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10 Games For The Lonely!
  1. LadyHitchhiker Jackmanson

    LadyHitchhiker Jackmanson7 soat oldin

    Bad boy balla in the house

  2. Modest Ghoul OF ORCHRE CASTLE

    Modest Ghoul OF ORCHRE CASTLE7 soat oldin

    How y’all do this with the virus all up in here

  3. David's Fortnite Vids

    David's Fortnite Vids7 soat oldin

    Bad boy

  4. Kristi Landversicht

    Kristi Landversicht7 soat oldin

    Hi I’m not popular I’m gonna post this on tictock how many likes can I get

  5. Jo Bassett

    Jo Bassett7 soat oldin

    I had the pitchback in the 70's. Loved it!

  6. Shadowtrooper 1467

    Shadowtrooper 14677 soat oldin

    This will give you fun

  7. B1ackN1ght 67

    B1ackN1ght 677 soat oldin

    I am a. Member

  8. Jake Paul

    Jake Paul7 soat oldin

    Ball in the house

  9. DJ Harris

    DJ Harris7 soat oldin

    At 16:02 Matthias don’t ask questions that you don’t want to know the answer to

  10. Sam Allen

    Sam Allen7 soat oldin

    "balla in the house"... Anyone

  11. Gacha Life Eevee UwU

    Gacha Life Eevee UwU7 soat oldin

    11:01 me and my friends in elementary would do this with jump ropes because we didn't know how to jump rope properly

  12. Daniel Swift

    Daniel Swift7 soat oldin


  13. Jake Paul

    Jake Paul7 soat oldin

    Bad Boys

  14. ShaggyRogers52

    ShaggyRogers527 soat oldin

    Balla in the house badboy (did i do it right?)

  15. CrypticVortex

    CrypticVortex7 soat oldin


  16. Cedrick Bois

    Cedrick Bois7 soat oldin

    Battel boss

  17. Guess Who

    Guess Who7 soat oldin

    19:40 that a barbie foot

  18. Faizan Rehman

    Faizan Rehman7 soat oldin

    Tanner:Connor plays with person of age 45 Robert:putting the picture of a 90 year old guy

  19. arthos4551

    arthos45517 soat oldin

    7:20 I can't believe Matt Watson is confirmed soy boy by a much larger channel.

  20. Samydude

    Samydude7 soat oldin

    Bad boy

  21. Klayton Kerry

    Klayton Kerry7 soat oldin

    New title 10 knock of products that will waist your time

  22. Tyler Deerwester

    Tyler Deerwester7 soat oldin

    6:35 just a copy of the original ps. I also have the ps4 that I play fortnite on

  23. DRP smurfy

    DRP smurfy7 soat oldin

    Tip: if you kick a soccer ball at a wall, it comes back. no need to spend $120

  24. Lil’ Dill

    Lil’ Dill7 soat oldin

    Bad boi ball in the house

  25. The Codester 2.0

    The Codester 2.07 soat oldin

    11:39 Literally people in my class (and I'm in 8th grade) grind these up and snort them

  26. Ocean Colby Brock

    Ocean Colby Brock7 soat oldin

    You should do “Sam and Colby” Merch

  27. That Colton

    That Colton7 soat oldin

    “Balla in the house “

  28. something something

    something something7 soat oldin

    balla in the house

  29. Family friendly 1

    Family friendly 17 soat oldin

    My sister actually has the flip slide game and once you get the hang of it, it’s actually really easy

  30. Elizabeth Rieke

    Elizabeth Rieke7 soat oldin

    No one: Litteraly no one: Me: Can I have that toilet paper in the background?

  31. Spiralthedragon -

    Spiralthedragon -7 soat oldin

    God I love this channel

  32. Flamingknight X

    Flamingknight X7 soat oldin

    Wait but grass jelly drinks can be bought in asia and america, what do they mean by should not be canned if it's just a drink??

