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  1. TC C

    TC CKun oldin

    Grace has no idea what's going on. Go back to watchmen.

  2. Mr Bigglesworth

    Mr BigglesworthKun oldin

    John Walker is the shit

  3. StormBreaker 821

    StormBreaker 821Kun oldin

    It all has to do with the goverment not wanting Falcon or WS to be captain america because of the events that happened in and after Civil war so they go with Us agent who will start off as the new “Captain America” but will the show progresses and into other movies turn in to the full on Black and red suited Us Agent with a more comicaccurate shield!! It has nothing to do with people not ready for a Black Captain!!

  4. Michael Gonzales

    Michael GonzalesKun oldin

    Howard Stark was able to build this in the 30s! With a box of scraps!

  5. Cinema Mix

    Cinema MixKun oldin

    Nobody Grace : Go Watch Watchmen

  6. Rey

    ReyKun oldin

    This could be literally anything this is why I hate these behind the scenes pictures. This could be a show inside a show situation around Captain America. Could be just a mascot. Could mean anything so calm down people.

  7. Adrian Perez

    Adrian PerezKun oldin

    Its Star Boy. CW Star girl boyfriend ...

  8. Gareth Owen

    Gareth OwenKun oldin

    Grace Tv costumes never good as movie cosutumes

  9. Pratik Jadhav

    Pratik JadhavKun oldin

    Sam will not get the shield cause of the sokovia accords

  10. Ivan Salguero

    Ivan SalgueroKun oldin

    I just wanna see baron zemo with his costume

  11. SteadyNUnremitting

    SteadyNUnremittingKun oldin

    Looks like the discount version of Captain America

  12. Kev Young

    Kev YoungKun oldin

    There are no gay characters in this film. Accept it.

  13. Craig Tidwell

    Craig TidwellKun oldin

    Here we go Grace bitching again about a photo from a show that hasn't even premiered yet

  14. mac

    macKun oldin

    This is why I love this channels reviews, I really enjoyed it but Grace brings up points I wouldn't of even thought off, even if I don't agree with them. She doesn't follow the mainstream opinion. Great honest review.

  15. Leo Nielson

    Leo NielsonKun oldin

    My first reaction is to wonder if this is our first look at USAgent?

  16. DeadpoolsX

    DeadpoolsXKun oldin

    He's gonna be like captain america from "the boys".

  17. Surya Narayanamoorthy

    Surya NarayanamoorthyKun oldin

    marvel films are the worst

  18. Logan Ziglinski

    Logan ZiglinskiKun oldin

    The blue is off on the shields. Also, Government can make another shield.....

  19. Gera Miles

    Gera MilesKun oldin

    America, especially at THAT time, Wouldn't be ready for a Black Captain America. Marvel was being honest.

  20. Nick Kelly

    Nick KellyKun oldin

    I don't get the outrage here. We don't know the story yet. The character of Sam same has to have some development here. A good arch for him would be in the beginning he is overwhelmed by being the new Capt. America and gives up the shield but then takes a whole season to grow into the role and win it back from a corrupt Capt America. With great power comes great... well you get the idea.

  21. Kyle Holman

    Kyle HolmanKun oldin

    So as far as anyone can say it has no relation to Cabin In The Woods. "Management" is the Mob. The EL Royale is based on the hotel that Sinatra owned. Hemsworth plays a character similar to Charles Manson. Dakota Johnson is not a gangster. Cynthia Erivo's singing elevates this movie from being something derivative to something special. As far as I'm concerned if Goddard's only intention with this film was to give Cynthia Erivo a vehicle towards stardom it's great! Also Cabin in The Woods is a great little horror movie that takes a lot of the standard horror conventions and turns them on their ear.

  22. Matthew Churchyard

    Matthew ChurchyardKun oldin

    I’m from London and I thought it was a brilliant movie - brought together Ritchies Classic gangster flicks with new bold ideas and clear vision and fun storytelling. Farrell and Grant are highlights for sure.

  23. Anthony Zanders

    Anthony ZandersKun oldin

    U.S Agent is literally supposed to be the government appointed Captain America and I’m SURE they’ll adapt the story to where “the world needs captain America” and thunderbolt Ross, even tho Steve handed the shield to Sam, has been planning on Steve’s death or for him to be put back on ice BUT HAS A BACKUP CAP. The shield is sams but they’ll “confiscate it” and then yeah sam and Bucky will have to prove he’s not Steve and get the shield back. I mean sure you can take it as THE WORLD ISNT RESDY FOR A BLACK CAP but tbh I’m not ALL THAT excited for sam to become cap just to be comics accurate and I’m actually kinda here for this story line 🤷🏽‍♀️ or it could be different shield, it’s just vibranium in a circle, as if the government hasn’t acquired the earths second strongest metal to adamantium 🙄 I’m really excited for this, not as much as Wandavision, but definitely more so than Loki. This could be “the thunderbolts” cap, and the beginning to the governments avengers 🤷🏽‍♀️

  24. TeaCup Pig

    TeaCup PigKun oldin

    Do you all not know who US Agent is? Why the outrage?

