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  8. Jackson Tiberius

    Jackson TiberiusDaqiqa oldin

    I wonder if Tanner knows that Mark Hamill was the voice actor for The Joker in several different DC works, including the animated show. What an artistic viewpoint to superimpose a future character on top of the one that made Mark famous. I give this art 11/10. Really spinal tapped it on this one Tanman. -jbw

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    Giro cookies are actually made BY a mexican cookie company. They have Emperador which are top tier cookies, but Giro, those are traaaash.

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  30. KateBitGaming

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  31. Krazy Corders

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  38. Julia - I love SЕХ :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*

    Julia - I love SЕХ :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*6 daqiqa oldin

    Also why was everyone struggling to speak in this video😂

  39. enigma of a human

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    I love how Robert put dollarama as the image!!! Reppin Canada eh!

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  57. Derpy Fox Gaming & Reviews

    Derpy Fox Gaming & Reviews11 daqiqa oldin

    Tanner: I eat cream all day. Matt: iTs a vIbRaToR. Every Teenager ever: 😏💦

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  59. Reptar:v

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    Man Charlie tries to be so funny but his not and just get rid of him Matthias he is to childish and not funny your channel would be way better without him

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  87. Eric Swansboro

    Eric Swansboro17 daqiqa oldin

    Why does no one call out the clickbate thumbnails? I like the channel but it needs to be addressed.

  88. Lee Hilt

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    Anyone else lose it when they make the distortions on the faces they make

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