  33. aya tablet roblox now ayabess2 bess

    aya tablet roblox now ayabess2 bess7 soat oldin

    I'm doing this at 11:39

  34. Mariofan09 coolyokaiwatchfan9

    Mariofan09 coolyokaiwatchfan97 soat oldin

    I went into this expecting it to be cringe, since it was made 8 years ago when I made this comment, but it’s actually not bad and kind of funny

  35. K14hawk LT

    K14hawk LT7 soat oldin

    Michaels cargo pants 👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  36. Roslyn Roche

    Roslyn Roche7 soat oldin


  37. Kevin Jacobs

    Kevin Jacobs7 soat oldin

    Is it weird that I have all of these products? LOL

  38. ShaggyRogers52

    ShaggyRogers527 soat oldin

    Real talk. Im actually Hella lonely. My ex just left me out of The blue without any warning or explenation. And your videos really help me in my loneliness, so.... THANK YOU. Your videos means a lot! Keep up The good work

  39. Kevin Jacobs

    Kevin Jacobs7 soat oldin

    Bad boy

  40. Angela Barretto

    Angela Barretto7 soat oldin

    Ball in the house

  41. Damien Mata

    Damien Mata7 soat oldin

    That was dope

  42. Reefs 2 Morphs hunt

    Reefs 2 Morphs hunt7 soat oldin

    Matt you throw like you didn't have a dad

  43. Maddox Rogers

    Maddox Rogers7 soat oldin



    VINSON, ASHTON R VINSON7 soat oldin

    i just noticed ive never seen rain or bad weather outside of the building

  45. Piggy Lover

    Piggy Lover7 soat oldin

    My brother had a bounce back net and i saw a person in my class have that flipside toy

  46. it's go time for amazing

    it's go time for amazing7 soat oldin

    Oui mate that hockey blocker is used to stock handling and defence and shouting/passing to the boards on a game.Ps : I m a god at hockey dad works on nhl ranger 94 win Stanley mate

  47. Brandon Rolens

    Brandon Rolens7 soat oldin

    you guys don't know how to use the darn things, im a big fan but plz learn how to use them.

  48. Mr.Wiggle

    Mr.Wiggle7 soat oldin

    Tanners belly button just chillin

  49. Mavery Regn

    Mavery Regn7 soat oldin

    Who else got bored and scrolled all the way down here (2020?!) Probably just meh

  50. Sky .johnson

    Sky .johnson7 soat oldin

    Aren’t you guys a family UZgo channel lmao?

  51. Gaming channel153

    Gaming channel1537 soat oldin

    This was posted like seven hours ago

  52. NSCpoison12

    NSCpoison127 soat oldin


  53. me fill

    me fill7 soat oldin

    plz like this coment

  54. Coley Reed

    Coley Reed7 soat oldin

    20:21 **Angelic Tanner**


    JAEDON DAVIS7 soat oldin

    Rate my mom a nope

  56. Sarah Bunn

    Sarah Bunn7 soat oldin

    I didn't think anything about the mini tv not being a prank until Matthias said something about it.

  57. Michael Helms

    Michael Helms7 soat oldin

    Matthias is great at making me laugh

  58. Sus Cole

    Sus Cole7 soat oldin

    GAP stands for gay and pround so probably not right for children

  59. Emma Pollak

    Emma Pollak7 soat oldin

    I thought dis was ab corona bc of lonely. - - Sorry if that made no sense I’m cooked

  60. Brookie Cookie

    Brookie Cookie7 soat oldin

    “Woo, Shanelle!”

  61. TheMysteryofZoran

    TheMysteryofZoran7 soat oldin

    You can do the baseball thing with a tennis ball and a wall.

  62. William Johnson

    William Johnson7 soat oldin

    FYI we hit the cereal cup goal... 😁

  63. María Hernández

    María Hernández7 soat oldin

    Bad boy

  64. Stitch Blackwell

    Stitch Blackwell7 soat oldin

    18:41 to 18:43 was the funniest

  65. Madartist2424

    Madartist24247 soat oldin

    Bad boy.

  66. Annabelle Beloiu

    Annabelle Beloiu7 soat oldin

    OMG I am so early!!! I am only 3 years late!

  67. Chaymen Sanchez

    Chaymen Sanchez7 soat oldin

    This is one of my favorite dope or nope videos i was dying when Matthias said its cat barf and Michelle said i hate cats and tanner said I lOvE bArF😂🤣

  68. ToxicHackerGuy

    ToxicHackerGuy7 soat oldin

    Thanks but im broke.

