 soat oldin

    I feel like this was a fair decision. Kill's got that battle experience, that training, that speed, and that limitless potential. Eh, I never liked sasuke anyway. Was a loser most of the anime.

  100. Nick A007

    Nick A0079 soat oldin

    Is there any way i can make request for a Death Battle i have in mind. I wanna see a "Sailor Moon vs ???" episode.