  25. Al Lee

    Al LeeKun oldin

    Watchmen sucks

  26. Jesse Garrard

    Jesse GarrardKun oldin

    Can someone explain to me the significance of a blue man doing the macarena?

  27. Sean O'Halloran

    Sean O'HalloranKun oldin

    I loved the movie "Gravity" but it's not really layered enough to re-watch. "Interstellar" was layer overkill. I hope "Ad Astra" is a more balanced version of those two films. Great video.

  28. McDermott

    McDermottKun oldin

    Idk why everyone is so mad. The point of the character is to show that you can’t pick up the shield and just become Cap. I feel like this is going to be integral to Sam’s arc in the show, where Zemo is going to play more to Bucky bc of their more intense past together. Something clearly happened with Sam not having the shield. Whether US Agent took it, the Government didn’t allow him to be Cap because he’s black, or he didn’t feel like he was worthy. I feel like the whole point of the arc is to show that he thinks he can be Cap and should be. I think comparing it to Watchmen is not strange, but you’re knocking a story before knowing what it is. I haven’t liked a lot of Marvel properties recently. But i’m hopeful for this one. It’s just a BTS photo at the end of the day. The world has not ended people lol

  29. Antoine Ingram

    Antoine IngramKun oldin

    It wouldn't surprise me if the government, in cooperation with Wakanda, acquired some Vibranium and forged another shield, I, too, can't imagine Sam Wilson would just hand over the very shield that Cap entrusted him with.

  30. TheSickdeathfiend

    TheSickdeathfiendKun oldin

    hbo's wokemen and sophisticated don't go together grace.

  31. Samuel Turner

    Samuel TurnerKun oldin

    literally never heard of Watchmen

  32. MiMi Idlewild

    MiMi IdlewildKun oldin

    I imagine that the government wouldn't back the ones who didn't sign the accords. They'd take this chance to reclaim the name and make it a title in the DoD. This will be presented as the new one in a big press conference while Sam and Bucky watch and shake their heads from somewhere else since they're still fugitives.

  33. rugo kelvin

    rugo kelvinKun oldin

    MCU homelander lol

  34. KaijYT

    KaijYTKun oldin

    How can you miss the point and message of a movie so completely and utterly? Then have the courage to post it. Lord.

  35. E.H

    E.HKun oldin

    I think the problem with watchmen might just be related to the amount of streaming servives out there. I know that people could just circle out subscription from one service to another but to me its tiresome.

  36. Planet2 NTBFW

    Planet2 NTBFWKun oldin

    Looks like crap, love it.

  37. The Great White

    The Great WhiteKun oldin

    Was severely disappointed when I found out the cats were CGI. Like what? They should've trained house cats 🐈 😵 smh


    IAANAINIKun oldin

    I think it's really interesting that the US government tries to make a new Cap, even though Steve passed the shield to Sam. And the suit looks like a bad Cap Halloween costume which I think is great.

  39. tav raney

    tav raneyKun oldin

    If the government can't except a black captain American why the make Don cheadle the iron Patriot

  40. Jay Hussain

    Jay HussainKun oldin

    It's definitely one of the best movies I've seen in a while.

  41. Leif Eriksson

    Leif ErikssonKun oldin

    Watchmen was amazing. Loved it. If Marvel comes anywhere close with their TV-shows it will be a smash hit.



    I'll watch Watchmen when the rest of the world watches Doom Patrol

  43. theone Andonly

    theone AndonlyKun oldin

    So she's not swearing now?! Has she grown a pair or not!!

  44. Kevin McVann

    Kevin McVannKun oldin

    The GUY looks like a Comic con Fan at an Event with his Homemade Costume

  45. Axxidous

    AxxidousKun oldin

    Anyone else notice how low Grace has sunken? She’s mad because of the way this man stands? Because there’s too many white guys? And… I don’t even know what else she’s upset about. She wants it to be like the comics but is upset if it’s like the comics. I’m not sure what she’s trying to say. When I look at the image… I was just confused.

  46. Sharkgirl94

    Sharkgirl94Kun oldin

    The boys cap america

  47. Francis Vincent Ong

    Francis Vincent OngKun oldin

    I'm guessing US Agent's shield isn't made of vibranium or at the very least isn't nearly as strong as Falcon's shield. Might just be standard bullet proof or even a cheap prop for photos.

