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Welcome Back, Megadeth!
Hi Poppy

Hi Poppy

Oy oldin

  1. Nikki Li

    Nikki Li7 soat oldin

    She's still such a down-to-earth gal 🙂 I always admired her talent and her beauty. I love her classical snow white look 🖤 Love her and Evanescence since I'm 14 💕 When their single "Bring Me To Life" and album "Fallen" came out in 2003, it changed my life and I got more interested in heavier and darker Rock music (e.g. Symphonic Metal and bands like Nightwish, Within Temptation, Leaves' Eyes etc.).

  2. SovietSpoon597

    SovietSpoon5977 soat oldin

    Why do some of these age so badly?

  3. shane the undertaker

    shane the undertaker7 soat oldin

    I love Sum 41 ! 👍 😉

  4. NPC #45095367

    NPC #450953677 soat oldin

    I can't get into them.

  5. Gergana

    Gergana7 soat oldin

    Fuel was not bad at all, there is far worse covers in this compilations!

  6. Teresa W.

    Teresa W.7 soat oldin

    Varg is so Adorable ❤️

  7. Jakob Miller

    Jakob Miller7 soat oldin

    Fuck Courtney bitch

  8. Michael Newell

    Michael Newell7 soat oldin

    Lars is better than durst 🙌

  9. Major Lee

    Major Lee7 soat oldin

    Why would anyone dislike this?

  10. Jordan N.

    Jordan N.7 soat oldin

    I just came

  11. mxnfx

    mxnfx7 soat oldin

    California Jam Black Sabbath...I was a mere 10yrs old and hired along with my friends (can't say hired, told, lol) to go and pick up all the empty cans in the parking lot...Oh, man we loaded truck loads....and my pay was a Big Mac, Fries, and. Coke!....Child Labor...LOL...

  12. enfelice

    enfelice7 soat oldin


  13. Wendy Ferry

    Wendy Ferry7 soat oldin

    How come no one says I feel for his ex-wife? She was with him for a long time and have a child. They still loved each other and it’s so sad that no one asks if she’s ok. Shame on everyone who didn’t.

  14. NoFakesHere

    NoFakesHere8 soat oldin

    Why do I have a feeling some of these are posers

  15. Damien Roy

    Damien Roy8 soat oldin


  16. Damien Roy

    Damien Roy8 soat oldin


  17. Damien Roy

    Damien Roy8 soat oldin


  18. Mauro Batera

    Mauro Batera8 soat oldin

    Missed KRISIUN !

  19. Damien Roy

    Damien Roy8 soat oldin


  20. Damien Roy

    Damien Roy8 soat oldin


  21. Damien Roy

    Damien Roy8 soat oldin


  22. Damien Roy

    Damien Roy8 soat oldin


  23. Damien Roy

    Damien Roy8 soat oldin


  24. Damien Roy

    Damien Roy8 soat oldin


  25. Damien Roy

    Damien Roy8 soat oldin


  26. Damien Roy

    Damien Roy8 soat oldin


  27. fridz66

    fridz668 soat oldin

    Ah shit, here we go with the roller coaster of emotions again. Who’s cutting onions?

  28. Devon Willingham

    Devon Willingham8 soat oldin

    moral of the story, dont fuck with punks and metal heads

  29. Estien Shinnizle Calderon

    Estien Shinnizle Calderon8 soat oldin

    So beautiful 🤘🏻

  30. argenis cañez

    argenis cañez8 soat oldin

    GWAR are the best, they should have been #1, this guy's of loudwire are so predictable

  31. dirtybubblerising

    dirtybubblerising8 soat oldin

    He would have made an amazing Armand in Interview with a Vampire

  32. Yunchho Limbu

    Yunchho Limbu8 soat oldin

    The wounds are old but still fresh😔😔😔

  33. Martyr Wrath

    Martyr Wrath8 soat oldin

    the puppet man was hilarious

  34. The Ringer76

    The Ringer768 soat oldin

    JAY RULES!!!!!

  35. enfelice

    enfelice8 soat oldin

    Surprised Neil Young didn't make it

  36. jessy hudson

    jessy hudson8 soat oldin

    What excitement the great LP participates in this #TeamWhenWereHigh #LPHeartofMexico #LPcommunity #LP #LPtheBestPerson

  37. David G

    David G8 soat oldin

    I don't care if the mixing was a way of messing with Jason. The album sounds thin and hollow because that immaturity got in the way of making a professional-grade album.

