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Do Tech Life Hacks work?
AirPods Pro vs

AirPods Pro vs

28 kun oldin

  1. Becoming Godsize

    Becoming GodsizeKun oldin

    My battery lasts all day (10am - 1:30am) with heavy use it never went under 30% yet.

  2. Andrew Kladouchos

    Andrew KladouchosKun oldin

    Try the first hack on a an android phone!

  3. [sic]Erik Tv

    [sic]Erik TvKun oldin

    Try plugging in headphone to the sleeve case lol.

  4. Jose Puentes

    Jose PuentesKun oldin

    Lmao this one had me dying 😂

  5. Zach Davids

    Zach DavidsKun oldin

    The fingerprint scanner on the iPhone needs human skin to activate it so tape couldn’t do that. You should try it in a Samsung.

  6. Walter Reeves

    Walter ReevesKun oldin

    The chapstick and tape one might work with android phones because I know it doesn’t work on iPhones because IPhones Touch ID works by sending electrical pulses into your hand and getting your hand to react to it (something along those lines you can look it up) Fun Fact: because of this a dead persons finger or chopped off finger wouldn’t work because of this

  7. Ivan Raj

    Ivan RajKun oldin

    Pity Arie ahahaha she had it going good first but then Uravgconsumer came back lol

  8. Ulysses Alaniz

    Ulysses AlanizKun oldin

    Ummm can you do a giveaway please LOL

  9. navysniper23

    navysniper23Kun oldin

    Mouse trick has been a thing since galaxy S7

  10. Deadpool

    DeadpoolKun oldin

    How can this person be average consumer what an irony

  11. Wayne The Goat 0628

    Wayne The Goat 0628Kun oldin

    Is youtube you guys main source of income? What else do you guys do to make money?

  12. The learner

    The learnerKun oldin

    I need all those stuff that u have unboxed

  13. Aleksander Filipczak

    Aleksander FilipczakKun oldin

    The finger print didn't work, as it was inverted. You need to flip it again. We use to do it with finger print scanners at work 😂

  14. Michael PH

    Michael PHKun oldin

    Ni . . . . . . Ce

  15. Razorz -

    Razorz -Kun oldin

    does all of this ONLY work with the X

  16. Mervin Kalaimani

    Mervin KalaimaniKun oldin

    This guys is like Steve (Edward Norton) from Italian Job. "I like what you said. I'll take one of each of yours"

  17. JaskaranBtw

    JaskaranBtwKun oldin

    Hi New account

  18. Mandeep 1

    Mandeep 1Kun oldin

    Y is this video running only on 480p in my phone???

  19. Quan Nguyen

    Quan NguyenKun oldin

    U recommend Dragalia Lost ?? Subscribed !

  20. Matt Krug

    Matt KrugKun oldin

    Who else preordering this case?

  21. Hugo Lui

    Hugo LuiKun oldin

    I guess u can do the fingerprint one with pencil since graphite is electrically conductive and the sensor should get the fingerprint easily

  22. darthstar18

    darthstar18Kun oldin

    bruh that chap stick method only worked on first gen touch ID

  23. George Austin

    George AustinKun oldin

    Thank you, Jud

  24. Bladerr

    BladerrKun oldin

    The slim thing is one for the future with a baby on the way lol You cheer me up watching stuff like this stay safe 😷👍🇦🇺

  25. Dustin Wiley

    Dustin WileyKun oldin

    the mouse thing has worked with most android since honeycomb.

  26. dkong

    dkongKun oldin

    and who plays asphalt 8 that was last year it is asphalt 9

  27. Prodbypeterpana

    ProdbypeterpanaKun oldin

    I'm pretty sure the fingerprint one would work on optical sensors like the in screen fingerprint ones

  28. Alex Marshall

    Alex MarshallKun oldin

    then paper one works... you didnt do it properly

  29. G K

    G KKun oldin

    You can take a USB hub and a otg connector especially if you have an Android phone since about the honeycomb OS. Plug in a mouse keyboard and a flash drive. Or you can plug a wired Xbox 360 controller in as well for emulators. This isn't new news. And no it's not just USB C otg connectors that can do this. You can do all that with a micro USB OTG cable too.

  30. Raven

    RavenKun oldin

    Aren’t you not supposed to use 3rd party accessories? Doesn’t that damage your switch?