  48. Tyree Marable

    Tyree MarableKun oldin

    Grace: I much prefer this film adaption to the broadway version Me: Kindly *fuck off*

  49. TheBrianGee

    TheBrianGeeKun oldin

    Why didn't they just make this show into movies? They obviously need the larger budget.

  50. moua64

    moua64Kun oldin

    I think it will end up with Falcon having the shield, and the show is about tackling that issue that we actually are not ready for a Black Cap. MCU is definitely going there with this next phase.

  51. Phil Chadwick

    Phil ChadwickKun oldin

    Walker has heat with Grace! :D

  52. Jolfer 13

    Jolfer 13Kun oldin

    Damn.....I was looking forward to this until now

  53. Dávid Solt

    Dávid SoltKun oldin

    My reaction is this is piece of garbage!

  54. maarten194

    maarten194Kun oldin

    I don't understand any of this , but its fun to watch

  55. Suspicious Nut

    Suspicious NutKun oldin

    I’m sure in the show the government will realise falcon will be the true Cap replacement. It’s just a story. It’s all about resistance and challenge. Sit back, relax and let’s see what happens 🙂

  56. Roger Jones

    Roger JonesKun oldin

    Watchmen failed? Bullshit.

  57. Shah G

    Shah GKun oldin

    What’s the big issue. Don’t get it 🤔🤔🤔

  58. Corey Parsons

    Corey ParsonsKun oldin

    I think it’s a second shield

  59. Channing Beauchene

    Channing BeaucheneKun oldin

    Marvel could never make a show as sophisticated and brilliantly crafted as Watchmen, which is why it's literally one of the best shows ever to be put on television. I don't think that Feige's goal either because he knows most MCU fans don't have the attention span or patience to watch something that intellectual. Look how safe Disney's being with films like Dr. Strange 2, that's a clear indicator that they aren't willing to go there.

  60. D.L Hudson

    D.L HudsonKun oldin

    He is prob just impersonating captain America Grace!!! Relax !!! You don’t even know the plot line yet

  61. henry leake

    henry leakeKun oldin

    How did watchmen fail?

  62. henry leake

    henry leakeKun oldin

    Watchmen failed? What the hell are you talking about?

  63. Dj Genius

    Dj GeniusKun oldin

    Watchmen was amazing! And I trust Marvel not to make a shot storyline... But it makes me worry that they will find any way to interject captain America and iron Man in everything... They're gone... Let's move on... (I know it's US Agent, but u get what I mean)

  64. jason87077

    jason87077Kun oldin

    Hm, yeah, I don't see a reason to be mad about this. We don't know the context or who the character actually is. Looks pretty cool to me, personally. I'm sure Falcon and Winter Soldier will have to fight him eventually, which could be fun to watch. Who knows. But I dont think it's something to be upset about, let alone furious. Atleast not yet.

  65. Rail-Gun

    Rail-GunKun oldin

    1:54 No........ Just............ No.................... T_T

  66. Gerrel Saunders

    Gerrel SaundersKun oldin

    This is such an over-reaction.

  67. MYMINDism

    MYMINDismKun oldin

    No wokeism is dead, Bury it

  68. Charlie Esser

    Charlie EsserKun oldin

    There is a bunch of scrap Ultron parts in Sakovia. Lots of vibranium available if you want a back up shield.

  69. Sam

    SamKun oldin

    "This feels offensive to me" should be stricken from the zeitgeist. Please stop being offended on behalf of others. If it offends you personally, then by all means speak up.

  70. M S

    M SKun oldin

    The only way to redeem this is if this captain America is a side character, and the shows focus is on the struggle of being a hero of colour, and he gets it back

  71. Ben Evans

    Ben EvansKun oldin

    Could be interesting - and a Winter Soldier vibe - if Sam and Bucky end up outside the law, with SHIELD in the hands of HYDRA, we've already had a ton of AGENTS.

  72. Brian Scott

    Brian ScottKun oldin

    Honestly, I'm burnt out on superhero movies and this one does not help.

  73. Carissa Lutton Reviews

    Carissa Lutton ReviewsKun oldin

    I feel like this is one of those movies that everyone loves except me, like knives out.

  74. Rudy Enciso

    Rudy EncisoKun oldin

    Grace do you know history? since if it wasnt for the USSR the nazis would have won ! They fought them on the eastern front by themselves. They lost more people than any other country

  75. Nathan Parrish

    Nathan ParrishKun oldin

    Grace you need Korg & definitely more "pamphlets" to get the word out! "Watch Watchmen" best limited series on HBO & television this past year. Oh & I can't wait for Falcon & Wintersolder to go against MAGA Cap... so good.