  38. Austin Johnson

    Austin Johnson8 soat oldin

    Is Slayer a one hit wonder with raining blood

  39. Charles Whiteman

    Charles Whiteman8 soat oldin

    Glad to see All Around The World on here

  40. Sgt. Giggle Mittens

    Sgt. Giggle Mittens8 soat oldin

    This should have just been called "everything you heard in the 90's"

  41. mazscsu

    mazscsu8 soat oldin

    He is a Rock God. Plain and simple.

  42. Christina Waltman

    Christina Waltman8 soat oldin

    I miss Chester 💔

  43. ClicheName123

    ClicheName1238 soat oldin


  44. iluvozzy2006

    iluvozzy20068 soat oldin

    Just bought tickets for their U.S. tour later this year. So excited!

  45. Kevin Cummins

    Kevin Cummins8 soat oldin

    Lizzie you are so fucking sexy

  46. David B. Rockin Music & Anime

    David B. Rockin Music & Anime8 soat oldin

    I love D'ERLANGER!!! I love Dir en Grey's early music!! Kyo has some amazing vocals

  47. Link Freeman

    Link Freeman8 soat oldin

    guy at 2:00 is Damien Salazar, and he's a ridiculous guitar player. Here's a good video of his uzgo.info/video/u2qopai6gIyNwqQ.html

  48. Michael Nowak

    Michael Nowak8 soat oldin

    Those kids are from agt

  49. Micro wave

    Micro wave8 soat oldin

    Why was corey mad at sid?

  50. Chris Shy

    Chris Shy8 soat oldin


  51. Anyela Ortiz

    Anyela Ortiz9 soat oldin

    Bueno, aunque no leo un comentario en español, acá va el mío... The HU son absolutamente ¡fantásticos!, y la acogida de su música en sur América es impresionante. <3

  52. anthony jack

    anthony jack9 soat oldin

    I enjoyed watching his sunglasses slide down immediately after he fixed them...repeatedly

  53. leemodo1981

    leemodo19819 soat oldin

    Corey made me feel rlly warm when they played in Newcastle, love the way he actually interacts with the crowd and doesnt let anyone feel left out. Fucking HERO!

  54. MynameIsAdam

    MynameIsAdam9 soat oldin

    God, it hurts

  55. Kipper's Art

    Kipper's Art9 soat oldin

    forgot black eyed peas

  56. patata astral

    patata astral9 soat oldin

    imagine being walking down the street at midnight then see Gorgoroth members approaching to you

  57. Palmerston Northern

    Palmerston Northern9 soat oldin

    Those Shawn Michaels stories man....stuff of legend!💯

  58. The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow

    The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow9 soat oldin

    😣☹😓 Why you go ? I suffer from extreme depression, and mood swings. Bipolar disorder.. I miss you Chester dude..🤘R.🎸.P.

  59. Gil Lerma

    Gil Lerma9 soat oldin

    Where was Richard Benson

  60. Adam Adam

    Adam Adam9 soat oldin

    All you guys in yellow shirts beating up kids get the fuck out .frhf .FANS ARE HAVING FUN .if some try to get crazy with us look around you we got plenty of back up ......like 10.000 of them that will beat your abusing mother fuckers. ........😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🤕🤕🤕that's what I'm telling my fans .....

  61. Itsa Games

    Itsa Games9 soat oldin

    terrorists ( or government agencies, which ever you think) prevented a european , pantera/slayer tour .... fuck sakes

  62. Max Hauke

    Max Hauke9 soat oldin

    What Cro Mags song is that?

  63. Mister anal

    Mister anal9 soat oldin

    Where dimebag at

  64. malachi Bisset

    malachi Bisset9 soat oldin

    I cant believe Loudwire did not add the guitar solo from free bird

  65. jeffreylc

    jeffreylc9 soat oldin

    His Irish accent is almost unnoticeable.

  66. Muckie Marfe

    Muckie Marfe9 soat oldin

    Its all about the hair not the guitar...

  67. Chris_Shiner 14

    Chris_Shiner 149 soat oldin

    I have to lookup these lyrics

  68. Angel Martinez

    Angel Martinez9 soat oldin

    I might be in a minority here, but I was a fan of the Hunter Helm Hensley gimmick, the aristocrat and how he evolved into Triple H The Game.