  69. Darik Myronov

    Darik Myronov7 soat oldin

    Mice for LIZE!!!!!!

  70. Keegan P

    Keegan P7 soat oldin

    I think every volleyball player has that product tbh

  71. Ahyovi

    Ahyovi7 soat oldin

    I hate these types of games because the way to win is that your brain is less developed.

  72. A.T.

    A.T.7 soat oldin

    you can join on apple now!

  73. Aqhyf Safwan

    Aqhyf Safwan7 soat oldin

    Where is the join button

  74. Mitch the Random

    Mitch the Random7 soat oldin

    I’m not convinced that tanner watch anime

  75. Queen Emma

    Queen Emma7 soat oldin

    “Owwww my fingeeeee”. That made me laugh so hard😂😂😂

  76. Makala Sutilla

    Makala Sutilla7 soat oldin

    Bad boy

  77. mamadeets

    mamadeets7 soat oldin

    Balla in the HOUSE!!! Also bad boys bad boys watch a going to do watch a going to do all by yourself all sad and alone.Lol!!

  78. The BassPro

    The BassPro7 soat oldin

    why do Matt and tanner dress like they are gay


    MIA MODER7 soat oldin

    BaLlA iN tHe HoUsE

  80. mkboy89

    mkboy897 soat oldin

    I'm single too bro it happens uhh

  81. Ernesto Tinoco

    Ernesto Tinoco7 soat oldin

    i have one of those bop its

  82. Giniling

    Giniling7 soat oldin

    aren’t y’all on quarantine???

  83. Izabella Fletcher

    Izabella Fletcher7 soat oldin

    Bad boy

  84. Brandon Rolens

    Brandon Rolens7 soat oldin

    joking around about ghosts isn't a good idea

  85. Audrey Combs

    Audrey Combs7 soat oldin

    call it bad boy lol

  86. Whÿ ãm Į hërê ?¿

    Whÿ ãm Į hërê ?¿7 soat oldin

    Matthias: Have you ever seen the icicle tactic of murder? Tanner: Yeah... icicle (a-lotta-me)? Matthias: No no, you've never done tha- I MEan you've never... thought about it?? Me: HHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  87. alana Fillier

    alana Fillier7 soat oldin

    Tanner was in the box so someone besides Matt obviously sent him back who did it! I'm kidding I love dope or nope

  88. Yukachu Gaming

    Yukachu Gaming7 soat oldin

    Michaels starter kit: a black beard, a black jacket, a black slick hairstyle, and a random shirt and black shoes

  89. Keegan P

    Keegan P7 soat oldin

    I have a pindaloo and it really fun

  90. Athena ¿

    Athena ¿7 soat oldin

    Why is no one mentioning the fact that mat said suck it when they got the bop it lmao

  91. Yabba Dabba

    Yabba Dabba7 soat oldin

    Someone send 19:57 to Matt

  92. Catherine Lavin

    Catherine Lavin7 soat oldin

    ok ok guys I’m a huge fan of this channel but the volleyball thing is suppose to improve on over hand serving so, it’s not really made to fit inside 😂

  93. Ken Nguyen

    Ken Nguyen7 soat oldin


  94. Colin PIke

    Colin PIke7 soat oldin

    common, the perfect video to swap the title with 10 items for the isolated, or for the quarantined. Step your game up

  95. Kameika Washington

    Kameika Washington7 soat oldin

    #gentle matt

  96. Ken Nguyen

    Ken Nguyen7 soat oldin


  97. Akshay Ravi Kumar

    Akshay Ravi Kumar7 soat oldin

    5:49 Seriously, where is that "ba-da-daaa" track from!? xD

  98. John Seiler

    John Seiler7 soat oldin

    I do not have Instagram😫😩 whoo shinel

  99. chuck guerin

    chuck guerin7 soat oldin

    I am not lonely. Just like the world at my fingertips. You insulted you entire viewing audience. Good one.

  100. In the D with us! A doll's life!

    In the D with us! A doll's life!7 soat oldin