  76. Adam Southward

    Adam SouthwardKun oldin

    Have Falcon and Bucky been pardoned by the government post Civil War? Maybe they end up arrested and Falcon is deemed unsuitable for the role of Cap based on this? Also explains how the shield ends up in John Walker's hands. If speculation is true and they are doing either a Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers series or movie, then this gives us our Cap equivalent (not replacement) for that. Then you have: Black Widow= Yelena Bulova, Hawkeye= Taskmaster (hence all the bow and arrow footage in the BW trailer- not saying they are one and the same BTW), Hulk= Red Hulk (why spend so much time on Thunderbolt Ross otherwise?) and Cap= USAgent. That only leaves us needing equivalents for Thor and Iron Man (Zemo in the Iron Patriot armour, maybe?), out of the original six. Just saying, although colour is the obvious reason for the government (though I suspect the real person behind the decision will be Ross) not choosing Sam as the new Cap, maybe that's only part of the reasoning.

  77. Nomen Nescio

    Nomen NescioKun oldin

    Title: Marvel US Agent First Look Content: "Watch WATCHMEN!!" campaign Summary: It's a scam. We want a refund!

  78. Ian Jasper Mangampo

    Ian Jasper MangampoKun oldin

    I think US agent is just a short lived character in this series and might even end up a villain. Which makes Sam Wilson the new Captain America

  79. James Tarr

    James TarrKun oldin

    Well Grace, you can be assured that I watched Watchmen, however, not knowing much of the history of the characters, I was confused as to the motivations of everyone. And what really took me out of it was that I didn't get why ordinary people dressed up as superheroes. Masks were explained, but full on costumes for people without powers?

  80. Anthony Mckenzie

    Anthony MckenzieKun oldin

    Was this a video about watching watchmen or US Agent??



    Watchmen was an amazing show

  82. Chris Wishinsky

    Chris WishinskyKun oldin

    wheres rock-n-rolla 2????

  83. Heinrich Everson

    Heinrich EversonKun oldin

    Grace cussing has me shook 😢

  84. Peter Garcia

    Peter GarciaKun oldin

    Whhhaaaa. I wanted Falcon to be the new Cap!

  85. Marcus

    MarcusKun oldin

    Watchmen is amazing!! One of my favorite shows of all time!

  86. Robert Angus

    Robert AngusKun oldin

    Grace get angry at U.S. Agent for being a disrespectful phony version of Captain America: Me starting to sing like Jay Exci: That's the f***king point

  87. Sadiq Said

    Sadiq SaidKun oldin

    When hela Caught Mjolnir little did we know she was worthy too 😂😂😂😂

  88. Geboinzki 28

    Geboinzki 28Kun oldin

    Didn't you know about this impersonator of Cap?

  89. Geboinzki 28

    Geboinzki 28Kun oldin

    Didn't you know about this impersonator of Cap?

  90. Cobra SP TUBE

    Cobra SP TUBEKun oldin

    It make sense that both sam and us agent has a shield since cap gave the future copy of the shield in avengers endgame. We can have sam captain vs us agent.

  91. Cat

    CatKun oldin

    I don’t like watchman

  92. MeTube

    MeTubeKun oldin

    Anthony Mackie just casually holding the shield is more Cap than whoever that other white dude is.

  93. Ricky Dimaz Yudistira

    Ricky Dimaz YudistiraKun oldin

    "you don't deserve it my father made that shield"

  94. Beta 7000

    Beta 7000Kun oldin

    This is comic accurate so it’s good

  95. Savion Lewis

    Savion LewisKun oldin

    Black Guy gets the shield Fans: NOOOO, BUCKY SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN IT White guy gets the shield Fans:YAYYYY THIS IS COMIC ACCURATE

  96. MrTiDiNi

    MrTiDiNiKun oldin

    Grace, it's like you're oblivious to what sources say about these series - that's exactly what the plot will be! The government are gonna take the shield from Sam becuase they don't believe the people will accept a black Captain America and that's why they'll give it to John Walker who's gonna turn out to be not a very nice guy.

  97. Éric's Channel

    Éric's ChannelKun oldin

    the new guy doesnt have the jaw line and the nose for the job he looks like a too well dressed cosplayer!! No that doesn't work for me!!!

  98. Michelle Foucault

    Michelle FoucaultKun oldin

    Watchmen was fantastic! I think that people will give it a chance after knowing it's a one season show. People are afraid of committing to multiple seasons that might decline in quality.

  99. bob obo

    bob oboKun oldin

    I think new cap shield won't be real. It will probably just be a metal shield that keeps getting replaced.

  100. Swaelo

    SwaeloKun oldin

    shut up about watchmen omg