  69. king ha

    king ha9 soat oldin

    Kiss isn’t heavy metal there more pop people that dress wired

  70. Beverley Korte

    Beverley Korte9 soat oldin

    Beautiful person, and grate Singer,🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💖✌👍👌❤❤

  71. Jason

    Jason9 soat oldin

    I want to call him a weirdo but he reminds me of myself.

  72. Honest Amp Sim Reviews

    Honest Amp Sim Reviews9 soat oldin

    Did no one notice the guitar was out of tune? :S

  73. poets dreams

    poets dreams9 soat oldin

    I always watch a guitarists’ hands. Im irritated they didn’t capture most of it here.

  74. DrSkullfucker

    DrSkullfucker9 soat oldin

    See you guys at the Coliseum in September. 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🍻

  75. Vitro Vorticity

    Vitro Vorticity9 soat oldin

    The jerking off of this younglins is brutal

  76. Noel Goode

    Noel Goode9 soat oldin

    WOW! So you really think Satan is cool huh? Boy are you in for a surprise!

  77. The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow

    The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow9 soat oldin

    Dir en grey is life!!!!

  78. Z.Z Shirer

    Z.Z Shirer9 soat oldin

    Courtney needs to be forgotten already. No one likes her!!

  79. genericcommie

    genericcommie9 soat oldin

    🤷‍♂️ I don’t get it. I’ll admit none of those bands I particularly listen to. Or care about. Maybe that’s why it was easy to not get chills? I mean all of them were slow and boring (to me)

  80. Patrick G.

    Patrick G.9 soat oldin


  81. Cybermojoman

    Cybermojoman9 soat oldin

    The guys are 70 years old or older.... pretty much irrelevant. I understand the industry milking every copper penny the can, but this is not a good way to end a legacy.

  82. Brian Corbett

    Brian Corbett9 soat oldin

    This literally hurt my neck trying not to head bang...

  83. Tucker Jones

    Tucker Jones9 soat oldin

    Why no Longview?

  84. Ryweis

    Ryweis9 soat oldin

    Danny Carey's drumset looks like what Tool sounds like. Chaotic, but orderly.

  85. The guy with a h4t

    The guy with a h4t9 soat oldin

    Rest In Peace ✌️

  86. 9aus

    9aus9 soat oldin

    Tomorrow Never Knows sounds more like "Big Beat" or "Drum 'n' Bass" than art rock, it actually sounds like your typical Chemical Brothers song.

  87. KERZXY

    KERZXY9 soat oldin

    If Death were still around they would be headlining many festivals/Concerts

  88. Justin William

    Justin William10 soat oldin

    Yeah the slayer intro was soooo awesome......lol

  89. Hans Pfluegner

    Hans Pfluegner10 soat oldin

    uzgo.info/video/yqCRzaeniG2qlH4.html The one and only!!!

  90. Luke Abrahamsen

    Luke Abrahamsen10 soat oldin

    Clown is such a chill dude. He probably was being polite to the flames

  91. PokeClaws

    PokeClaws10 soat oldin

    What an interesting life Joey has led. Wish him all the continuing luck. You don’t come across people this genuine and business savvy often. Keep rocking

  92. MVB 3773

    MVB 377310 soat oldin

    You're not triple H anymore dude. You're Paul Levesque

  93. Braden Baker

    Braden Baker10 soat oldin

    She is stupid and should die in a pit of fire and go to HELL and date satan

  94. The Cringe Bros

    The Cringe Bros10 soat oldin

    I think slipknot Corey jumped on the light cord

  95. henry

    henry10 soat oldin

    terrible video terrible list , also showing bm bands live is the worst idea since almost every bm band sounds total shit live

  96. T-Mac's Reviews

    T-Mac's Reviews10 soat oldin

    I could watch Triple H talk forever.

  97. Paul G

    Paul G10 soat oldin

    Apparently there weren’t any fingerprints on the shotgun?

  98. mycosic

    mycosic10 soat oldin

    Same 8 lil. notes for everyone but damn how John plays um🤘🏽🖤

  99. mycosic

    mycosic10 soat oldin

    Still one of the most underrated guitarist 🤘🏽🖤

  100. L45V3G45

    L45V3G4510 soat oldin

    does this kid only own one band brand shirt??!! fukkin behemoth every fucking interview i have ever watched!! somebody send that fucker a hello kitty shirt or something already.