  31. dkong

    dkongKun oldin

    try the fingerprint trick with a Samsung because iPhone uses an electronic capacitive fingerprint scanner that basically means the person using an iPhone scanner has to be alive and not dead or fake

  32. onii-chan's manko

    onii-chan's mankoKun oldin

    This is a suitcase review not a phone one

  33. Charbel-Fred Mansour

    Charbel-Fred MansourKun oldin

    Was there a budget

  34. Joseph Tellez

    Joseph TellezKun oldin

    Did anyone else notice the red balls everywhere

  35. Christopher Argueta

    Christopher ArguetaKun oldin

    This seems kinda biased no respect but i have the buds plus and they crush airpods and every way

  36. Christopher Argueta

    Christopher ArguetaKun oldin

    What are you talking anout buds plus have better sound cuality then airpods

  37. Chav

    ChavKun oldin

    When you open your iPhone in 2010 3:09

  38. Insane Games

    Insane GamesKun oldin

    My name is Damon, Nomad backwards :D

  39. Clay Flanders

    Clay FlandersKun oldin

    Why is no one talking about how Jud rocks a phone without a tempered glass?

  40. Wayne Waimotu

    Wayne WaimotuKun oldin

    That was cool

  41. Dwight Nishimura

    Dwight NishimuraKun oldin

    Ari must be a full on Apple Person. LOL If the AirPods Pro has only a slightly better sound quality, then price point matters. A $100 dollar cheaper I'll give it to the G Buds+.

  42. Samayamanthula Nikhilsai

    Samayamanthula Nikhilsai2 kun oldin

    bro u r looking cool

  43. Chase Greene

    Chase Greene2 kun oldin

    please make more of these wack random videos haha, love it

  44. Patrick Sky

    Patrick Sky2 kun oldin

    12:45 you can actually do this on any android phone, been doing this since 2015. you can also use a game controller to play emulated games on your phone.

  45. Aarav Krishna

    Aarav Krishna2 kun oldin

    Wait so apple gave you all this for free luck I don even have a good phone

  46. potato_bro57

    potato_bro572 kun oldin

    You watch ANIME omg I love that. 0:15

  47. Philip Howell

    Philip Howell2 kun oldin

    Seen one of these used 'like new' on amazon UK for £400... think it's worth it?

  48. Mike Mincey

    Mike Mincey2 kun oldin

    Sorry, but you came into this video having already made up your mind. How could the Galaxy Buds + stand a chance against that kind of bias?

  49. Hassan Mohammed

    Hassan Mohammed2 kun oldin

    The mouse hack actually works for every Android phone since Android Lollipop. Basically, it uses the USB OTG feature in Android.

  50. Mac Mac

    Mac Mac2 kun oldin

    He look like he stoles all the devices.

  51. alessandro nicoletti

    alessandro nicoletti2 kun oldin

    Love it

  52. Bill Walker

    Bill Walker2 kun oldin

    Hey, the sheet of paper really works. If you look at the video with/without the paper you see your face gets lighter. Now in real life, if you have a light colored wall behind you or a bright sky, the camera will see more light so will step down the f-stop to compensate, making the face darker. Using the paper to reflect more light on the face than the background allows the camera to adjust more for the face than the background allowing for a better facial picture. Thats why at photo shoots you will see a number of reflectors to properly balance the light on the subject.

  53. MWILLIAMS 21

    MWILLIAMS 212 kun oldin

    Do more of these videos enjoyed them alot

  54. Josh Tafoya

    Josh Tafoya2 kun oldin

    When you have kids slime is definitely a common item in your home. You will know soon enough

  55. Pokemon Tcg Legends

    Pokemon Tcg Legends2 kun oldin

    That was not a Tesla. It was a dodge that looked like one

  56. Salimji26

    Salimji262 kun oldin

    Any android device with otg capabilities can connect with a keyboard and mouse, not just a Samsung with dex

  57. Souvlakis In cyprus

    Souvlakis In cyprus2 kun oldin

    13:00 obviously. I do that with my tablet all the time

  58. Fribble Naut

    Fribble Naut2 kun oldin

    All I have to say is work on that cable management

  59. Kaito Asano

    Kaito Asano2 kun oldin

    All these amazing products but they don't ship to my country

  60. TheSa7777

    TheSa77772 kun oldin

    Just tried the case in the sleeve and it's working!

  61. Diligenc3

    Diligenc32 kun oldin

    13:20 That, Judner, has nothing to do with Dex. This is because most android phones these days have USB OTG capabilities. You can plug in a flash drive (FAT32 only except if you have a Huawei phone), a mouse, a keyboard, and even some wireless receivers. Dex is another technology altogether

  62. Heeyoon Kang

    Heeyoon Kang2 kun oldin

    All android devices should work with a mouse and keyboard.

  63. Andrew Hernandez

    Andrew Hernandez2 kun oldin

    The mouse hack is for all android devices. (OTG support)

  64. KingDenRV

    KingDenRV2 kun oldin

    Imagine there was such thing as a beats phone

  65. I see you

    I see you2 kun oldin

    Bro give one giveaway

  66. Matthew Taylor

    Matthew Taylor2 kun oldin

    If you put your fingerprint on a piece of tape then flip it over to use on a phone. It should be obvious it wouldn't work. You're fingerprint would be reversed or mirrored to what your phone is programmed to. Besides who is this for? People who lost their fingerprints due to an accident. Even if it did work another person should be skeptical that your puting Chapstick and Scotch tape on their fingertips

  67. Harish Vora

    Harish Vora2 kun oldin

    U know he is running out of content

  68. sherlock_arnold

    sherlock_arnold2 kun oldin

    Imagine watching smth like food wars in there.

  69. Tyler Lancaster

    Tyler Lancaster2 kun oldin

    Day 12 of quarantine @ 5:30

  70. Kobe Tuastomban

    Kobe Tuastomban2 kun oldin

    I love me a nice 12.9 inch...... iPad.

  71. FE KE KE FE

    FE KE KE FE2 kun oldin

    That I’m looks like it could be used for something else 👀 3:01

  72. Msq Msq

    Msq Msq2 kun oldin

    If you’re eating over your keyboard excuse me but you’re a pig 🐷

  73. jeremy garcia

    jeremy garcia2 kun oldin

    Nice video, thanks! what kind of headphones were those?!

  74. theShadowGuardian

    theShadowGuardian2 kun oldin

    that samsung dex mouse thing

  75. Hannessomething

    Hannessomething2 kun oldin

    A mouse and keyboard even work on Samsung's low end phones and tablets

  76. Nico Radeschi

    Nico Radeschi2 kun oldin

    I love the s10 + but I think the phone could be bigger

  77. davies’s bASS

    davies’s bASS2 kun oldin

    how much storage does he have

  78. owen Wint

    owen Wint2 kun oldin

    What happens to you old macbook 12inch

  79. quintilian

    quintilian2 kun oldin


  80. Hydrosoft Tech

    Hydrosoft Tech2 kun oldin

    The Mac book air doesn’t have one

  81. Ez Thirteen

    Ez Thirteen2 kun oldin

    Why do people eat at there pc or laptop why

  82. Donate to me Plz

    Donate to me Plz2 kun oldin

    Send me this box

  83. Amogh Naganand

    Amogh Naganand2 kun oldin

    A Tesla?!!?? It was a Dodge Dart

  84. Eric Rosario

    Eric Rosario2 kun oldin

    Great video

  85. EJ Zifodya

    EJ Zifodya2 kun oldin

    @uravgconsumer you could do the mouse thing on the s3 wayyyyy backkkk

  86. Dwight Nishimura

    Dwight Nishimura2 kun oldin

    UrAvgConsumer: Could u do a comparison on AirPods Pro & G Buds+?

  87. Sukhnidhan Singh

    Sukhnidhan Singh2 kun oldin

    Wait, you can't use your PS4 as your Bluray player???

  88. Michael Vaughn

    Michael Vaughn2 kun oldin

    My parents won’t let me have Crunchyroll or Funimation because they say they can’t monitor all the stuff I do

  89. crosswhite17

    crosswhite172 kun oldin

    The mouse back has been on Android phones for years. My first Android was the Nexus 5 and it worked on that. If I remember correctly you could attach a keyboard to, as long as it wasn't one that required to much power.

  90. GogoTech

    GogoTech2 kun oldin

    0:41 bro it's a samsung j5 2016 that doesn't even have a fingerprint sensor 😂

  91. hector lopez

    hector lopez2 kun oldin

    Now I just need a bigger apartment do I could fit all these shyt

  92. Kai Lambert

    Kai Lambert2 kun oldin

    lol 12:01 you can see the editing

  93. Knife Shark

    Knife Shark2 kun oldin

    Please don’t do the box thing again it looks like a restarted crime scene with you lying on the couch

  94. Kyle Deveaux

    Kyle Deveaux2 kun oldin

    Now this is some average consumer stuff here good sir!

  95. shimura nana

    shimura nana2 kun oldin

    i mean i know new ipad and shit but when i see the different between them i really don't care, so for me as a student ipad pro 2018 is fine that's why i just ordered one, because i don't care about if it's faster or best camera that's not really something for me, but i will wait for the new keyboard cuz i need that touch bad tho

  96. jeffrey russell

    jeffrey russell2 kun oldin

    I wish I was quarantine with all the tech you have.

  97. Creaky C.

    Creaky C.2 kun oldin

    I used Bluetooth mice on my GS6 Active. It's not a Dex thing.

  98. Garv Banerji

    Garv Banerji2 kun oldin

    11:07 UrAvgConsumer: *(Sees a Dodge Dart) Oh it's a Tesla too? ME: wtf

  99. Elliott Kinsey

    Elliott Kinsey2 kun oldin

    @UrAverageConsumer what happened to the 12” MacBook? Why don’t it work anymore?

  100. Brad B

    Brad B2 kun oldin

    Can I have your old iPad lol